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Photography Portfolio

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S: Photography Portfolio

BC: The End

FC: Alex's grade 11 Photography project

2: P h o t o g r a p h e r

3: Over my time taking this photography course, I have learned a number of different things including how to use photo shop and picnic, and how to take pictures from different angles and height to make the picture look more active or energetic or even darker. Although I thought that some of the projects were a little boring and restrictive I had fun doing all of them and enjoyed my time in this class. I do not think that I want to be a photographer when I grow up but I would definitely like to have photography as a hobby of sorts. If I was asked what my ideal future camera would be, I would answer that I didn't know but all I do know is that it would definitely be expensive. In my bucket list I put that I wanted to travel around the world and when I do I definitely want to take a camera that way I can photograph all of the sights that the world has to offer... | Photography

4: Before | After | After | Before | After | Before | Before | and | After

5: Before and After is a project that allows you to understand photo shop through trial and error. The purpose was to get us more accustomed to the program photo shop so we can use it more simpler. I'm not sure if the purpose worked for everyone but I do know that it worked for me because I am now a lot more familiar with photo shop. I can use contrast, color, and lighting, more effectively after completing this project. In most of these projects I changed the color and in all of them I changed the contrast. The pictures that I have posted below and to the left < are the pictures that I liked the most. I especially like the tree because it is brighter and looks nicer than the original. The ones with the sky in them I decided to make darker to differentiate them from the rest.

6: This Project was all about directing people to make the same poses as those in pictures we were given. We were marked according to how well the people in our pictures patched the poses for the people in the original pictures. We couldn't be in the pictures ourselves so we had to find other people to model for us. | Strike A

7: This project would be useful if you were going to become a professional photographer because it teaches you how to re-arrange your models so that they look the same as in the original picture. It also helped because you do get a model to model for you in another project, Power of One. | Although the scenery didn't matter I tried to use the same scenery, or at least close to it, as they were in the original pictures. I added border colors that I thought would be appropriate to the atmosphere of the picture. | I like the models that I used in these pictures, and I think that if I were to do it again the only different model I would choose is the woman in the top left picture in the last page. | Pose

8: A Person Divided | This purpose of this project was to get more familiar with photo shop and to be able to place multiple people in the photo, which would be useful in future projects. By doing this project it taught me how to crop people or objects into other pictures. It also helped me understand how shadows are a key part of pictures, and how by add or removing them you can change the atmosphere or appearance of the picture. What you have to do is to crop around the person and then insert them into your background photo. If it looks like they need a shadow then you have to make one or go into layer settings and movie it around until you like it. The photo that I like the most is the first one (i.e the one on the next page). I like it because I think that the background picture is perfect and the model is perfect for this picture as well. There only rough edge on this picture is the shadow on the left Kylie which I think I should have made work better. | df | df

10: o | o | o | o

11: f | f | f

12: In this project we had to take ten different pictures of ourselves in various poses and crop them into background photo's (and make them look realistic) based on what was in our Bucket List. I do not think I did a very good job on this assignment but I think that some photos look realistic. For Example I like the meditating one and the running a marathon one. | The Bucket List

13: We had to use photo shop to crop ourselves in and the main tools that I used were crop, blur, and smudge, as well as changing the lighting to try and match the pictures. The blur and smudge tools were mainly used to try and make me look as if I was actually in the picture and I did this by blurring the outline of myself.

15: From this assignment I learned just how hard it really is to make you look realistic when cropping yourself into other pictures, and I have gained a lot of respective for those who can make it look real. Apart from that I learned how important size and positioning of people was as well as lighting, because when you crop yourself into pictures you have to think about all this kind of stuff.

