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Reconstruction Project

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FC: Welcome to Xenia! | by: Stephan Ennels Linda Bui

1: This political cartoon is about what the Ku Klux Klan and and the White League had been doing to African Americans at this time. They've turned to violence to deal with African Americans and have tried to stop African Americans from voting. -Linda Bui

2: We should keep Lincoln's plan of Reconstruction Mr. President. Lincoln developed this plan in 1862 and put this plan in the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction in December 1863. The good thing about this plan was that he wanted to bring the South and the Union together. In order for that to happen, 10 percent of the votes in a state would have to take the oath. -Linda Bui

3: This was for the 1860 presidential election. The plan also involved making a government for the states the Union controlled. Lincoln also offered a pardon to the people in the South that took an oath of loyalty. The people in the South had to accept the Union's proclamations about slavery. The Presidential Reconstruction is something that we also want to keep. It allowed Southerners to get their land back and have political rights. This happened in the 1870s and it was Andrew Johnson's plan. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson did the same thing which was to give a pardon to Southerners to have their land back and gain back their political rights. -Linda Bui

5: In this country will not allow the Ku Klux Klan to stop us from our equality for our colored people. They will not take over us and have us surrender to their power. We will set up an army against these people. The Ku Klux Klan is said to be in America where they are attacking African Americans and stopping white Republicans from voting. This will not be acceptable in our country. No one should be harmed or hurt. We are informed that these people are dangerous to society and must be stop. In the year of 1866, that was when the Ku Klux Klan started to begin. Along with not allowing the Ku Klux Klan in our country we will not permit Black Codes. It started in the South in the years of 1865 and 1866. The Black Codes will basically form racism and slavery like in the United States. In our country we demand equality for the people no matter of race, Black Codes will put African Americans on rules that are not needed so this will not be allowed. Stephan Ennels

6: Congress passed the 13th Amendment on January 31, 1865. It was ratified on December 6, 1865. | On July 9, 1868 the 14th amendment was ratified. | On February 3, 1870, the 15th amendment was ratified.

7: In our country we need to be fair to others. We should pass the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendment because they all deal with equal rights for the people. The 13th amendment states we shall have no slavery in our country unless the person has been punished for a crime! The 14th amendment states that citizenship is allowed in our country and no one should be deny them. We will give that person life, liberty, and property. They will be protected no matter of what race. This follows to our 15th amendment that anyone can vote no matter your skin color, race, or any other previous condition of servitude. They will not be denied. No one will be denied in our country due to any of those followings. Our country will believe in equality and would serve a punishment if any of those amendments are broken. | Stephan Ennels

8: Charles Sumner and the Freedmen's Bureau should be kept. Charles Sumner was against slavery and he showed it by leading anti-slavery groups. He often voiced his opinions about being against slavery in debates and wanted equality in schools for the students. -Linda Bui

9: He nominated John Rock, an African American lawyer to get involved with the U.S. Supreme Court and showed the bill that made the Freedmen's Bureau. The Freedmen's Bureau is so beneficial in many different ways. The Bureau gave clothes and food to the war refugees in the South by using the supplies the army had. It prevented them from starving.The Bureau benefited the people who were enslaved by giving them jobs on the plantations. The Bureau helped work out how much money the workers would get,how long they had to work, and the contracts involving labor with the planters. The Bureau was important to education. It helped inform and teach African Americans who use to be slaves. The Bureau helped give housing to teachers that were paid and schools and created colleges for African American teachers who were in training. The Bureau started doing all of this in September 1865. -Linda Bui

10: We should keep the Port Royal Experiment because it gave African Americans support and it made them be very settled. It is certainly better than slavery since they were treated fairly as the whites and were able to live their lives in peace. It started in 1861 and ended in 1865 because of President Johnson. -Linda Bui

11: The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson is something that we would want to have happen. When he was president, he ignored the Radical Republicans and what they wanted to do. The Radical Republicans wanted African Americans to be able to vote and didn't want Southern rebels to have control of state governments again. getting the Reconstruction Acts to be passed. Andrew Johnson didn't agree with the acts, feeling that they were not constitutional and wrong. The Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, who was with Andrew Johnson 's cabinet. supported the Radical Republicans, Johnson decided to suspend Edwin, and General Ulysses S. Grant was now secretary. -Linda Bui

12: On February 21, 1868, Johnson also wanted to challenge the Tenure of Office which is why he suspended Edwin. The Tenure of Office Act was about having the Senate approve any government official being removed. Congress got involved but Johnson didn't listen to them. On February 21, 1868, Andrew Johnson dismissed Edwin. Edwin stayed in his office. He didn't want to leave. We don't want to have Andrew Johnson get a lot of power in his hands. The Senate voted that he was guilty because of high crimes and misdemeanors. This happened on May 16, 1868. -Linda Bui

13: We should definitely keep Hiram Revels and he should continue to be part of the U.S. Senate. He was the first African American to do so. This happened in February 25, 1870. He was a free slave and his parents were free slaves and that's great.He has done good things like helping enlist African American troops in Maryland as the Civil War was happening and becoming a champlain for them. -Linda Bui

14: Mr. President, the Civil Rights Act of 1875 should be kept. It allows people, regardless of what race and color they are, and what condition they have, to be able to be employed in theatres, inns, and transportation traveling on land and water. People should be able to live their lives and have a job at the same time to be able to survive. Congress passed this act in February 1875. President Grant signed this on Match 1, 1875. -Linda Bui

