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Officer Binder Redo

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S: Kali Stewart Captain 2009-2010

FC: Kali Stewart | Captain 2009-2010

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2: Kali Stewart | Captain 2009-2010 | Resume: | Name and Classification: Kali Stewart Junior Lieutenant

3: Academic Honors: - Three-Year Recipient of Trustee’s Award - Commended TAKS scores, all subjects, three years - National Honor Society: 3.5 GPA requirement - National Spanish Honor Society: 3.5 GPA in Spanish - Mu Alpha Theta: 3.5 GPA in Math - IB Diploma Candidate | Other Organizations: - National Honor Society- President - National Spanish Honor Society - Speech and Debate Team/Class - Leadership Council - Mu Alpha Theta - Drug and Alcohol Awareness Committee - Teacher Appreciation Committee - Girl Scouts | Trojan Belle Honors: - Junior Lieutenant: 2008-2009 Officer Line - Best in Class Officer Line: McNeil High School American Competition - Best in Contest Officer Line: Westwood Dance Classic - 1st place State Championship Officer Squad: MA State Dance Competition - Solo Finalist and Second Place Winner: McNeil High School American Competition - Most Merits Award 2007-2008 - Most Outstanding Baby Belle 2007-2008 - All Blue Ribbons at Officer Camp (Personal and Line) | Dance Teaching Experience: - Dancer’s Workshop Summer Camps: Group Assistant and Leader - Junior Lieutenant: teaching/cleaning/polishing for team - Trojan Belle Tryouts 2008 and 2009 - Newbie Polishing and Re-Teaching 2008 and 2009 - J Practices, Re-Teaching/Polishing Dances/Technique Work/Tricks Work | Dance Training Experience: - 15 years of Dance Training at Dancer’s Workshop including: - 15 years ballet - 14 years tap - 11 years jazz - 8 years Hip Hop - 6 years Pointe - 9 year Austin Dance Works, Performing Dance Company Member - 6 Classes, 9.5 hours/week + additional performances

4: I would be honored to hold the position of Captain for the Trojan Belles. I have loved every minute of being a Junior Lieutenant and leading the team as one of the officers. I believe that holding this position and learning from the other officers successes and failures has given me solid building blocks on which to build this team to be even greater than it already is. I know that under my direction as Captain the Trojan Belles would break new barriers and push higher than we ever have before. I think I am qualified for captain because I am extremely dedicated to this team. No matter what the task, I am always willing to complete it if it will better the team. I always support Ms. Winter’s decisions, but I will assert my opinions if I feel it can make an already great idea even better, or if I think there is a piece of information that maybe others just aren’t seeing. I think that I am extremely good at separating my duties and responsibilities as an officer from my friendships. I know that captain entails an even higher level of responsibility, and I know that with the support of my amazing friends, I will be able to uphold all the extra values and weight that comes with being Captain. One of the main reasons I should be selected as Captain for this coming year, is that power really does not get to me. I would never go power crazy with this title because I know that that is pretty much the least effective leadership style there is. I try extremely hard to keep any power in check because I truly believe that making each and every team member feel as uplifted and valued as possible is a key component to success. I am very good at understanding my place in an organization and what I need to do to successfully fulfill that role without going power crazy. Although these are imperative tangible values for a Captain to have, I also love this team with ever ounce of my being and would literally go to the moon and back if that is what it takes to provide us with the highest level of success. | 1. | List in order, the office you would like to recieve and feel most capable for from highest to lowest Why do you think you are qualified for that position?

5: Although I literally love every second I am in Belles, if I had to pick a complaint it would have to be the attitudes and gossip that surround any organization that puts this many girls together. I try my hardest, although I slip up a bit, to exclude myself from the gossip that gets sent around. As an officer this year I have been put in the situation of knowing more information about the team than many of my friends, and to handle this I have found that it is generally easier to abstain from this activity in order to uphold the oath of confidentiality and dedication I have made to make this team better, and be the best officer I can be. | As an officer part of our oath is to support all of Ms. Winter’s decisions, and although it is easier to go and gossip to other girls if there is a decision I think is not right, I try extremely hard to abstain because what is right is not always easy. For example, this year when we participated in Band Show, it took up a lot of our practice time, however I tried hard to think of the positives of the situation and open up the other girl’s eyes in case they hadn’t thought of this. Instead of going into the locker room and complaining about the long hours, rehearsals, and competition we had to go to, I tried to look at the relationships we were forming with the band members, the extra performance opportunities, and how as a team, we were able to do this and still pull off flawless field performances! | I think the best way to solve this problem would be to create the most positive environment with the littlest amount of drama possible, and that is the situation you will have on the team with me as Captain. I try really hard to not do anything as an officer that would be taken back to the locker room and gossiped about, and anytime I think I may have slipped up, it literally eats at me. I know that as Captain, I would try to make practice the best experience for each girl, and their shock and surprise at its amazingness each morning would replace vicious gossip as the talk of the locker room. | Name your biggest complaint. How would you help solve this problem as an officer? | II.

