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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

FC: Old Yeller. By: Fred Gibson.

1: Kailon Huffty. Mrs. Simmoms. Period- two. May 11,2010

2: A. | Arliss.

3: Arliss, Travis's little brother, is only about 5. He was also the first to want their dog Old Yeller. Any time any one tryed to harm Old Yeller, he would throw a fit and some rocks.

4: B. | Barkson creek.

5: Travis, Mama, Arliss, and Old Yeller live in a little cabin in Barkson creek. Also Bud Searcy, lizabeth, and many more people live in Barkson Creek.

6: C. | Cabin.

7: Travis, Arliss, and Mama lived in a little cabin. There cabin was in Barkson Creek. There was the first place Travis ever saw Old Yeller.

8: D. | Dog.

9: The old yeller dog was first found by Travis when Old Yeller was stealing their meat.Travis did not want him at first but then started to like him and felt like he was apart of the family. Any time any one would mess with Old Yeller, Arliss would get very mad and throw rocks at the person harming him.

10: E. | Excuse.

11: Mama made an excuse to Arliss so he would not see Old Yeller. Mama asked Arliss to go find her a lizzard so he would not see Old Yeller's wounds. Mama thought it would make him freak out if Arliss saw Old Yeller's wounds.

12: F. | Fred Gibson.

13: Fred Gibson, the author of Old Yeller, wrote a instering novel about a dog and his friendship with a boy. The novel is of a boy that does not want a dog at first but in the end he is lament when he has to kill him. Old Yeller is a very instering book about an old dog named Old Yeller and a boy name Travis.

14: G. | Going hunting.

15: When Travis was gone hunting for hogs he got hurt. Travis slipped off the tree and one of the hogs bit him. At the same time, Old Yeller was trying to help him but got hurt while trying.

16: H. | hogs.

17: While Papa was gone, Travis had to do a lot of things around the house. One of his jobs was to mark the hogs. While marking the last three hogs Travis fell of the tree and got bit by one of the hogs. Old Yeller tryed to help but got hurt while trying.

18: I. | Illness.

19: Bud Searcy told Travis about a illness that has been going around. He told him to watch out for animals that act strange. Also he said if you see an animal that acts like that to shoot them right away.

20: J. | Jumper.

21: Jumper was the family's mule. When Old Yeller was hurt, Mama used his tail hair to sew up Old Yeller's stomach up. He also was used to carry Old Yeller back to their house.

22: K. | Killing.

23: At first Travis did not want Old Yeller and wanted him dead but at the end he was heart broken when he had to kill him. He felt like Old Yeller was just another thing to take care of. But at the end he felt like he was apart of the family.

24: L. | Lizabeth.

25: Lizabeth was the first to know about Old Yeller and him stealing the meat. She was also there to help with things when Travis was hurt from the hog bite. Also she brought Travis a puppy while he was hurt.

26: M. | mama.

27: Mama was very lonely and missed Papa. She did not want Travis to mark the hogs because it is a dangerous job. When Old Yeller was hurt from helping Travis, Mama used Jumpers hair from his tail to sew his wounds up.

28: N. | Nettles.

29: When Old Yeller was outside he ran into some nettles. Nettles are little prickly plants. When you touch nettles it hurts.

30: O. | Old Yeller.

31: Old yeller was just a old dog woundering around when Travis found him. At first Travis thought he was no good but later when he got hurt trying to help Travis he was lament. Also he was heart broken when he had to kill him.

32: P. | Papa.

33: Papa left to make some money for his family after the civil war. While he was gone Travis and the rest of the family was lament and missed him very much. When he was gone, Travis and Arliss had to do every thing he did.

34: Q. | Question.

35: Travis was asking mama questions when she was making an excuse to Arliss. Travis did not know what mama was doing when she asked Arliss to get her a lizzard. After a little bit, he figured it out.

36: R. | Rabies.

37: Travis found out that one of their cows and one bull had rabies. Travis was told by Bud Searcy that a disease called rabies was going around. Travis had to be cautious around animals because they mite have rabies.

38: S. | sick.

39: At the sight of Old Yeller's wounds made Mama and Travis Sick. The sight of Old Yeller and his stomach ripped and his intestines hanging out would probly make any body sick.

40: T. | Travis.

41: Travis, the main character in this story, had many jobs while Papa was gone. While doing one of his jobs he got hurt. When Lizabeth came to help he first thought she would be no help but later he was glad she was there to help

42: U. | Ungrateful.

43: Travis was ungreatful to Lizabeth when she was helping mama. Lizabeth was trying to be nice but Travis did not care at all. Travis thought she was no use when she did almost everything he did.

44: V. | Varmint.

45: Travis would go hunt for varmints. Varmints include squirl's racoon's, and other wild animal's. Varmint's are usually eating farmer's crop's.

46: W. | Wounds.

47: Old Yeller had wounds from helping Travis when the hogs atacked him. Travis and Mama had to help heel his wounds. She also used some hair from Jumper's tail to sew up his wounds.

48: X. | Xanthous.

49: Old Yeller was the color of xanthous. Xanthous is a yellow or light brown color. Arliss also had a xanthous color for hair.

50: Y. | Yelling.

51: Any time Old Yeller would be harmed, Arliss would start yelling at them to stop. He would also throw rocks at them until they stoped. Arliss was very protective over Old Yeller.

52: Z. | Zone out.

53: Arliss would zone out any time any one would harm Old Yeller. Arliss was very protective over him. Arliss would scream and throw a fit and rocks when some one harmed Old Yeller.

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