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Poetry - Page Text Content

S: Poems by Isaac Harrison

FC: Poems | by Isaac Harrison

1: Table of condense | 1. About author 2. dedication 3-4.Dandy-lions 5-6. Halloween is... 7-8. Friendship 9-10. The lake 11-12. My room 13-15. Thanks-Giving 16.MLA citation 17-18.comments 19.Thanks to ... 20.Blurb

2: About the author This book is dedicated to my parents: David & Betsy Harrison and my sister Maggie.

3: I am Isaac Harrison i am 11 years old presently going to A.C.S Hillingdon international school. My birthday is the 15-1-98

4: Dandelions A dandelion is a flowery weed. Which started as a sweet and silent seed. At first is a bright buttery yellow. Then it turns to a white cotton fluff. It doesn’t tumble and pounce on other weeds. It doesn’t roar like a man-eating lion. It doesn’t stalk its prey, creeping silently before the big kill. It would be terrifying if it did!

5: Imagery is striking a vivid image in the readers imagination. Reason for choice of imagery: The reason I chose imagery for this poem is because on the fifth to last line it is talking about not being it being a man-eating lion. You could really picture it being that way. It makes the reader feel Interested about seeing a dandy-lion acting like a real lion. I mean if you were thinking of a yellow to white weed acting like a lion you would definitely want to see it.

6: Halloween is... Halloween is a pumpkin, A black cat in the mist. It is monsters in the dark, Ghouls in the park, Dogs that howl and bark. Goblins coming near Children run with fear, As fast as they can on their feet. The next thing they say is. “Trick or Treat!”

7: Rhythm is a steady beat of words or music (in this case words) Reason for choice of rhythm: I chose rhythm for this poem because when you say the poem slowly you can just start to hear the rhythm. If you count the number of syllables you can start to hear the rhythm easier. It makes the reader feel calmer or faster so it will make the reader see the rhythm.

8: Friendship Friends support, enemies divide. Friends work together, enemies fight each other. Laughter and joy, sorrow and tears. Friends want to see each other succeed. Enemies wish others to fail. Comrade, mate, brother, pal Nemesis, opponent, adversary, foe.

9: Repetition is repeating the same couple of words over again but after those words it will always (or usually) have a different sentence behind them. Reason for choice of repetition: The reason I chose repetition for this poem is that it keeps reverting back to friends and enemies. They are opposite ideas and it seemed a good choice. It makes the reader feel like he/she gets to understand the poem more.

10: The Lake In a forest hidden deep Lies a lake that’s fast asleep. Moonlight shines with shimmering sheen, Dropping stardust in a drowsy dream. Covered in a shroud of mist, Captured by an icy fist. Waiting for springs warm breath To bring it from the brink of death.

11: Metaphor is comparing something to another without using as or like The reason for choice of metaphor: I had a hard time with this one. But I wanted to be able to show that the lake is frozen over and not use the words as or like. Describing a lake in winter made me think of how lakes would be in Nebraska, where I'm from. It makes the reader feel sort of chilled when you read “Captured by an icy fist” it makes the place feel frozen the time as stopped.

12: My Room I love my room It’s a nice, calm place. I like it a lot ‘Cause I have my own space. It’s not a dungeon or a prison cell, Or a place to hold the Liberty Bell. It’s not a carnival nor is it a fair. But when you come down to it It’s my favourite lair. When I open the door I feel right at home, And I know I don’t have to write another poem!

13: Rhyme is having a few words that end in the to or three last letters the same and that makes it sound the same (rhyme) The reason for choice of rhyme: I chose rhyme for this poem because I really know my own room and could find lots of ways to describe it using rhyme. Examples of rhymes that work are in lines 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11. It makes the reader feel kind of at home.

14: Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving is special for our family It really is quite a treat. I look forward to the food and fun It’s a day that’s hard to beat. My mom begins with the turkey. She prepares it a special way. She puts it in the oven Where it will slowly cook all day. After turkey comes mashed potatoes. Then stuffing, corn, and beans. When mom picks up the bowl to mix it She spills it all over her jeans. The next thing to do in the kitchen Is my favorite part.

15: We assemble the things we’ve gotten From our local shopping mart. The dessert is what I look forward to. It’s always apple pie. Whenever my mom makes it I just “happen” to swing by. We’re all seated at the table. Friends and family abound. Prayers have been said, forks are raised This is no time to fool around! The dinner is over, we’re all stuffed The dog is sick on the floor. Next thing you know, believe it or not We’ll all be asking for more!

16: The mood of the poem is basically saying is the poem happy , sad , or angry. The reason for choice of mood: The reason I chose mood for this poem is because we were all celebrating Thanksgiving together with family and friends. The mood is supposed to be happy and joyful because we were having a good time being together. We enjoyed each other’s company. We told jokes and generally had an awesome time. Another reason the mood was happy was because my sister was on Skype while we had dinner and we could talk with her. It’s the first time she has been away from home during Thanksgiving. It makes the reader feel like it is a good time they want to be there.

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18: Comments | 1

19: 3 | 2

20: Thanks | Thanks to the following people, my mom for giving me some ideas for the poems my dad for letting me read to him to see if they were good i also thank ms.perreau for reminding me to put the sites in Mla format.

21: Blurb This is a book all about recent poems i wrote in English class (e.g.) "what is Halloween","thanks-giving", and "my room." These are some of my favorite poems i wrote.

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