6: First and foremost, an ideal officer puts the needs and successes of others before her own. She can see when others are having a hard time and is eager to help and fix any problem. An ideal officer is one who always set a good example, one who people respect, one who can push her team to new levels. She always comes to practice with energy and enthusiasm to spare, and inspires the other girls on the team to be the best they can be. She is always working hard, even when no one is watching because she knows that is what makes her team the best. She gives speeches to the team that uplift them and let them decide how good they want to be. She always strives to be the best she can be, and never gives up until she reaches her goals. This officer is respectful towards all her team members, no matter what rank, and takes all ideas and opinions in for consideration and never makes any team member feel as though they are beneath her. She knows that she is not perfect, and that the only way to improve upon herself is to have these great girls as her friends. She is fully dedicated to her team, and is willing to take on any task. She has great influences in her life, such as a great mom who has shown her these qualities, and great friends who support her in any endeavor she takes on. She knows how to earn people’s respect, and never feels the need to abuse her power and authority, but instead handles all situations with maturity. This officer is constantly throwing ideas out to her officer line and directors on how to make the team even better, she know how to lead the team, but also knows when she needs to ask for help. Outside of school, she exudes these same qualities. She is respected by her teachers for her dedication and hard work in their classes. Teachers go out of their way to thank her for being an amazing student. She holds leadership positions outside of Belles, such as National Honor Society President. She strives to simulate herself intellectually through all advanced courses, and IB Diploma program. She is also an active member of other on campus organizations that make her well rounded. This girl has strengths that lie in her personal drive to better herself and by extension, those that are around her. She is the best officer she can be because she handles all situations with poise, and always pushes everyone to be their best, including herself. | III. | Describe your idea of an ideal officer. What is she like both in school and out? What are her strengths? What makes her a good officer? Be specific.

7: IV. | As an officer last year, one of my favorite experiences and memories is that of officer camp. I truly believe it not only made me a much better dancer and leader, but it united our officer line so that we could be effective, and showed me the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to succeed. I will absolutely have time to attend this camp, and I would not miss this opportunity to improve myself as a dancer and person for anything. My summer is completely dedicated to Belles, and I love and cherish every minute of it that I spend with the officer line and with the team. I am fully dedicated to attending all rehearsals because I have seen from a line member, officer, and director’s perspective how difficult it is to function without full attendance at practices, which is so imperative to the success of our team. | Will you have free time this summer to prepare for next year by going to a MANDATORY officer camp and at least 1 week of extra rehearsal? Will you be dedicated to being in the entire rehearsal every morning? Will you be able to go to all camps?

8: Rate yourself in the following areas (5 being the strongest). On your 5’s give examples of your talents: Motivation, dance ability, organization skills, confidentiality, dedication, reputation, emotional stability, responsibility, creativity, positive attitude, and patience. | 4.9 | 4.9 | 4.9 | Motivation | Dance Ability | Seriously, “Get it girls!” has become a hefty part of my vocabulary. Whether it is on the stage trying to hit that perfect triple, or in debate when anyone is giving a speech, I always feel these motivational words on the tip of my tongue. During football season, we do straight kicks in the center everyday. I know that these are tedious and extremely tiring, but as an officer I try to encourage my team members to keep up their beautiful smiles and pointed toes and they improve their kick technique and stamina. I also tried very hard to only give positive feedback especially when I knew that practice was hard; and even when negative things did have to come out of my mouth I tried to either put a funny/motivational spin on it or pair it with a compliment of the team’s hard work. | I think this year I have really turned my organizational skills around. I know that I have still not quite found the secret to the system, but I truly try to work on this each day. I have a different brightly colored paper assigned to work for each of my classes as well as a spiral in which to keep all of my notes. Also, being an officer has really upped my organization. I know that I am in a position to affect the outlook of the team, and in order to be the best role model I can be, I always get things in on time for every Belle deadline. Also, throughout the year, Ms. Winter has given me a variety of tasks that I know must be completed on a schedule to keep the team running smoothly. In addition, I collected money and shout-outs this year, making sure to give each to my mom so that everyone’s good cheer and wishes would be included in the Spring Show program. | I think that dance ability is an area that everyone can improve on, especially myself. Although I have literally been dancing my whole life, there are still many steps, tricks, and styles that I need a lot of work on. I would say that my strongest dancing attribute is my technique, however I am lacking in tricks. I feel as though teaching ability is more important than physical dance ability, and even though personally I may not be able to flawlessly execute all steps and style, I feel that as I assist the team in learning this movement, I can also improve myself. | Organization Skills | 5

