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Romeo and Juilet

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BC: the end

FC: Romeo & Juliet the proluge

1: What things are introduced during the first prologue? Why do you think Shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the first prologue? | In the first prologue it say this “two households both alike in dignity” he says this probably because these people are both the same pretty much and then later on we found out that they fight for no good reason so you think that they would not fight but be friends instead because they have that much in common

2: Setting doesn’t just include the location. It also includes the time, the circumstances of the characters, the social structure, and many other issues. summarize the setting of this story as outlined by the prologue | The setting of the story is in Verona he probably chose this setting because maybe back then it would be a rich town or area. These families are both the same in most ways. Both of these hating family’s have no clue why they are fighting but they still fight because their parents fought and its gone on for generation

3: Choose three words or phrases that you encountered or seemed confusing or difficult. Explain what they mean. | 1. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, so it means They have hated each other for generations, and they don’t even know why, but now new fights are about to break out. 2.From forth the fatal loins of these two foes which means Fatal loins – the parents of Romeo and Juliet 3. Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife. Which means They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) but only in their death do they succeed

4: Act One Scene One

5: 1. What does the fight between the servants tell us about the feud in Romeo and Juliet? It sort of tells us the relationship between these two families even though they have so much in common. So then we get the picture of these two families

6: 2.what does it mean to take the "wall" It mean’s instead of going in the middle of the street were they through buckets of when they going to the bathroom and throughout all there bad food stuff like that.

7: 3.What is wrong with “biting your thumb” at someone? It is a disrespect thing it would sort of be like what we do today but it was disrespectful to do this to someone. This is what started the fight in the street.

8: 4. what kind of character is Benvolivo? How is he antithetical to Tybalt? He is a peaceful character and he wants the battle to end between the two family he is also open and honest. He hates peace and the world he is more of a fighter t a peace maker.

9: 5.what is the punishment for fighting on the street's again as decreed by the prince? how is that ironic? The punishmet for fighting on the streets again would be death. They didnt want that so they were not going to fight again

10: in this scene what impression do we get from Lord Capulet. How does He feel about JUilet the marriage. he really loves Juilet he wants her to marry for love. and He says to Paris why doent you kepp looking for other girls and to see if there is other besides Juilet. and then Capulet is going to throw a ball for him to see if there is other girls

11: 7. what is your first impression of Romeo? why is he acting the way he is? How does this set up Romeo for the rest of the play? I think that Romeo has a way of being emotional and then he get over dramtic so i think thats the way he is set up in the play.he says that Rosaline is as bright as the sun but when he juilet he just gets Rosaline out of the way she just out of the scene

12: Who is Paris? Paris is lord capulets friend. He want to a marry his daughter Juilet. But lord capulet is saying no what a little longer and he will put a ball for him and let him see if there is other girls for him act 1 scene 2 | Lord Capulet doesnt want his daughter Juilet to marry yet.He wants her to be happy and to experiance more about the world so Lord Capulet will not let Paris marry her yet. He said see if there is other lovley ladies for him besides Juilet.

13: 6. why does it bother the prince so much that there is civil unrest in Verona? It bother the Prince so much because he want's peace and not fighting and he wants them to be an example to the society. so he he will kill them if they fight again

14: how much power does Juilet have over her life? and what eveidence do we have? Juilet does get a little bit of control because her father wants her to be part of the decision. So Lord Capulet says to Paris that my daughter has to be part of this also

15: how does Peter , the servant provide comic relif in this scene. Peter the Capulet is funny because he cant read and he has to go find all of the invited guests but he has no clue how to read. He also mumbles like how can a fisher catch fish with a stick and then he says how can servant get the invitations out if he can not read. So when he sees Romeo he asks him if he can read and Romeo say he can so he list all the names and then Peter the servant says you can come if you not a montugue and tells them there is going to be a ball at his masters house and that there is going to be tons of people.