15: The Colfax Massacre will not be allowed in this country. This started on April 13, 1873. It resulted in having many African Americans getting killed by the Southern Democrats That's not good. The Republicans were also being attacked by the Southern Democrats called the White League. We do want to keep Ulysses S. Grant. He wanted the Fifteenth Amendment to be ratified. He helped Africans Americans by having the military and come to Africans Americans and to try to protect them from groups like the Ku Klux Klan. He decided to get federal troops to stop the violence that the White League was causing. He wanted the environment to be at a normal state again. -Linda Bui

16: Carpetbaggers were people from the North who came to live in the South in the United States. They were given this name because they carried suitcases that were made like carpet fabric. We shouldn't have this happen in our country because it will cause tension in the South. The people in the South felt that the Northerners were trying to use the South for their own purposes and it was told that some wanted to take over the Southern land. That shall not be allowed in this country. Others on the other hand came to compare their lands from where they came from and other came to help the Southerners by having teachers teach whites and blacks. This is good but we still want to avoid any tension or attitude with the North and South. Scalawags were white Southerners who worked with the Republicans and supported Reconstruction. The South gave them this name because the word means weak, worthless animals is Scotch Irish. We should avoid them as well because Southerners did not care for Republicans and Reconstruction. Stephan Ennels

17: Radical Reconstruction had three main goals. First, Congress wanted to prevent the leaders of the Confederacy from returning to power after the war. Second, they wanted the Republican Party to become a powerful institution in the South. Third, they wanted the federal government to help African Americans achieve political equality by guaranteeing their right to vote in the South. Congress then passed the Military Reconstruction Act in March, in 1867 which divided the former Confederacy except Tennessee into five military districts. A Union General was placed in charge of each district. These ideas seem pretty well thought. We should have this in our country because in will put power to the people for those ideas. The military act can help build maybe a better protection in our country making us organized and useful. Stephan Ennels

18: Sherman's General Field Order 15 is something we feel that we should keep Mr. President. It was issued on January 16, 1865. It helped give back land to African Americans who were free and have them join the army and still have their freedom. Sherman's order showed that the U.S. government wanted to help African Americans and restore things for them because of what they went through with being a slave. -Linda Bui

19: At the end of Reconstruction there came sharecroppers who were African Americans who returned to plantations owned by whites, where they either worked for wages or became tenant farmers who paid rent for the land they farmed. Sharecroppers did not pay heir rent in cash but paid a share of their crops. They share at least 2/3 to cover their rent. We should have this plan in our country because now African Americans can earn money and maybe build their own farm if they save up. This gives African Americans jobs instead of being left out. Stephan Ennels

20: This document that was given to us was a very difficult decision to make because in our country we want our people to be living happily and as fair as possible. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 has been rejected to our country due to the Native Americans being rejected. The Civil Rights Act will grant citizenship to all persons born in the United States except African Americans. We want to have the Native Americans apart of our land and since it rejects them, we reject this document. This document really effects the African Americans because they will obtain their own property and they will have fair treatment in court. This one was a risk we had to take for our country. It was made into an act in April 9, 1866. Stephan Ennels

21: The U.S. v. Kruikshank decision will not be allowed here. It did not stop the violence that was happening while Reconstruction was happening. African Americans that lived in the South weren't carefully protected by the state governments. -Linda Bui

22: Redemption is not something that we want to happen Mr. President. Democrats were able to have power over redemption. The Democrats cut expenses, stopped social programs, and were able to change tax systems to grant relief to landowners. African Americans couldn't really be independent and their community was starting to be somewhat like a slavery thing. Many African Americans went to the North to get away from the Southern Democrats and their policies. -Linda Bui

23: The Slaughterhouse Cases was a series of Supreme Court rulings in the 1870's and 1880's that effectively rendered the Fourteenth Amendment useless. The justices ruled that the amendment protected citizens from rights violated only on a federal level, not on a state level. This decision allowed state legislatures to suspend blacks’ legal and civil rights. It got its name from a suit against a New Orleans slaughterhouse. This type of case would be bad for our country because it will take away the 14th amendment and in our country we want that amendment. It will destroy the protection we wanted for our people which is bad. Stephan Ennels

24: The Panic of 1873 is not something that we want Mr. President. It affected the economy internationally and many people were living in poverty. Banks didn't succeed. The railroads didn't function well. Many bad things happen because of the Panic of 1873. -Linda Bui

25: The Compromise of 1877 should be kept. It helped resolve the issue with the election involving former governor of Ohio named Rutherford B. Hayes and the former governor of New York name Samuel Tilden. The things that would have to happen as a result of this compromise are to have Rutherford take the federal troops away from the South in April 1877. Haye's Administration had to include one Southern democrat. In the South, a second transcontinental railroad had to be formed. Texas and Pacific is the name of the railroad. Legislation helped to have the South be industrialize. -Linda Bui

26: Our country Xenia should not follow the policy of Reconstruction. African Americans faced a lot of violence coming from groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the White League. They weren't really protected from them even though Ulysses S. Grant tried to help them. The state government in the South didn't do a good job protecting them from the violence that the African Americans faced. The Ku Klux Klan continued to attack African Americans around the time of the Panic of 1873. The Panic of 1873 was a bad time for a lot of people. The economy collapsed and it affected people around the world, including the United States. People who used to have jobs didn't have them anymore. They were poor now. Banks and railroads didn't succeed. -Linda Bui

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