9: This year, Ms. Winter entrusted the officer line with the theme for Spring Show months before the team was filled in. Having many friends on the team it was certainly hard not to tell them this juicy piece of information, but I held out so that they could be surprised when Ms. Winter decided to announce it. Also, one thing that has been extremely difficult that I have overcome has been participating in tryouts. I know before the team does, who is going to be in a dance that I know all the members wanted to be in and had worked really hard for. Sometimes after tryouts, girls would come up to me and ask how they did, and it was hard to be positive and kind if I knew they hadn’t made it, or contain my congratulations if I knew the had, but I know that this confidentiality is there for a reason, and I certainly uphold and respect this important value. | Honestly, I don’t think that people outside of this organization understand what it takes to call yourself a member, officer, or hopefully captain of the Trojan Belles. I know that sometimes these people even find our dedication extremely annoying. I give my whole self to this team, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I am daydreaming in class, I think of Spring Show ideas, or dance steps, or ways I can become a better leader for this team. At lunch, if any of my friends have a question about dances I am always willing to give up my time and help them out even if it means not completing the day’s Spanish homework. I have made numerous trips downtown (with my mom) to American Apparel to purchase costumes for our dances, as well as hosted many J dance practices to cram before tryouts, or just work on what we know. I am 150 billion percent committed and dedicated to this team, and as captain that would only increase. With great power comes great responsibility, and as captain I am willing to accept this responsibility and accept each and every task because I am dedicated to making this team the best it can be under my leadership. | 4.9 | 4.9 | 4.9 | Confidentiality | Dedication | Reputation | I truly believe that if you have a poor reputation, there is a reason. I agree that people can change from their old, bad ways, but it is difficult to rebuild a reputation once you have tarnished it. I work extremely hard each day to earn the respect of everyone I meet, and I think that respect is the foundation of a quality reputation. The other day, I literally had my math teacher walk past me in the hallway and then turn around to tell me what a joy I am to have in her class and how she wished all her students were like me (ask Leah!). Honestly, I feel a little disgusting and braggy for telling this story, but I think it shows what kind of a person I am in and outside of Belles and how I build up a good reputation for myself in order to gain and earn respect.

10: 4.9 | 4.9 | 4.9 | Emotional Stability | Responsibility | Creativity | At one practice this year, I could tell the team was a little down, so I went up to the cart, gave a small speech about how they were amazing, and then was like “from now on whenever we want to get pumped, our secret motivational word will be PENGUIN!”. Every time we did a dance that day and for weeks to come, we yelled penguin at the top of our lungs. Then, just penguin, turned into a plethora of “P” words which we use to motivate each other in practice and out on the field. We would have a new “P” word at band practice each morning, which received some confused stares from the band members. But we kept on using them, all the way up to contest season, where each dance was assigned a “P” word. Then, for the culmination the success of the “P” word, it just happened to fit into the three most important performance values we uphold: Professionalism, Precision, and Perfection. Now, Ms. Winter even uses the “P” to motivate us to always do our best. | For Hip Hop Company this year, Ms. Winter decided on these really awesome splatter paint hoodies that everyone on the team loved. However, we saw these in New York and bringing home 15 of these in our luggage just wasn’t feasible. So Ms. Winter entrusted me with the responsibility to find these sweatshirts so that we could order them and look super buck for our Hip Hop Co dance. This year I also stayed after every football game and competition to make sure no one forgot anything that might lead to them getting a demerit. I think putting in this extra effort shows a huge amount of responibility and care for the team. | I will admit, that balancing IB diploma and Belles this year was a little difficult. Not because of the course load, or work I had to do, but because this coming year, my schedule is quite the tight squeeze. I thought I was at a breaking point, but I think it all worked out in the end, and I am extremely pleased with the result. In the end, Belles triumphed, there is no way I could be broken into giving up an ounce of the pleasure and emotional support I get from this team. Although I know I have slipped up a few times, I really try to keep my emotions in check in practice. I try not to pull out the mean or sassy Kali card unless I think it is absolutely necessary. I think this is an extremely effective leadership technique, because it shows the difference between when things are fun and playful and when I really mean business and need to get things done. I really hope that this comes across to the team, and as Captain, I will continue to elaborate on and form new leadership techniques that best fit the girls of this team.

