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Rappaccini's Daughter

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FC: Rappaccini's Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Interpreted by Jen Moore

1: This is a story of new love and the cruelty of a father. Rappaccini's love for science and his daughter leads him to do something horrible.

2: Once there was a young man named Giovanni Guasconti.

3: In order to gain the best education possible, Giovanni was sent far away to go to school.

4: Giovanni was able to afford to live in a very modest apartment that gave him little happiness.

5: His one escape was the window that overlooked a beautiful garden

7: "Does this garden belong to the house?" asked Giovanni. "No; that garden is gultivated byt the own hands of Signor Giacomo Rapaccini, tha famous Doctor," replied the old lady who was in Giovanni's room. Giovanni could not keep his eyes away for the garden, even if he could not go in.

8: One day, while looking through his window, Giovanni noticed a man in the garden. This must be the famous doctor he had been told about. He became fascinated with the doctor and could not take his eyes away. Notheing could exceed the intentness with which this scientific gardener examined every shrub which grew in his path. The care with which the doctor handled the plants became even more odd when Giovanni noticed a mask over his face when approaching a particular plant. It was as if this plant would cause harm if he breathed too close.

10: Just then, a beautiful woman the doctor called Beatrice appeared.

11: Giovanni was instantly entranced by the beauty of this woman. "Beatrice, please come, I need your help," the doctor called. Beatrice moved happily toward her father who had asked her to handle the plant which he seemed so afraid of. Giovanni then heard Beatrice speak to the plant as a sister would to another. It was as if flower and maiden were different and yet the same.

12: And so this ritual continued day after day. The young man rejoiced, that in the heart of the barren city, he had the privilege of overlooking this spot of lovely and luxuriant vegetation. It would serve, he said to himself, as a symbolic language, to keep him in communion with Nature.

13: Then one day, Giovanni visited his father's friend, Signor Pietro Baglioni, Professor of Medicine in the University.

14: When Baglioni heard of Giovanni's facination with Dr. Rappaccini and his daughter, he felt obiligated to warn him of the danger he was placing himself in. Baglioni told Giovanni that Rappaccini was indeed a wonderful doctor but did not know where to draw the line between human life and the study of science. It is said that his patients are interesting to him only as subjects for some new experiment and that he would sacrifice human life for the sake of adding more knowledge to study of medicince.

16: "Surely there is one object more dear to him. He has a daughter." replied Giovanni to the professors warnings.

17: Baglioni continued to tell Giovanni about the power Rappaccini has and the need to stay away from the doctor and his daughter. For it is rumored that she has learned the teachings of her father. The professor spoke of how Rappaccini had studied poisonous plants and had now created his own breeds that were more powerful than any other man had known before.

18: Giovanni did not beleive the professor and went home to gaze at his love. At home, he found his maiden tending to the garden

19: As he watched Beatrice, he noticed an insect approach and buzz around the woman looking for the sweet nectar of the flowers. Beatrice looked up and let out a gasp and Giovanni noticed the most peculiar thing. The insect fell to the ground and died.

20: Giovanni now wondered, was he looking at an angel...

21: or a demon.

22: The next day, the old woman who showed him his room, stopped Giovanni to tell him of a secret entrance to the garden.

23: Still intrigued by the beautiful Beatrice and curious about the garden, Giovanni entered through the gate to see the wonders that lay beyond.

25: Once inside, Giovanni found himself face to face with the one who had captured his heart from a far. Their stood Beatrice, filled with excitment at his entrance. The two felt connected from the very beginning. Giovanni spent the remainder of the day following Beatrice through the garden; taking in all of the sites and smells around him, until they reached the one the Doctor had not touched. Beatrice grabbed Giovanni's hand when she saw him about to touch it. "Touch it not!" she yelled "Not for thy life! It is fatal!"

26: It was at this time that Giovanni noticed Doctor Rappaccini had been watching the scene and he retreated to his room for the evening. Upon waking, he felt great pain in his hand where Beatrice had grabbed him. He got up to tend to the pain when Baglioni arrived at his room.

28: The wise professor had decided to pay Giovanni another visit when he realized his first warning had fallen on deaf ears. He decided to try another approach and told Giovanni a story about a woman, who had grown up around poison since she was an infant and had been exposed so much to the poison, that she had become poison herself. He then said that this was what had become of Beatrice because of an experiment by Rappaccini.

29: Baglioni beleived he had the cure to the poison which lived within Beatrice. He gave the potion to Giovanni and told him to get Beatice to drink it. It was the only way for the two to be together.

30: Giovanni went to the garden to find Beatrice and administer the drug and explain all that was happening. When Giovanni began to talk to Beatrice she already knew of the ill fate her father had given her. Giovanni exlained that he was there to give what she needed to live a full life like the rest of those her age. She quickly took the vase with the medicine from Giovanni and swallowed it. It was at this time that Rappaccini appeared from the shadows with more news.

32: Rappaccini explained that he had begun to administer the same poison to Giovanni as he had to Beatrice in order to give her the gift of a another. The two of them could live happily ever after. The plan devised by Rappaccini was about to end, as the antidote Beatrice did not give her the life Giovanni had hoped. To Beatrice as poison had been life, so the powerful antidote was death. There in the garden so skillfully created by her father, Beatrice breathed her last breath and left the world to go where the evil which had been created by Rappaccini would pass away like a dream.

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