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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo + Juliet Questions By Matt H

1: Question 1. what things are introduced during the first prologue? #1 In the prolouge they say that romeo and juliet are going to fall in love and die accidently and then the two households will stop fighting. #2 setting was fair veronaa city that was under the rule of the prince and the capulets and montagues are two rich families that fight on the streets of this city usually at night. #3 the words are doff to throw off; get rid of: Doff your stupid ideas and join our side! , strife quarrel, struggle, or clash: armed strife, and verona the city were the scene is laid

2: Act 1 scene one 1.A feud is a large fight that takes place in the middle of the street. In which all citizens servants, family members and even gaurds battle 2.Taking the wall means walking along the wall instead of in the gutter. Were people will through there waste from the night before and if your standing in the gutter you'll get hit. 3.Biting your tongue at someone is very disrespectful. 4. Benvolio is a peaceful character who does not like fighting and is willing to tattle. and tybolt loves to fight and doesn'ttattle. 5.The punishment for fighting in the fued is death. This is ironic because you have to kill to create peace. 6.Then the more fights the more his city gets destroyed and disgraced 7. he gets to into things he's a stocker and crys every hour of the day.

3: act 1 scene 2/3 .Paris is an old guy that wants to marry Juliet; he is rich and a good friend of Capulet. 2.Capulet wants Juliet to be happy, and wants Juliet to marry whoever he wants. Overall he is a good dad. 3.Juliet has a little bit of power because Capulet asked if he liked this guy. But she doesn’t get to decide if she marries Paris. 4.Peter provides comic relief because he cannot read, has a spasm attack because they gave him a note he could not read, and gave Romeo the idea to crash the party. 5.He decided to crash the party because Rosaline is going to be there. They foreshadow at the beginning scene 3 1. i do not think juliet wants to marry paris and ithink she is unhappy about her father forcing her to. 2. the nurse is very dirty and enjoys to make dirty jokes but i think sshe plays an important role in the story

4: Act 1 Scene 4 1.They are about to crash the party because Mercutio is invited so there going as his friends. 2. Romeo feels jumpy because he had a dream that something leading to his death will happen at the party. 3. Mercutio likes to party and is possibly gay. He does not like girls, and doesn’t believe in dreams. He feels that love should be fun - he thinks Romeo's idea of serious love is stupid.

5: Act I scene 5 1.Shakespeare added those scenes to give comic relief and to give the actors time to change. 2.Romeo walks in and sees Juliet and immediately falls in love. This is ironic because he is supposed to be going up to Rosaline. 3.Tybalt freaks out and wants to kill Romeo when he hears his voice, but Capulet won’t let him and said if he did he would kick him out of the party. 4.Romeo doesn’t ask for permission, but he manipulates her with words and then just kisses her. 5.Juliet said if he is married then her wedding will be her death bed. And romeo says that his life is in his enemies hands.

6: act 2 scene 1 & 2 1.They think Romeo is hiding in the bushes with Rosaline. 2.Romeo was actually hiding in the bushes sneaking off to spy on Juliet. 3.He compared Juliet’s eyes to stars and her skin as bright as the sun. He also compares her to a baby hawk. 4.Shakespeare added it to make Romeo mad because mercutio was talking about physical and Romeo just wants to marry Juliet 5.It means if you call a rose by a different name it will always smell like a rose. 6.Romeo swears his love to Juliet by the moon but Juliet didn’t like it because the moon is ever-changing. 7.Juliet proposed and then said she would send a messenger in the morning after Romeo decided. Romeo was going to ask the friar to marry them the next day.

7: act 2 scene 3 1. He immediately goes to Friar Lawrence to ask him if he could marry him and Juliet. 2.He thinks that Romeo is crazy for forgetting about Rosaline so quickly. 3.He thinks it is sort of weird that they want to get married so quickly but he thinks it is a good idea because it might end the feud.

