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Randy and Kelsey 2012-2013 Album

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Randy and Kelsey 2012-2013 Album - Page Text Content

S: The Sorensons 2012-2013

BC: Kelsey Marie Sorenson

FC: 2012 & 2013 | Two Great Years | The Sorensons

1: Kelsey age 20 | Randy age 26

2: Valentine's Day On Valentine's Day, Randy was still working the swing shift at his job, and I also had classes all day and work. The only time we could find to spend together was during a lunch break. We met at the Red Robin near the University and had lunch together. Randy also got me a giant Valentine's cookie and I got him a gift card to Game Stop! | NewYears 2012 | We rang in the new year with Nik and Melissa and Devin and Lisa. Unfortunately, for some reason none of us felt good by the end of the night, so we called it a night shortly after midnight. It was a lot of fun before, however. We ate great food, played games, and jammed out to the Red Solo Cup song!

3: Superbowl Party We had the traditional superbowl party in the basement with lots of yummy food. I won us a Chik- Fil- A platter by posting our story from the superbowl last year on a Facebook post on their page. We also had nachos and I made a fondue dip. Lots of yummy food and good company! | In January, Sarah and Jack came to visit us all the way from Australia! It was so fun to meet both of them for the first time! Jack Jack was so fun to play with and absolutely adorable! One of the nights while they were here, a bunch of the family got together and visited the Living Planet Aquarium. It was so fun to see all the kids' reactions to all of the different fish and sea animals. We enjoyed it ourselves, too! | Sarah and Jack Jack Visit | Randy, Jack, Jessica, Paxton and Taylor | Sarah and Paxton | What cute little boys | Paxton checking out the aquarium

4: my talented hubby | Randy is a very talented carpenter and he LOVES woodworking. He always seems to have a project that he is working on. These are some of the projects that he worked on from January- April of 2012. These projects include fixing up a rocking chair we found at the D.I., an upright chess board that goes on the wall, a clothes hamper, a bathroom cupboard, and a porch swing. He comes up with the greatest ideas and implements them all by himself. They look great and I love seeing his creativity!

6: happenings | Our niece Keladry was born on March 28. We got to visit Liana and Russell and meet her in the hospital. She was the first one who was born since I joined the family so it was very exciting for me! Randy also got a new gun and we took it out shooting. Nik and Melissa came with us. It was a lot of fun! Randy built a stand that we used to set up "birdies" and water balloons. When we shot water balloons, I actually out shot Randy! I got ten water balloons in nine shots. | shooting

7: { | } | We went to the Taylorsville Park Frisbee Golf Course with Nik and Melissa and my sister Rachel who we were watching over the weekend. It was a lot of fun! Randy accidentally threw one of his frisbees into the Jordan River, so he actually got in the water to try to fish it out! The water was nasty! I couldn't believe he went in. But that's my hubby when it comes to his frisbee discs! ;) | frisbee golf

9: At the beginning of the year, we decided we wanted to start looking at houses a bit more seriously. We looked at a few with my mom before we got married, but we knew we wouldn't be able to buy one. At this point, we had been saving some money by living in Randy's parent's basement. It had been nice to live with them for a bit so we could save some money and it was so kind of them to let us stay there, but we were ready to have our own space. We started looking at houses with my mom and made several offers on houses we liked, but none of them went through. In April, we found our house in Taylorsville. It had just barely been put on the market and there were no pictures yet, so my mom said that it was a great opportunity to look at it before many people saw it. We looked at it and made an offer on it that night. They countered at just above what we offered, and we accepted! Less than a month (and loads of paperwork) later, the home was ours! We were so excited to find such a cute house and get a steal of a deal on it. | O | U | R | F | I | R | S | T | H | O | M | E | 5664 s 3525 w taylorsville, ut 84129 | finding our house | Closing on our house at the title company- May 17, 2012

