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Personal Odyssey

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FC: My Personal Odyssey By: Ryan Rhoades

1: The Early Years In life there are many lessons to be learned from journeys you encounter. These lessons start way back when you can't even remember, your up-bringing, and your childhood. They teach us morals of life whether they are learned from a good or bad experience. How ever you choose to interpret these lessons will shape you to be the person you are today and will soon become. | As far back as I can remember, I had one experience that really changed the way I look at life or myself in particular. I was born on January 7th 1995 and grew up in a small cul-de-sac in a big town called Hudson. Being around the age group of 1st graders to 2nd graders, this cul-de-sac was one of the little parts of the world I knew and was the only part of the world I knew where I felt free to roam and explore safely. I had many of what I thought were friends in this cul-de-sac and we would play for hours on end. Every house along this rounded dead end had at least one child living in it and we are all friends, but slowly the games we played unravel which friends I could trust. These games we played always seemed like the Olympics because there were so competitive. All of us being so little , these games decided the respect for one another. It was from who was the best to the worst, and me being the smallest in the group, I was the worst and I had no problem with it because I don't dare question the older kids. These games we played consisted of baseball, hide and seek tag, and pickle. Now looking at it, it is very childish but back then it was everything.

2: I was not very good at any of these games. Well, all besides hide and seek tag, when I was not the seeker. The seeker was the most hated part of the games and unfortunatly I always had to because no one else wanted to. Now I was the fastest runner on the block and I was'nt so sure that I could use that abilitly to chase after anyone because there was no one to chase after. Purposely all of the other kids planned to hide in their own house leaving me to seek outside for hours for nothing. I was unaware of this everytime and I was to young was too young and clueless so I kept playing. Now that I think of it, it was a very childish thing of them to do but back then I was torn when I found out. I fely like all this time I thought the other kids were my friends, I was wrong. I actually was there scapegoat and just some one to pick on. This is when I had a change of state of mind, a safe and secure mind state where I learned my first moral in life. After figureing out how things were I started to ignore the other kids and learned how to do creative things on my own, and when they came over to ask to play i said no and stuck up for myself. I have now understood how I have to be careful in who I trust | because people are not really who they seemed to be. Also I learned how to stick up for myself and learned a sense of defence and inner strength. People in life are not always as kind, caring, and nice as I thought they should be. I was brought to be nice, kind, and caring because now I know to be the better person you must treat everyone with the respect they deserve to be the better person. This journey through my childhood still has a large impact on who I am today because of the life long morals it had brought with it. Still I am learning the betters ways of life, and getting smarter and wiser each day. I believe we will never stop learning the better ways of life until the day we die and even then, we will not know the true meaning of life and all the morals it brings along with it.

3: The Turning point The turning point in my life was well, a whole new life. I moved to a new town with new people and new view on life. This journey was a chance to start over and finally discover who I really am and was destine to become. One day at this friendless dead end my parents came up to me and explained that we would be moving to a new home and new town. I was excited and very anxious because I knew I then could leave everything | behind, get new friends, not be known as the "weak smaller one" and gain respect from others. My family and I will be moving to a new smaller town called Lancaster. I have never heard the name before and come to think of of it, I have never heard of any other town besides Hudson. By now, I was still young and going into 3rd grade. I was starting to learn a sense of independence and this move was almost perfect timing. As we packed up and left our old house on a very long car ride, I was wondering if there would be a whole street filled with kids, but when I arrived it was nothing like I expected. We drove up a very long driveway with the longest front yard I have ever seen. This house for sure looked new and shined a sense of a fresh start. But something was wrong; there was no one to be found. Just rows and rows of dying apple trees. This feeling of being so faraway from everything didn't seem right, I was worrying that I would have to live secluded from everything until I heard a loud noise in the distance. I took a glance through the trees and I saw a little boy on a dirt bike. He was flying up and down his yard and going off

4: jumps like he was fearless of falling or breaking bones. Soon he then drove up to driveway. When arrived at the top he took off his helmet. It was a little Asian boy and with a large smile he said "hello, I'm Brian." I replied with my name and asked him about his dirt bike and everything. Brian explained all this dirt bike lingo and eventually sped off again. It was quick conversation but long enough for me to have an idea of what the rest of my Lancaster life will be like with this kid. Great... A week later I met up with Brian at the bus stop to head out to a new school with a new class, new kids, and a new look on things. At first I was quiet so before opening my mouth I would know who I would be talking to and make sure I wouldn't say anything that doesn't cause them to look down upon me. Eventually I started to socialize with others and there was no need to be cautious of what I say. Every one was nicer then they all seemed. I was surprised yet happy because I learned yet another lesson of life. I learned in the end you do not have to change who you are for others. I was the same kid as in Hudson just with wiser knolage. Wiser | in a way that I knew that real respect comes from people who are real and accept the respect you give them. Also there is no need impress people by changing who you are because being yourself is the most impressing thing you can do. This turning point was truly a turn around. I found friends who respect me as who I am not what I can do. I took this moral to heart and it had shaped me for who I am today.

