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Peace Poems

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S: By Matthew Slook

FC: Peace Poems By Matthew Slook

1: Page 1 is the glossary Pages 2-3 is Smiles and Frowns Pages 4-5 is Anti-San Diego Pages 6-7 is Peace Pages 8-9 is Yellow Pages 10-11 is Christmas Tree Pages 12-13 is The Forest Pages 14-16 is the bibliography Pages 17-21 is comments

2: Smiles and frowns Friendship is a butterfly in a bright summers’ field Conflict is a crowded fast food restaurant in New York Friends give gifts, hugs and laughter and smiles Conflict brings frowns, rain and storms and lines on ones forehead Friends are what make the world seem like a paradise Where as hatred and conflict just make the world a dark closet Friendships allow you to see the good in one another conflict makes the bad in someone glow like a torch Anger and jealousy make one hungry for conflict Friends quench the worlds’ eager thirst for happiness

3: Smiles and Frowns Example of Metaphor: Conflict is a crowded fast food restaurant in New York. Metaphor: A comparison to something without using like or as. This example of imagery makes it clear that conflict is frustrating and uneasy. In this case it is comparing conflict to a fast food restaurant in New York. It makes the reader feel uncomfortable and impatient. They feel this way because when they read this line they immediately see the words ‘fast food’ and ‘New York’ which give them a crowded image because New York is a crowded place and fast food restaurants are always warm and jam-packed with customers which makes you sweat. It makes me think that conflict makes you feel like you are stuck between two hard places.

4: Anti-San Diego San Diego is not a city full of worthless crime It is not kept warm by a colorful blanket of trash that people sleep under holding cups in their dry, pale hands Fireworks are not screaming through the air all night while families are trying to sleep Crazed dogs aren’t viciously attacking people in no pet parks There aren’t any car crashes due to drunk fools dancing in the street with jelly knees and a half drunken bottle of

5: Anti- San Diego Example of personification: Fire works are not screaming through the air while families are trying to sleep. Personification: Giving non-human object human features. Fire works are not screaming through the air while families are trying to sleep This example of personification is exaggerating the fact that fireworks are very loud and can be extremely annoying if they are being set off during the night. It is saying that San-Diego does not have fireworks going off all night, which is saying that San-Diego is a peaceful city. The word ‘screaming’ immediately makes the reader think of a horror movie which makes fireworks going off at night seam very scary. Usually in horror movies there are things popping up out of nowhere which is like fireworks.

6: Peace Peace is a world without pictures of countries fighting on the cover of every newspaper It is a park without the occasional crazy car crashing into a tree It’s CNN without someone saying the amount of people brutally killed in the war that day It is a world without gangsters taking old peoples purses Peace is a world without violence.

7: Peace Example of alliteration: It is a park with out the occasional crazy cars crashing into tall tree trunks. Alliteration: repetition of words that start with the same sound. These examples of alliteration makes the letter ‘t’ seem very powerful and big and the letter ‘c’ seem very sharp and quick. Both those letters have a harsh sound. You might describe those sounds together as a car crashing into a tree. Altogether this line is saying that when cars crash into trees at parks it shatters all of the peace and playfulness at that park.

8: Yellow Yellow is a color It is a bird in the sky It is fun in the sun It is a beautiful day It’s a way to get happy

9: Yellow Example of a metaphor: It is a bird in the sky. Metaphor: A comparison to something without saying ‘like’ or ‘as’. This metaphor is comparing a bird in the sky to the color yellow. To me the color yellow and a bird flying in the sky reminds me of happiness. The message of this line was to make the color yellow seem happy and enjoyable. When I read this line I had a vivid image of bird that is a symbol of happiness and peace such as a dove gliding over a neighborhood just before night fall. That makes the reader feel very happy and relaxed.

10: Christmas Tree A great big green Christmas tree standing in the room And at the bottom it looks like you need a pan and a broom With a bright star at the top And presents underneath A train track going ‘round the trunk of the brown thick tree The lights glowing in the dark The tinsel wrapped around The guns on the arms of the nutcrackers that are shooting a silent sound

11: Example of rhyme: A great big green Christmas tree standing in the room and at the bottom it looks like you need a pan and a broom. Rhyme: Words with the same sound. The rhyme sceme in this poem is a, b, b, c, d, d, e, f, f. Rhyme makes the poem flow better. In this example of rhyme the reader immediately realises that the reason the speaker needs a pan and a broom is because a lot of the pines from the Christmas tree have fallen to the ground. This line gives you a vivid image of pines fallen on top of a pile of presents. It makes you fell joyful by reminding the reader about all of the fun and peace and happiness at Christmas time.

12: The Forest The forest is a mysterious place The hoofs of the horses hitting the snow echoes throughout the green and brown pine trees The owls are perched on the half broken off branches The trails of foot prints in the snow Wolves are howling and searching for food The frozen pond has a pack of raccoons carefully sliding across The eagles soaring above eyeing the ground The hunters doing the same Boom goes the shot of one bullet to thy of a deer The birds flee at the sound of that The forest is a mysterious place

13: The Forest Example of onematopeia: Boom goes the shot of one bullet to thethy of a deer. Onematopeia: A word that sounds like what it means. This line uses onematapea in a way that makes the reader feel that the forest is a dangerous place for animals. ‘Boom Boom’ is a very powerful word that makes the reader realize how loud the shot was. This line makes you imagine being in the forest and enjoying all of the birds and animals and noises and then the shot of that gun makes everything go silent and dead.

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21: About the Poet This book includes six poems all written by me (Matthew Slook). I was on the seventeenth of March 1998 in San Diego, California. I have a family of five that includes William (my brother), Claire (my sister), Alicia (my mom) and George (my dad). I also has a cat called Boo. I enjoy writing poems because likes the feeling when I finish a poem and really like it because it makes me proud. My favorite poet is definitely Dr.Suess because when I little over two years old my parents would read his books and they would always make me laugh.

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