11: 4.9 | 4.9 | I try my very hardest to come into practice each morning with the most positive attitude possible. I know that at seven o’clock in the morning, sometimes before the sun even rises, it is hard to be in the best mood, and so I try to be in a good mood so that hopefully it will rub off on the team. Sometimes, when I feel the team is down or there is something that needs fixing, I try to give a little pep talk before warm-up that will give the team a positive attitude for practice. I try to address things that need to be fixed, but always couple these with things that the team is doing well. I think these are effective in that they let the team decide to work hard before practice starts, so that we can have the most productive and positive practice by working together. Also to supplement these positive attitudes, a big incentive is tacos, so every once in a while, I will have my mom bring in tacos or breakfast for the team because I know they appreciate it and it always puts everyone in a better mood and makes everyone work really hard. | In addition to holding J practice before all the tryouts, I held countless sessions this summer to teach and re-teach Seasons. If you noticed, almost everyone, besides maybe one or two people had the same part when we tried out Seasons, and this is because that was the part I learned that I had to re-teach over and over again! I certainly enjoyed every minute of it, and I am glad I could be there to help all of the team members, but with busy and varying summer schedules it certainly took a lot of patience to continue going over that dance at numerous sessions. (But, seriously, thank you for making me teach it over and over again, because it made contest season super easy because I seriously knew that dance better than the back of my hand!) | Posititive Attitude | Patience

12: 6 | As an officer, what contributions have you made to Trojan Belles? | Last year for my officer binder I said a Trojan Belle officer should contribute unique and creative ideas and problem solving skills. As an officer I have tried my hardest to contribute these ideals. I hope my creativity is apparent in how I handle situations in and out of Belles, I always try to look at things from the receiving end, and how I would like a specific plan of action if I was on the other end of instruction. I often look at a different side of the situation for things like costumes, or line member’s performance during tryouts. It is often difficult to set formations for dances, because it does take problem solving skills. I think I exhibit these skills and get to practice them when we set formations, as I successfully problem solve my way through the best spot for each person, the successful completion of different parts, and formation changes. Formations are an imperative part of any dance team, and I think I have definitely contributed in making these successful. Also, during contest season, our officer line needed a formation change during Creator, and instead of just doing a plain old walk to the formation, I suggested opposing parts to switch places and form a diagonal. Also, last year, I saw the value in compassion and a balance between strong leadership and fun. I think that this is literally this optimal balance that provides for the most successful practices, with the best possible outcome. I try extremely hard to always push the girls to their limit, but only to the point where they still want to work, because I believe this yields the most positive results. I am working toward finding that perfect balance each day, and as Captain, I think I could better see the big picture of the team and better contribute in this way. I also think that I have contributed my time to this team. I always try to make myself available outside of normal practice time to help those girls who want or need the extra practice. I think this is a huge contribution in that it extends the reach of scheduled practice and allows each girl to push themselves and bring the team up to a whole new level.

13: 7 | What is the key to earning the respect of your team? How do you keep it? | In all aspects of life, in order to be respected, you must earn it, primarily by respecting others. I think I respect the team by listening to their opinions and problems and trying to take as much action as I can to appease their wants and needs. I have always been, and will always be a friend first, officer second. I think by having mutually respectful friendships with members of the team, they are much more likely to transfer that respect over to practice. I would never let my friendships interfere with my duties as an officer, but I believe that when these mutually respectful relationships are present, there is no need to ever sacrifice one for the other. I think that as an officer and person in general, I am very approachable. This is important because it makes the team members feels as though they can come to me with their thoughts and suggestions, and then I can show them respect by looking into their thoughts and acting as best I can to get everyone what they want. Showing people your dedication is important to earning respect. When I hold practices at the J, or practice with people outside of Belles, I think this earns respect because it shows that I am not only an officer for superficial reasons, but instead because I truly care about the success of the team, and each girl on it. I also think that fear is not necessarily a way to earn respect, I feel that being an approachable officer, and being a friend first, officer second, yields respect. The best way to keep respect is to uphold the values you say you will, and not go back on your word, to give freely of your time and expertise, never abuse power, and treat all those around you with the respect you wish to receive.

14: k | Officers receive more attention and are often in the spotlight. What do you think this means regarding the officer’s reputation and lifestyles? Do you think you can meet this higher set of standards? | An officer needs to have a highly positive reputation not only to earn respect on the team, but also to give the Trojan Belles a good reputation in the public eye. I think that she needs to always make good choices, and think about the consequences of the actions she chooses. Since the officers are generally the most well known members of the team, they need to be the members that uphold strong moral values and set an example for the rest of the team. I think an officer needs to hold herself not only to everyone else’s expectations, but also to extremely high expectations she sets for herself. I would never even consider participating in any rash, momentarily pleasing actions that would have even the slightest negative affect on this team. I think that I already hold myself to the highest standards possible, and with this new and greater responsibility as Captain, I would up those expectations to even higher levels. I am a very aware and goal oriented person, and I know what to do and how to do it to attain the goals I desire. The girl in the highest ranking position on the team should be someone who is reliable and absolutely will not get caught up in events that have a negative influence. I am certain that with the positive influences I have in my life, I will be capable of making the right decision in any situation and upholding a positive reputation for this team. | 8.