8: act 2 scene 4 1. Tybalt sends a message to the montagues wanting to fight romeo for crashing the party 2. mercutio calls tybalt better than the Prince of Cats. 3. because mercutio hates girls and is jealous because he likes romeo. 4. mercutio calls her a dirty old woman and he makes fun of the way she looks. 5. it's just big chuncks of words and they speak differently. and they are un-educated. 6. they decided that they are going to get married that afternoon. 7. everyone is happy there are jokes and romeo is happy for once, and exited.

9: act 2 scene 5 1. In this scene the Nurse comes back late from asking Romeo if he said yes or no. and then she makes Juliet mad by not telling her right away 2. cause the Nurse doesn't think that romeo is the right man for juliet. act 2 scene 6 1. The Friar tries to tell Romeo that it might be to early to marry juliet. and then juliet walks in and the friar just wants to get it overwith. 2. I think it is foreshadowing because he is saying that it might end badly.

10: 1. tybalt and mercutio get into a fight and mercutio dies 2. romeo goes to fight tybalt ad kills tybalt 3. romeo didn't fight tybalt he tried to stop the fight but killed mercutio 4. every tragic hero has a flaw that they keep doing 5. romeo's flaw is he doesn't think before he does things. 6. romeo runs away and the prince banishes him 7. this is the major turning point because while he is gone juliet sends a letter romeo does not get it and then they both die

11: Act 3 Scene 2 1. It is confusing because the Nurse says Romeo is dead. Then she says tybalt is also dead 2. Four anthesises are dove feathered raven, wolfish ravening lamb, a honourable villian, a dammed saint. 3. At first Juliet hates him but then she forgives him. 4. Juliet gets mad at the Nurse for scolding her husband. 5. The Nurse decides to bring Romeo to Juliet to spend his last night with her Act 3 Scene 3 1. The Friar and Romeo are friends and the Friar is like a father to Romeo 2. Romeo shows it by thinking that being banished is worse than being executed and decides to kill himself. 3. To go to Mantua and wait until they make peace with the prince and is alowed back into verona. 4. The scene ends when the Nurse comes to fetch Romeo and finds him crying on the floor. and then she tells him to act like a man and he leaves to go to Juliet.

12: Act 3 scene 4 1. the count and capulet decide that juliet is to marry the count. 2. Capulet thinks the wedding is to close after tybalts death. he thinks juliet will agree so he doesn't know her that well. Act 3 scene 5 1. Juliet wants romeo to stay so she makes him think it was a nightingale not a lark and it is still dark. 2. Romeo said she looks pale like she's been drained of blood. 3. she says that she does not want to marry paris and that she would rather marry romeo even though she hates him. 4. He thinks she is silly not to marry paris. she says she either marries him or she leaves his home. 5. The one were he wants to slap her. 6. she told the nurse she was going to friar lawrences cell to pray but she is really going to get him to help her.

13: Act 4 scene 1 1. Paris is at the church to tell the friar about his an juliets wedding tells him why there douing it so early. 2. Juliet tries to tell Paris that she doesn't like him and she is married to someone else. 3. Juliet takes a dagger and goes to kill herself like romeo did. 4. she would rather jump from a tower or get locked in a grave with a dead guy. 5. juliet is going to drink a poison that will slow down her heart and knock-her out. then she will wake up 42 hours later and romeo will come and take her to mantua.

14: Act 4 scene 2 1.He says that because if a cook won’t eat his own food the food isn’t any good. 2.He decided to make the wedding a day earlier. Act 4 scene 3 1.Juliet was scared because she thought that maybe the friar gave her the potion to kill her. She also thought that she would go crazy in the tomb. 2.Juliet gets convinced because she thinks of Romeo being chased by tybalt’s ghost and she wants to protect him. Act 4 scene 4 1.The Nurse Lady Capulet and Capulet are getting everything ready for the wedding.

15: Act 4 scene 5 1. Death is personified by saying it married Juliet. 2. Lady Capulet is sort of sad, while Capulet is mad because they don't get to have the wedding. 3. Friar Lawrence tells them that she is probably happier in heaven. 4. They added this scene for comic relief and so they can do a scene change.

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