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Question 1 Cleo LEWIS

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BC: Thank You Cléo Lewis

FC: Question 1 | In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

1: Music Videos | A music video is a short film that is accompanied by a piece of music. They are used for marketing purposes and for promoting the artist. Music videos have a range of styles such as animation, fantasy and real life. These will either be a narrative, performance or even both. Codes and conventions of music videos depends on the genre of the song. For example in rock music video the colour black is a feature. Other conventions such as showing the artist, lyrics and the link to the video, pace of editing and the dress code all help identify types of genres that are being represented in the music video. Conventions of editing and sound are Jump cutting, Scenes edited to match music, Split screens, Diegetic sound and Changes in sound level. Conventions of camera are a variety of shots depending on style, Crane shots, Low angles, Pans and Tilting. Finally conventions of mise-en-scene are Props, Costume, Location and Character if the style is narrative.

3: STYLE | The style that I used for my music video was a mixture with narrative and performance and the other style is image. This is because we had 3 separate things going on simultaneously. For example there is a narrative of my artist doing day to day activities, the performance is shown where the artist is performing a dance routine with back up dancers and finally for the image was for the separate cut-to’s of the artist singing on their own. I developed the convention of a music video by incorporating more than one video style which is mixture and image. I challenged the narrative style by not having it complete. This is because the narrative was not complete and therefore does not fulfill the whole style convention. To conclude overall the style of my music video enabled variety and entertainment for the audiences.


5: The editing that I used were split screens, transitions, jump cutting and cross cutting. The split screen effect enabled me to have two visual clips run at the same time. Transitions help the flow of the footage. The jump cutting effect allowed me to transfer from one clip to another of the same scene. The sound that I used was diegetic as the backing track was not from the original clip but it is an added extra. Editing was developed because it did not stay cutting for the same scene the cross cut was used to different scene but in my case it needed to be used to create a linear narrative. However editing was challenged with the usage of shape transitions which added excitement to the audience. To conclude the editing and sound in my media product had the majority of conventions added to my music video however had some elements if development to challenged original conventions.

7: CINEMATOGRAPHY | The camera movement and angles that I used we to create different emphasis on the audience for example with the use of close and extreme close up this create a clear visual effect on who the artist was. The low angles in the product emphases that she has power and that the audience is a minority to her hence the lyrics of “she is a grown woman and she can do what ever she wants”. The mid shots that were used where to help create the narrative by limiting some of the location but still focusing on what the artist is doing where as the long shot identifies clear location setting and allows whole body views of the artist which was key during the performance aspect. The use of pan and tracking in my product was used in the narrative storyline which followed the artist of her day to day life as a grown woman. The tilt and zoom movement was used to follow the artist dance moves within the performance aspect so it either zoom out when she was close to the camera or zoomed in when she was far, it then also tilted lower when she was low and high when she became close to the camera which also gave her power and the audience would be looking below her. I developed these camera angles and movements by having multiple carried out at the same time. when tilting down I have already zoomed in to the artist so when she rises I am simultaneously zooming out and tilting upwards. I did not challenge the codes and conventions of camera. This is because I did not feel the need to. To conclude, all the camera movements and angles helped me to follow certain conventions without changing them. This then meant that the camera meaning could be identified.

8: This is an example of who my video of Grown woman and Beyonce's video Get me bodied

9: This is an example of beyonce video having more than one narrative which mine also does.

10: The mise-en-scene characteristics that I used where costumes, props, locations, positioning and make up.

11: Costumes | The costumes that were used in the music video where all linked. The first person we see in the music is Nadia’s younger self so the outfit is very childlike and bright. Then we see the older Nadia who is wearing a black dress. The colour black often is associated with darkness as a contrast of light. However in this video ‘grown woman’ the meaning is challenged by using it in a modern way to represent elegance. This outfit is a consistently used throughout the narrative and the artist singing. Another costume that is seen is during the first half of the performance which Nadia and her backing dancers use black as their main colour and Nadia wore a different colour t-shirt to stand out. They are all also wearing heal which is what Beyoncé does in her music videos. The last costume that is seen is during the second half of the performance. These costumes are more retro like as the second half is very instrumental and the dancing is really good.

14: PROPS | The props in the music video were to go with the everyday to day activities of the narrative story. For example the hairbrush, lipstick, watch, ring, phone, car, keys, magazine, TV and coat and handbag all we used in the narrative sequence. However cameras were used to take pictures of Nadia in the performance sequence used by the backing dancers.

15: LOCATIONS | There were 3 locations in the music video which helped the diversity in the video. The first location was in Nadia’s house where there is the little girl scene and where Nadia’s narrative and Nadia singing takes place. The second location was in Hoxton hall where the performance was taken place. And finally the third location is track through Nadia leaving her home and traveling out showing that she has a life.

16: POSITIONING | The positioning that was in the music video applies to the performance scene. This is because in the other two sequences Nadia is on her own. The reason it only applies to the performance sequence is because there are other people involved and it was to make sure that Nadia would still be clearly identified. In the performance sequence of the first half, Nadia is standing at the front with the other three back up dancers positioned behind her. In the second half of the performance sequence Nadia is on the far left (audiences left) of the line as they are standing in a horizontal line. The reason for why they are all levelled out is because it is an instrumental piece with minimal singing however when there was singing it would cut not Nadia singing it which kept the continuity of who the artist was.

17: MAKE-UP | The make up that was used in the music video only changed twice. In the first two sequences (the narrative and Nadia on her own) she is wearing the same make up throughout. And in the first half of the performance sequence all the girls wore a red lipstick and a dark eye shadow which is what a typical grown woman combination would be. In the second half of the performance sequence all the girls wore different colour make ups to create the retro type look hence the camera quality as well.

20: HOW M-E-S WAS DEVELOPED AND CHALLENGED PLUS CONCLUSION | One M-E-S element that was developed was Locations. This is because the same location was used through two of the three sequences which is a cross over. Another M-E-S element that was challenged was the costumes. This is because there was consistency however the backing dancer were not all wearing the same outfit, however maintain the colour scheme. | To conclude, the M-E-S element was not greatly challenged but was developed to create the music video. This meant that we was able to tailor the music video to how it I wanted it. | M-E-S was not hugely challenged as the combination of styles is clear but knowledge and in-depth thinking about the style from the audience would not be very appealed to.

22: This is my first ancillary product which is a magazine advert. This is my first draft as you can see it its very congested and there is no consistency with fonts. I have however used artistic effects which is over done and therefor does not make the advert appealing. Even though it was my first draft some elements did conform to some of the real media products. For example the release date, company logo, artist name and single title are included.

23: This is my final draft of my magazine advert. This one is less congested and more pleasing to the eye. i felt that using minimal colour has a greater effect of the image. This conforms to real media products because it clearly shows who the artist in and the name of the single. As with the Beyoncé image below it is a mid show with clear explanation of herself as the artist on who she is and th album name. I developed the real media products by not just having black and white but using gradients and colour to produce my magazine advert.

24: This is my second ancillary product which is a website. I conformed to real media texts because the website was being used to promote the album. Therefore I included areas such as About Me, Gallery, Merchandise and behind the scene so it was legit.

25: This is Beyoncés site where she has loads of image. This is constantly updated so her fans can make an overall perception of the artist lifestyle. I however have not done this but I added the video to the first page this is because i was promoting a new artist and the audience would need to recognise her from the video and then finding about about her.

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