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River Valley Civilizations

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FC: River Valley Civilizations | Drew Wilson

1: Mesopotamia 2-5 Egypt 6-9 Egypt 10-13 Indus Valley 14-17 | Table of Contents

2: Due to the lack of rain in the area, residents built canals to bring water to the land from the rivers. | Ass | Cuneiform was the written language of the Mesopotamian Civilization, it even continued to exist after the Sumer civilization declined. | Assyrians were rather known traders in Mesopotamia. Instead of boats, they traveled on land with donkeys and caravans.

3: Ancient Sumerians were polytheistic people who believed in many gods. They believed that everything that happened to them was a result f how the Gods felt about them. | Mesopotamia | In Northern Mesopotamia, the land is fertile and there is constant, seasonal rain. However, in Southern Mesopotamia, temperatures were very high and rain was scarce. | According to the Babylonians, Marduk was the most important God of all time. However, the Sumerians only felt that he was somewhat important.

4: Mesopotamia | Priests were the most important. Their jobs were to make sure that the people acted in a way to keep the Gods happy. | According to Hammurabi, no matter your social stature, if you broke the law and were found guilty, you would be punished.

5: Upper class men and women were identified by their jewelry, long hair/beards, dresses, and fancily arranged hair. Lower class people were ones who were paid for their work. Though their lives were not as lavish as the upper class, they lived comfortably. Slaves were the least cared for. Sumerians brought prisoners back with them from another town to act as slaves. | The oldest known wheel was first found in Mesopotamia as early as 3.,500 B.C.

6: Egypt | Pharoahs who were thought to be half God, half man, owned all of Egypt including animals, people, mines, and the Nile River. | The Nile River was the quickest form of transportation, especially when the wind was blowing.

7: All Pharoahs had helpers who assisted him with everything.. While some were family members, others were people who hoped to increase their government status. | One of the ways to notice someone's social status was to see how much effort is being put into building one's tomb, as well as its size. | The flooding of the Nile River helped the Egyptians' lives quite a bit. Egypt would have been pure desert without the river. | Ancient Egyptians were responsible for the calender. They had ten days a week. three weeks in a month, four months in a season,three seasons in a year, and five holy days.

8: Egypt | Ancient Egyptians wrote in Egyptian scripts called Hieroglyphics.

9: Popular/Important jobs included soldiers, scribes, artists, and peasants. | Temples were very popular areas. It's where kids learned, women brought temple offerings, and important people stayed. | The Book of the Dead was not a book, but a large amount of various spells written by ancient Egyptians.

10: China | The Chinese believed that they were alone on Earth other than the Mongols. | Ancient China called every river The Great Sorrow due to the amount of devastation they caused along the Yellow River each time they flooded. | During the Shang Dynasty, people worshiped their ancestors and asked for advice using oracle bones.

11: The Mandate of Heaven were heaven's orders. | Chopsticks were invented during the Shang Dynasty. | In Ancient China, paper, silk, matches, ice cream, and much more were created.

12: China | The Chinese written language was calligraphy. | The Chinese government was ruled by an emperor and its royal family. | It was believed that once a man passed on, his spirit lived on in an after world. Once they passed, it was said that they inherited magical powers.

13: The Great Wall of China took over 1,700 years to build. Each emperor added pieces to the wall to protect their dynasty.

14: Indus Valley | Hinduism was the main religion. | The creations of bronze, silk, and wood buildings came to be. | Civilization was made between the Gangus and Indus Rivers.

15: The writing used during this time was Indus script which was merely symbols. | Plumbing and Sewage Systems were created in this civilization. | People of the Indus Valley were believed to be the first to use weights and measures.

16: People of the Indus Valley Civilization planned cities on Grid Systems. | Indus Valley | Barley was a popular crop.

17: Mother Goddess was greatly worshiped. She was meant to symbolize fertility. | Cattle, elephants, and numerous other animals were representations of Gods to the Indus Valley people.

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