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Officer Confidential

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S: Kali Stewart Captain 2009-2010

FC: Kali Stewart | Officer Confidential

2: O f f i ce r Con f i den t i a l | Kali Stewart

4: I definitely think one of the biggest challenges I have encountered this year is finding my place on the officer line. It was definitely difficult to know exactly where I stood as Junior Lieutenant, and what responsibilities that position entailed. I think to counteract this challenge, I simply respected and always did what my senior officers said and did, and tried to respect all of my team members as I exerted my power and influence. Another challenge I encountered this year was separating my responsibilities as an officer from my friendships on the team. Actually, at the beginning of the year, I was expecting this to be far more of a challenge then it ended up being, however it was still rather difficult. When I had to correct my friends I always tried to do it in a way that they would take as something to improve themselves on as opposed to an insult to their abilities. I think my friends and I handled this situation very well, and developed a more understanding and respectful relationship through the process. Another, more specific challenge I faced was setting formations. Oftentimes this year, the duty of setting formations fell into my lap, and it was a challenge I gladly accepted. Some of the other officers did not want to think about the math and logistics of a formation, whereas others did not want to take on the responsibility to take the blame if anyone was unhappy with their spot. This was always a difficult task because it made me consider what would be best for the team as a whole. Although this challenge was difficult at times, separating relationships from abilities from ranks, I think that in general things worked out in the end and I think it gave me great experience to make this coming year as an officer even easier. | III. | What has been your biggest challenge this year? How did you handle it?

5: IV. | Just in life in general, especially in endeavors I truly care about such as this one, I always have the highest expectations for myself. Specifically if I become Captain, I will challenge myself to bring the team to new heights and be the best Captain this team has ever seen. I would definitely challenge myself to continue giving the Trojan Belles the honors they deserve such as overall victories at Westwood and continued perfection at all performances. In order to do this, I would take into consideration the feedback I have gotten from the girls on this team and continue the good and effective things while throwing out and replacing the poor ones. I think a challenge I will face is simultaneously standing up for what Ms. Winter wants for the team, and what the members want. To fulfill this optimal balance I would try to take in suggestions from the team through out the year and relay them on to Ms. Winter. I will expect myself to be able to maintain this balance to keep the team running at its best. Another challenge I would face as Captain is always being the most prepared. Sometimes it is hard to remember every single count and relay that quickly on to Ms. Winter, but I know that if I focus on the benefits my preparation would yield the team, I would successfully complete this task. I will expect myself to do everything perfect. Although I know this is relatively impossible, I will realistically expect myself to learn from my mistakes and never perpetrate the same offense twice. | If you make officer what expectations will you have for yourself? What challenges do you think you will face, and how will you meet those challenges?

6: What is your biggest weakness? How will this effect you as an officer? | 5 | I think one of my biggest weaknesses is that sometimes I am overly polite. I think sometimes I am less apt to give someone an extremely harsh corrections because I do not want to offend them. I think this weakness is also apparent when assessing other’s ideas. Oftentimes I do not like to go against what other people think because I feel as though they may have good input even if it is not the way I see best fit. I think sometimes this gets in the way of confronting people with all of my ideas on the subject in order to make the best decision. I understand that this is a weakness, and I am trying to fix this problem without affecting my overall personality. However, I think this quality can also be good at times. When giving corrections, I am always very careful to put it in a polite tone with a compliment attached. And although this style of correction may not be as fear inducing and therefore slightly less effective, I think it does give me a reputable and respectable edge with my teammates. This year, as Captain I would try to speak my ideas with more confidence, however I would try to find the balance between this and the politeness I strive for.

7: Report Card and Contract

8: 1 | Name your favorite officer and tell why you picked her. | Although I absolutely loved serving with each girl on the officer line this year, with their unique talents and strengths, I would have to say my favorite overall was Michelle. Although, she was often quiet in practice, she always had valuable corrections that the team respected because she never over exerted her power. Also, when we would have officer discussions, Michelle always had a balanced answer that took everyone’s ideas into consideration. She was not overly opinionated, however she did speak up if she felt it was necessary. I think Michelle is just an overall genuinely kind person whose good heart and intentions shine through in everything she does. I think Michelle found her place in the officer line as First Lieutenant and stepped into the duties that were necessary for the success of the team. I really think the team responded well to Michelle’s overall positive, humble and non-aggressive demeanor in practice, and that is something I hope rubbed off on me throughout the year. When I think of some of the negative qualities I found in other officers that led them to be slightly ineffectual, I do not see these in Michelle and that is why I respect her so much and hold her as my favorite officer. In addition to her eloquence inside Belles, she is also a role model outside of the team. She excels in academics and has a well rounded activities schedule all of which I regard highly and think are imperative to an optimal officer.

9: 2 | What characteristics have you witnessed that make an ineffective officer? | I think the thing that most makes an ineffective officer is when the team loses respect for them. If an officer is hypocritical and does not abide by the same rules they push onto the team, the girls are much less likely to listen, and will even resent the hypocrisy. When officers do things such as not stretch during warm-up or talk while the team members are working, or sit on the floor eating tacos, or arriving late to practice without penalty, the girls on the team lose respect for the girl and the position as a whole. Also something I think makes an officer ineffective is when the person in charge, aka the officer, loses focus. Although this may be initially perceived as ‘fun’ to the girls on the team, and may make the officer more well liked, it does not provide for the best working environment to get things done in and uphold the Belle reputation. Also, when officers talk back to one another, that is extremely ineffective. For example when one officer is teaching a combo or dance and they make a small polish error that would have no long term effects except to do the movement a different way, if another officer undermines their authority and corrects them in front of the team, it weakens the power and respect of the officer line as a whole. As Captain, I would try my hardest to not only fix this ineffectiveness on myself, but also for the entire line. In this office, I would make sure the entire line knows that they need to be upholding all of the values they expect the team to exhibit and that they need to always lead by example. If we want the team stretching during warm-up, we need to be stretching during warm-up, if we want the team dancing full out, we need to be dancing full out, if we want the team to work on the sides and not watch, we too need to perform these actions. As an officer this year, I tried my hardest to always be effective the best way I knew how, I think I have learned some new techniques and have also heard feedback from many team members on how I can be the most effective officer next year.

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