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romeo and juliet

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BC: she fils grate to marry romeo but not paris thr nures is a forgetible person and she cant readeather she freaks out about little things. that is the romeo and julet play

FC: Romeo and Juliet Study Notes

1: What things are introduced during the first prologue? | They introduce Romeo and Juliet and the other characters in the play. We find out that both households are both alike in wealth and status.

2: The setting in the story is in the streets of Verona at all times of the day and night and in Juliet's house at night time. The two families are wealthy, and hate each other. It is in the 1600s.

3: Two houses bouth alike and dignity. - This means both families are similar in weath and status. In fair verona, where we lay our scene - This is the town where the play is set One more

4: act1 seane1 1.The feud is huge and extends to the whole city, not just the two families. 2.To walk agenst the wall means you walk on the side of street by the wall so you don't get human waste thrown on you. 3.When you bite your thumb at someone ,it means a disgrace to them, like flipping the bird. 4.Benvolio is a peace maker and tried to break up fights, and Tybalt is a killer and he want sto start fights. 5.The punishment for fighting is that the Prince will kill you. This is ironic because he wants to stop the fighting by killing people. 6. The Prince is so angry over the fights because it makes his city look bad, and then he's worried no one will visit and people will move. 7.Romeo is a chicken who cries all day - that is my first impression of him.

5: act1 seane2 1. Paris is an old guy that has a lot of money and he is very friendly and wants to marry Juliet. 2. Lord Capulet was a guy that is her dad. 3. Juliet has a little bit of power over her life, because she can decide if she likes the guy or not, but mostly her parents have the power to choose who she is going to marry. 4. Peter the servant can’t read. He makes up stuff and he has spazz attacks. He also told Romeo about the party. 5. Romeo was not invited and he was curious when he looked at the list. Rosaline was on it and he wanted to go check her out.

6: Act 1 Scene 3 1. How does Juliet feel about Paris? Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris. She will try to check him out and see if she can give him a chance. 2. Describe the nurse. The nurse is a forgetful person and she cant read either. She talks a lot about Juliet, because she loves her like a daughter. She only has 4 teeth. She tries to protect Juliet. She wants Juliet to have what she wants, not what the mom wants. She's pretty dirty too.

7: Act 1 Scene 4 1.The boys are going to crach Lady Capulet's party and dance. 2.Romeo had a drean that he was going to die as a result of something that happens at the party. 3. Mercutio does not like girls and he is a party boy. He doesn't believe in dreams, and he thinks that Romeo is nuts because he does. He thinks love should be fun and not serious (and goes on and on about sex.)

8: Act 1 Scene 5 1. The scene with the servants is to give the actors a chance to change costumes and to provide comic relief. 2. Romeo's entrance is ironic because Juliet walked in and he forgot about Rosaline - we expect him to be trying to hook up with Rosaline. 3. Tybalt comes in and freaks out and wants to kill Romeo and then his uncle freaks out at him and will kick him out of the party. 4. Romeo talkes about stuff that is mixing her up and talking about her hands and then kisses her. 5. Juliet says if she does not marry him she will die, and Romeo says he will die if he does not marry Juliet.

9: Act 2, Scene 1 1. He thinks he is in the bush making out with rosalin. 2. he is hiding in a bush watching julet. 3. he compares julet to a sun. Act 2, scene 2 4. If it has love seans to making out seans if youdid not have the making out sean it would make it seam like romeo is a stalker. 5. it is just a name and it does not mater if he os a montogu it is just a name. 6. dom't sware by the moon becaus the moon is always changing. 7. Julet perposes to Romeo not Romeo.

10: Act 2 sean 3 1. He goes to the fare lawense to see if he is going to marry julet. 2. He thinks it is good that he is not cray over rosian. 3. Hare Lwrence agreas to helpe him he wants the fighting to stop and him going crasy about rosilan. Act2 Sean 4 1. Iinsed of party craching Romeo meat Julet. 2. princ of cat that is whie they call each outher. 3. he is Jeluse of Romeo becaus he slept with rosilin. 4.mecushero treats the nurse rilly bad and he is veary snoby to here. 5. They dony speak weard they speek in normal sentens. 6. They diside to have the weading at night time. 7.the mood is loving and caring and death.

11: 4. | Act 2 sean 5 1. it is when thay go to find romeo and ask if he wants to marry jullet. 2. She wants to torcher julet becaus she made the nursego all around town to find romeo and she wants to have fun with julet. Act 2 sean 6 1. This sean is about when romeo and julet get marryed they get marryed. 2. The speech is a good look speeac and like a freandly speech.

12: Act 3 Seane 1 1. Tybald and Mercutio get in a fight and Mercutio dies when Tybalt kills him. 2. Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for Mercutio's death. 3. killing people and drinking poison faaling in love with Rosilin and then Julet. 4. A tragic hero always has a flaw. He or she will do things that lead to his or her own downfall. 5. Romeo is the tragic hero because he kills alot of people falls in love with out thinking and getin trouble with out thinking. 6.Romeo kills Tybalt because he kills Mecruseo then Romeo get banded frome the towne because he kills tybalt. 7. That is howe it turns out to be romeo and julet dieing.

13: Act3 scene 2 1.The nurse comes in and says he’s dead and Juliet thinks she is talking about Romeo but she is talking about tybold . 2.Beautiful tyrant Fiend angelical Dove-feathered raven wolvish-ravening lamb. 3.She is mad and Sade but she still loves Romeo. 4.She get mad at the nurse for scolding her husband 5.The nurse decides to take Romeo to Juliet to spend his last night with her Act 3 scene 3 1.They are good friends and friar Lawrence is like Romeo’s father 2. because he thinks getting executed will be beater than getting banished 3.he gives him a suggestions to go to Juliet that night when he wakes up he is expose to go see her 4. the nurse tells Romeo to go to Juliet.

14: Act 3 scene 4 1. Juliet's fate is that she is to marry Paris on Thursday. 2. Capulet's only concern is that the wedding not be too soon after Tybalt's death because people might talk.

16: Act 4 Scene 1 1.Paris is at the church because he arranging the wedding. 2. Juliet uses double meanings when she says "That may be when I may be a wife". Paris thinks Juliet means 'call me wife when we're married' but she means "I'm already married." 3.Juliet mirrors Romeo when she pulled out a knife and said she will kill herself. 4. Juliet would rather do these things than marry Paris: Chain me with roaring bears From off the battlements of yonder tower Or walk in thievish ways; or bid me lurk. 5. The Friar is a good guy that is going to give Juliet a poison to make it look like she is dead. Act 4 Scene 2 1. He's blabbering about cooks licking their fingers because that means the cook is a good chef and if they don't lick their fingers that means that he is a bad chef. 2. The unexpected result is that the dad bumps up the wedding by one day.

17: Act4 Scene 3 1. Juliet is unsure of taking the poison because she thinks that the Friar wants to kill her. She's also worried that when she wakes up, that she'll be locked in the crypt and go crazy, or she'll suffocate. 2. She is thinking of Romeo when she takes the poison. Act 4 Scene 4 1. They are geting ready for the wedding. act 4 scene 5 1. It is when all the people say that death marryed Julet. 2. yes they a re conserned because they planed the wedding and because they dont get any of Paris mony. 3. the friar thels the people to stop crying becuse Julet is happyer in heaven than on earth. 4. it is so the people in the seans can change seans and the people watching dosent have to see it.

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