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Poetry Chapbook

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S: Poetry Chapbook by Kayenta Schmidt

FC: Poetry Chapbook Poetry for Peace by Kayenta Schmidt

1: Contents Our Friendship...................2 A Year of Peace................4 Life of the Sun...................6 The Camp..........................8 Heaven................................10 Citations..............................12

2: Our Friendship The laughter, the trust, The memories never rust. Connected at hip, Sun shone in our smiles, Never a rip in Our friendship. The empty blue sky, Played host to no lies, With its swoop-swirling swallows, Nothing was hidden, Never one as high as, Our friendship. | Then the clouds in the distance, Did fog up over the sun, The rainbows washed by the rain, Lost sheen, shine and all colors, And the lightning struck. It shattered our trust, The memories and laughter, Sawed a gap ‘tween us. Twisted mirror turned your smile, I reflected you. Ravens and scarecrows and fears flooded sky, But my greatest fear was actualized; I was losing you . Like raft in the clutches of the rapid, I was swept away, Still am today . But memories will never rust, coated in the glaze of Our friendship .

3: The alliteration in this poem, ‘With its swoop-swirling swallows’, gives a mood of calm and freedom because the ‘s’ sound is the noise a bird’s wings make when it flies by, and this brings your thoughts to freedom; there are no borders to worry about crossing; it just flies over them, it is able to go places without having to worry about transportation, it doesn’t have to stress about money. | Basically, it is life in its simplest form. There is a sense of calm buried in this meaning because a bird gets to experience calm way up high in the sky, just floating on the breeze with no sound pollutants, and because a bird gets to feel the silence in a forest that is so thick that you can feel it on your tongue. | This calm feeling in turn plays host to a sense of safety. A bird’s underbelly is coated with lots of small downy feathers, and if you imagine yourself in darkness, surrounded by these feathers, it emerges in a strong sense of safety. All of these feelings are included in the meaning; swallows diving and performing loops and all sorts of stunts.

4: A Year of Peace One day Is all I ask Of guns and bombs and war and death . Bullets retrace Their path Back to the gun That stole the life of a poor man With three children And wife . Two days Is all I ask Of cars and planes and death all places . Cars back up from The corpse That walked today Before it died on cold pavement; No comforting, Alone . | Three days Is all I ask Of fights and misunderstandings . No pain, No jealousy, And loss of friends over small things Like a bad day Or frown . All year is what I ask, A year of peace .

5: The diction in this poem, ‘ Before it died on the cold pavement’, creates a mood of loneliness because there's no one warming the person with a hug, and also sadness because it's extremely close to the saying ‘it's a cold world’ which means that the world, or rather the people in it are cold, as in indifferent to sorrow and pain, and generally the feelings of others . This makes the reader feel upset that no one cares, which is another one of the moods created .

6: Life of the Sun The sun raised its head, Yawned, smiled, then it Peeked over the horizon . Its golden hair of Light cascaded as A waterfall of morning . It seeped and flowed Across all the land Filling darkness with lightness . This task completed, It then stretched skywards Waiting for a morning hug . | The clouds reached down with Their feathery hands; Pulled the sun higher in sky . As the day bounced on, The sun bounced up more, Before coming to a peak . Up high in the sky, It looked down and sighed, Then said its daily goodbyes . Down, down, so far down To the far-off ground Where sleep quietly waited . Waved to sister moon, Passed the horizon, And down into peaceful calm . And waited to raise its head once more .

7: ‘Peeked over the horizon’ makes the sun appear timid or excited, like a small child, or a small child on Christmas morning; it peeks around the door. This makes the reader feel care for it, yet you know that as the day goes on, the sun will seem to gain confidence as it brings more light and heat to the day . It may also seem like an eye is opening, and the personification lends the earth the feel of becoming more aware of it’s surroundings .

8: The Camp Safe in my island, Among the swaying stalks, The sky a bowl above me, A piercing cry can't wake me, Because it hasn't happened . No fire scorches skin, The orange doesn't rise, To try consume my world, Build a funeral pyre . | My body is not buried By rising tide of trash., My vision stays untainted By soaring, stretching structures . Instead I lay here now, The insects whisper secrets, I, knowing, smile .

