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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet

2: 1st question I think he chose to tell us what he did in the fiest protogue because he wanted us to concencrate on what leads up to the end. | 2nd Question The setting of this story is very outlined and in detail... telling when Romeo dies and as well as juliet. | Question 3 They use old fashion words such as "thee" which means weird. When they slur the words to fit the 10 sylabble beat. The was they talk... " By day and night he wrongs me.

3: Question 1 What does the fight between the servants tell us about Romeo and Juliet? The feud was big and involved the whole city Question 6 Said they would be killed and to kill people so that they have peace that’s why it’s ironic. | Question 2 To walk along the wall so that you wouldn’t get poo poo through at you. Question 3 It was wrong to bite your thumb because it’s just like giving somebody the bird. Question 5 The punishment was they would be killed if they were found fighting on the streets. Question 7 Romeo he is a wimp. He does a lot of stuff without thinking and he also was buying her presents that she didn’t want.

4: Question 1 Paris is an old man that wants to marry Juliet; he has lots of money and is a friend Capulet. Question 2 Capulet wants her to have a good childhood, and wants to marry who she wants to. Question 3 3.She has a little bit of power on her life but Capulet still wants her to marry Paris. Question 4 Peter he can’t read and he just say’s random stuff from the note because he can’t read it. | Question 5 Romeo decides to crash the party because Capulet said he could only got if he was a Montague but he isn’t.

5: Question 1 Juliet wants to get married but she doesnt like Paris but she doesn't hate him. | Question 2 The nurse she cares for Juliet , She wants Juliet to marry who she wants not by force.

6: Question 1 What are the boys about to do in this seen? The boys were going to crash the party. Question 2 Why does Romeo feel Jumpy??? He felt jumpy because he had a dream that he could control people in their dreams. Question 3 Describe the type of person Mercutio is. Use the clues from your behaviour and his speech? Mercutio we think he likes men and he doesnt believe in dreams.

7: Act 1 Scene 5 Question Why did Shakespeare make the scene with the servants? They described it so they can hide them changing the scene. | Act 1 Scene 5 Question 2 What is Ironic about Romeo's entrance to the party? Irony is when you think one thing is going to happen but then another thing happens, Romeo he is thinking about Rosalyn and then two seconds later he is hooked on Juliet. | Act 1 Scene 5 Question 3 What happend when Tybalt hears Romeo"s voice ? What happened when Tybalt heard Rome’s Voice is that Tybalt wants to kill Romeo but his uncle said if he kills Romeo that he will be kicked out of the party.

8: Act 1 Scene 5 Question 4 How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him so quickly ? He got her to kiss him so quickly because he just kissed her | Act 1 Scene 5 Question 5 What foreshadowing do we see at the end of the act ? Some foreshadowing is when she got married she died and Juliet said “my Grave is to be like my wedding bed”.

9: Act 2 Scene 1 Question 1 Where do Mercutio and Benvolio believe Romeo is hiding ? (Keep your answer as clean as possible!) Mercuric thinks that Romeo is in the bushes with Rosaline doing some stuff. | Act 2 Scene 1 Question 2 What is Romeo actually doing? Romeo is actually spying on Juliet in the bushes. | Act 2 Scene 1 Question 3 What things does Romeo compare Juliet to? Romeo compares Juliet to a moon.

10: Act 2 Scene 1 Question 4 More Irony: why does Shakespeare make Mercutio and Benvolio talk about "Physical love" in the scene right before the balcony scene, where Romeo and Juliet talk about emontional love? The Irony they get is because he loves her and the scene before he is talking about physical love. | Act 2 Scene 1 Question 5 A famous line from this scene is "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". what does this mean ? You could be called anything but it is still you.

11: Act 2 Scene 1 Question 6 What does Romeo swear his love by? Why does Juliet not like this? Romeo swears by the moon and Juliet doesn’t like that. | Act 2 Scene 1 Question 7 Who purposed ? What is the plan? Juliet purposed and she did that so that she didn’t have to marry Parris.

12: Act 2 Scene 3 Question 1 What does Romeo do immediately after he leaves Juliet ? Go's straight to Friar Lawernence to see when they can get married. | Act 2 Scene 3 Question 2 What does Friar Lawernce think about Romeo's sudden change in love interests? Friar Lawernce thought that it was good because she loves him back with Rossinal he only liked her she didnt like him back.

13: Act 2 Scene 3 Question 3 What does Friar Lawernce think of Romeo suggestion? Why does he agree to help? He is going to help him with the secret marrige may be able to make it so both families don't wont hate each other. | Act 2 Scene 4 Question 1 What was happening as a result of the party-crashing? Tybalt wants to duel with Romeo for crashing the party.

14: Act 2 Scene 4 Question 2 What does Mercutio call Tybalt and why ? Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats ( which means that he is a very good fighter). | Act 2 Scene 4 Question 3 Why is Mercutio so Crude when describing Romeo's night? Mercutiois a woman hater because Mercutio wants Romeo to himself. | Act 2 Scene 4 Question 4 How does Mercutio the nurse? He thinks that he is there to be with Romeo and Mercutio thinks shes a dirty little woman.

15: Act 2 Scene 4 Question 5 What is interesting about the way the Nurse and peter speak to one and other ( Hint: look at the style of writing)? They don't Ryhme at all because they are not educated because they are servents. | Act 2 Scene 4 Question 6 What do the Nurse and Romeo decide to do regarding the marriage? They are going to have somebody meet the nurse behind the Abi so the nurse can go up to Juliet Romeo and make it look good for their wedding. | Act 2 Scene 4 Question 7 What is the mood of this Scene? This is one of the happiest scene's in the play because Romeo is happy he's getting married and Mercutio is happy because Romeo is joking around with him.

