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Reconstruction Plan for Terpakistan

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FC: Terpakistan Reconstruction Plans

1: Here in Terpakistan you are just getting over a civil war and your president has hired my partner and I to help create a plan for reconstruction. At this time we are trying to establish a plan to put an end to the riots that are occurring in Terpakistan. We are basing this reconstruction plan off of the ones that have occurred in American History. We are simply writing this proposal to provide advice on how to handle the reconstruction of your country.

2: Proposal 1: Reconstruction Plans After the civil war in U.S. History their president at the time, Abraham Lincoln, used various types of reconstruction plans. Three of the plans were the 10 percent plan, radical reconstruction, and the presidential reconstruction. With the !0% plan Lincoln attempted to bring the states in the south that seceded back to the union. When Lincoln set forth this plan he offered a pardon to all the southerners who oath of loyalty to the United States and accepted the unions proclamation concerning slavery. If they took this oath they were able to organize a new state government. In the radical reconstruction Lincoln wanted to create a plan to make the South hurt and punish because they seceded from the Union. This plan wanted to revolutionize the Souths habitats and manners. This plan had three main goals to the reconstruction. The last of these plans was the presidential reconstruction. which was formed by Lincoln and Johnson. This plans goal was to join the country back together and was started with the Emancipation Proclamation. After this plan was introduced it set off many good and positive reaction in the civilization.

3: After discussing the plans used in the American reconstruction plan my partner and believe that it would be wise to include the 10% plan and the Presidential reconstruction plan in our reconstruction plan to Terpakistan. The two of these plans had the most success at the time and the people of the country agreed with these plans. These two plans would help your country by taking a non violent approach to joining the country back with unity and loyalty.

4: Proposal 2: The Amendments In the American Reconstruction plan their country used the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments from the constitution. These amendments all played a part in the ending of slavery, and the ending of racism. These amendments also helped to make all mean created equal. In our opinion we believe that the amendments in the American Constitution will help your country. We believe that the amendments will help you country come out of the problems it is now having and help rebuild your society in a way that all people may be considered equal and the violence can stop.

5: Proposal 3:Freedman's Bureau During the march Sherman made through Georgia and South Carolina he was freeing slaves who became known as freedman and they were seeking food and shelter. These rescues allowed the congress to establish a bureau of refugees, freedman, and abandoned land that became Freedman's Bureau. In the bureau their task was to clothe and feed the refugees in the south. The bureau helped previously enslaved slaves to find work on plantations, negotiated labor contracts with planters, and established special courts to deal with grievances between workers and planters. This bureau helped the the African Americans during the time of the civil war become educated and skilled in working and it also contributed to the ending of racism. My partner and I believe that creating something like the Freedman's Bureau would help end the spread of hatred acts between Plantation owners and African-American workers. It would give confidence to black workers by giving them the freedom that they deserve.

6: Proposal 4: The Black Codes The Black Codes were laws enacted in the states of former confederate states after the civil war. In 1865 and 1866 these laws were designed to replace the social controls of slavery that had been removed by the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th amendment in the constitution and intended to assure continuance of white supremacy. The black codes limited black people's rights and varied from state to state and wanted to keep African Americans in conditions very similar to slavery. The black codes angered northerners and they strongly opposed it. My Partner and I strongly disagree with the black codes and will defiantly steer away from this plan and will not include this into your countries plan for reconstruction. After the black codes were released and the society seen what it was doing it was strongly opposed. We will look past this plan based on its conclusion from the past and create the best reconstruction plan to better your country.

7: Proposal 5: Civil Rights Act of 1866 & 1875 In March 1866 in effort to override the black codes congress passed the civil rights act of 1866. This act granted citizenship to all people born in the United States except Native Americans. It allowed African Americans to own property and stated that there were to be considered equal in court. The civil rights act of 1875 was a United States federal law proposed by Charles Sumner and Benjamin F. Butler. This act guaranteed that everyone was entitled the same treatment regardless of race. Charles Sumner is a person who stood up for what he believed was right. Charles Sumner was a senator of Massachusetts; he changed his political party several times and then gained fame as a republican Both civil rights acts would work well in the reconstruction plan of Terpakistan. Both civil rights act allowed for African Americans to be treated fairly and for slavery to soon become abolished.