15: 10. | 9. | I think the saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”, describes my life perfectly. I will not lie and say that Belles is my only activity, but it is definitely a priority, and no matter how busy or stressful life gets, Belles is my outlet. I am definitely well acclimated to dealing with many things going on at once, and being Captain would be the greatest addition of duties I could ever hope for. I absolutely love the ‘physical stress’ officer period entails, although it takes up time, it is definitely one of the best parts of each day. Next year my plate is pretty full, but I have already made all the necessary accommodations to fit in everything I want to do, including being Captain of the Belles. Next year I will be involved in IB Diploma, although a rigorous course, I think it reflects positively on the Belles’ academic reputation. I will also continue dancing outside of Belles in Austin Dance Works, as well as technique classes to continue my dancing improvement. I am also a member of the Speech and Debate team, Mu Alpha Theta, Girl Scouts, and will be National Honor Society President for the upcoming school year. As you can see, this wide range of activities gets the Belle name out there in a positive light. I already hold a top leadership role in one of the most respected and prestigious organizations at Anderson and would love to hold another one as Captain of the Trojan Belles. | Tell me how you would handle stress, physical and mental, often involved with the duties of an officer? Be specific. What other clubs, organizations, and activities will you be in? | What do you think an officer does? Why does that appeal to you? | An officer is first and foremost, a role model. She physically shows the team how to execute movements, she is respectful and holds up all the Belle ideals in practice, and leads a life full of positive choices. She has the opportunity to dance because she loves it, and helps the team because she wants to raise each and every young lady to her full potential. She choreographs, and cleans and polishes dances, and constructs new ways to bring the team to a higher level, all while respecting and being respected and making practice the most fun and beneficial part of the day for each girl. Being an officer appeals to me because I just want to help everyone be the best they can be. I would love the opportunity to lead this team because I feel as though my insight can make a positive difference for the team.

16: Captain Candidate Questions | 1. | You are at Officer Camp, and the dance you are performing requires a quad pirouette. Your entire line can’t execute it properly and may receive a red ribbon. What should you do? | I believe that Officer Camp is intended to be a bonding experience for your officer line in which everyone pushes themselves to their full potential to yield a starting point for your line from which you can only move up. Although, I’m sure that with the dedication each and every girl selected as a Trojan Belle officer will exude at officer camp, we would successfully be able to complete this task, there are some steps I would take as Captain if this was not the case. I think the most appropriate decision would be to change the pirouette to a triple, given that could be executed properly. I think this would yield upon us the coveted blue ribbon and a successful performance. In addition to these short-term successes, it would also give us something to work on as an officer line throughout the year. One of the most rewarding experiences as an officer is to see growth within your line and on your team. If by the end of the year, our entire line could execute a quad pirouette properly then that could be used as measureable success of our hard work. The only reason I would choose to down this pirouette to a triple and ‘take the easy way out’ is because of the short, crunched working environment and time of officer camp. However, like I said, we would make it our long-term goal to achieve this, and anything, we could not complete at the beginning of the year.