5: The Passion In my long lasting journey of life I have grown a passion, a true love, a ship of melody that leads me across the greatest seas. I call this love none other than music. I hear music, I play music, and I am inspired by what joy it can bring when as I travel across seas that behold many problems. Here is my journey of my one true love. Around 5th grade I had met many new friends and enjoyed life. One of my friends named Mark had owned | something that I saw my music teacher play everyday as we walked down to the bus.It was something that was so magical to me and it was a guitar. I went over Marks house one day and he showed me his guitar. I was amazed by its shape, feeling, and sounds. Everything about it amazed me. The only problem is that I didn't know how to play it. Mark had showed me how to play a song that was very simple but fun. From then on I was addicted. I then soon got myself one and the really journey began. I played and played everyday of my life. I played so much that in a matter of a couple days the tips of my fingers were as stiff and rough as the skin on the bottoms of my feet. Now I didn't just play one song Mark had taught me, I taught myself how to play other things. I taught myself basic chords and learned the frets and their numbers all by dedicating every second to it. I did not need lessons I could just feel the music flow out of my tips of my fingers. I eventually started to play things of my own. I played to the melody of my emotions. What ever I had felt at the time, I played, whether it wad mad happy or sad, it was possible. Guitar opened up a whole new side of life.

6: Playing guitar not only opened my mind up to music but also showed me more poetic side of life. I eventually wrote poems and lyrics about every feeling I had inside me. I felt words flow through my head as I play guitar or even walk around places. Every little thing we see and here can inspire words to a poem or lyrics to a song. Inspiration can come from a grain of sand to the clouds in the sky. I can not hide from music and its artistic ways it surrounds me everywhere and teaches me to believe and dream. Music is truly my one love and forever shall I be apart of music and forever shall I be happy. I am grateful that life has shown me a passion that will last forever in this journey of life. And I know for a fact that music will always have this dazzling affect on me.

7: Wellness I have a journey many have struggled with and many still do today. My physical and mental health is very well. These two things I am very fortunate to have to my advantage. Even though today I am still fighting for this advantage to stay on my side and I will for the rest of my life. First off is my physical health. In my family there is a past of strokes because of low blood pressure and eating habits. It is in our gene and | there is nothing I can do about it besides to stay physically fit and active. I make sure four times a week I get physical activity such as working out. Even though I do look or dress like someone who does, but I am a very active person. I am a very strong and very fast for my age. Growing up I never really payed attention to what I ate. I journey through life with a sweet tooth which I still have today but I must control it because now I understand what it can do to me. It could lead to me being unhealthy or out of shape and I vowed in life that was the last thing I would be. I made this vow because really in the end being physically fit and active really makes me happy. Now being happy obviously takes some mental health. I can not be happy without my mind! When I say mentally healthy I do not mean book smart, I mean emotionally and common sense. I admit when it comes t education I am not the brightest bulb but I am content with that. My common sense makes up for it. I believe that over the years I have grown wiser. The move from middle school to high school really

8: hit me. It taught me that to succeed I must stop the immaturely and make every second count. I need to be mature with my work and actions because the high school will not tolerate it. I believe that I headed this and it is really helping me to succeed today. Also I am emotionally healthy and very happy with most things in life. In my family there is a past of depression and not very healthy minds. I had an uncle who had depression and to get away from it did drugs and started to drink at a very young age. These actions lead to his death because the drugs made him very unhealthy and sick. Fortunately I do not have depression and I try my best to stay happy with life and keep fighting when times get hard. I am glad that I have over came these two strong obstacles. I am fortunate to have such a good mental and physical health.

9: Hopes and Dreams For a final journey of my life I shall write about the future. My hopes, goals and dreams are journeys yet to be complete because it still ventures on today. In life dreams occur in many ways. When you are sleeping or maybe "spacing-out" in class, but most are the dreams of the future. We fantasize over the unreal and seemingly impossible things. But as many have said: Nothing is impossible. I today dream if a future | filled with memories and good times with friends and family. Memories that I will carry on until the day I die. I also dream of a successful future where I will make it in this world. I dream of a music carer where everyone knows my name. I wish to be famous and put on concerts that last hours and I know I would enjoy every second of it. I dream of there things that are possible because it simply gives me hope to continue on. The fact that I dream of things that can be achieved, it sets my goals in life. A big goal of mine the music carer. I believe tat even if I don't become a famous musician I will be content with another music carer. These goals keep me playing today. Also I wish to pass school with honor marks and continue on to a nice college. This would be one step forward to having a successful future. Lastly the biggest goal for me would be just to be a good hearted person till the day I die. Today I try my best to be kind and considerate to all. I believe my goals shape me as the young man I am today. I hope that I will have a successful future full of memories dreams and goals. I will try my best to achieve them all.

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