10: we bought a PUPPY! | On May 8, 2012 Randy and I got a puppy! Her name is Koko. She is a "chizer" which means she is half miniature schnauzer and half chihuahua. She was so tiny! She loves her mommy and daddy. She also loves being outside and running around! She loves getting belly rubs and cuddling up with us! She is a total sweetheart! She likes to spend a lot of her time sleeping... but not as much as we wish she would at night ;) I love how when she sticks her tongue out a little sometimes when she has her mouth closed and when she sleeps. So dang cute! She has a spunky personality but also loves to cuddle! She has been so much fun and we love having her in our little family! | Born 3.7.2012 Joined the family 5.8.2012

11: Sleepy puppy! | Koko's first bath | She loves to play outside | Look at that cute face!

12: Silly girl!

13: Sprite and crackers to the house to make me feel better- I have such great friends!) After searching for about an hour, I was nervous that we wouldn't be able to find her. We hadn't gotten her a dog tag yet so even if someone did find her, they wouldn't know who she belonged to. So I made some fliers and we put them on all of the mailboxes in the in the entire neighborhood. After putting them around the neighborhood and searching | On the day we were moving into our new house, we thought we had lost Koko. Randy and his dad were moving some stuff out of his parent's basement onto the trailer. I couldn't help much at the moment because I was feeling awful. I had stomach flu on our moving day. Lovely timing, right? (That's sarcasm if you didn't catch it.) The whole time the door had been open. Then Randy asked me, "Where's Koko?" I realized that I had no idea where she was either. We searched the entire house several times and could not find her. After a half hour I started getting nervous. We began searching the neighborhood for Koko. I called my friend Mandy who lives in the same neighborhood to help us look for her. (Meanwhile my friend Melissa brought | are the mailboxes where a bunch of people go to the same mailbox). in the entire neighborhood (They are the mailboxes where a bunch of people go to the same mailbox). | a little more, we decided we needed to start moving again. We had so much to do. We just hoped someone would find her, see the flier, and call us. It had been a total of over two hours from our moving day that we spent looking for our little puppy. I went downstairs to grab something, and guess who came walking out of our bedroom (which we had BOTH checked multiple times)? That's right... Koko! She came out with a giant stretch and a big yawn. I was relieved that she was there but also a bit irked that we had spent hours looking for her when we should have been moving (not to mention that I was sick). I'm assuming she had been sleeping the whole time under our dresser because she loves going under there! I had checked under there but I couldn't reach all the way, so I easily could have missed her. Silly puppy! So the next day we made sure to buy her a dog tag with our contact info on the back in case she ever really does get lost. It's a girly dog tag with rhinestones which matches her collar perfectly!

14: When we moved in, we started making the home our own. We painted our bedroom from the bright blue to a tan with a forest green accent wall. We moved in all of our furniture and decorated our kitchen with a Hawaiian theme! We put up Randy's chess board in the kitchen and got a new dishwasher. Randy also built gates to keep Koko in the kitchen while we weren't home. Koko loved the new house as well! We started potty training her as soon as we could and she caught on very quickly.

15: One of our favorite things about our house was the large back yard with a porch swing and swing set and the huge garden area with lots of potential!

16: FAMILY | Jorgensen-Cox Park City Vacation 2012 On June 7-9, my mom's side of the family went on a little getaway to Park City. We did lots of fun activities such as the Alpline Slide and Alpine Coaster, Jet skis at Jordanelle, Bolwing, and pizza! | They made us all matching t-shirts!

18: we did lots of fun activities over the summer! june 1 was our first "engagement anniversary"- one year from when we got engaged. Randy bought me some beautiful roses and we went out for a date night. we also did fun activities such as seven peaks salt lake and boondocks! randy also got to play baseball with nik's baseball team for a game. it was fun to be his little cheerleader and watch him play! we also got to spend time playing with koko outside in our nice big backyard! | days

19: We went bowling with Nik and Melissa several times at the Seven Peaks Fun Center with our Pass of All Passes! | On our Stake Lagoon day, we went to Lagoon on a double date with my sister, Victoria. It was a lot of fun! We got to ride all of the rides that we wanted to. We even got SOAKED on Rattlesnake Rapids!

