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S: Tara's Poems

FC: Tara's Peace Poems

1: Table of Contents 2-3. Friendships 4-5. The House in Florida 6-7. The Street 8-11. The Dog 12-13. The Beach 14-15 .Angel 16-17. Resources 18-19. Poems that i Like 20-21. Authors page

2: Peace In Friendship Good friendships bring laughter and smiles False friendships bring frowns and cries A Good friendship is sunshine of happiness A false friendships is a storm of misery Trust and sharing is what a good friendships have Stealing and lies is what a false friendships have Good friendships have compliments False friendships have insults Good friendships make you feel loved False friendships make you feel lonely To be happy, successful and feel loved to all you need friends

3: Metaphor: ‘A false friendship is a storm of misery’ This is a metaphor because I compared two things without using the word like or as. I used a metaphor because it flowed with the poem and gave a good example of what a false friendship is like. The effect that this line gives the reader is that you feel unhappy because misery is not a very happy feeling.

4: House in Florida My house in Florida Is a peaceful place where there isn’t any littering It is a place where children and neighbors walk around freely with nothing to fear There are no angry vicious dogs attacking or ripping off the skin off old people standing by the sidewalk No clueless little children running around with uncontrollable daggers Or any loud cars zooming past Or any rabid rabbits attacking and sucking the blood out of innocent children playing by the street There aren’t any funky grandmas break-dancing or doing back flips in the middle of the road There are no teenagers trying to act cool by driving around in little cars late at night and throwing eggs and toilet paper at people’s houses

5: Personification: ‘No clueless little children running around with uncontrollable daggers’ This is personification because the dagger has been given the ability of what a human can do, because you can control a dagger rather than it running away or something like that. I chose to us personification because the effect it gives the reader is that you feel a bit awkward because you don’t really read or talk about children with daggers, so I put this in the poem to give that effect.

6: The street I was walking in the street When I felt an ache in my feet I went to a bench and then sat down After a while I walked to the park Sat down by a tree With my head against the bark It then began to snow As I walked it felt as if my feet got heavier It was like having to row a boat I managed to leave the place And run home When I went inside I looked in the mirror and saw my face It was covered in snow I washed it off then went straight to sleep

7: (The street) Rhyme: I used rhyme in this poem because it made the poem flow more and it went well with the poem. I also used rhyming because I like writing poems with rhyme. Towards the end of this poem the effect I got was that I could feel cold snow falling around me. I could also picture in my head someone walking and dragging their legs through heavy snow.

8: The Dog On one bright sunny morning, When all you could hear was the postman yawning, As he posted letters threw peoples doors, When the world was at peace with no wars, When shopkeepers just stepped into their stores, There was a young boy riding his bike down a hill The young boy shouted, “my name is Bill”, He went to a store and bought a loaf of Bread, (He knew the shopkeeper, his name was Ned) He cycled his bike all the way close to some sheep, When he found a homeless puppy with no where to go, He gave it some bread and then said “this is a dog that I have to keep”, So he put the puppy in the basket on his bike, He said to the puppy I’ll name you Mike, Mike started crying because of a stomach-ache, Bill stopped his bike and looked at Mike, Inspected his stomach, and pulled out a spike, The puppy was happy, now with no pain, All was good, but it started to rain,

9: Then Bill’s mom walked in and said “what are you doing with that mutt”, Bill was scared, with nothing to say, Then his mom said “I was going to get a puppy anyway”, Bill looked surprised, thinking Mike had to leave, Mike started chewing on Bill’s sleeve, He was happy to have a friend like Mike, His mom left the room and then Bill said, “And now you know the story of Mike, Bill and the loaf of bread, Bill Quickly Cycled to his house, They sneaked up the stairs as silent as a mouse, They ran in Bill’s room and slammed the door shut,

10: (Narrative poem) Simile: ‘they sneaked up the stairs as silent as a mouse’ This is a simile because I compared two things using the word ‘as’. I used a simile because it would give an effect on the reader. The effect this line gives is that you feel exited a bit because you know that usually when you sneak somewhere you are doing something secretly. Another effect that this line gives is that you can imagine a young boy and a little puppy sneaking up the stairs.

12: The Beach In this beautiful island I came to I lie here on the beach On the soft shiny sinking sand I look far away beyond my reach At the palm trees slowly swaying with the breeze I feel a crab upon my knees I pushed it away with my hand It landed straight in the sand I got up and went for a swim in the ocean At first the waves had very little motion I close my eyes and start to float around I slowly drift away from shore After a while I look around my And all I can see is water and the sea The beach seemed to have run away I turn around and sadly see A wild wave chasing after me I swim my best with all strength The wave is catching up and I am slowing down Its just about to jump on me I quickly open my eyes I look around and see That I never left the sand As real as it may have seemed All that happened, I had dreamed

13: (The Beach) Alliteration: ‘on the soft, shiny, sinking sand’ This is alliteration because there is an ‘s’ sound before each word, I chose to use alliteration in this line because it would give the reader a different effect. The effect that this line gives a calm feeling because you can just picture in your head a nice peaceful beach with soft shiny sand on it, it also gives a calm effect because of the ‘s’ sound and that is a calm sleepy sound.

14: Angel Angel is my dog She’s not like any other dog She’s quite tall for her age she’s not small She likes to chew a lot And has broken a flower pot She killed a plant or two Even that she likes to chew She’s a beauty And a little cutey

15: (Angel) Rhythm: In this poem I used rhythm because it helps create a different effect on the reader. Another reason why I used rhythm in this poem is because I don’t used rhythm a lot in my poems. The effect this poem gives is a happy effect because my dog it talks about how my dog is playful clumsy and usually playing and brings happiness. In my head I can picture a broken flowerpot on the ground.


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18: Summer Shower A drop fell on the apple tree, Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook, That went to help the sea. Myself conjectured, Were they pearls, What necklaces could be! The dust replaced in hoisted roads, The birds jocoser sung; The sunshine threw his hat away, The orchards spangles hung. The breezes brought dejected lutes, And bathed them in the glee; The East put out a single flag, And signed the fete away. Emily Dickinson

19: 'Timothy Winters' Timothy Winters comes to school With eyes as wide as a football-pool, Ears like bombs and teeth like splinters: A blitz of a boy is Timothy Winters. His belly is white, his neck is dark, And his hair is an exclamation-mark. His clothes are enough to scare a crow And through his britches the blue winds blow. When teacher talks he won't hear a word And he shoots down dead the arithmetic-bird, He licks the pattern off his plate And he's not even heard of the Welfare State. Timothy Winters has bloody feet And he lives in a house on Suez Street, He sleeps in a sack on the kithen floor And they say there aren't boys like him anymore. | Old Man Winters likes his beer And his missus ran off with a bombardier, Grandma sits in the grate with a gin And Timothy's dosed with an aspirin. The welfare Worker lies awake But the law's as tricky as a ten-foot snake, So Timothy Winters drinks his cup And slowly goes on growing up. At Morning Prayers the Master helves for children less fortunate than ourselves, And the loudest response in the room is when Timothy Winters roars "Amen!" So come one angel, come on ten Timothy Winters says "Amen Amen amen amen amen." Timothy Winters, Lord. Amen Charles Causley

21: My name is Tara and I was born in England, i am 11 years old and I have been going to ACS for 6 years now. I have a pet German shepherd named Angel. i like playing sports such as baseball and basketball and writing poems. I have a brother named Aaron, who is 13 years old.

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