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Prince Jones and the Lazy Snow-White

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Prince Jones and the Lazy Snow-White - Page Text Content

S: Prince Jones and the Lazy Snow-White

1: Dedicated to: Mrs.Tillman & everyone who likes to be treated fairly

3: Once upon a time, deep in the heart of fairy tale land lived Snow White in her messy, dirty, cluttered, grungy castle. Her step-mother told her she had three days to clean her room. If she couldn't accomplish this task, she would be sent away to fend for herself in a faraway land. Three days went by, and Snow White hadn't cleaned her room. In fact, her step-mother thought that Snow White had made it even messier.

5: The step-mother walked in the room that now looked more like a pig sty and shouted at Snow White,"Snow White! You messy little creature. I told you that you had three days to get this filthy dump cleaned up. You have not fulfilled the task and now need to leave immediately! Pack your bags, little lady. I'm kicking you out!" Snow White packed her red polka dot suitcase and set off to the forest surrounding the castle. She walked and walked and walked... Until she spotted

7: a little house in the forest. She walked up to the quaint little cottage and shouted, "Hello! I am here! Can someone make me some food? I'm starving and my feet hurt, and I really need a back rub." She burst into the spotless, well kept, gleeming clean house. No one was home. There were seven little beds lined up all neat and tidy with the sheets tucked in so tightly you could bounce a nickel off of them. Snow White repeated "Hello, hellllooooo, is anyone...anyone home?" No one answered, so she made herself comfortable.

9: Later, Snow White spotted seven dwarves hiking up the hill singing, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go." They hiked all the way up the hill to their little clean house. When they came inside and spotted Snow White, they were very confused and angry because she made a huge mess! "Excuse me," said the little dwarf, "but who are you?" Snow White said very loudly and impolitely, "Oh! Me? I'm Snow White!" "Yes, okay, but why are you here in our little clean house? Well, what used to be a clean house!" said another dwarf.

11: Before Snow White could say anything, the smallest dwarf of them all said in a very firm voice, "Could you please clean up your mess?" "Oh that's not my mess!" Snow-White said. The dwarf repeated, "Could you pleaseeeee clean up your mess? Snow White raised her voice," I already said that's not my mess!" "Okay, we'll make you a deal. You can stay in our clean home...if you can clean this mess up in three days. If you can't do that, you will have to leave this home."

13: Three days went by, and Snow White still hadn't clean up her mess! The seven dwarves were so furious, they screamed and yelled and threatened her that she would have to leave! Snow White started crying when she heard the news. The dwarves felt really bad for making Snow White upset. They regretfully whimpered, "Snow-White, we are very sorry for making you upset. We are just angry. How about we make another deal?" Snow White sniffled, "What kind of deal?" The oldest dwarf thought...

15: "I got it!" he shouted, "How about we hire a cleaning man?" Another little dwarf interrupted and said "I hear Cleaning Supplies Jones has the best cleaning business in town! I'll give him a call." The dwarf called Cleaning Supplies Jones, and Jones was over at their house zippity quick! There was a knock at the door, and Jones, the cleaning man, stood there with a smile on his face and cleaning supplies in his hands. "I'm here for the job!" Jones boomed with great enthusiasm. Cleaning Supplies Jones walked into the little house and was shocked at at the horrendous site. He saw a filthy, dirty mess everywhere.

17: "Wow! You guys really know how to make a mess!" Jones said. "Oh no, this was hers!" The dwarves pointed to Snow White "Wowzers!" Jones exclaimed. Snow White blushed. "Snow White, that wasn't very thoughtful of you to walk into someone's house and make a mess! You wouldn't want someone to do that to you. Treat people like you want to be treated." said Jones. Snow White said, "I guess so. Dwarves, I'm so sorry for coming into your home and creating this whole fiasco."

19: The dwarves forgave Snow White. "Now," said Jones, "Let's get to cleaning!" Jones was sort of a neat freak you could almost say. One hour later Jones had the floor squeaky clean, maybe a little too clean! "Jones, Snow White called, as she walked into the room where Jones had made the floors sparkle. With one step on the glossy floor, Snow White slipped and fell into Jones' arms. They gazed into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Snow White looking into Jones' hazel eyes made her heart melt. It had to be true love. It only took two months before they were walking down the aisle hand in hand.

21: After they were pronounced husband and wife they skipped off to live in Snow White's clean, glittery, gleaming , castle, with the dwarves following behind them. They lived happily ever after, and clean.

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