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Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth - Page Text Content

S: England at the time of Queen Elizabeth

FC: England at the time of Queen Elizabeth

1: Shakespeare's Early Years | -Shakespeare grew up in Startford,England -William's parents were named Marry and John -Shakespeare had 8 sibilings -Shakespeare went on to marry Anne Hathaway when he was 18

2: Shakespeare's Career | Shakespeare's career was very important to him.He left his family to tour with an acting group to pursue his dreams of acting and play writing.William decided to go to London because he thought he would have a better oppurtunity to achieve his goals.

3: Shakespeare's Achievement's | -Since the 19th century, Shakespeare's achievements have been more recognized | -Shakespeare's most famous play was Romeo and Juliet | -His works including Tragedy, comedy, historical subject, and romance. | - He wrote more than forty plays.

4: Shakespeare's Talents | William wrote sonnets,plays and poems.He took inspiration from other works of literature around him.He wrote comedy's,histories and tragedys.

5: Religion | Religion became a huge issue during the Elizabethan period. Queen Elizabeth entered conflict with Spain during this time. England was helping people in Spain's territory become protestant. The king of Spain became very angry and that brought a big war between the countries. Most of England was Roman Catholic before Queen Elizabeth's rule. When she came into power, she wanted people to be Protestant.

6: Geography | Bodies of Water | England is boarderd by four seas.To the south by the English Channel.The North sea is in the east.The Irish sea and the Atlantic ocean is to the west. | Landforms and Climate | The temperature is mild and rainy.The highest points are in Cumbria and the Lake District in the west. The highest point in England is Scafell Pike, 978m, Mountains in North West England.

7: Religion | During the Elizabethan period many people believed in witches and witchcraft. People were very superstitious and blamed many events on witches. Many innocent people were accused of doing things they never did, because people thought they were a witch. Witches were to blame when something terrible happened such as a plague. There were many harsh witch laws that Queen Elizabeth passed and there were terrible punishments for witches. Witches were put on trial, and most of the outcome came out guilty.

8: Geography | Location | England is located east of Ireland,south of Scottland and west of France and Beligum. | Regions | England is divided into nine governmental regions. The regions are South West,South East, London,East of England,North East,North west, East midlands,West midlands and Yorshire and the Humber.

9: Achievements | -Printing Press -Water Wheel -Pocket Wheel -Etching -Aiming Cannon -Bottled Beer -Pencils -Knitting Machine -Micerscope -The parachute -Water thermometer -Frozen chicken -Flush tiolet -Ball bearings

10: Achievements | The Copernican Theory:This theory showed that earth instead of being the center of the universe,is only one member of the solar system. Galileo:He invented the microscope and that the sun moves unmistakably on its axis. The Scientific Method was also invited during this time. Sports: archery, bowling, dice, hammer-throwing, quarter-staff contests, quoits, skittles,wrestling, Bear Raiding and dog fighting

11: Politics | The Queen had most power in society. Government was viewed as the monarchs private business and did not share to the public. The Queen was very likable and successful because she valued the good will of her subjects. There was two house of government, the Peerage and the Gentry. There were many bills passed and fair laws. There was also a lot of freedom of speech.

12: Politics | There were many laws passed that were helpful to keep a highly centrilized society.There were laws for everybody no matter your social class. | WIlliam Shakespeare was aware to not get involved with politics because the Queen did not want it to be talked about. | Bills were shown three times for debate for each House, both houses had to agree with the bill before it is passed.Today we use a similar system. | The most important members of the Council were the Lord Treasurer, Lord Chancellor, Lord Privy Seal and, secretary.

13: Economy | During this time,money was maid out of gold or silver coins. | Imports:During this time people used spices from the New World in there cooking | Exports:England exported a lot of salt.

14: Economy | The Elizabethan period was a very wealthy period | England's relationship with Spain had gone bad,England then lost pruducts that they traded with Spain. | Before Queen Elizabeth came into rule,the treasury had no money.Queen Elizabeth changed that by widening there trade routes. | Walter Raleigh and Sir Frances Drake were both famous explorers that brought back many merchendice to England | Three large industries were there iron,copper and mining industry. | Trading was very resourceful to the economy.

15: Society | Woman depended on men to support them. | There were arranged marriges. | Different music and sports entertained most people. | Most parties revolved around the church. | Grammar schools were available to people in the middle class.During this time the first collages were developed. | There were many merchants,farmers,apprentences and entertainers. | An average life expectances is 42 years old.Royalty typically lives longer. | Being born into the nobility brought debt not profit.

16: Society | Nobility:Nobility and knights were at the top of the social ladder. These men were rich and powerful, and they have large houses. Gentry: The Gentry class included knights, squires, gentlemen, and gentlewomen. Their numbers got greater during Queen Elizabeth’s reign and became the most important social class in England. Wealth was important into becoming a part of the gentry class. This class was made of people not born of noble birth who by acquiring large amounts of property became wealthy. Merchant:The merchants were important towards trade. Yeomanry: This class included the farmers, tradesmen and craft workers. Laborers: The poorest were the laborers, poor husbandmen, and retailers.Artisans, shoemakers, carpenters, brick masons and all those who worked with their hands belonged to this class of society.

17: Bibliograpghy | www.google.com/images | http://thelostcolony.org | http://www.elizabethan-era.org. | http://historymedren.about.com

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