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Ordinary Girl

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BC: The End

FC: Written and Illustrated by Walsh Publisher | Ordinary Girl

1: Ordinary Girl Written and Illustrated by Walsh Publisher Published in 2010

2: It was an ordinary day at school for Diana, she didn’t really like school all that much because she didn’t have any friends. She had just moved here from Denver, Colorado, so nobody knew her very well. She was in eighth grade, and she lived with her mother in a cottage, her father had died when she was little and had barely known her. Her mother worked at a restaurant and barely got paid so Diana had very little and didn’t care much about it, all she wanted was for her mother to be happy. So, Diana walked into the classroom to face another boring day of school when she noticed three girls staring at her.

4: She decided she was going to ignore them, but as the day went on they just kept staring at her. | So she went to ask them why they were staring at her, but they didn’t answer when she asked. So she ignored them once more, but every time she turned around they were, again, staring at her. The next day she saw that one of the girls was missing. She was curios enough that she walked over and asked them where the other girl was. One of them replied, ”She got mad at us for staring at you!” Diana didn’t know what to say, so she walked away.the next day when she walked in, she went straight to the girl that had left the group the day before. When she got the girl’s attention she asked, ”What is your name?” The girl replied, “Charlotte, why?”Diana, for some strange reason, paused for a moment thinking, then quickly said,“I just wanted to know because the girls over there said that you got mad at them for staring at me and I wanted to thank you.”

5: The girls were stunned! They never had to do any chores at their own houses! Diana’s mother walked in and said, “When you’re done, could you please start making dinner?” Diana replied with a sigh, “Yes mom” and went back to her work. They, curiously, walked up to her room and were stunned by what they saw. There was merely a little bed with a torn up blanket, and one little table. Her clothes, those that she had, were lying on the floor. On the table was a picture of her father with little Diana in his arms. | The girl was stunned by the question, but said, “You’re welcome.” Charlotte didn’t know what else to say, but before the girl walked away she, too, asked what the girl’s name was. The girl simply said, “Diana” and walked away. Charlotte went home to a warm house after school and thought about Diana and what she had said. Even after Charlotte had been staring at her too, the girl still had thanked her. To Charlotte, that was the bravest thing she had seen any girl do. That night Charlotte, and the other two girls, Monica and Kara, had a strange dream about Diana. They were in a park having fun and laughing, when all of a sudden, they were at someone’s house. Then, Diana walked in and started to scrub the floor.

6: The snow finally arrived

8: The girls were so ashamed of what they had done to poor Diana. Then the dream ended, and they were all back in their own beds, at their own houses.When Charlotte awakened she remembered what she had thought of Diana. She thought Diana was too smart, smarter than Charlotte, and she hadn't liked it. Now she felt sorry for Diana, and would make it up to her. When Diana awakened she was tired from the night before. All those chores had made her back sore and achy. She sat up on her bed, took the picture of her father, and stared at it for a while. She wished her father was there with her to comfort her, but she knew her wish would not come true. When she walked to school the wind was blowing little ice shavings everywhere. She walked in the big front doors and saw that the girls were waiting at her locker.

9: "So ashamed"

10: She thought to herself," Oh no, they’re probably going to tease me about something”, but when she walked up to them, they all said a friendly,“ hi” to her and helped her take her coat and boots off. Then, Monica stepped up and said, “We’re very sorry that we were being mean to you the past couple of days.” Diana didn’t know what to say, and in the end she was really happy, so she said to them, “It’s okay, but what made you start to be nice?” The girls all looked at each other and said, “Let’s just say that we had a little adventure.” After that day, the girls did everything together. They had their birthday parties together, they did sports together, and if someone, like Kara, tried out for something, the other girls did too. After school ended they would come over and help Diana with her chores, and in return Diana, being secretly smart, helped them with their homework.

12: Then, one day after school when they all went over to help Diana with her chores so that they could go shopping, Diana’s mom came in and said that she had gotten hired for a better job! The girls were excited, and Diana was stunned! She was so proud of her mom for getting a better job, and she felt good inside, like there was hope for her mom to start a better life. As the days went on, Diana started to bring up her grades, and started to enjoy school. Although, she did have a little bit of trouble in English, but she had Kara for help. So all was well in Diana’s life, and the other girls were happy, too. They knew they were going to have the greatest time together.

13: Happy Ending

14: My name is Reilly Walsh, my interests are Cross Country. I am a very good runner and hope to someday be in a famous race. I have good grades in school, and I'm very athletic. I have a wonderful, loving family, and I am happy where I am in life. I also, have awesome friends that are also interested in Cross Country. My life is very good at the moment, and it could not get any better.

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