20: Let's go to the Movies | In the summer of 2012, my Dad and April finished their basement. They put their own movie theatre in their house with a projector, reclining movie theatre seats, and more! On the night they "opened" they invited us to watch the "premiere" of the Hunger Games. We decided to dress up as if it were actually a primere. I was Katniss and Randy was Seneca Crane. We had lots of family parties as well as friend parties in their basement for the rest of the year! | Randy and I , Hunger Cames Style | Randy was very clever in creating Seneca Crane's beard!

21: Rachel, Victoria, and I at a family party in the basement | Randy sneaking a treat | Movie Theatre Seating | The screen and popcorn machine

22: Randy's birthday dinner at | For Randy's birthday, Randy and I went to dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill. We enjoyed the salad bar and the "Full Churrasco" where they brought out small portions of Brazilian meats. It was delicious! The waiters also came and sang "Happy Birthday to Randy in Portuguese! While we were at dinner, our friend Melissa was at our house setting up the surprise party I had planned for Randy! Many of our friends and family members came. Randy suspected that I was throwing a party (apparently, it isn't normal for me to clean for hours until the house is spotless on a Monday night!) However, he was surprised about how many people showed up. It was a lot of fun!

23: Mother and son | Ben and Amanda | My mom and my hubby | Randy opening a card | Randy opening a grill from my parents | Devin and Kelly | Whitney and Kiara | Melissa and Nik | Party Decorations

24: During September, we finally got me a new car! It was a 2010 Dodge Caliber. My Beetle had been having a lot of problems so it was very nice to get something much newer and reliable. I love this car! | New Car

25: For another one of Randy's projects, he built a dog house for Koko. He designed it himself and built it from scratch. It looked great! Koko used it for a while, but then stopped using it. Silly dog!! | doghouse

26: Koko hiding in the bushes | Randy and Koko | Koko wearing her leopard print jacket | Such a cute girl! | She loves sleeping with mommy and daddy | Lazy dog

27: We did lots of fun activities with our friends at the end of the summer through the beginning of Fall. We got some Kinect games we enjoyed playing. We went out to dinner with friends. We played croquet and bacci in our big backyard.e also did a few fire pits! We did tin foil dinners, marshmallows, hot dogs, and smores! Yum!

28: When we bought our new camera, we decided that we wanted to try it out by going into the canyons and doing a photo shoot. The leaves had just barely started to change. It was beautiful! We used the timer function on our camera along with the tripod we got to go with it. I think the pictures turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself ;)

30: our first Anniversary | For our anniversary, I made us our own "Biaggi's" dinner, which is one of our favorite restaurants to eat at. I made light alfredo sauce from scratch, baked chicken parmesan, and got some tasty breadsticks with olive oil and parmesan to dip them in. We spent the rest of the night just relaxing at home with it being a Sunday. We enjoyed spending time together! | Randy gave me a caramel apple, roses, and a cute ring! | I made him a photo book that celebrates our first year! | We also followed tradition and got out our wedding cake for our anniversary! | Our excellent Biaggi's dinner! | Beautiful roses from my hubby

31: Our anniversary was Conference Sunday, so that morning we watched conference with my mom's side of the family. We had the traditional cracker & cheese and caramel apples in between sessions. Then we celebrated my little brother's birthday (yep, same day as our anniversary). | We also took Monday off work so we could sleep in and also go out and celebrate since our real anniversary was a Sunday. We planned to go to the zoo with some free tickets that Randy got from his work and then go to the play "Wicked-ER" at | the car in that lane swerved into our lane and we hit them. Talk about the last thing I wanted to happen when we were feeling sick! But everyone was okay. The other car had hardly any damage, but Randy's bumper is pretty scraped up now. Luckily we won't have to pay too much because we have awesome car insurance thanks to Randy's dad. But, still, not how we were planning to celebrate!Luckily, I started feeling better later so we were at least able to enjoy the play! | Desert Star Playhouse. But, as it turns out, I wasn't feeling too good in the morning. I thought I could tough it out and it would go away. So we headed to the zoo. On the way, I started feeling terrible. We stopped at his dad's office to see if I was okay but I wasn't feeling well. So Randy said he would just sign the paperwork he was going to sign at his office on the way to the zoo and we could go home. So we did that. Then as we were heading back on Foothill in the right lane, an SUV in the far left lane decided to make an illegal U-Turn and cut into the middle lane, so

