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Red Kayak

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BC: Reflection of the Assignment In this project it was fairly difficult and easy at the same time. The easier parts to this project were uploading the photos. The harder parts of this project were setting up each and every detail for each page, such as having to set up each line of all of the poems, and the changing of fonts and color of size of the words and pictures. In the novel that I chose to read "Red Kayak", by Priscilla Cummings was very interesting in my opinion. i really enjoyed my novel because i enjoy reading adventure books because it keeps me focused on the book that I enjoy reading that is fun and interesting to read on my behalf. I would definitley recommend this novel choice to any one who enjoys reading adventure or action type novels.

FC: Red Kayak: By: Priscilla Cummings Mixbook By: Brandon Kline

1: Table of Contents Table of Contents........1 Setting Poem............. 2 Character Poem............. 3 Process Action/Reaction Po... 4 Sitting Down to Read Poem.......5 Crabs of the Bay.................6 Priscilla Cummings............7 Reflection Poem..............8 Character Poem #2..............9 The Chesapeake Bay Poem.........10 The Crabbing Boat Poem........11 Reflection Piece................12

2: Setting: In a season of cold wather Spring is just waiting to come A drifting on a boat through the water A glistening sound of birds and bugs chirping to fill your morning But then there is the sunrise Is like the clouds opening up and shining down toward you Even though wintertime can be full of light The upcoming spring is full of fun In the city of the neighborhod Brady was told he couldn't fix ben's situation but he knew that he could The hearing of thesoft waves from the water Can be cheerfully to yourself while drifting down river While on the boat you can hear the motor on the roaring roaring like a Lion in the wild Brady lives in the city during this wintry season in the story going down rivers Is the dream of his to retrieve crabs as it was his dream.

3: Brady: He is a kid A kid not normally you would see everyday He is 14 years of age and in the eighth grade He is very brave And he will fight till he gets what he wants He is very adventurous A kid kid that is very caring and honest to others He had lost his dad from a disease He saved a kid named Ben Where he ended up dying in a hospital But for Brady he wouldn't have made it there He is a kid that enjos hanging around his dad He goes crabbing about every other day Brady is a great kid to be told And never the less is he always so kind

4: Character's reaction to a situation: Brady is a brave kid When he trys to save ben He gets caught up with himself on his death He blames himself of the situation For not being faster or thinking harder He puts himself down everyday Knowing he could have helped quicker A reaction is he ashamed of himself People tell him its knot his fault But then immediately dissagrees with them He tries as hard as he can To succeed to do anything for his family For his family he takes care of Ben's hamster Instead, the action is yard work Ever weekend he would do yard work for his family

5: Sitting Down to read the Book Poem: As I walk into my room i pick it up Pick what up you may ask Yes, I picked up "Red Kayak" Sitting down flipping through the pages Having a visual of all of these black words I could see the idea of the use of persuasion The Punctuation and the dialogue used I sit on my bed lying there with thoughts going round and round through my head the text read The lamp shining down upon my book To see the words glowing like a star This makes mself comfortable to read The book is so good that I can't leave my bed While lying there reading

6: Crabs of the Bay Poem There nickname is the crustaceans They are blue They have two claws Along with fours legs on each side of them They are found at the bottom of the Bay These creatures are small feeders Generally feed on bacterias Also could feed on Algae When cooked they are blue Then fully cooked they turn orange Very popular in the Summer times People buy these creatures all of the time They come by the dozen They can come by the bushels They are interseting creatures They are known as Crabs

7: Priscilla Cummings the Author Poem The author wrote this novel This isnt an ordinary author She enjoys writing stories of kids and animals She decided to start her career for children In 1986 she wrote her first picture book The title of the book was "Chadwick the Crab" She was born in the year of 1951 Currently still living and writing She grew up in a dairy farm in Massachusetts Then she had moved to Maryland She was impressed with the maryland blue crab This inspired her to wright her first picture book Then she began to write novels such as "Red Kayak" The Setting takes place near the Bay in Baltimore

8: Reflection Poem This novel was very interesting There were hard understandings As well as easy understandings The author makes the reader able to understand And to stay focused on the novel Brady the main character is a normal kid He goes throughout the whole novel He is very brave and adventurous He always sticks things into his mind In the novel the resolution to the problem He was trying to fix turns to be his friends's fault He was trying to figure out why they did it i Throughout the novel its about the red kayak A friend of their had drowned where her kayak They had drilled holes in the bottom It had happened when he was on his dock Had flipped and caused her to drown. This book overall was very well set up A recommended person for this novel is interested in adventure

9: Chracter Poem #2 She was an older looking lady She had wrinkley skin She was the mother of her son Ben who had drowned Brady had helped her because of her son's death She lets Brady do her yard work for her She lives in the city She lives in a mansion with a long driveway She is an ordinary lady who like to take care of people While brady is doing her yard She makes him lunch every saturday She lives alone Mrs. Diangelo has a husband His name is Mr. Diangelo They are parents of Ben and are very sad about the Terrible incident of their son

10: The Chesapeake Bay Poem In the novel Brady goes crabbing all the time The waves of the Ocean are so calm and not noisy The wind blowing in you face is so peaceful The sand so light and tan The sound of the boats rocking While hitting the water falling onto them The birds floating accroos the water As if they were trying to cool off The sun beating down on the water The shinyness onto the water to catch your eyes The smell of the salt water Rushing up through your nose of the smell of the water The seagulls flying around you Flying around on a beautiful sunny day The glisening sounds of the open Bay

11: The Crabbing Boat Poem The small boat A boat that only hold pots and few people The motor of the boat rattling The crab pots making a noise sounding like chains This boat out in the Bay Trying to catch crabs Throwing crab pots out Later pulling up in the boat to real them into your boat The boat not going very fast This boat is very crowded The taken up space is by the cooloers crab pots as well with Few passengers being aboard Out hitting the waves with the boat Make it a bumpy ride The life of this boat is used for a special purpose This is used for Crabbing

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