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Rachel's Book !:D

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Rachel's Book !:D - Page Text Content

BC: FINISHED!:D | Pictures- Google.com

FC: My Reading Assessment Study Guide! | Reading Assessment Study Guide! :)

1: Context Clues- Other words or phrases to help people know what that word means. Ex- That scraggly(furry)dog! | Summary- A shorter version of the passage. Easy words you can understand. .

2: Simile- A sentence with words either using "like" or "as. | The ocean was as blue as the sky... | FUGITIVE LANGAGE- | "I'm on fire. I'm smoking. | Sentences that go beyond meaning.

3: Metaphor- A phrase connecting that word or sentence to another meaning. | Analogy- Comparing one object or thing to another. | My dog is like an alarm in the mornings. | google.com | google.com

4: Imagery- The picture or senses you get while reading a book. | Ex- It had an odor as if it was rotten for a century.. | Onomatopoeia- Sound words. | Ex- BAM, CRASH, CRACKLE | Personification- Adding human characteristics to objects. | Ex- The car growled. | google.com | google.com | google.com

5: Hyperbole- EXTREME exaggeration | Ex- Her hair was taller than a skyscraper. | Idioms- Words or phrases that can not be takes seriously. | Ex- He was as dead as a door nail. | google.com | google.com | Symbolism- Is when the author uses symbols to represent the theme. | Ex- Bible- Christian Teddybear- Kid Book-School

6: Text Structures! | Sequence- Lists events in chronological order or numerical order. | google.com | Problem/Solution- Is when the writer writes a problem, then lists many solutions to fix it. | Ex- I tripped and skinned my knee.. I will just put a band aid on it and ice. | Ex- 1st... 2nd... 3rd...

7: ( Journal Here ) | Comparison/Contrast- When the author compares two things with their similarities and differences. | Description- When the author uses information or facts to describe a topic. | Cause/Effect- Is when the writer has a cause.. Then has many effects that follow it. | Cause- Running Effect- Sore foot

8: Topic/ Main Idea- Is what the whole paragraph is about or doing... | Supporting Details- Are statements that support the theme | Theme- What the whole story is about. or the lesson that the character learns.

9: Authors Purpose- Can be to either entertain, persuade, or inform you in her/his writing. | Setting- Is the environment where the novel is played in.

10: Literary Devices- Gives depth into the story. Goes deeper into the novel. | Foreshadowing- Looking forward into the future and predicting. | Flashback- Thinking back into your past. | Irony-Practically sarcasm. Opposite of what is literally said.

11: -I wonder what my life would be like if i stayed married to her... | -I wonder what my life would be like if i didn't marry her... | -A divorce when you have already been fighting with her for a year... | EXAMPLES:

12: Persuasive techniques:- | Bandwagon- Makes you want to do or believe what the others are doing. | Ex- "CocaCola is the best! We're having a party with it!" | -------------------------------------- | Testimonials- Is using words or a famous person to persuade. | Ex- The milk commercials, when they have the people with the milk mustaches.

13: (Text Here) | Emotional Appeal- Words that are used to make you think or feel a certain way. | Ex- These kids need your help... Will you help? | --------------------------------------------------- | Glittering Generalities- Positive words to have a nice impression of the object their selling. | Ex- "It will leave you with a fresh and feeling that will make you go "ahhhh!"" | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Statistics- Numerical Data. | Ex- 80% of the models use this product!

14: -Characters- The main people in the novel. | Protagonist- The good guy! | Antagonist- The bad guy! | Ex- Spongebob who is always sunny side up! | Ex- Squidward who is always the grump!

15: -Plot- The stories general these such as characters, mood and settings. | Problem/Conflict- Where the novel writes many problems, then is solved at the end. | Rising action- A series of events that lead to the climax. | -------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------- | Subplots- May connect to main plots. Usually known as "b" or "c" stories. | Resolution- The ending of a story where all the problems are solved. | --------------------------------------------

16: Climax- When the conflict of the plot is solved. The turning point in the story. | ---------------------------------------- | Falling Action- Brings the story to the resolution. Helps finish off the story. | --------------------------------------- | Parallel Episodes- Repeated actions in the story. When the writer goes back-and-forth between two or more events.

17: Fact vs. Opinion- | Fact- Where the article has proof that it is TRUE. | Opinion- Just your view on the article. | ---------------------------------------- | Bias- Practically the same thing as an opinion. It's your view on the subject.

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