16: 5.why does Romeo edecide to crash the Capulet party Does Shakspear provide any forshawdoing of future events? When Romeo was reading the list he saw Rosaline name onthe list so he wants to go see her at the party so thats why he wants to crash the party to go see Rosalie

17: How does Juilet feel about the marriage? How does she feel about Paris? Juilet says it a honor she dreams not of and she doesnt want to get married for money but she wants to marry for love. Juilet has never met Paris and knows nothing about him so she really doesnt want to marry him.

18: Describe the Nurse's charchter? The Nurse is kind of crude but she is very kind to Juilet and cares very much about her. She does not like Lady Capulet becuase she is not a mother to Juilet. but she would be the best Nurse you could get.

19: act one scene four

20: What are the boys about to do in this scene? They are about to crash the capulet party because Rosaline is there and romeo wants to see her.

21: Why does Romeo feel jumpy? Romeo had a bad dream and he was not sure if he should go to this party cause he thought it could lead to his own death

22: Describe the type of person Mercutio is uses clues from his behavior and his speech. We think that he gay because he says that he also cant have what he wants. And he does really care.

23: act 1 scene 5

24: Why does Shakspear include the Servants Shakspear probaly included them because they take up time for when the people are getting changed for the ball. and then are also for entertament for the common people

25: What is ironic whith Romeos entrance Right when Romeo enters he sees Juilet and loves her at first sight. He just forgets about Rosaline and then all the sudden Juilet is the one he loves. But he doesnt know anything about her.

26: What happens when Tybalt hears Romeos voice? When Tybalt hears Romeos voice he know there is a montugue around then when he sees Romeo he wants to put up a fight. But when Lord Capulet hears this he gets mad and says there will be no fighting jsut because he is a montugue there is no fighting he seems like a nice guy so no fighting cousin.

27: How does Romeo convince Juilet to kiss him so quickly he taking very smoothly to her and is saying that her hands aer holy and that he want to worship them by kissing them. But juilet says a hand shake is good enogh but he kisse her anyways and says he has gotten rid of his sin.

28: what forshawdoing do we get at the end of act 1 scene 5? Juilet gices clues about how she would die if she didnt marry him. so we think that in the future that Juilet and Romeo may marry because she would die if she wasnt with him. | what forshawdoing do we get at the end we sort of know that Juilet and romeo both like each other even though they are sworn enimies we know that they could both fall in love even though they hardly know each other.

29: act 2 scene 1

30: 1.They think that Romeo and Rosaline are hiding on the bushes ande are doing very dirty things. 2.Romeo is hiding but not with Rosaline he is spying on Juilet at her balcony

31: 4.Juilet says that they should get married but she is the one that thought up the thought but Romeo thinks about it and then asks her to marry her. act 2 scene 3 1.Friar Lawrence agrees to help because he think it might end the feud between the two familys.

32: What does Romeo compare Juilet to? Romeo compares Juilet to the sun.

33: Act 2 scene 2

34: act 2 scene 2 why does Shakspear make Mercutio and Benvolio make love sound like it all has too be Phyisical? Where Romeo and Juilet talk about emotional love right in this scene? 1. I think that Shakspear did this because Mercutio and Benvolviio are kind of crude he just thinks it phyiscal and thats what love is to Mercutio. Then we have Romeo who is ready to die for her showing the difference and it shows that Romeo really loves Juilet. 2. Juilet is explaing you could take a rose and call it a daffodile but the rose would still smell the same

35: act 2 scene 2 A famous line from Romeo and Juilet. you could call a rose a daffodile but it would lokk the same and smell as sweet.What does this mean. 1. I think that Shakspear did this because Mercutio and Benvolviio are kind of crude he just thinks it phyiscal and thats what love is to Mercutio. Then we have Romeo who is ready to die for her showing the difference and it shows that Romeo really loves Juilet. 2. Juilet is explaing you could take a rose and call it a daffodile but the rose would still smell the same

