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Odyssey Scrapbook.

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FC: Odyssey Scrapbook | By Amber Korn Honors English 1

1: 10 years after the fall of Troy, Odysseus has not returned. His wife, Penelope, has stayed true to him while he has gone, praying for his return. Little does she know, Odysseus is alive and fighting his way to back to her.

2: Traveling | bySHIP | a | Odysseus's Journey | Odysseus was the Greek King of Ithica. Penelope was his wife and they had a son named Telemachus. When the Trojan war ended, it took Odysseus ten years to return home. During his journey, he had many adventures.

3: The | Ciconians | After Odysseus and his men left Troy, they boarded their ships and the strong winds sent them to the land of Cicones. There Odysseus's crew robbed the animals and wine. The Ciconians attacked them and many of the men were killed. The rest fled to the ships and left.

4: The Lotus-Eaters

5: Odysseus and the last of the men sailed to the land of the lotus-eaters. Odysseus sent out 3 men to go eat the lotus. After they ate, they immediately fell asleep. The men did not want to go back home. Odysseus dragged them back to the ship, against their will and continued sailing until they came to the Cyclopes island.

6: Cyclores Island | Polyphemus, the cyclops, had a large cave on the island which he lived. The cyclops trapped Odysseus and his men in the cave and began eating two a day, but the epic hero came up with a plan for his escape. The giant asked Odysseus his name but he only replied "Nobody". After the giant drank his wine and fell asleep, Odysseus and his men took a giant spear and blinded Polyphemus.

7: Hearing his cries, other cyclops arrived wanting to know what happened. They thought he was crazy when Polyphemus cried "Nobody has blinded me!"

8: The Great Escape | In the morning, Pholyphemus rolled back the huge stone to let his sheep out to graze. Odysseus and his men escaped tied to the stomachs of the sheep. They loaded the sheep on board and set sail. | Polyphemus tried to hit the ship throwing rocks at, but missed because of his blindness. He raised his arms to his father, Poseidon, and asked him to not allow Odysseus to go back home to Ithica, and if he did, he would arrive alone and in a strangers ship.

9: Aelous god of winds | Odysseus stopped at Aelous, god of the winds, island. Odysseus and his men stayed at the island for a month then Aelous gave them a bag filled with all the winds except the one that would lead them home. When they were near Ithica, a few of the men opened the bag because they thought it was filled with silver and gold. The winds flew out and blew their ship away to the Laestrygonians land.

10: The Laestrygonians There was a port near Laestrygonians land and eleven of Odysseus' ships got into it. Only Odysseus' ship was kept outside the harbor. The Laestrygonians were like giants. They threw rocks at the ships to sink them and ate all the men on board. Only Odysseus and his crew escaped with his ship.

11: They arrived at the island of Circe. Circe was a woman who enchanted men. Odysseus sent a group of men to go get food and Circe offered them a magic drink and changed them into swine. Only one man escaped and warned Odysseus. The hero set out to rescue his men. He raised his sword and made her turn his men into men again. They stayed at Circe's Island for 5 years because Circe controlled time and time went by fast in her palace. | CIRCE

12: Circe told Odysseus if he wanted to get home he had to go talk to Tiresias in the underworld. Odysseus offered him a ram in exchange. While in the underworld, Odysseus saw his mother who told him Penelope was still waiting for him but he better hurry. | Journey to the underworld

13: Scylla and Charybdis | Odysseus and his man sail into the path of Scylla and Charybdis. Odysseus and his men are terrified when they spot Charybdis, the whirl pool. As Odysseus and his crew pass, Scylla attacks and kills six of the men.

14: Odysseus and his men now have to face the Cattle of the Sun God. Odysseus warns his men to stay away from the cattle or else they will die but because of hunger the men disobey Odysseus and eat the cows while he is sleeping. Odysseus is furious and blames Zeus and the rest of the gods for letting him fall asleep. Lampetia tells Helios of the crew's actions & Helios asked Zeus to punish the men. Calypso tells Odysseus about the conversation concerning his men. Zeus strikes their ship with a lighting bolt killing all of the men, except Odysseus because he had self control and his men were weak and rebellious. | The Cattle of the Sun God

15: The Suitors | Odysseus finds Telemachus in Ithica and they plan revenge on the suitors. Athena turns Odysseus into an old beggar and they head to the castle. Telemachus is the only one that knows that Odysseus is home. Penelope tells the suitors that she will marry the one who can string Odysseus' bow and shoot it through twelve axes. All of the men try, but fail. Odysseus tells Telemachus to put away all the weapons except the ones they were going to use. The maids close all the doors, trapping all the suitors inside, and Odysseus, still disguised, strings the bow and shoots it successfully through all twelve axes. Odysseus and Telemachus then kill all the suitors.

16: Reunited. | Penelope plays a trick on Odysseus and tells the maid to move their wedding bed to make sure it was her husband. Odysseus starts worrying because he built the bed for him and Penelope and the only way to move it would be to destroy it. after 20 years, Odysseus finally returns home to his one and only true love.

17: last.

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