16: Act 2 Scene 5 Question 1 What happens in this scene? The nurse taunts Juliet in this seen. | Act 2 Scene 5 Question 2 Why does the nurse torture Juliet the way she does? The nurse torture Juliet because she is having fun with her and Romeo.

17: Act 2 Scene 6 Question 1 What happens in this scene? Romeo and Juliet they get married and they are all over each other. | Act 2 Scene 6 Question 2 Anyzle the speech Friar Lawerance to Romeo - not really a bubbly, pre wedding type speech, it is? It wasnt a good speech for a wedding and he talked about their deaths to come.

18: Act 3 Scene 1 Question 1 What happens between Tybalt and Mercutio? Romeo got mad at Tybalt because Romeo tried to break them up and Tybalt stabbed Mercutio and he died. | Act 3 Scene 1 Question 2 What does Romeo do in Relation? Romeo gets really mad and calls on Tybalt to fight because he killed his cousin.

19: Act 3 Scene 1 Question 3 How has Romeo led to his downfall? Romeo he kills Tybalt. | Act 3 Scene 1 Question 5 What creates a tragic hero ? It makes Romeo a tragic hero because he will fight for his family.

20: Act 3 Scene 2 Question 1 1.The Nurse tells Juliet that Romeo is dead and Juliet gets all sad and says she wants to kill herself but Romeo isn’t really dead | Act 3 Scene 2 Question2 2.Honorable villain, damned saint, wolvish ravening lamb, dove feathered raven

21: Act 3 Scene 2 Question 3 3.Juliet is mad at Romeo that he killed Tybalt Juliets Cousin | Act 3 Scene 2 Question 4 4.Juliet yells at the Nurse for yelling at her love for being a little coward

22: Act 3 Scene 3 Question 1 1.The relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence is that the Friar has married Romeo and Juliet and they could be considered as friends | Act 3 Scene 3 Question 2 2.He is crying on the ground because he had just been banished from Juliet and he threatens to take his life.

23: Act 3 Scene 3 Question 3 3.He suggests that Romeo goes to the town manchuwa it’s near were Juliet lives. And Romeo just waits till everyone isn’t as mad at him so that he can come back and live in the town with Juliet. | Act 3 Scene Question 4 4.The scene ends with the nurse hitting on friar Lawrence

24: Act 3 Scene 4 Question 1 1.That Juliet is getting married on Thursday to Paris. | Act 3 Scene 4 Question 2 2.Capulet thinks that Juliet will do whatever he wants and she doesn’t care and I don’t think that is a good relationship between Juliet and Capulet.

25: Act 3 Scene 5 Question 1 1.Romeo is talking about larks because larks are morning bird and Juliet talks about nightingales which are night birds and she still thinks it’s night. | Act 3 Scene 5 Question 2 2.When they are saying good bye they said he looks like corpse in the bottom of a tomb.

26: Act 3 Scene 5 Question 3 3.Juliet’s starts going crazy when her mom says Romeo should die. | Act 3 Scene 5 Question 4 Capulet doesnt like Juliets decision to marry Paris and if she doesn't marry Paris he will kick her out of the house and kick her out of the Capulet family.

27: Act 3 Scene 5 Question 5 Or i will drag thee on a hurlde thither, Out, you green sickness. | Act 3 Scene 5 Question 6 Juliet was going to friar for conviction but she was actually going to him for help so she was lying to the nurse.

28: Act 4 Scene 1 Question 1 Paris was at the church because he was there try to organize the wedding soon so that Juliet doesnt change her mind. | Act 4 Scene1 Question 2 She is already a wife so Paris can't call her his wife and he can when they actually get married.

29: Act 4 Scene 1 Question 3 Juliet asked Lawerance to help her and if she doesnt get help she is going to kill herself. | Act 4 Scene 1 Question 4 Juliet would rather drink the poision than marry Juliet because then if she doesn't die from the poision she will get to be with Romeo.

30: Act 4 Scene 1 Question 5 His plan is that Juliet will go home and tell her parents that she will marry Paris. After this, she will drink the potion. The potion will make her look dead, but she won't actually be dead. When she wakes up, Romeo will be there and they will go to Mantua. | Act 4 Scene 2 Question 1 Cooks that don't lick their finger wouldnt eat their own food they make and cooks that lick their fingers taste it to see how good it tastes.

31: Act 4 Scene 2 Question 2 Capulet moves the wedding up one day some Juliet's plan isn't going to work. | Act 4 Scene 3 Question 1 Juliet is unsure of taking the poison because she thinks that Friar Lawrence is out to kill her because he married her to Romeo and if she's dead nothing will be bad for him.

32: Act 4 Scene 3 Question 2 Juliet stays with the plan because she thinks of how much Romeo loves Juliet and wants to be with her. | Act 4 Scene 4 Question 1 They are just getting everything ready for the wedding and that's it.

33: Act 4 Scene 5 Question 1 Everybody is confused why Juliet is dead and her parents are wondering how she died. They personify Death by saying Death is Capulet's son-in-law. | Act 4 Scene 5 Question 2 The Friar says that is was good that she died before she married Paris because she didn't really love Paris. He says she will be happier in heaven.

34: Act 4 Scene 5 Question 3 The Friar was tell everybody don't be so sad because she is up in a happy place. | Act 4 Scene 5 Question 4 The scene with the musicians is to get ready for the next scene and giving them time before the next scene. Juliet is dead at the house, and in the next scene she has to be in the graveyard.

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