36: act 2 scene 2 What does Romeo swear his love by? And why does Juilet not like this? 1. I think that Shakspear did this because Mercutio and Benvolviio are kind of crude he just thinks it phyiscal and thats what love is to Mercutio. Then we have Romeo who is ready to die for her showing the difference and it shows that Romeo really loves Juilet. 2. Juilet is explaing you could take a rose and call it a daffodile but the rose would still smell the same

37: Who proposes? What is the Plan 4.Juilet says that they should get married but she is the one that thought up the thought but Romeo thinks about it and then asks her to marry her.

38: Act 2 scene 3

40: ACT 2 SCENE 4 1.As a result of the party-crashing, Tybalt wanted another fight against Romeo to amend the insult he gave him. 2.Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats because he is a good fighter. The Prince of Cats was a historical swordsman, and Tybalt is supposedly better than him. 3.Mercutio is so crude when describing Romeo’s night because he only believes in physical love and not true love, and he is also very jealous of Romeo being with Rosaline in the first place. 4.Mercutio treats the Nurse not very nicely because she is talking to Romeo and wants to meet him in private and Mercutio thinks they are going to do something else. He also hates women anyway. 5.Peter and the Nurse don’t talk in iambic pentameter (10 syllables per line) which shows that they are servants and uneducated.

41: 6.Romeo and the Nurse made a plan to meet at the abbey that afternoon and Romeo would also give the Nurse a rope ladder so he can go see Juliet in her room that night. 7.The mood of the scene is a bit secretive, but also very happy and mushy regarding love. act 2 scene 5 act 2 scene 6

42: act 2 scene 5 1. In this scene Juilet is about to get married to Romeo and the Nurse will get things prepared for that night. 2. The Nurse tortures Juilet like that becasue she is out of breath and she is also having to do everything for Juilet. | act 2 scene 6 1. Friar Lawrence did not have a very good speech for Romeo so i think that the Friar Lawrence was not very certain of this marriage because he thinks that Romeo will do something to not make this marriage work. 2. In this scene Romeo and Juilet get quickly married

43: act 3 scene 1 1.what happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? Tyblat and mercutio run in to each other in the town and Tybslt is looking for Romeo. then Tybalt and Mercutio start to fight and Tybalt kills Mercutio 2. what does Romeo do in retalition? 4. who creates a tragic hero? Mercutio creates the Tragic hero for he saved Romeos life 5. What is Romeos fatal flaw? he is very mad at Tybalt for he had killed his best friend. But he knows it would be wrong if he killed Tybalt. 6. what happens after the fight between Romeo and Tybalt? Tybalt falls down and dies. 7. how is this the turnig point in the story? then we know that Romeo could be in prison or worse he could be killed. because the prince sad no fighting or else they could be killed.

44: act 3 scene 4 1. what has been decide regarding Juilets fate in this scene? Juilet will marry Paris but the night before she is actually going to tkae the Poison and fall in to a deep sleep. 2. What was capulets only concern about this? What does this tell us about relationship with his daughter Juilet. Capulets only concern is that date about the wedding.

45: 1. What is the signafence about "larks" and "nightingales" in this scene? the larks sing in the morning and the nightintales sing in the night and Juilet wants Romeo to stay longer. 2. What super obvious forshowding do we get from Shakpear as Romeo leaves? the major forshawding that Shakpear gives is when romeo and Juilet are saying godbye tp eachother. and Juilet think that they wont see each other alive again 3. how does Juilet react when her mother gives her the annoucement? Juilet is very upset and sad becuase she really loves Romeo. She also doesnt want to marry Paris. act three scene five

46: act 3 scene 5 4. How does Capulet react to Juilets acceptance or lack therof? what is the ultianium he gives her? Capulet is very angy with Juilet since she will not marry Paris. she will be kicked out of the house if she doesnt marry. She could live in the gutter and Capulet will not care 5. Quote one of the lines to PROVE that capulet is not the best father. 6. what does Juilet tell the Nurse? is this true or not? What do you think she will do? Juilet tells the nurse that she will be going to the church to confess her sins to the Friar. But she is going to see if the fiar can help her with her misery.

