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random things

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FC: random things!

1: The hotel once in a cold night a hotel standing tall with another hotel one man went to it. when he went to it but everyone had not been their for a while. After he went to the roof and he heard something coming up the stairs it was mutants. he ran around the roof but then he tripped and fell off the roof and landed on a little plane and got in.The mutants started following him by flying he found a gun in the back and shot the mutants end...

2: Evil Clowns from planet mars! Once on earth 1 man will go to mars and his name was jimmy. He got in the space ship and was launched. 3 years later... He got to mars in search for life. He was looking everywhere. Until clowns came out of caves he started running and jumping to the spaceship. He flew off and never seen them again the end... or is it!

3: Evil clowns from planet mars 2! After the encounter on mars with the clowns. On earth the invasion just began the first clown from mars came up from the toilet and grabbed somebody's butt and pulled him down the toilet. Later a plumber in the sewage pipe found a body with a clown nose on his butt. So he ran for his life only to be surrounded by toilet clowns. Then he found a clown car with clowns in it throwing pies with bombs in them. And then the clowns got to the surface from the toilet only to be shot by midgets. Then the clowns started to fire butt bombs and world whackers at the midget and the army of midgets died from butt bombs and heart attacks

4: civilans ran for their lives but then fighter cats with jet packs killed all the Clowns the end... or is it!

6: apocalypse in the sky! One day such a good day turns into and graveyard. All birds made an assault on the humans they picked up anything that can explode. The first day everyone was walking across the street then all hell breaks loose birds were dropping bombs from the sky building were burning and tipping over. 2nd day humans went into mine shafts and anything that can shelter them. 3rd day later humans struck back with... GIANT CATS! then the birds were being defeated and killed the end... or is it!

7: Apocalypse in the sky 2! AFter the battle the birds bit people and turn them into bird people. they grabbed guns and fired randomly at the people they did not bite. 4th day the bird people killed the giant cats.5th day the human hide in a mineshaft. 6th day the humans make the ultimate bird killing machine. It was a machine that shot 1.000.000 bullets a it killed all birds and everyone was safe and not hungry End...

8: The man dogs After the Battle with The birds a new threat to human kind risen.The man dogs ran after the people and ate them. survivor's Grabbed guns and shot man dogs. One survivor threw a Frisbee. the survivors grabbed all Frisbees and stuck blades at the sides and thats the end...

9: The bathroom One day at one house the plumber said the shower wont work properly. But bob said its going to at night he tried to fix it himself. He thought it worked but he was wrong. The next morning he was taking a quick shower when! He accidentally connected the shower pipe with the sewage pipe and crap and pee went all over him he tried to get out but kept sleeping in crap. Then a Crocodile came out of the pipe and almost bit him. He jumped out finally and shut the glass door for the bath tub. He looked back and seen his whole bathtub filled with sewage and poo. The end...

10: The Bathroom 2. After his bathroom overflowed he seen on tv the bathroom crisis. It said that all bathrooms will be over flowed soon. he went to work but all the employees went to the bathroom because of burritos. He went in and watched as the whole stalls started to spew sewage from toilets now. There was sewage all over the floor. Then he ran outside and seen the whole building collapse it was a poop apocalypse people were running for their live everyone after 10 years built better bathrooms and 3.7 million people died from slipping,suffocation and drowning The end...

11: Night of the living pencils! one day at school the students were learning so much. Then one pencil came alive and started hitting the students with there eraser heads. Day 2 the pencils began to slave people. Day 3 humans fight back with chainsaws and cut the pencils. Then after all the pencils were cut we flushed them down the toilet the end...

12: The worms! One day one worm on a apple was hanging around. a kid ate the apple only to turn into a zombie. These worms turn humans into zombie yet all the worms took over the neighborhood. The people fought back with birds to eat the worms so this was all adding up to my apocalypse in the sky page. The end...

13: Toilet snakes! One day in a office all workers went to the bathroom. one worker noticed that something was coming up the toilet. so he backed up then he seen a toilet snake. he shot it with a magnum the snakes head exploded. Then on the news it said we will drop all poisonous things into the water killing the snakes the end...

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