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Romeo and Juliet

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BC: The End

FC: Romeo and Juliet

1: 1: The things he introduced was where the scene was and the fact that they are doomed to love and die for each other. I think he chose to do this so that people could focus on the main body of the play and not the fact that they die | 2: The setting is in Verona, Italy during renaisance times and that the family has been fighting for ages. | 3:The fearful passage of their death-marked love, And the continuance of their parents’ rage, Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove. It was confusing when they say the last line.

2: Act One Scene One 1: The fude between the two families is so huge it involes the citizens and servents that have no relation to the families. 2: To take the wall is to have less chance of getting hit by sewage that was thrown out the window into the gutter. 3: To bite your thumb at someone is the same as fingering someone today. 4: Benvolio is a tattle tale who like peace, but Tybalt likes fighting and he does not admit things. 5: the punishment is death; it is ironic because to stop fighting and violence they have to kill people. 6:It bothers him because it makes Verona look bad and like theres a civil war. 7: The first impression of Romeo is that he's a winer and he overexagerateds things. This sets up the end because he kills himself when he overexagerated Juliets fake death.

3: Act One Scene Two 1: Paris is an old and rich man who wants to marry Juliet. 2: The impression we get of Lord Capulet is that he is a loving father that wants her child to have a good childhood and to be happy. 3: Juliet has some power about who she marries but the descission is of Lord Capulet and Count Paris. 4: Peter provides comic releif because he overreacys and does not realiz that he invited a Montague to a private party. 5: Romeo crashes the party because the invite list showed that Rosaline was going to be there and that Benvolio told him he was going to find hotter chicks there. Shakespear tells us in the prologue that he finds Juliet at the party.

4: Act One Scene Three 1: Juliet does not want to get married, and she does not like Paris but she will marry him if she is forced to. 2: The nurse is a caring person but she makes people uncomfortable by saying dirty jokes.

5: Act One Scene Four 1: Romeo, Mercusio, and Benvolio are going to crash the Capulet's Party. 2: Romeo is jumpy because he had a dream that soething is going to happen at the party that will kill him. 3: Murcusio is a party guy that does not like woman and is possibly gay.

6: Act One Scene Five 1: Shakespere include the scene with the servants because it could cause comic relief and so that the charecters could get changed. 2: The ironic part about his entrance to the party is that he said he would love nobody but Rosaline and as soon as he walks in he falls in love with Romeo. 3: When Tybalt hears Romeo's voice he wants to start a fight and kill him. 4: Romeo mixes his words and just kisses her. 5: They say that their wedding day will be their death bed.

7: Act Two Scene One 1: Mercutio and Benvolio beleive Romeo is hiding in the bushes with Roseline. 2: Romeo is acctualy hiding in the bushes by himself waiting for them to leave. 3: Romeo compares his eyes to the stars, he calls her a bright angel and he says she is the sun. Act Two Scene Two 4: Murcutio and Benvolio talk about physical love because they make him angry and he beleives that this is true love. 5: When you say "that which we call a rose by any other namewould still smell as sweet" it means that names don't matter and don't change a what it really is. 6: Romeo swears his love by the moon. 7: Juliet proposes to Romeo and the plan is to get married in secret.

8: Act Two Scene Three 1: Romeo goes to see Friar Lawrence so that Romeo and Juliet can get marrried. 2: The Friar thinks that it is good that he is not obsessed with Rosoline but thinks he has not given his love much thought. 3: Friar Lawrence thought that they should wait and he does agree to marry them.

9: Act Two Scene Four 1: Tybalt sent romeo a romeo a letter to fight him for crashing the party. 2: Mercutio thinks Tybalt is higher than the prince of cats which means he is a better swordsman. 3: Mercutio is jealous because he thinks Romeo is spending time with Rosaline because he likes Romeo and is a women hater. 4: Mercutio insults her by calling her a fat old hag and wants to use Romeo. 5: We can tell they are not educated because they are onlly servants and when they speak they don't rhyme (Shakespere uses rhyming to decide royal status). 6: Romeo and Juliet decided on the wedding night and used a rope ladder so that Romeo could climb up to juliet. 7: The mood of scene 4 is happy and exited because Romeo and Juliet got married.