32: On October 13, 2012 I ran my first race. It was the Love Your Body 6K race at Thanksgiving Pointe and I did it with my sister-in-law Liana. She got me to register with her about a month and a half beforehand , so I started running a few times a week to prepare. I ran ALL the time in high school, but since then and before I registered I was mainly just doing Jillian Michaels and Zumba. (Since then I've started to vary my workouts more!) Randy also came down with me as well as my brother-in-law Russell and darling baby niece Keladry. It was so great to have them there to support us! I love my supportive hubby! The route was quite nice. For part of the race, we ran through the Thanksgiving Pointe Gardens, which was pretty and a bit calming for me while I was running so heavily. By the end of the race, I was DYING. I literally did not want to run any more. I wanted to collapse. But I stuck with it and kept running and even sped up a little bit at the finish line. It felt so good to cross that finish line. I was done with the race and felt very accomplished!

34: Family photos | Jorgensen/ Cox Family Photos 2012 Taken at Memory Grove

36: On Halloween, we went to the Crazy Corn Maze with Nik and Melissa. It was a lot of fun. We wore our costumes- Melissa wore her Broncos jersey and Nik wore his Green Lantern costume. Randy and I wore Angry Birds hats that his mom made! | Happy Halloween

37: Later that night, we went to dinner at Olive Garden with my dad, April, and Rachel. My dad and April also got me a clock (I had told both of them I wanted one!) They were both great, though, so I knew I would find a place to put both. Olive Garden was delicious, as always! | Randy gave me my presents earlier that day. My favorite was a big clock that he bought and then I got to give input and he personalized it for us! He had it done within days. You can see from the before and pictures that he did a great job! | That evening, we went and saw "Oliver" at Hale Centre Theatre. It was a great show! I also bought myself new Nike running shoes as my birthday gift for myself. My mom also got me some cute new workout clothes to wear to the gym! I loved them.

38: There's no place like home | On November 3, the day after my birthday, Randy and I went shopping to buy home decorations with my birthday money. We got curtains for our main room and kitchen and a few other decorations. We also put up the two clocks I got for my birthday. Our house finally began looking like a HOME!

39: We have such cute nephews! Randy with Tanner (above) and Paxton (below). | Family Time

40: This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Sorensons. The day began around noon with a delicious crepes brunch at Rachael's house. Then, Randy, Phil, Gary, and I took the kids to the nearby elementary school for a Turkey Bowl. It was fun to play with them! | And the turkey bowl begins! | Tyson wasn't too sure about football | Playing pool | Keladry and I | Liana made a "Turkey" V eggie Tray. Super cute!

41: Around 12 pm, we had Thanksgiving Dinner at Randy's parents house. It was delicious! Smoked turkey, stuffing, homemade rolls, pumpkin cheesecake pie... YUM! The women did Christmas crafts following the dinner, a Sorenson family tradition. This was my first year being there for it. We did a nativity scene and a sign that says "Merry Christmas" on one side and "Happy Birthday" on the other. | The turkey made some of us sleepy ;) | Cute nephews | Crafty girls | Randy had some fun with pipe cleaners

42: Our trip to Palm Desert, CA at the Marriott Shadow Ridge Resort | My mom and Dan gave us an amazing early Christmas present- they gave us a getaway with their timeshare to stay at the Marriott Shadow Ridge Resort in Palm Desert, CA. We were there from December 8- December 15. The resort was absolutely gorgeous, and we spent our first day there exploring the resort and seeing everything there was to do there. The resort had 4 swimming pools, lots of hot tubs, a water slide, and a movie theatre (which we attended once). There was also a beautiful golf course on site and pretty scenery such as palm trees and waterfalls.