9: The metaphor in this poem means that the sky is so big that it appears to curve to meet the horizon on either side, like the inside of a bowl. The mood is one of feeling protected. This is because if you look at the sky in an open place it appears to curve down to form a rounded shape and makes you think that you are surrounded by a big bubble of protection, which in a way you are: the atmosphere. However, this makes you think that it is all so big that nothing could barge through and hurt you .

10: Heaven His life was down in the valley, Mentally, physically, both . He needed to climb that mountain, That rose through the smog, wild and free. He imagined it bursting through blanket Of sorrow, bad luck and despair, Its jagged peak bathing in sunlight, That couldn't pierce the low ceiling, In a dazzling shaft sending smiles, While carting off tension and tears, He imagined it often as naught , Heaven . | The first time he told to his mother, She smiled a weak toothy smile, She told him to finish his homework, And unknowingly dashed down his hopes . They remained smoldering in him, In the place where heart, soul and mind, Met ‘til he turned twenty one, And grasped problems with his own hands, Though unhealthy as plants with no sunlight . His spirit stood higher than all, Yet he did not look down on them .

11: He achieved by small step after step, As he struggled upriver facing common, Each step dug sharp rocks in his feet, The stones of the problem and pinnacle, He walked on without any back-look, No doubts and no breaks and no tears, Though many a time he near broke, He stumbled on through black and white, New faces, new places, new cultures, and knowledge, He gained as he grew, Until one day the sky (gray) turned blue . The rainbow touched down with a ripple, Formed stairs for his weary old feet, It brought color to all the others . Then carried old one to The place no live man knows, Heaven .

12: The simile in this poem means that someone is taking charge of his or her problems themselves. The mood it creates is one of pity because this person is malnourished, and his or her hands are white and spindly, just like plants with no sunlight. This possibly suggests that the person is ill, which usually creates also an inner effect of thinking that you are glad you're not them.. .

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14: No Justice, Just This Children in the street with nothing to eat, living like animals, no shoes on their feet How can you live one more single day without looking the other way The truth is too terrible, nevertheless It’s a beautiful world out there, I guess Marc Hurkmans

15: Dreams Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes

16: "Hope" is the Thing with Feathers "Hope" is the thing with feathers— That perches in the soul— And sings the tune without the words— And never stops—at all— And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard— And sore must be the storm— That could abash the little Bird That kept so many warm— I've heard it in the chillest land— And on the strangest Sea— Yet, never, in Extremity, It asked a crumb—of Me. Emily Dickinson

17: Hiding I am broken, Shattered, And I am trying to pick up The pieces . iI want to be whole again Because of you. . Meanwhile let me hide All these ugly Pieces Let me go, and mourn Alone Jerlyn Eguia

18: May The wind is tossing the lilacs, The new leaves laugh in the sun, And the petals fall on the orchard wall, But for me the spring is done. Beneath the apple blossoms I go a wintry way, For love that smiled in April Is false to me in May . Sara Teasdale

19: Somebody I used to change my mind all the time Trying to find out what you meant The reason you sent me away No matter what i do no matter what i say I am wrong in every way that is what you say to me meaning nothing at all It makes you feel tall Trying to hurt me I want to flee I cant figure out what you are all about It makes me want to shout I want to get out right now I just want you proud of me Its like you want me to be somebody else I wish you could see The person i want to be You hate who i am or was and just because I was different Crystal Amber Mellor

20: The River Spurting up from the earth's crust, a small spring trickles forward. As it travels it becomes a creek, growing larger, as it surges onward. From here it forges into a stream, water racing faster, widening its trail as it moves along. Over time and space, the stream turns into a mighty river. Twisting and turning, the water washes over rocks, stone and trees, forcing them to yield to its fury. Over time the river craves out a trail, for future water to follow. Sometimes raging, other times serene it moves along its journey. Maybe merging with another or traveling alone to find it's end, at the ocean. Lynne P. Hawkins

21: The Grim Reaper Knocking on My Door Did my lease expire so soon?! This is an early eviction he implores! No,No Mr Reaper I replied. I plan to live up to my full complied. I beg of you for another chance. I will make changes to amend. I stop abusing my home and cherish it ever so. I will pay my dues and my rent too. Please Mr. Reaper trouble me no more, send away your harking crows from my door. Why don't you go and storm my neighbor's door?! Totun Siu

22: Kayenta Schmidt is the author of the first 6 poems, and she is from Calgary, Canada. She enjoys writing poetry because of the way you express stuff. She lives in Gerrards Cross with her sister, mom and dad.

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