8: Proposal 6: The Panic of 1873 The Panic of 1873 was when Ulysses S. Grant and the nation endured a major economic crisis that occurred during his second term as president.Turmoil started in 1873 on a series of bad railroad investments which struck fear known as the panic of 1873. The panic is known for the spread of fear in the people for the financial part of the community. This cause a crucial economic crisis throughout the republican party. In 1874 the democrats won control of the House of Representatives and made gains in the senate. Newly elected democrats launched investigations into the scandal, which further embarrassed Grant and the republicans. | Here in Terpakistan we want to establish a firm economic base in order for something like the panic of 1873 to never occur. We want to create different tactics for aiding minor economic problems so that it will not increase into a huge hole in the economy.

9: Proposal 7: The Ku Klux Klan and Ulysses S. Grant The Ku Klux Klan, also referred to as the KKK, was a secret organized society organized by southerners wile republicans were running their states. The KKK's original goal was to drive out union troops and carpetbaggers and regain the south and Democratic party. This secret society spread quickly through the south and the members of this society wanted control of the South for the Democratic party, and they did this with violent ways. The way these people were acting extremely angered the United States president at the time Ulysses S. Grant. Ulysses S. Grant effectively disabled the Ku Klux Klan organization until the 1920's. Grant served as president for two terms but because of scandals due to his associates he left office embarrassed and disgraced. He soon developed cancer and died. | In order for a harmful organization like this to not occur in Terpkaistan we will make sure that there are laws set into place where investigations will be enforced. Also consequences for anyone caught participating in destructible cults like the KKK.

10: Proposal 8: Carpetbaggers and Scalawags During the Civil War in the United States there were different names for different people in the south. Carpetbaggers was a term used by southerners, in favor of the democratic party, that referred to northerners that moved to the south. They were seen as intruders seeking to exploit the south. A scalawag was a white southerner who worked with republicans and supported reconstruction. Scalawag was a Scotch-Irish term meaning worthless, weak animals. We believe that everyone should be a Scalawag. Everyone should work with people in order to support and build reconstruction, especially in a country that needs it.

11: Proposal 9: The Military Reconstruction Act. In March of 1867 congressional republicans passed an act the wiped out Johnson's Plan. This plan divided the former confederacy into 5 districts and a union general was placed in charge of each district. This new form military was now much easier to handle and manage.The new constitution allowed any man to vote regardless of race. In 1868 North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas were readmitted to the union. Overall we believe that a military reconstruction act would have a positive impact on the reconstruction of Terpakistan. It would provide order in the military and the troops would cooperate better and you will be better prepared for war.

12: Proposal 10: The impeachment of Andrew Johnson The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was one of the most dramatic events in the U.S. during their time of Reconstruction. This Impeachment striped Johnson of whatever powers he had left and his impeachment occurred when Andrew Johnson was charged with high crimes and misdemeanors while his time in office. This impeachment happened to make sure that Johnson did not fire Grant or Stanton.

13: Proposal 11: Sharecropping vs. Tenant Farming The Collapse of the United Stated reconstruction crushed African American dreams of owning their own land. Because of this many returned to plantations owned by whites where they either worked for wages or became tenant farmers paying rent for land they farmed, most tenant farmers became sharecroppers. Sharecroppers did not pay for their land with money but paid for it in crops. Furnishing merchants provided share croppers with their supplies they needed on credit but at interest rates. We believe that what would be best for the reconstruction plan of Terpakistan is not going by the sharecropping and tenant farming in the previous reconstruction of the United States. Basically because their countries reconstruction failed and they had to resort to this which we do not want to. We want to create our country of Terpakistan so that everyone is created equal and anyone can own their own land to make money they need. We believe that no one must work under someone else and have to pay for he land they are working on.

14: Proposal 12: Redemption Redemption was being formed by democrats in the reconstruction period in the United States. They were working together to regain control of their states that they had lost from local republicans. Southern Democrats called for all whites to redeem or save the south from what they think will be "black republican rule". They soon took back the land that white small farm owners had owned but supported Republican rule. Louisiana, South Carolina, and Florida had large amounts of African American voters who were protected by the union so democrats are unable to take control of those three states. My partner and I believe that the redemption used in the American reconstruction period is not needed here in Terpakistan. We believe that no one sided of group of people must take back land from another. Terpakistan's reconstruction is all about becoming united again and being one equal county, so there fore we will not be following anything having to do with the redemption.