47: act 4 scene 1 why is Paris at the church? and what does he tell the Friar? Paris is ther to go over JUilet and his wedding. But the Friar is telling him that he rushing it too quickly. But he says that it will stops Juilets crying over Tybalt. When she is really crying that she has to marry Paris. How does Juilet use double entredes in this scene? Juilet uses double entredes in this scene by telling Paris not to call her his wife when they are clearly not married yet. when she is actually married to Romeo.

48: act 4 scene 1 how does Juilet mirror the actions of Romeo, when he was just there the day before? Juilet mirros the actions of Romeo by saying that she will do anything to get back to Romeo and to not marry Paris What are some thing that Juilet would rather do than to marry Paris? she would sit in a field surronded with poisonus snake. she would be chained up with a vicouses bear she would climd down in to a freshly dug grave and hide there with the dead body.

49: Friar lawrences plan she is too take the potion at night. it will seem as though you are dead but you will be in a deep sleep. when the family burys her she will be in the Family grave. he will send a leter to Romeo and tell him to come. then Romeo and Friar Lawrence will s

50: act 4 scene 2 why is the servemen blathering on about the cooks who lick thier fingers? the cook that lick thier means that thier food is good and the cooks that don't lick thier fingers means there food isnt good

51: act 4 scene 2 what is the unexpected result of Juilet telling her Father she will marry Paris? She tells her Father that she will marry Paris becasue she know that she will be gone with Romeo and that she will not be marry Paris

52: act 4 scene 3 Juilet is unsure of taking the poison for a couple of reasons describe them. because she could be going crazy because Romeo and Friar Lawrence might not be there so she could be locked in there for an extra day. Juilet would be surronded by her dead ancestors.

53: Act 4 scene 3 what things does she imagine that finally convince her to drink the potion? that she could see herself dancing with Tybalt. and playing with Ancestors bones. then it reminds her that she will be with Romeo and that they will run away together and live together forever.

54: Act4 scene 4

55: what is this scene all about? in this scene they are preparing for the wedding and they stay up till 6 in the morning

56: act 4 scene 5 1. How is Death personified in this scene? Juilet is ready to go but not to ever to return. So she is ready to go to the church dead and unmarried but she will never return. capulet says to Paris that he missed his chance to marry Juilet because she is married to death

57: act 4 scene5 2. are Juilets parents unconcered by her death or angry that they dont get to marry her to Paris? Explain your answer. they are very sad but they are also angy. they are very sad becuase thier only daughter died. but they are a little angry becasue she never did get married and they are saying that death is with thier son in law because she is dead so he would be as dead as well.

58: act 4 scene 5 3.What does the Friar tell the family to stop them shouting out thier grief? The Friar tells them that Juilet is in a bettwer place and that we should be happy for her for know she doesnt have to live here but know in heaven. We have everything ready but we will just have to dye them black instead of white. and we will have a funreal instead of a wedding.

59: act 4 scene 5 4.what is the reason for peter and the musicans for having an argument? They have this argument becuase then who ever has to go get changed for the funreal can quickly go behind the stage and get ready for the funreal.

60: act 5 scene 3

61: 1.Romeo and Juilet by shakspear. This is defintly a romance it is obviouse becuase these two people are despertly in love even though there love is forbbiden becuase thier families are sworn enimies. Myu favorite part of the play would e the nurse she is very funny and the friear lawrence. i dont like how shakspera makes Juilet and Romeo so sarcastic and over dramtic. I would rate this play a three becuase it is over dramtic in some areas and is very funny in other areas too. this would be okay to read depends on the reader and what they like.

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