10: Act Two, Scene 5 1: In this scene the Nurse gives Juliet the news about Romeo and their wedding. 2: The Nurse is torturing Juliet because she wants to bug her and get a reaction. Act Two, Scene 6 1: In this scene Romeo and Juliet get married by Friar Lawrence. 2: The speech is not really a pre wedding speech because he is saying that Romeo might be rushing things and that could be discouraging before a wedding.

11: Act Three, Scene One 1: Tybalt and Mercutio get into a fight and when Romeo tries to stop them Tybalt kills Mercutio. 2: Romeo kills Tybalt in a fight after Tybalt killed Mercutio. 3: Romeo's choices lead to his downfall because he said he could not fight Tybalt and it lead to Mercutio's death, and when he fights Tybalt it leads to his own exile. 4: A tragic hero is someone who creates his own dowfall. 5: Romeo's fatal flaw is that he is too impulsive and doesn't think things through. 6: After the fight between Romeo and Tybalt, Romeo runs away and he is forced into exile. 7:This is the turning point in the story because if Romeo didn't get exiled it might no lead to the death of Romeo and Juliet, because they would have never gotten seperated.

12: Act Three, Scene Two 1: The confusion in this scene it that the nurse ran into the scene crying he's dead and she meant that Tybalt is dead but she made Juliet think she was talking about Romeo. 2: Some example of antithisis is a "damned saint", "dove-feathered raven", a "honourable theif" and a "beutiful tyrant". Shakespear uses antithisis here because it shows that Juliet is angry at Romeo but she loves him too much to say anything really bad about him. 3: When Nurse scolds Romeo Juliet yells at her, this tells us that Juliet is still wanting to be with Romeo more than her family. 4: Nurse decides to go find Romeo because Juliet won't quit whining about him.

13: Act Three, Scene Three 1: The Relationship between Romeo and the Friar would be that they are friends. 2: Romeo shows that he is still foolharty by saying he wants to kill himself instead of rejoyceing because he was not killed by the Prince. 3: The Friars plan is for him to move to Manchua and wait for the Prince to change his mind and let him come back to Verona. 4: The scene ends with Romeo and Juliet back together for their wedding night.

14: Act 3, Scene 4 1.Her father decides she is to marry Paris whether she wishes it or not. 2.His only concern is that they will be seen poorly for having a happy occasion so soon after Tybalts death. Act 3, Scene 5 1.The significance is that one sings in the morning and one at night. 2.They both say they look dead when the say goodbye. 3.She refuses to marry Paris. 4.He says that she will either marry Paris on Thursday or she will be cast out and disowned. 5.“You pale face” Capulet is actually insulting, and calling his daughter ugly.

15: Act Four Scene One 1: Paris is at the church registering his wedding and he says that he needs to marry Juliet so soon because he thinks that Juliet is depressed so much about losing Tybalt so getting him will solve the problem. 2: Juliet uses double entredres by saying you can call me wife when I am a wife, meaning that she is married but making it so that she is saying when they are married he can call her wife. 3: Juliet mirrors Romeo by saying she wants to kill herself rather than marry Paris, and Romeo the other day wanted to kill himself rather than get banished.

16: Act Four, Scene Two 1: The Servingman is talking about cooks who lick their fingers because only a good cook will eat their own food. 2: The unexpected result of Juliet saying she will marry Paris is that her Father moves the wedding up one day. Act Four, Scene Three 1: Juliet in unsure about taking the poison because she is scared that it might kill her, Romeo might not come and she will die of suffocation, and that she might go crazy and play with the bones of her ancesters and then die. 2: Juliet convinces herself to drink the poison by vizualizing Romeo killing Tybalt and her thoughts go straight to Romeo and she realizes how much she wants to be with him and takes the poison.

17: Act Four, Scene Four 1: This scene is all about the planning of Juliet and Paris's wedding. And when Nurse tries to wake up Juliet but she took the poison the previos night. Act Four, Scene Five 1: Death is personified in this scene by saying the Capulet missed his chance to marry Juliet because death married her first. 2: I think the Capulet is more upset about his party plans being ruined and not as much about Juliet dying. I think that Lady Capulet is more concerned abaout Juliet dying so i think that they are both upset about Juliet dying and that they couldn't get her married. 3: The Friar tells the family that Juliet will be better in heaven and she went to a better place to stop them from being in too much grief. 4: the argument between the musicians and Peter is too keep the audience entertained while they switch scenes.

18: Act Five, Scene One and Two 1: See Health Advisory Act Five, Scene Three 1: The author of the play is William Shakesspear. Romance would be the genre of the play,

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