44: Isabella | Rem & Olivia | Both Disneyland and California Adventure had lots of Christmas decorations! | We also got to see the new Cars Land in California Adventure | On Monday, Dec. 10 we made a trip out to Anaheim for a day in Disneyland. I had never gone during December before, and it was a lot of fun because there were lots of Christmas lights and decorations. Disneyland wasn't very busy in the morning. We didn't have to wait very long and hit most of the rides we wanted to in two hours. While we were at California Adventure that evening (and just about to get on a ride we had waited 40 minutes for), Randy realized he had lost his wallet. We frantically ran to the lost and found. Luckily, it was there! Thank goodness that there are honest people in the world! Overall, it was a lot of fun! | Randy and I by the Castle

45: Midway Mania | Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters | Tower of Terror | Matterhorn | "Aladdin" show | Soarin' Over California | rides | Randy beat me at both the Buzz Lightyear and Woody game rides- I guess all his video games paid off ;) | and more! | The Haunted Mansion became the Nightmare Before Christmas for December!

46: Riding the Tram | Riding the Tram

47: Palm Springs Aerial | Tramway | On Wednesday, December 12 we went on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The tram goes from 2,000 ft above sea level to 8,000 feet up a steep mountain. During the ride, the tram rotates 360* twice. The ride had breathtaking views and beautiful sights at the top. However, it was very cold at the top, so we only stayed outside to take a few pictures. | breathtaking views

48: The day we decided to go golfing ended up being the only day there was rain! Instead, we went to the movie theater on the resort and saw "Dolphin Tale." It was a cute movie. | Randy and I tried a local burger joint called "Grill a Burger." The burgers were HUGE. They were also very delicious. | Randy got more souvineer pennies for his collection. | We made the drive enjoyable by listening to audio books together. Throughout the trip, we listened to "I Am Number Four" and "The Power of Six". | We also had fun spraying each other with the water toys that were there!

49: relaxing by the | You could usually find me laying out by the pool reading a book. During the trip, I read the books "Divergent" and "Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I enjoyed them! | Randy enjoying the sun. | Randy showing his photography skills- He thought the clouds looked cool through his sunglasses because the outer edges glowed pink. He took this picture under his sunglasses. | We also enjoyed the hot tub- especially at night when it got a bit colder. | We played with a football and a frisbee in the water.

50: shadow ridge | On our last day on our trip, we explored the resort one final time and did a photo shoot. The resort was absolutely beautiful. I hope we can go back there someday!

52: water leak story Before we left on our trip, we thought it would be a good idea to turn the heat off to save money on our bills while we were gone, since we wouldn't be using the heater anyways. Well, we learned the hard way that you should never do that during the winter! The pipe behind our washer burst and water got all over the flooring underneath the washer and dryer as well as the carpet down the hallway and into our bedroom and the other upstairs bedroom! Luckily, Randy's dad was getting our mail and checking on our house and he caught it. He got out big fans to help it dry and cleaned off some of the water. He also turned our heater back oner so there wouldn't be any other problems. We were very grateful that he did and that there wasn't any more damage done. We had to clean the carpets numerous times to get out the mildew smell that lasted for nearly a week. Randy also had to tear out the floor underneath the washer and dryer (including the floorboard) and redo it. The silver lining was that at least the new floor looks a lot better than the old one!

53: christmas lights & decorations | This was the first time we got to decorate our new house for Christmas! We bought some star Christmas lights, put a garland on the stairwell along with our stockings, and decorated our Christmas tree! It was a lot of fun.

