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priscilla thorn - 5th

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1: I live in the most advanced part of Europe, France. My parents are merchants which they earn a good living. But now they have hardly any money left | I know my family aren't the only ones with hardly any money. My mom and dad told me that it was probably even worse for the peasants in the countryside. And to hear about the nobility they all live in luxury with all the money the don't deserve and they pay practically no taxes. It makes me so sick.

2: It is 1770's the old regime the social and political system of France remained in place.all the people in France were divided into 3 different estates.They first had the privileged estates who pretty much didn't have to do anything!! There was the clergy the owned 10 percent of the land in France. The second estate was pretty much made up of the rich nobles. The had owned 20 percent of the France land.

3: And there was the third estate they made up mostly of the population.the peasants had to pay taxes even thought most of them could afford it. They also couldn't hunt or fish on the nobles estate.they lacked privileges. The workers of France cities formed the second poorest within the third estate. these people often went hungry they paid low wages and frequently out of work

4: France was really starting to have economic trouble. This really started to worry my family. Its the year of 1780's. the economic stated to decline. This mostly effected the merchants. the heavy taxes is really putting a big downfall on France because it is nearly impossible to conduct business. So this mean the cost of even living was rising sharply. The weather is getting worse and this is causing a shortage of grain so bread is doubled and this is causing a lot of family to starve | The French Revolution. N.p., n.d. Web

5: The France government sank deeply in dept the past years. My dad told me part of the problem was caused by our weak leaders Louis xvi and his queen Marie Antoinette. If we had strong leaders we wouldn't be in this mess and no one would be starving. But our leader just was so indecisive and he just allowed these matters to drift. Louis xiv would put off dealing with the emergency until he didn't have any money left. Louis solution was to impose taxes on the nobility. But the second estate forced him to call a meeting with the estates-general with all three estates.

6: The clergy and the nobles had dominated the estates-general throughout the middle ages and expected to do so in the 1789. The two privileged estates could always outvote the third estate.everyone was so ready to make a difference in the government. The said all the estates need to meet together and each delegate have a vote. So as you would think it would give the third estate a better chance cause they had more delegates. The third estate named themselves the National Assembly would pass law and reform in the name of the people

7: The third estate found themselves locked out of their meeting room. So the decided to break down a door to a tennis court and all pledging to stay until they had drawn up a new constitution. This became the tennis court oath. soon after all of that nobles and members of the clergy favored reform and joined in with the third estate. | Junior Cert History Blog. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 May 2010.

8: I remember looking out my window at a big mob of people. My dad told me it was because they are all searching for gunpowder and soon after that a arms stormer the Bastille. This was the pairs prison. The mob was out of control they are killing guards and then putting dead mens heads on a pike | Storming of the Bastille. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2012

9: Everything was just going crazy rebellion spread from pairs into the countrysides. From one village to another wild rumors going around that the nobles were hiring outlaws to terrorize the peasants. This was known as the great fear all rolled through France. the peasants soon became outlaws themselves. They started destroying nobles manor house and destroyed the legal papers that bound them to pay federal dues

10: In 1789 the national assembly adopted the declaration of right of men and citizens. This stated that all men are free and equal. All of these right included liberty, property, security and resistance it also says citizens have equal rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. This right didn't include everyone when Olympe de Gouges tried to publish a declaration of the right or women the had rejected it.

11: In 1791 the national assembly had restructured the relationship between church and state Louis xiv pondered his fate as a monarch. People had started to warn him that his family is in danger. in June his family tried to escape from France to the Austria Netherlands

12: friction started splitting France besides the new government, old problem, such as food shortage and government. All of this cause the legislative assembly to split into thee general groups. there was the radicals,moderates and the conservatives. they all want different things and never agreed in anything

13: Addition to the legislative assembly they wanted to influence the government. The emigres hoped to undo the revolution and restore the old regime. The sans-culottes they wore fancy fancy knee pants. they soon discovered ways to exert their power on the street of pairs | Howstuffworks. N.p., n.d. Web

14: in 1792 most of the people where involved with governmental changes they were people from the radical political organization they were the Jacobins | Facts about All. N.p., n.d. Web

15: the national convention had found Louis xiv guilty. And by a very close vote they sentenced him to death . January 21 the former king walked up the steps of the scaffold to be beheaded by the guillotine | 1793 jocobins leader Maximilien Robespierre had slowly gained power. Robespierre became leader of the committee of public safety. he governed France virtually as a dictator and this had came known as reign of terror

16: Napoleon seized power in 1795 fate handed gum a chance of glory. Napoleon became a hero as a savior of French republic. In 1796 the directory appointed him to lead a French army against the forces of Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia | Nndb. N.p., n.d. Web.

17: By 1799 the directory had lost control of the political situation and the confidence of the French people. Troops had surrounded the national legislature and drove out most of it members. A sudden seizure of power like napoleon is known as a coup from the phrase coup d'etat.

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