17: 2. | 3. | You are about to enter the football field for halftime. The Belle that leads the line out has a sudden asthma attack. Ms. Winter is already up in the stands and the clock is ticking for you to enter the field. What do you do? | Your officer line is not meshing; you can see a definite divide. Name three things you can do or suggest to fix this void and make the year successful. | One thing I think is definitely beneficial is participating in extra bonding experiences, such as hosting officer outings and get-togethers. At these get-togethers I think a great way to make friendships with all of the other officers would be to break the cliques and play games such as Guesstures or Pictionary that involve switching teams so everyone has a chance to work together. As officers, we often as assigned to choreograph or polish different dances, so if I see that people are always grouping together to do these things, I may subtly assign groups for the next project that we do. This year I noticed that when we would choreograph, some people’s ideas would overtake other’s valuable input. So if I noticed this type of situation was causing a divide, I would maybe assign people parts to choreograph to then show the line and then all improve it together so that everyone’s voice could be heard. However, if neither of these more subtle techniques work, I would call an officer meeting and talk to everyone about the situation. I would bring it up delicately, just as something I had noticed, and see what my other officers think of the situation. I would definitely not overreact because it may just be different friendships and they may not have even noticed it occurring. I would explain how we are a group that must be the most solid and stable part of the team in order to lead that team to greatness. Like our motto says “United We Stand, Together We Fall”, and it is so important that we, as an officer line, follow this saying and always work together to be the best we can be. | Although I sincerely hope this situation never occurs, if it did under my leadership, this is how I would handle it. Depending on the type of dance I would have to make slightly varied decisions, but I will give a few examples. If it was a dance that had alternates, I would send one alternate to alert the medical staff on duty on the field, one alternate to alert Ms. Winter of the situation, one alternate to go get her medication from her bag and/or find her parents in the stands, and one alternate to stay with the girl until medical assistance reached her. I would then proceed to tell the next girl in line to think about where she usually stops for this dance, and keep her place the same and then explain to her when to start any contagions if necessary. Since this girl is on the end of the formation, it should not be extremely noticeable from the stands. I would also alert the team of the situation, tell them not to panic, and if there were any parts involving her and the girl who had the asthma attack, just to go on as they normally would. If it was a dance that involved the whole team, I would alert the medical staff myself, and have someone who was part of their team do the previously assigned tasks. If necessary, I would pull myself out of strut to get these tasks accomplished, tell my first lieutenant to count the team onto the field, tell the other officers to split their yard lines and then join the team for their entrance and the dance. If I felt it necessary for a member of our team whom I trusted to stay with the girl and oversee the situation, I would think quickly to see who would make the least noticeable difference if taken out of formation. I would first look to myself, and if it was a dance that I felt me missing would make a small difference, I would step out and assist my teammate, and if not I would go to the next best alternative, most likely the girl on the other end of the line who would not affect the formation, or could easily slip onto the end of the line during strut when she finished helping the girl to the best of her abilities.

18: 4. | If I heard a team member talking in the locker room about how they thought the director’s decision for competition jazz was a bad idea, I would implant myself in the conversation and try to be the devil’s advocate and give reasons for why I thought it was a great idea. I would tell them that Ms. Winter always has our best interests in mind. She has been to far more contests than us and we should respect her expertise for what the judges for this contest season are looking for. I would recall their memories of years in the past where they may have had doubts about the success of our dances, and then remind them of all the awards and greatness we have achieved through Ms. Winter’s previous choices for contest dances. However, in addition to this, I would listen to their concerns and if I felt that they were completely valid reasons as to why this would just be the worst decision ever, I would bring these reasons to Ms. Winter’s attention and see her feelings of the situation. Perhaps neither party has seen all sides of the situation, and needs to be enlightened to the other’s perspective, and I would be happy as Captain to be an advocate for Ms. Winter and for the team and the liaison between the two in order to provide the best and most well rounded decision with the greatest outcome for all. | You overhear some Belles talking in the locker room about how they think the directors’ idea for competition jazz is a bad idea. What do you do?

19: A team member is not satisfied with her spot or her part in a dance. How do you help her or explain to her why it is like that? | a | Although I understand that this situation is hard, and that everyone wants the ‘"best"’ spot or part in the dance, there are definitely reasons behind the decisions Ms. Winter and the officers make. This too would depend on the situation. Many times there is not specific reason as to why formations are the way they are, and parts simply fall accordingly. Oftentimes, like in class dances all the girls are the same rank and similar ability levels, so there is no real rhyme or reason to a formation. If this was the situation, I would try to explain to the girl how this particular formation was set up and how her spot was in no way supposed to be taken as an insult to her personally, and that just by chance she was put there. I would try and find a part in the dance that she is really good at and tell her how, if there had been reasons behind the formation, I would love to showcase her abilities there. However, if it is in a dance where formations where set based on something, I would try to explain to her the situation. Oftentimes formations are set by height, which is unfortunate for the shorter people, since the ‘better’ spots on in the center. I would explain to her how, even as an officer, I am often times moved out of my ranking space to make the dance more visually appealing, and how it in no way is a poor reflection on her, her work ethic, or her abilities. If it was a situation of differing parts, and she thought she was put in the ‘lesser’ part because it is seen as easier, I would explain how perhaps her specific abilities were perfect for a certain move in that part, how parts are often set just due to the formation that they fall in, and that all parts need strong dancers to make them successful. Also, in any situation, I would explain that each and every girl dancing, no matter where in the formation, or what part, is a valuable part of the dance as a whole, I would remind her that she made the dance and this team for a reason, and that no matter where she is in the formation, this dance simply would not work or be the same without her. I would hope that she would understand the situation and not take it personally or hold a ‘locker room’ grudge, and that if she felt that she needed to talk more about the situation she could see Ms. Winter and hopefully get the issue resolved. | A team member is not satisfied with her spot or her part in a dance. How do you help her or explain to her why it is like that? | b | 5.

21: Spring Show Concepts

22: Latitude | Dancing around the world with an attitude! | This Spring Show would incorporate music and dances from and about places around the globe.

