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S: Rameses

FC: Rameses by Ayden Garlinski-Gonsky

1: Rameses by Ayden Garlinski-Gonsky All rights Reserved 2010

2: Rameses lived in his fathers palace. His father was the Pharoh, ruler of all Egypt, but tomorow is the day that Rameses will take his place.

3: "Father" Rameses began, "What if the people of Egypt do not respect me as they did you?" | "Do'nt talk like that!" Snapped Thoth, Rameses dad. "You are my son you do not need to worry you will be feared." Rameses nodded and went to bed.

4: Rameses though t before he went to bed He thought about how he was going to have to stand in front of all of Egypt and explain why he would be a good pharaoh

5: Most other Pharaohs did'nt have to do this deed, but Rameses dad was making him. I wish I had the courage to stand up to him, thought Rameses to himself. I dont even want to become a Pharaoh. "Greetings my fellow Egyptia- ns" called Thoth in a powerful voice. " I have come in front of you today to celebrate the

6: coming of a new Pharaoh!" The crowd roared at his words. "I bring to you, my son, Rameses!" the crowd laughed "You fool" yelled a single man from the croud. " Your son could never be a good Pharaoh!" Rameses woke with a start. Oh I must have been dreaming he thought to himself. How will i be able to do this I DONT WANT TO BE A PHARAOAH

7: "Rameses?" Thoth yelled. "are you up yet? your ceromony is today!" "coming" Rameses called back. all through his breakfast he thought about how he could skip the ceremony. I could tell my dad I have to go to the store then escape in the family boat. That would work quite well. "Father?" questioned Rameses " Yes" Thoth replied I need to go to the store to

8: buy some things for the party tonight" "Why don't you get one of our slaves to do that for you?" answered Thoth " I would like to go for a walk to relax before the ceromony" speaked Rameses "Very well then" replied Thoth * * * Once Rameses was out side he cut through ally ways and shortcuts to make it to the river. Where will I go once I am in the boat? he thought

9: I will just make my way to Giza he thought once the boat was readied he climbed in and took off Once I am in Giza i will find a placeto stay at for the time bieng. Rameses had sailed for many hours until he finally could see the outskirts of Giza. I cant wait until I- his sentance was cut off by a young man on a boat alongside his "Get out of my river" he

10: screamed, "this is my familys fishing spot!" "I am sorry if I worried you but I am just a travler looking for a place to stay. You would not happen to know where I could stay do you?" "No i do not. Now leave the river, your scaring the fish away" "Fine then" and with that Rameses had parked his boat and went into town Giza was alot different than Memphis, it was mostly

11: farm land. it took Rameses a long time to find a place to stay. He walked around the town, knocking on doors asking to stay. Finally someone opened the door and Rameses was amazed "Hello?" said the most beautiful voice Rameses had ever heard. "How could I help you?" "Do you live with your parents?" "Yes" "May I come inn?" "Yes but only for a while, my

12: parents are sleeping" "Okay" Rameses was suprised when he walked in. There house is so small. And where are thier amulets? "Now can I help you with something?" said the woman "Yes" replied "We have not properly meet. I am Rameses and you?" "Phoneix" "What a pretty name. But now I need to get to the point. You wouldn't happen

13: to have an extra room?" "Yes, but you will have to be very quiet, or my parents will find out." "Thank you verry much for your hospitality. I will go and set up my room. * * * "Where is he!" demanded Thoth "He should have been here before dusk!" "I am sorry sir but we can not-"

14: "You can not what? What is your excuse this time?" "Well we-" And with that Thoth grabbed a piece of shattered urn and plunged it through his heart. * * * Rameses woke the next morning feeling great. What generous people to let me stay with them. Rameses started to put his loin cloth when a a tall, Brod shoulder man walked in.

15: "What are you doing in my house?" "Well Phoenix said-" 'Phionex is a young girl and I have already chosen a man for her. Now GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" The streets of Giza were seemed as if they were abandoned, no one was there. Where could all of the people have gone. Do they not get up in the morning? he walked the streets until herd a voice he recognized.

16: The same man that he saw in the river yesterday was circled by 5 generals from his dads army. "The last time I saw him was in the river yesterday" "Well he could not have gone far-" I need to go some where they wont find me. My boat!" as soon as Rameses reached his boat, he fell to his knees in astonishment. his boat was engulfed in flames

17: What do I do now? he asked himself "there he is!" he herd a voice yell from behind him "Thoth will be so happy" Rameses walked up to the figures and let them take him away * * * Once back in Memphis Thoth was waiting for them "son, go up into your room. We will talk later but for now I am too ashamed to

18: talk" * * * One year had past since Rameses had ran away. He found out that his dad had a back up plan if Rameses did not want to become a Pharaoh. The only good thing that came out of his running away was that he was not afraid of his father and would now stand up for himself. Rameses lived in a palace .

19: with a wife an dseven kids. His life was just as he wanted it.

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