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poetry peace

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S: Poetry Peace By Kendall Stewart

BC: Kendall Stewart was born in Bolder Colorado, 1998, April 3. Kendall horse back rides. she also wants to become a marine biolagist, that inspired the poem unsunken ships. | This book contains a collection of poems made by Kendall Stewart, from her English class 6.1

FC: Poetry Peace By Kendall Stewart

1: Magical garden Fun Fun Fun Unsunken ships Red Peace and freind ship, war in hatred Lion Chase sourses | 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-15 16-17

2: Magical Garden My garden has pumpkins and gourds Not fairies that dance in a circle like a merry-go-round Or lions with golden manes gardening castles in a secrete world No tree house to climb up there in the clouds No race with a tortoise against a hare

3: The poetic device for this poem is a simile. The example for this simile is, “not fairies that dance in a circle like a merry-go-round”. A simile is a comparison of one thing with another using the words “as” or “like”. The effect that it has on the reader is to make you feel that the fairies are spinning faster and faster, stopping and suddenly disappearing because they were not really there. It makes you imagine lots of fairies like horses on a merry-go-round, all colors blurring as they move faster. This makes my poem more exiting for the reader.

4: Let’s not just stand here Common, go out have some fun Run, climb, reach the sun It’s your time in the spotlight Common, have some fun, fun, fun

5: The poetic device for this poem is mood. A mood is a feeling set by the words of a poem. The reason why the device is mood is that the poem is all about having fun. It makes you feel upbeat and happy. You know that it is going to be a sunny day with your friends and family. The image is of a bright place with everybody playing games.

6: Unsunken Ships No splash No air No being cold as a penguin is No unsunken ships that do not sink No colourful fish not to swim No garden eels to shadow No green turtles with fishy stink Nor shark to hide away from No splash No air No unsunken ships that do not sink

7: The poetic device for this poem is alliteration. Alliteration means you use words that start with the same sound or letter, one after another. In my poem the alliteration is “unsunken ships that do not sink”. The use of the “S” makes you feel drifting and questioning whether the ships are sunken or not. The “S” sound helps with the beat of the poem and the “ssssss” makes you think of waves being created by boats.

8: Red Red is a planet in the sky Red is a star miles away Red is a hat in a crowd Red is flamingo singing aloud Red is a flower in morning dew Red is a heart just for you Red is a little fish out at sea Red is a strawberry to pick for you and me Red is flame burning bright Lighting up a starry night

9: The poetic device in the poem Red is rhyme. Rhyme is words that sound the same or end in the same sound as another word that is used in the poem, often at the end of a line. In the poem Red, there are rhymes at the end of many of the sentences. The rhyme gives it a rhythm, which is another poetic device of this poem. This gives the poem a certain beat, which makes it sound smooth. The effect it has on the reader is that when you are reading it, it does not feel long or hard to read. You look forward to the next line to hear the rhyme. Hey, that rhymed!

10: Peace and Friendship, War in Hatred Peace and friendship is being happy together not sad alone It’s knowing your safe Feeling not alone In the sense of belonging Peace and friendship is being yourself without judgement War in hatred is hurting someone because they said something offensive It is laughing at someone behind their back and to their face War in hatred is fighting for something or against someone for no reason at all

11: The poetic device for this poem is repetition. Repetition is when you repeat a word or phrase to help draw your attention to the idea of the words. In my poem the repetition is found in the words “peace and friendship” and “war in hatred”. By using the words “peace and friendship” two times, it draws your mind back to the idea of the subject instead of side tracking. The same effect of repeating the phrase, “war in hatred” is in the second part of the poem except the phrase implies a negative response.

12: Lion Chase The antelope leapt through the plains of golden grass like kids on Christmas morning As fast as they could in to the trees as if it were a topiary of tranquillity Behind them came a roar like a thousand claps of lightning The birds stopped flying, The zebras and the buffalo stopped moving And even the baboons stopped their wailing and chattering to listen It stopped so fast it was like a fly being swatted BZZZZZZZZZZZ swap! . . . . A long silence came Almost so quiet not to be true Every body calmed down And went back to grazing, Flying, And their chattering fights But just as it all started He got away alive but hurt,

13: again A lion A golden lion with a mane going down its back Jumped out of his ambush spot like a jack in the box Surprising all the animals The antelope were as fast as racehorses but the lion was faster The lion found an antelope to chase He ran like a mad man but the antelopes agility was upraisedFinally the lion got his pray in his grip But the antelope was not going to give up He fought and kicked till the lion gave up He got away alive but hurt, The lion had lost, The antelope won And every thing back to normal As the lion slinked away Planning a hunt for the another day

14: The poetic device for the poem Lion Chase is personification. Personification is when you use the traits of a person to describe what an animal, living thing or inanimate object is doing. In this poem, the personification is shown in the line, “The antelope leapt through the plains of golden grass like kids on Christmas morning”. The image it gives the reader is that the antelope are jumping high and running at top speed to get somewhere just like kids running to presents. It makes you feel that they are excited and racing to something. Just like children, they are happy and nave and they are not aware of what is happening in the world.

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