16: The project required the use of photo shop because what we did was just take a picture of ourselves and change us and the background 10 times using different photo shop elements. | In a lot of the photo shopped spots I changed the texture. This is more visible in the top right of the top third for the sun. I also changed the color in some of them as seen in the middle third look at my arm and the text in the top third. We also had to change the bevels in each photo. | There was not really many ideas that I had behind this photo. The only things that I really thought I wanted to change was the symbol on my shirt and the sun, the rest I just put together. | From this assignment I learned how to apply previously learned photo shop elements to a picture and learned some of the effects that the photo shop elements had. I also learned new items like how to use "bevels". | Ch | op | Su | ey

17: This wasn't a hard project to do but ended up being extremely time consuming. We had to pick a photo and then recreate that photo using bits from other photo's that shared the same color. I chose a snake picture so I then found a variety of pictures (i.e. frogs, diamonds, sticks, ice.) so that I could use their colors to replace the old pictures design and background. This assignment mainly helped me learn about layers and when to have some over others or overlapping other layers as well as the positioning of what layers should go above what. | R | O | Y | G | B | I | V | R | V | O | Y | G | B | I | hi | I liked how the heads worked especially on the snake with the red head. When I first thought of this topic of snakes I knew I wanted to do it and I don't think it came out that bad to be honest. | Original

18: This project involved the use of photo shop and we had to crop pictures together to form a new one. We had around 30 pictures to choose from and we had to choose two (or more) and combine them, using one for a background, and find a quote that would represent the picture we chose. | Photo | Shop | tions | Crea

19: This assignment has taught me a lot about combining pictures properly and helped me learn about the photo shop tool, visibility, which I use a lot. When I first started combining two pictures together in the project "The Bucket List" I wasn't sure what exactly to do and it ended up looking visibly cropped. Needless to say I got better at cropping them together and was create 5 projects that don't look obviously cropped.

20: For a lot of these projects I ghosted an object in them. In the third picture I ghosted the Buddha statues. The fourth one has an Inukshuk ghosted on the rock. I used the photo shop tool "twirl" to give the inukshuk it's warped shape and then ghosted it on. The last photo is basically all ghosted because not only are the people and the canoe ghosted but so are the petals around there feet. Another main tool that I used was the eraser tool, to erase the background around the picture.

21: I like most of these pictures because of the effort and the simplicity of them. The only one that I was not too fond of was the fourth one. I would have liked it more if they dream catcher hadn't have been there, but my teacher said that the twisted ghosted Inukshuk wasn't enough so I had to add something else in. The one that took the most work would have been the third because I had to add and crop around each individual chain. The simplest one is the second because I just added the birds and copied the rain drops.

22: This wasn't mainly a photo shop assignment so much as a scrapbooking assignment What we had to do was created a scrap book or Album of pictures to/on one person. The- -only thing that we need photo shop for was- -that we had to make three photoshop- -ped pictures to put into the album. - The first picture ,(the one that- -'s on top) and the third one,- - were the hardest to do- -because they took the- -most photoshopped- -work. For the first one I seperate- -ly photoshopped the rock they are sitting- - on, their clothes, the bench on the right, and the - -trees behind them. The third one I photoshopped the trees, sky, leaves and the people in the picture. I learned in this assignment that whether you do a lot of photoshopping or just a little it can still make the picture turn out great. The one picture that I like the most out of these three is the one on the right. I think it is fantastically photoshopped and really stands out among the other pictures.

23: Celebration Album

24: From this assignment we had to take multiple photos of someone from different angles and distances and the edit them using picnic. We then had to add Borders to our pictures as well as names and the photographer. I used various effects on these photos but some of my favorite effects was cinema-scope and vignette. The cinema scope makes the picture look as if it was presented in wide screen and the vignette ads the fading around the corners. The main thing that I learned from this assignment is how to use picnic, because before this project I had never needed to use it and thus never used it.

25: The Power Of One | I like all the pictures that I did, but my favorite pictures would have to be "The Devil Inside" and "Broken Fragments" with my least favorite being "Gotcha". For a lot of these pictures I think that the name suits them and it works if you think about. When I first decided to take this photoshoot I had to ideas about what poses but when we began to take some photos I started finding out what poses would look good where and so on.

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