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Reconstruction Proposal

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FC: A New Approach

1: We as the councils of the nation of Gampistan, advise you to use some of the reconstruction ideas that the Americans used during their Reconstruction period. In this proposal, you will see what we feel was positive for the citizens of the US; and what you should pattern Gampistan's Reconstruction era after, and also what we feel was negative for them. There are some things you might want to stay away from as you are deciding what you want to do for you country. In this proposal are ideas, laws, important people/groups that helped both build up the United Sates at this time, as well as set back the full reconstruction potential for various reasons. We hope that you may find this proposal quite insightful, and take it under deep consideration when you are making decisions on how to "reconstruct" this great land of Gampistan.

2: This is the political cartoon that depicts the Reconstruction era. On the bottom you can see the slaves working in the fields looking up to the sky. When I see this I think that it is giving like a foreshadow of how the blacks began to have oppurtunites even though they were not in the best conditions during the Reconstruction era. Also in the picture I see people in the back holding a sign. The way they are standing together shows unity and their sign says “Reconstruction of the Union.” In the picture I also see the Presidential flag behind the guy on the podieum , to show his authority. The Reconstruction era was just a time from a lot of problems that broke up the United States to a period of change to bring everyone back together. This illustration shows how everyone is coming together with different feelings toward reconstruction .

3: The Amendments | First things first, we feel that granting all citizens in Gampistan equal and ensured rights is a prerequisite towards the progression and reconstruction the nation. We feel that "in order to for a more perfect union", giving slaves their freedom and protecting their rights is a must. We think that you should use the United States 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments as guides for when you are thinking of how you want to grant slaves freedom and protect their rights. The Thirteenth Amendment outlawed slavery, the Fourteenth Amendment granted everyone born in the United States equal protection of laws, and the Fifteenth Amendment gave rights to everyone no matter of your race or previous "condition of servitude." It is imperative that you give these slaves their freedom and access to ALL their rights. If not, your government will forever be challenged. It can be bad for your country with slaves wanting to revolt resulting in previous problems that the United States has already faced.

4: Start With Your Leader . . . | America had great leaders during their Reconstruction era. They were Andrew Johnson and Ulysses Grant. They were presidents that signed laws like the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. They were for abolishing slavery, as well as protecting the rights for everyone. We feel that the ideas of giving rights to everyone should be followed by you, for this will help you to become a more effective leader. | Ulysses Grant was a president that specifically signed multiple charters for the protection of all freedmen in the US. He also removed restrictions put on blacks holding them from being able to vote, and during his term, he prosecuted any hate-group related leaders who expressed their hate by resulting to violence.

5: As for Andrew Johnson, we feel that you should be as good as a promoter of freedom to all citizens and equal liberties as he was. His ideology of a unified nation, reminds me much like you. He wanted his nation to quickly start to rebuild itself to a better form. Under his presidency, he ratified laws that gave slaves their freedom, and he vetoed previously established laws that didn't give newly- freed blacks a fair opportunity to "survive" in society. | We feel that Ulysses Grant and Andrew Johnson were great leaders in the Reconstruction era, and their impact was positive for the progression of the US. We also feel that if you can pattern your thoughts to what they did, the impact you make will be just as good as theirs. We hope you feel the way we do about their contributions to bettering their land, and use it for Gampistan's amelioration.

6: We feel that the next thing you should do to get Gampistan to the next level, is take steps towards giving rights to blacks in the nation. The US had the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1875 to do this. These Acts guaranteed all citizens the same rights regardless of their race. It also guaranteed that the same rights would be enforced to all citizens. We think you should pass laws like these because keeping some citizens in bondage like the US did; it could be the start of another civil war like what happened here previously. We feel that if you pass laws that give all of your citizens’ equal rights, then Gampistan would be going towards being one of the greatest nations in the world rather than take a step backwards and potentially start another war within your country. | EQUAL RIGHTS

7: Come OnE Come All !! | The next steps into this Reconstruction process are to ensure that you have some people that are willing to help out in this process. However, we caution you to beware of people who are only willing to help the process of Reconstruction for their own personal gain. The US had people like Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, and Charles Sumner to help aid the progression of Reconstruction in their nation. Carpetbaggers were United States Northerners who went to the south so they could help "reconstruct" America. Scalawags were United States southerners who helped out the democrats (northerners) shape the South after what the North was. Charles Sumner was a Radical Republican that fought hard for equal rights in America. Like we said before, we caution you to beware of people who are only "helping the cause" for their own gain. We think that if you surround yourself around people, then the Reconstruction of Gampistan will be a success.

