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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Study Notes

1: We learn that Romeo and Juliet are fond of each other, that both households hate each other, even though they areprety much the exact same. then we learn that they 'take their lives'.the fight has been going on for years between the two familes. shackspear tells us so that we understand why they fight all the time. | Question 2 What is the setting of the story? The city of Verona which we think is in Italy. The families are both very wealthy. | line 4 where civil blood makes civil hands uncealn it means plople will be fighting in the street. line 7 whose misadventured piteous overthrows it means they fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying but only in their death do they succed.

2: the fights are so bad they have spred to every person in the city. to take the wall is so you don't get crape throw on you . romeo is a crazy preson becuase he crys in the woods and when he not in the woods he crys in the his room and he likes a noan and he is a stocker. | Paris is an old guy, who is a friend of Capulet and is rich – he wants to marry to Juliet. Capulet is a good dad because he does not want to marry her yet and he wants her to be happy. He wants to her like the guy she marries. Juliet doesn't really have much power over her own life. She does have the power to choose whether or not she likes the guy, but ultimately her dad decides.

3: Peter is a high strung character that spazzes when his boss gives him a letter and he can't read. Romeo is going to crash the party so he can see Rosaline. We get foreshadowing that he'll meet Juliet because we know he's shallow and likes girls for looks. Also Benvolio tells us. | Act 1 Scene 4 The 3 guys are about to crash the Capulet party . Romeo feels jumpy because he had a bad dream about how something at this party will lead to his death and it does. Mercutio could be gay and he does not like women. He thinks dreams don't mean anything and he thinks love should be fun and not serious.

4: Act 1Scene 5 1. The servant scene is to give the actors a chance to change costumes and to provide comic relief. 2.The irony is that as Romeo walks in the door and sees Juliet, he instantly forgets about Rosaline. We expect him to do to Juliet what he did to Rosaline. 3. When Tybalt hears Romeo's voice, he goes crazy and wants to kill him. Capulet won't let him. | 4. Romeo doesn't even try to convince her to kiss him; he tricks her to kiss him by talking about her holy hands and how he has sinned. 5.The foreshadowing is that she says if she can't marry him, she'll die. In fact, she is going to die because she marries him.

5: Act 2 Scene1 1.Mercutio and Benvolio think that Romeo is hiding in the bushes with Rosaline . 2. Romeo is hiding from his friends, waiting for Juliet . 3. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun then he compares her eyes to stars. 4. The irony is that they think that he getting physical with Rosaline but he trying to find Juliet. It also shows us that Romeo is not like Mercutio and he really does love Juliet. | 5. "A rose by any other name is still a rose" means that if a rose had a diffrent name it would still be a rose. If Juliet called Romeo any other name, he'd still be the man she loves. 6.Romeo swears his love by the moon but she doesn't like it because the moon is always changing. 7. Juliet tricks Romeo into proposing. Their plan is to have the Nurse meet Romeo the next day behind the abbey wall.

6: act 2 scence 3 1.Romeo goes to the chapal to ask the Friar to get him and Juliet to get married. 2.The Friar thinks that Romeo's love comes from his eyes not his heart. 3. The Friar agrees to help because he thinks it could help stop the fighting. | act 2 sence 4 1. tybolt sends a leter to romoes home a change to fight romoe. 2.marcoito calls tybolt the pince of cats because the prince of cats was konw for his sorwed fighting and so is tybolt. 3.marcoito is so crude because he is gay and he likes romeo and he is jealous that hypothetically. romeo spent the night with rosoland but romoe did not. 4. marcoito treats the nures as if she is trying to get with romeo

7: Act 2 Scene 4 cont 5. the way the nrues and peter talk hints that they are not educatea.smeoone like romoe the way he talks has moroe wit and rime the hints that he is educatea. 6. the nruse and romoe deciend to have someone romeo trusts to meat the nures bihind the abbey wall to deciend when the marraged well be and were. 7. the mood for romoe is happy and cherfull for the nures it is anger for mactio and bunvoleo is fun because they get to make fun of the nures. | act2 sence5 1.In this scene, the Nurse tortures Juliet by not telling her if Romeo likes here or not. Juliet gets very anxious and wants to know the answer. 2.I think that the Nurse bugs Juliet because s he thinks it’s too soon. Act 2 Scene 6 3.In this scene Romeo and Juliet get married and Friar Lawrence tries to tell them to slow down and play it safe. 4.Friar Lawrence’s speech isn’t very fitting for a wedding because he is saying “hopefully nothing bad happens” and they talk about ‘love-devouring death’.

