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FC: Perseus

1: The Story of the great hero Perseus begins with his mother Danae. She was the daughter of King Acrisius, ruler of Argos. She was more beautiful than all the women in the land. A prophecy told the King that the son of Danae would kill him. He locked Danae away so she could not have a child

2: Unfortunately for King Acrisius, the God Zeus visited Danae disguised as golden rain and she became pregnant with Zeus' son. When he was born, Danae named him Perseus. He was discovered by the King and to keep himself safe, Acrisius knew he had to kill the child. But the king feared the wrath of Zeus so he locked Danae and Perseus in a great chest which he threw into the sea.

3: The two were found by the good fisherman Dictys who took them in as his own children. Perseus grew up as a fisherman under Dictys. After many years when Perseus was full grown, the ruler of the island, Polydectes fell in love with Danae. But Polydectes was a cruel and evil man, and he did not want her son Perseus around. He told Perseus of the Gorgons, fearsome monsters on a far away island, and how he desired their deadly power. When Perseus failed to provide a gift to the king at a party, Perseus announced that he would kill the Gorgon Medusa, and take her head for the King.

4: The King knew this task would get rid of Perseus for the Gorgons were dragon-like with snakes for hair. Their power was to turn any living thing to stone should they set eyes upon their faces. But fortune favored Perseus in the form of the two Gods Hermes and Athena. Hermes told Perseus of the Gray Women who knew the location of the lair of the Gorgons. He also gave Perseus a sword that could not be bent by the Gorgon's scales. From Athena he received her shield which with its reflective surface he could safely look at Medusa without fear of turning to stone. Perseus then set out for the Gray Women.

5: With Hermes as his guide, Perseus found the Gray Women who shared one eye between the three of them. Perseus waited for them to pass the eye from one another before snatching it. Desperately wanting the eye returned, the Gray Women gave Perseus his directions first to the nymphs of the north and then onto the Gorgon's lair. Perseus would need to be further equipped before he would be able to face Medusa and the nymphs of the north possessed the items he required.

6: Perseus then traveled to the land of the Hyperboreans. There he received three gifts from the maidens. Winged sandals for flight. A wallet that would always become the right size for what was put in it. Lastly a cap which made the wearer invisible. Perseus was now ready to face the Gorgons.

7: When Perseus arrived at the Gorgon's lair he found that all three were asleep. Not looking from his reflective shield he striked out with his sword, severing Medusa's head. Putting the head in the wallet Perseus then had to escape from Medusa's sisters who had awoken. He easily evaded them with his cap of invisibility and left the island on his winged sandals. Perseus had done the impossible and killed the Gorgon Medusa.

8: On his way back home he stopped in Ethiopia where he happened upon a girl chained to a rock to be devoured by a sea serpent. The maiden was actually Princess Andromeda and Perseus instantly fell in love with her. He killed the serpent and saved Andromeda from the serpent. He was then granted her hand in marriage from her parents. Perseus and Andromeda then set sail for his home island.

9: When the two arrived at the island, Perseus discovered that Dictys and his mother Danae had gone into hiding to escape from Polydectes. Knowing that the evil ruler was at his palace with his supporters, Perseus saw his chance to get rid of him. Perseus entered the hall and as they all turned to look upon the new arrival, he raised the head of Medusa and turned the cruel king and his subordinates to stone.

10: After placing the good fisherman Dictys as ruler of the island. Perseus and Danae, along with Andromeda deemed to return to Greece and seek reconciliation with King Acrisius. When they arrived they found that Acrisius had been run out of Argos. No one knew where he was. | Soon after, Perseus heard about an athletic contest and decided to join. When Perseus threw his discus, it swerved into the spectators. King Acrisius, who was among the stands was struck and killed instantly. And so it came to pass that the prophecy the king had tried to avoid had been fulfilled.

11: Perseus and Andromeda lived happily ever after and their son Electryon would become the grandfather of the great Hercules. The Head of Medusa was given to Athena who would bear it upon the Aegis, Zeus' shield. | The End

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