8: Let's Rebuild... | During Reconstruction for America, the US adopted plans that were put in place to aid the rebuilding process. We feel that in order for you to "reconstruct" Gampistan in orderly fashion and plan what you want the outcome of Gampistan's Reconstruction; you’ll need to follow the example of the US's 10% and Military Reconstruction plans. The 10% plan was a plan that allowed southern states to rejoin the Union once ten percent of the voters of the 1860 election swore an oath of alliance to the Union. The Military Reconstruction Plan was a plan that was created to put their Union back together. It set up military districts in the South and enforced civil rights to all citizens. The act also made the southern states adopt a new government that passed the 14th amendment. We feel that if you were to pass laws and charters that enforced equal rights, and had a military to ensure the laws of the country were fully carried out, the Reconstruction process will be much more orderly and easier for you.

9: Give It A Chance | The Freedman’s Bureau was a system that fed and clothed refugees and helped ex- slaves find work on plantations. They also made education available to African Americans. The Sherman’s General Field Order basically gave land to slaves, giving them the hope that they would be emancipated (which eventually did happen). We as your advisors believe that you should give some type of opportunities to blacks; you will be able to see just how productive some of them can be. Take | We feel that you should provide more than enough opportunities for citizens to succeed in the society. Show your people that you care about their well-being. By granting African Americans land, it will give them a sense of responsibility. America had the Freedman’s Bureau and Sherman’s General Field Order as systems to do this. | Hiram Revel for instance. If the Freedman's Bureau didn't give blacks the chance to gain knowledge, he might have never been able to become an African Methodist minister or be voted into the Senate. We think that you should really consider giving ex-slaves these chances would show that blacks are just as intelligent as whites, and that giving them their freedom was worthwhile.

10: The Jury Makes A Decision | The reconstruction of Gampistan should be taken very seriously. Not that we doubt you, but everybody makes mistakes. Andrew Johnson was a great president. He did all of these great things for ex slaves- and America. His only flaw led to him being impeached however. He violated the Tenure of Office Act, which stated that the Senate had to approve the removal of any government officials. We feel that you need to know this because although you may be one of the greatest leaders in the world, and will show it in your reconstruction decisions, you will have to "play by the rules" of the land. We have no doubt that you will.

11: The United States’ first interpretation of what the newly approved 14th amendment was during the Slaughterhouse case. We think that if you are going to make all of these new laws, then you will have to have an interpretation of what you want the law to exactly mean. We do not advise you to leave people with the chance to loosely interpret what you want the laws to mean. This can cause a lot of confusion and can leave Gampistan in disarray. | Watch Out Now | Compromise is key. We feel that if America's North and South can peacefully end their Reconstruction period, then our East and West can do the same. Whether it is a compromise between who gets into a political office, like America's compromise or something else, we think that it would be very wise of you to make sure that when you decide to end Gampistan's Reconstruction, both the East and the West are on the same page. After all, this is what the Reconstruction period is all about?

12: It's In Your Hands | Throughout this proposal we have given you many good resources to look to when thinking about the best plan for Reconstruction. Now we are going to look at events in United States history that took place during the Reconstruction era that are prime examples of what to steer away from. Black codes were a negative connotation to the Reconstruction era. Southern state legislation passed these laws that limited African Americans' rights in the South. These codes differentiated from state to state but had the main goal to keep African Americans in a slave-like state. These laws angered Northerners. Then there was the Colfax Massacre in Louisiana that still showed how whites still felt as though they were better then the blacks. This caused a lot of division in the south. The Colfax Massacre was an event where a white league felt they were supreme over blacks; they resulted in killing hundreds however only three whites were charged. After being charged, U.S. vs. Kruikshank released the white men was said that their punishment was unconstitutional. This marked the nation’s retreat from Reconstruction.

14: Another bad thing to look out for is a supremacy group. Specifically during the United States Reconstruction era, there was a group called the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) whose goals were to take over the Republican Party and to dominate and make an all white supremacy. They went around viciously attacking African Americans in the south. Also there were was the term “redemption” that people like the KKK could because it was used to describe the defeat of Radical Republicans or blacks by white democrats. From these three events and groups we advise you to have an authority to stop things from happening like this. There could be military men to patrol around and stand on guard just in case events like the Colfax Massacre breaks loose.

15: We trust that you will make the necessary decision, the right decisions. We have complete trust that you will do what is key to make Gampistan one of the most successful nations in the world.

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