54: Christmas Eve with the Sorensons, the Jorgensen party | Christmas Eve was full of parties! We headed over to the Sorenson party in the morning where we had a breakfast together and did the traditional gift exchange. Afterwards, we headed to Randy's grandma's for the extended family party. Later that night, we had the Jorgensen party, with the gift exchange that Grandma Jorgensen does every year! | and | Our second Christmas together | We did our presents to each other on Christmas eve after all of the parties since we knew Christmas would be very busy. I gave Randy a speaker and Cinderella on Blu Ray and he got me the Les Mis movie soundtrack! He also took me to see the movie on Christmas after we visited our families. It was also Koko's first Christmas. We got her a new toy, but she didn't seem to like it that much! She would rather play with whatever else she finds around the house! | Shaun, Connie, and their family came to visit and were at the Jorgensen party. One of their kids, Zac, is a huge BYU fan (along with their family), but most of our family are Utes fans. During the gift exchange, he stole the BYU hat and then he got a Utah hat for his present. His reaction was priceless and he put on both hats and started striking hilarious poses. We had to snap a picture!

55: Christmas | day with Kelsey's family | We enjoyed a delicious traditional aebelskiver breakfast with my dad and April, Grandma and Grandpa J., Victoria, and Rachel. Then we exchanged gifts and spent time together. | There was lots of gift giving! Rachel and I had each other, and I got her a Utes jacket and she got me a sweater. Victoria and I exhanged jewelry. Randy and I got my mom and Dan a blender. Randy got Britan a car model. McKenli and Kiara got new bedding and we found a swear word on it! It was funny. | We got nice new silverware from my dad and April!

56: Happy New Year!

57: 2013 | Randy, 27 | Kelsey, 21

58: Superbowl Sunday

59: valentines day | For Valentine's Day this year, we went out to dinner at Olive Garden the night before to avoid the V-Day rush. On Valentine's Day, we took it easy and enjoyed our leftovers with Sparkling Cider. Then we went out and picked up some Coldstone to eat while we watched "Taken 2". | I got Randy a 49ers T-shirt (his favorite team) along with a ferris wheel target to shoot! | Randy got me roses along with a book I'd been wanting | Sipping sparkling cider with our dinner | Yummy Coldstone!

60: We had a few hours before we could check into our condo when we arrived in Las Vegas. We decided to go visit the Gold and Silver Pawn, which is the pawn shop featured on the History Channel TV show "Pawn Stars", which is a show that we enjoy watching. However, when we arrived there was a huge line to actually get into the shop, so we just walked around the outside and took some pictures by it and called it good. Then we took a drive out to the Las Vegas Temple to walk around the temple grounds. It was the first time I had seen the temple there and it was very pretty. It had a different style than the temples I'd been to in Utah. The grounds were beautiful, of course, so we took some pictures while we were there. Unfortunately, I started feeling sick right around that time! I was miserable that whole night so Randy and Devin gave me a blessing. We woke up first thing the next morning to get me to an urgent care. Luckily I was able to get on some antibiotics so I could enjoy the rest of the trip! | Pawn Stars & Las Vegas Temple

62: The Cancun Resort we stayed at was a lot of fun! It was just off the strip- which was nice because it was easy access to go there when we wanted to, but not so much noise and craziness when we wanted to relax. There was a big pyramid pool that was a lot of fun! There were also hot tubs and hammocks to relax in.

63: waterslide fun

64: The Strip We spent one day exploring the Las Vegas Strip. We each did a slot machine with one dollar, saw the fountains at the Bellagio, saw lots of crazy people, ate dinner at the Harley Davidson Cafe, watched the 3D movie at the M&M factory, tried flavors of coke from all over the world at the Coca-Cola Factory (most of which were gross, and we dared Devin to chug the grossest one. He did), watched the show at Treasure Island (was not impressed... not like what I remembered as a child!) and the volcano at the Mirage. It was a lot of fun and a a lot of walking!

66: Spring has Sprung! Lots of great things happened this spring! Tori came up for Spring Break, I found out I would be student teaching with my best friend, we went shooting, and our nephew Graham was born!

