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Peters Awsome Adventure

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2: Hello, my name is peter and you can call me peter.I will be going on an awesome adventure learning about the European enlightenment and Revolution.

3: It is 2009 and i am in Europe and i have made a time machine out a Delorean. I will e meeting many different Philosophe's in my journey into the past.

4: First i will be going to the year 1700. I am going to meet John Locke .

5: Hello Mr.Locke ? "yes." My name is Peter and i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions ? "okay." What is social contract ? " social contract is the idea that people have to give up some rights to the government in order to keep social order

6: Who influenced the idea of social contract? Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jaques Rousseau Thankyou Mr Locke. "your welcome"

7: Now i am going back to 1678 to meet Thomas Hobbes. Mr. Hobbes may i have a word with you ? " sure" what was your book leviathan about? "It is about structures of society and Government."

9: How do you think that the government should be ran. "I think the Government should be ran by an absolute sovereign." Okay thank you for your time. John Locke also said that he was influenced by Jean Jaquese Rousseau. Rousseau was a French philosopher who influenced the French Revolution .

10: Rousseau was most famous for his novel Emile(Education).

11: Now i am going back in time to the scientific revolution. the scientific revolution was a period when new ideas in physics, astronomy, biology, human anatomy, chemistry, and other sciences led to a rejection of doctrines that had prevailed from Ancient Greece through the Middle Ages, and laid the foundation of modern science.[

12: Issac Newton was an English physicist, mathmaticion, astronomer, philosepher , and theologian. He discovered gravity, the laws of motion , momentum and the speed of sound, and made a reflective teloscope

13: telescope the color spectrum law of colors . Another scientist during the revolution was Galileo Galilei . Galileo was an Italian physicist, mathmatiton, astronomer and philosepher. He is considered the father of science.

14: Nicholas Copericus developed the Heliocentric theory in the 1500's

15: Claudius Ptolemy made the geocentric theory in ancient Greece.

17: Now i am going to America in 1776 . I am in Philly at the Second continental Congress and Thomas Jefferson is writing the Declaration

18: Of Independence, which stated that the Colonies Were breaking away from England and becoming there own Nation .

19: Now i am traveling to 1789 to the first u.s congress when the bill of rights was added to the constitution.

20: The Bill of Rights are the first 10 amendments to the us constitution that protects the rights and liberties of the citizens of the us

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