15: Proposal 13: The Compromise of 1877 During the American reconstruction they came up with with the compromise of 1877. This was when Rutherford B. Hayes was elected president over Ulysses S. Grant, Hayes sought to end radical reconstruction. A man named Samuel Tilden was nominated by the democrats to become president. On Election Day Tilden won 184 electoral votes. Hayes won 165 electoral votes leaving 20 in dispute. Tension grew between both sides causing election fraud. As a result of this no one could tell who one. Congress set out a team of 15 people, equally chosen to settle this dispute. As a result from the electoral votes Hayes wound up winning the election. Southern democrats combined with republicans giving Hayes the election. Hayes could not have won without the support of southern democrats. If you lay out a blueprint or a compromise with the population in your society, it will be much easier for interaction between you and the person's. This can avoid much conflict between various opinions between you and the people, which could eventually lead into something as drastic as a war. Before creating an assumption that will only help a single party of people or yourself, think of a plan that will aid all of your citizens, so that riot will not occur.

16: Proposal 14: Sherman's General Field Order No.15 Sherman's General Field order were orders given by militia during the Civil War on January 16, 1865, by General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi of the United States Army. It tended to 18,000 freed slave families in the areas along the Atlantic coast. It had little actual effect and was canceled by Andrew Johnson.

17: The orders that were established by General Sherman did not last very long but had a large effect. My partner and I believe that no matter what race you may be everyone should be treated with the same respect. These orders gave African- Americans hope that they will one day achieve what they thought would be unreachable. This could bring together men and woman of all races sharing similar occupations, making Terpakistan a beautiful place to live.

18: Proposal 15: The Port Royal Experiment This was a program that began during the Civil War. Former Slaves were given the opportunity to successfully operate their own land that had been neglected by previous plantation owners. The Union took control of the Coast of South Carolina or as known as Port Royal. When many white people abandoned their land more than 10,000 slaves were left behind along with their land. Organizations were formed such as charities to help aid former slaves become self- sufficient.

19: My partner and I feel as if though this is a prefect model of the positive effects of what the Reconstruction Era could have been. African-Americans came together to show their ability to work and control their own land. We plan use this as a blueprint of gaining confidence in Terpakistan.

20: Proposal 16: Hiram Revels Hiram Revels was the first African- American to serve in the US senate and represent Mississippi in 1870 and 1871, during the reconstruction Era. My Partner and I believe that Hiram Revel is the face of the Reconstruction Era. He overcame the rare odds of not only becoming a factor in the U.S. government as an African- American but to achieve his goals over a white male. This confidence should be given to the citizens of Terpakistan. Let it be shown that no matter how large the dream, its may still be achieved.

21: Proposal 17: The Colfax Massacre & U.S. vs. Cruikshank The Colfax Massacre happened on April 13, 1873 when the White League, a group securing white rule in Louisiana, and clashed with Louisiana's almost all black militia. Once this clash occurred it ended in death, only three member in the white league died and around 100 black men were killed. This incident showed Ulysses S. Grant that it is hard to guarantee the rights and safety of African Americans in the south. During U.S. verse Cruikshank there was an issue of a troubling event where an white armed mob in Colfax, Louisiana attacked and killed over one hundred blacks during a hotly contested gubernatorial election. Three white ringleaders were brought to trial and convicted under the federal Enforcement act of 1870. This act made it a crime to interfere with any citizens constitutional rights...

22: My partner and I believe that this Act in history was something we do not want to see occur in Terpakistan. We will not reflect on the dwellings in our past that kept us citizens apart from one another. Our motto is that we are all equal on the inside, no matter what may appear on the outside. We will make sure that there will be no such hate crimes against another race, if so the consequences will be severe.

23: Proposal 18: The Slaughterhouse Cases In order for the Constitution of the Us to be amended, a dramatic event must take place in a state that could have a national effect. Therefore the Congress as a result of a challenge will enact an amendment to correct the loophole and maintain the integrity of the Constitution. In 1860's in New Orleans in the state of Louisiana, butchers were slaughtering an enormous amount of animals, so many that the wastes of the animals was polluting the drinking waters and rivers of the state. The state decided to move the butchering out of the cit and away from the way water supplies. However, they also decided to form a Corporation that would have the total control of all butchering throughout the state. This Corporation essentially eliminated any other butcher from the process that was not a member. This is called a monopoly. Monopolies are not something we want to happen in Terpakistan. When a monopoly exist it has the potential to eliminate fair competition for a product. It causes the consumer to be at ..

24: the mercy of the sole distributor. When that occurs, the distributor can control the price and availability of a product, this is the worst case scenario for consumers. Monopolies of any source are not welcomed in Terpakistan.

25: Political Cartoons: The political cartoon on page 8 shows the economy during the Panic of 1873 and how there was no way of saving the economy. The crow and the tomb stone reading R.I.P with $ represent the economic debt as death.

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