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River Valley Civillization

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FC: River valley civillitation By:Jared Ross

1: Table of contents pg.2,3-Mesopotamia pg.4,5-Egypt pg.6,7-Indus valley pg.8,9-China

2: Mesopatamia -The rivers that form Mesopotamia are the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. -Most settlers were attracted to Mesopotamia because of the rich and fertile soil. -every year Mesopotamia would flood and leave behind huge quantities of silt. | -Sumerians were citizens of mesopotamia. -Many if not all citys and states in Mesopotamia came under control of dynastys by 2500 B.C.

3: -After 3000 B.C wars became more frequant between most citys. -Cunieform is one of the oldest forms of writting that the Sumerians created. -Sargon created one of the worlds first empires by defeating al citys and states in Mesopotamia. | -Sumerians beileved that there gods were both immortal and all powerful. -The Sumerian society was the beginning of what we call social classes.

4: Egypt -The Nile river provides farmers with silt which is very rich and fertile soil. -Egypt is completely surrounded by desert. -The sun god is one of the Egyptians most important god. -Egypt was seperated by two kingdoms until they were united in 300 B.C. -Egypt was one of the first places to create paper known as papyrus.

5: -Mummifacation was a type of berial done to preserve the body. -pharohs around Egypt had different crowns. -Pharohs are often seen as gods -pyrimids were built for pharohs ,preists and many other great people. -Egypt has a very hot and dry climate.

6: Indus valley -The indus valley is between the Indus river and the Ganges river. -Monsoons occur during different seasons and brings winds that bring rain and dry air. -The Indus valley has the Himalayan mountains to the north. -plumbing and sewage system began in the Indus. -Sometimes the Indus and the Ganges river would change course.

7: -In the Indus valley the people who lived there created the grid system for there citys. -Floods along the Indus were very unpredictable but the floods would leave behind silt for farming. | -The Harappan written language is a mix of cunieform and hieroglyphics. -Massive earth quakes destroyed sitys and changed the course of some rivers. -The Harappans conducted a thriving trade with people in the area.

8: China -China is in between the Yellow river and the Ganges river. -China thought that there culture was the center of the civilized world. -It is very good in China if you bring your family honor. -Your ancestors are like a god they prey to them and the ancesters could bring could bring good fortune or bad fortune. -China knew how to control floods so nothing would get damaged.

9: -China also started irrigation which is used alot in present day. - The chines society was strongly divided by social classes known as nobles and peasents. -in the Egyptian language Hieroglyphics were used to represent a word, but in china a symbol represents a syllable. | -China built blast furnaces that helped produce bronze and iron. -China built roads and canals to help trade.

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