23: Around the World | Opener | This song would just show what the theme of the show was and how the dances would take you on a ride “Around the World” through typical regional dances, dances and songs about certain places, and artists from different parts of the globe. | A group would start on stage doing stylized military moves, with bladed hands and feet switches and chest pops. Maybe with one person breaking off for each of the quick lines, doing more dancing movement. On the “lalalala” the group on stage would start a hip bounce with their heads down, and other would start leaping on and joining the group. When the stronger “lalalala” comes in, every other person would start a dance chorus that stays basically in place, and then on the even louder “lalalala” everyone would join in . When the instrumental section comes in, one of the groups could dance. There are also many remakes of this song that could be incorporated and switched into for different group parts for variety. Then at the end, the first instrumental music part would come back in and the team would repeat the part they did at the beginning up until a final culminating sound at the end of the piece. | This dance would wear a longer sequined tank top with short leggings.

24: The Climb | Junior Dance | For The Climb, the Juniors would wear a flowing tie dye dress in vibrant or earthy colors. | Many people on this planet climb mountains as a sport, one of the most famous and treacherous courses is that of Mount Everest. Few can claim that they have accomplished this feat as it takes enormous physical and mental strength to take each step up. The Juniors certainly have to climb their way to the top of the team. Although this is their last dance together as Juniors, they will continue to climb up as they become the seniors and leaders of the team. | This dance would start in a triangle with heads down. The beginning choreography would be a pickup that the tip of the triangle starts with maybe a stylized wave going into a coupe turn when the next line picks up, and then into a knee fall when the next line picks up. As these people get up, the next line could start the choreography over, and the front of the triangle could continue choreography breaking off from the triangle formation and moving into what will be a block. Then these people who broke off would go over to the other people who would still be doing choreography on the ground and help them up. Then the group that helped the people up would do the first section of the chorus as the other people sway and watch and fall back to the ground. Then on the second half of the chorus, those people would spin down to the ground and watch or stay down as the other group dances. Once, she says “it’s the climb”, both groups would gradually role up and do kind of a joyous verse together. As the music grows, so could the intensity of the dancing, maybe adding in some leaps, with the recurring theme of helping others to “climb” up. At the end, everyone would do a knee slide to the front of the stage and sit, legs hanging off, with a slow head release back.

25: Leaving on a Jet Plane | Finale | This song would be the culmination of our show in which the Belles would “Leave on a Jet Plane” as we conclude the show. | This dance would start with a group on stage with deeply spaced lines, doing mostly ground choreography. There would be leapers that would come across the stage and go inbetween the lines already on stage. The leaps would end on the ground and those groups would roll off. The group that started on stage would eventually roll off as another group rolled on to start their group section choreography. When the instrumental break comes, there would be a fouette section. Towards the end, as the vocals slow, people could start “leaving” off the stage with a final good bye and then maybe everyone could come back on for the final few eight counts of choreography, or it could slowly dissipate from team and then babies could leave followed by juniors followed by either seniors or junior officers, leaving a small group on stage, finishing with a triple or quadruple pirouette, into a large sound at the end finishing the dance. | The team would wear a modified flight attendant outfit. Maybe with a cute navy vest with white collared tank undershirt. On the bottom, the girls would wear a short black skirt with hot shorts underneath with tan jazz shoes.

26: Mirage | In it to Wynn it! | "Mirage: In it to Wynn it!" would encompass all the city of Las Vegas has to offer, from the activities it is associated with to the types of hotels and attractions it is famous for.

27: Pirate | Novelty | One of the more famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip is TI, or more commonly known as Treasure Island. This hotel’s theme is that of pirates and shipwrecks and gold doubloons. Many of the hotels put on shows that exhibit their theme, like the Mirage has a volcano, or the Bellagio’s water fountains, and Treasure Island puts on a pirate show, as well as has many of their hotel staff members dressed in pirate attire. | Definitely typical pirate moves, duels with swords and such. I also think this music feels like it is searching for something. I think this dance should have some legitimate dancing in it as well, perhaps some kick layouts, falls with quick heads, leaps as fighting is going on. Maybe some pirates fall down and have to be dragged off stage, or alternating lines or groups with choreographed crawling. Also, during the fighting, there should be specifically choreographed placement and moves, even with pauses when the music is more broken up. | Typical pirate outfits, but varied. With fake swords and gold coins as props. Also maybe some scenery like a large boat in the background on platforms that could be used throughout the dance.