8: Act3 Scene 1 & 2 1.Mercutio wants to fight Tybalt but Tybalt wants to fight Romeo. Romeo won’t fight so Mercutio fights Tybalt and Mercutio gets stabbed while behind Romeo and dies. 2.For revenge, Romeo kills Tybalt. 3.Some of the bad choices Romeo has made was marrying Juliet, trying to stop Mercutio and Tybalt, and killing Tybalt. | 4.All tragic heroes have a fatal flaw. 5.Romeo’s fatal flaw is that he does everything without thinking: impulsiveness. 6.After the fight, Romeo runs away and the Prince banishes him. 7.This act is the turning point in the story because Romeo has to leave, so then Juliet is sad, and she puts herself in a coma, and it leads to both of them dying.

9: Act 3 Scene 3 1.The confusion in this scene is when the Nurse walks in and is crying “He’s dead! He’s dead” and Juliet thinks she means Romeo but she means Tybalt. 2.Wolfvish-Ravening lamb, Beautiful tyrant ; fiend angelical!, A damned saint, an honorable villain!, Dove –feathered raven! She uses these antitheses because she can’t really insult him because he’s her husband, but she can’t compliment him because he killed her cousin. | 3.Juliet she is mad at him but is sad that he has been banished. 4.When the nurse insults Romeo, Juliet turns around and says, “Don’t you dare insult my husband.“ 5.The nurse decides to go find Romeo and tell him to go to Juliet.

10: Act 3 Scene 4 1. It is decided that Juliet will marry Paris on Thursday that week. 2. In the scene you can tell that Capulet knew almost nothing about his daughter because he thinks she is a good little girl but he but is wrong.

11: Act 3 Scene 5 1. Romeo is talking about hearing the lark because it is a morning bird, and he has to go before the guards find him. Juliet is talking about the nightingale because it is a night bird and she wants him to stay. 2.The foreshadowing is when is says I have an ill-divining soul! Next I see thou it well be at the bottom of a tomb. 3.When Lady Capulet tells Juliet to marry Paris, Juliet starts to use phrases that have double meanings such as “I’d rather marry my enemy Romeo.” 4.Capulet is very angry when Juliet says she won’t marry Paris, and threatens to kick her out onto the street and never have anything to do with her again. 5.“My fingers itch” means Capulet wants to smite her. “You baggage” which means she’s useless to him, and dragging behind him. 6.Juliet tells the Nurse she’s going to confession to the Friar because she broke the commandment “thou shalt obey thy father and mother”.

12: Act 4 scene 1 1.Paris is at the church to tell the friar when he wants the married to happen. 2.When Paris calls her wife she answers back by saying that may be, when I may be a wife”. It means a) call me a wife when you’re married to me but it also means b) I’m already married. 3.When she goes to the friar she pulls out a knife and threatens to kill herself. 4.Juliet says that she would rather be buried In a pile routing bones, chained to a roaring bear. 5.The Friar’s plan is for Juliet to go home and act all happy about marrying Paris the go her room all alone and drink the posin.

13: Act 4 scence 2 1. the serving whats cooks that will lick there fingers so he knows that they can eat there own food if they don't lick there they don't lick there own food. 2. the result of juliet agering is that caoulet moves up the date. | Act 4 scene 3 1. she thinkes the friar might be trying to kill her so he dose not get chough marrying her twice and that she might just get lock in the tomb and go crazy and sart dacing with tybolt dead body and then bash her haed in with a bone. 2.the olny thoght that convinces her is romoe.

14: act4 scenc 4 the sereving man wants spices and the nures is telling capulet to go to bed. capulet sayshe has staded up all night for lesr resons [partys]. | act4 scene 5 1. They give death human characteristics by saying death is married to Juliet. 2. Lady Capulet is not concerned about the money or marrying Juliet to Paris. She is sad about the death of her daughter. Capulet is more worried about he money than his daughter. He is sad but he is still more worried about the money and Paris. 3.The Friar tells them to stop crying because they all had a part in it they were trying to get her married but none of them thought about what she wanted.

15: 4. The purpose of the scene with the musicians is so the actors had time to change, to give some comic relief, and to carry her body to the crypt.

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