67: Garden | planting a | garden | We decided to plant our first garden this year. We went in a little over our heads and planted a ton! The weeds took over and not everything turned out. But, the strawberries were wonderful! Randy also got me some beautiful rose bushes for Mother's day!

68: Lovin' the Summertime This summer was a busy one full of lots of fun activities! We did a mini "stay-cation" with Devin and Lisa, Ben and Amanda, and Nik and Melissa at the Jorgensen cabin. Victoria and I did a 5K race (her first one!) and it was a lot of fun. Shortly after that, she left on her mission to Washington D.C., South. We also got a pool for our backyard, which we only ended up keeping for a couple months before we sold it because it was so much upkeep. But we did have some fun get togethers with friends first! We also went to a REAL game with Randy's parents and Becky, Gary and family. Kamryn was playing a game during the half time so it was fun to support her. Then we celebrated the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) with the Sorensons!

69: Fun!

70: We spent a good chunk of the summer remodeling our kitchen ourselves. We redid almost everything. We got all new cabinets and added an additional wall of them with a bar, and hanged the layout of the countertops. We added new countertops, new laminate wood flooring, and new paint. Randy did most of it with the help of our friend Devin. I helped as much as I could and Randy's brother Remi helped add the brand new backsplash. We love our new kitchen! | kitchen Remodel | Before | After | New floor | New backsplash

71: I did a sprint triathlon with my sister in law Liana. We swam first, then biked, then ran. I was very proud of myself for completing it with a decent time! The swim was the hardest part, but the bike was more of a challenge than I expected. I found out after the race that there was some issues with the bike gears. I was also pregnant, but I didn't know until a few days later!

72: Pregnancy wears a girl out! | Announcing the big news | We announced our pregnancy by having our family members pose for a picture and having Randy announce "Kelsey's pregnant!" just before capturing the photo. It was a lot of fun to see their reactions! I sent Tori a letter with the photos since she was on her mission and had her search for "clues" I had hidden in her previous letters. She sent me her "reaction picture!"

74: We went out to Olive Garden for our anniversary and then spent the night relaxing at home. We even brought pumpkin cheesecake home and it was delicious!

75: The following weekend, Randy took me out to lunch (at Olive Garden- again, yes. It was a pregnancy craving and he was a good sport!) Then he surprised me by taking me to the Anniversary Inn! We stayed in the Jungle room.

76: the ranch | We went to Mindy's family's ranch in Atlanta, Idaho for a mini vacation in October. Remi and Mindy and Russell and Liana and their families went as well. We rode the rhino, went swimming in the heated pool, went canoeing, saw some sites in the small town and relaxed with family. It was a lot of fun!

78: Fall Happenings | In October, we announced my pregnancy to the world with skeleton T-Shirts. We went to a ward party wearing the shirts and then posted the picture on Facebook. It was a hit! For a late birthday present on November 15, we went to Fetal Fotos to find out the gender of our little one. We were so excited to learn that we were having a little boy!

79: We went to the Caswells for Thanksgiving dinner this year. | We picked out the "theme" and colors for Parker's nursery- Monkey Rockstar and Blue and Grey! We got the paint and started working! This was such an exciting project. | We upgraded to Central Air this fall and couldn't wait to get use of it then next summer! (It was definitely worth it!)

80: We did Christmas with the Sorensons in November since Randy's parents were going to Australia for a month to visit Ryan and Sara. It was fun to be a part of the kid exchange for the first time, even though our little one wasn't born yet! We were given nursery decorations for Parker's room for all of our gifts. Randy's parents got us the crib set! It was so exciting. The siblings all went in on an iPad for Deena's birthday as well! It was fun to see her reaction.

81: On Christmas morning we visited my mom's family! We frosted sugar cookies and did presents. We got more stuff for Parker's room and my mom got us a beautiful custom temple picture of "our temple" with our anniversary on it! | We had the traditional Jorgensen Christmas party on Christmas Eve and also the aebelskiver breakfast at my dad's house. We also got to Skype Tori on her mission!

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