28: Get Rich | Hip Hop Co. | Many people go to Las Vegas to try their luck at getting rich. Similarly, 50 Cent talks about his life trying to get rich in the movie from which this song is taken. | At the beginning, alternating lines would hit choreographed poses on the two beats in the music, maybe these poses would be like consecutive moves in a series so that during the poses the dancers would be completing a movement. Once the singing comes in, the first, third, and so on alternating lines would begin the fluid choreography of the moves they just hit as poses. This posing section could repeat in variation during the chorus. Then on the versus there would be lots of fluid movements with two hits on the end, and freezes during movement when words are missing and there is a break in the music. At the end instead of hitting poses, we would go through the choreography and just freeze in the middle of movement when there are pauses in the words. | For this dance, we could use the shirts that were used for Make it Rain, along with black sweatpants. Maybe a bandana as well.

29: Poker Face | This dance would start off with a group on stage doing a sharp jazz funk, a group is called in and sits on the edge of the stage doing sharp military moves, and then on the echoing part, everyone continues their choreography but in slow motion. On the next noise, everyone would flail around ending with their heads down and then do a head roll on that next sound to look over to one side of the stage where the rest of the team will run on from. Then there would be a group section, where there is sharp choreography that repeats. When she starts singing, every other person would fall to the ground, and the rest would continue dancing through that section. Then for the rest of the dance, at the horn sounding, groups would change and people would run on and off stage. For the chorus there would be a strong leap/dance section with fouettes following on the hits in the music. There are also many other versions and remixes of this song that we could mix in for variety, although I think this song changes frequently and is extremely upbeat and a good choice for finale. | This dance would be costumed in super high-waisted skirt, with a tank top underneath. These could vary in color according to class or part.

30: Illusion | "Illusion" would use songs that have to do with magic tricks and optical illusions performed by and associated with magicians and their art form.

31: Relax | Opener | Often times, magicians uses hypnosis to entertain the audience. When this is done, the selected volunteer is told to “relax” and listen to the words of the hypnotist, just like we want out audience to sit back, “relax”, and enjoy the show! | Start off with passes and on the first big relax, the officers come out and all do an aerial on the word and then go into slow fouettes with no arms, into a pirouette leap. On the chorus parts there could be like the different group sections, and on the bridges in between, there could be more passes and smaller group sections. When the music gets really big, that would be the team section, which would go into another chorus and as they repeat “relax don’t do it” we could do the same set of choreography and people could break off, leaving a certain group on stage. The lights for this would be kind of frantic and flashing, maybe even some strobe lights right before the end when the music gets really warped. I definitely see high energy quick jazz dancing, with a few sporadic eighties moves thrown in. Maybe the verse at about 1:30 could be a more lyrical section. On the slower choruses there could be like a quick but simple repeating step used to transition groups. | This costume would be all the neon color v-necks from American Apparel, with colors arranged by class or group section with black hot shorts, and tall black socks cut into legging style stirrups worn with black jazz shoes. Also maybe a low slung belt, and/or matching headband

32: Bunny Hop Novelty/Baby dance | Bunny Hop | Type: Novelty | This dance would be either the choice novelty or the Baby novelty dance. There are several versions of this song and so if we wanted more upbeat or slower version, this could easily be mixed for more variety. | This dance would incorporate some of the moves from the traditional “Bunny Hop” dance, during the parts where the singer speaks out the moves. And then on the other music, the choreography would definitely have a lot of interaction between the dancers. A lot of hips, flexed feet kicks and hitting the three “hop, hop, hop” beats. Also, some stylized bunny hopping throughout. When the “hop, hop, hop” increases in intensity the hops could start off in a crouched position and then gradually come up as the music gets bigger. Maybe there could be partners and one partner would do a piece of choreography while the other watches and then they could do it together. | I think the dancers of this piece would definitely have to where cute bunny costumes with like little ears and a tail. Maybe like a white leotard with a light pink skirt on top, or a premade bunny costume.

33: Disappear: Senior Dance | Senior Dance | Disappear | A common magic trick is taking an assistant or volunteer and making them disappear inside of a magic box. Here, the seniors almost disappear in a sense as they move along on their journey away from the confines of high school. (Also, I think this would be a great song for Quinton’s choreography!) | I see mostly Quinton’s style. Maybe starting with different girls dancing through the others who are crouched on the ground, having more people gradually join in on the choreography. At the beginning he often stops at the end of the versus and there maybe we would sustain a long movement and then hit the instrumental accents after it. I also see a lot of like “helping” one another, like if one person is falling and everyone else catches them or a group release where the front leans on the back. Also maybe some line switching on the “disappears”, where the front line runs off stage in the front wing and then back on stage from the back wing to be the back line. Maybe some pleading arms throughout, but a mostly peaceful dance. | For this dance, the dancers would wear a loose tank or ruffle sleeved drop waisted dress in a darker color that cuts into a v neck in the front .

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