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Romeo and Juliet

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Study Notes

1: Question 1 What do we learn in the prologue and why does Shakespeare tell us this? Answer: So people would understand what is going on, where the scene is, and what happens | Prologue Question 2 The setting is not just about the location. What else is there about the seting? Answer: The settingn is Verona in Italy. The families are rich. The families both hate each other. The time is long ago. | Question 3 Three lines I don't understand are: From ancient grudge break to new mutiny. It means They have hated each other for generations, and they don’t even know why, but now new fights are about to break out

2: Act 1 Scene 1 1. The fight between the servants tells us that the entire city is involved. 2. To take the wall you have to slide to the side of the wall to dodge the gross stuff getting tossed from windows. 3. It is disrespectful to bite your thumb in front of someone. | 4. Benvolio is a tattle tale, and he doesn't like to fight and he is a good guy. Tybalt loves to fight and is not exactly a good guy. 5. The punishment for fighting on the streets is death or banishment. It is ironic because the Prince is going to kill people to keep people from killing people. | 6. The Prince is bothered by the fighting because it makes his city look like a dump, and it makes him look like a bad ruler. 7. My first impression of Romeo is that he is a little strange - he cries in the trees every morning and stalks Rosaline.

3: Act 1 Scene 2 1. Paris is an old guy who loves Juliet. He is a friend of Capulet. 2. Lord Capulet is very happy about marrying to Paris, but he thinks they should wait 2 years. He doesn't really care if she loves her husband. 3. Juliet has very little power over her own life because she is a girl. She doesn't get to choose her husband. 4. Peter the servant provides humor because he can't read and he has spazz attacks. | 5. Romeo decides to crash the party because Rosaline is going to be there. We get clues that he's going to meet someone else because Benvolio says he's going to show Romeo more girls.

4: Act 1 Scene 3 1.Juliet does not want to get married really. She does not like him even though she hasn't met him. | Act 1 Scene 3 2. The nurse talks a lot and she talks about funny, dirty things. She was married but her husband died, and her daughter died. She has 4 teeth in total. She feels like Juliet is her daughter.

5: Act 1 Scene 4 1. The boys are on their way to the Capulet party. 2. Romeo is jumpy because he thinks he might die at the party because he had a bad dream. 3. Mercutio might like Romeo (might be gay) and he likes to go parties. He doesn't believe in dreams or love. | Act 1 Scene 5 1. Shakespeare included the servants to give the performers time to change, to provide comic relief. 2. When Romeo enters the party he forgets about Rosaline and instantly focuses on Juliet. 3. When Tybalt hears Romeo he asks his servant to get his sword, but Capulet says no fighting in the party. 4. Romeo is tricky and moves fast 5.Romeo is going to try to make out with Juliet

6: Act2 Scene 1 & 2 Benvolio and Mercutio believes that Romeo is Mercutio and Bevolio are teasing Romeo about him falling in love with Juliet and Romeo is trying to tell that Love is a good thing. Romeo is a Montague dose that make hime a bad person. | Act2 scene2 Juliet dose not want Romeo to change like the moon There plane is to marrie in seccret and do it the next day.

7: Act 2 Scene 3 1.Right after Romeo leaves Juliet and her window; he goes to Friar Lawrence and tells Lawrence to marry them. 2.Friar Lawrence is glade that Romeo got over Rosaline. 3.Lawrence agrees to help Romeo because he thinks the two families would get along.

8: Act 2 Scean 4 Tylalt wants to kill Romeo. Tybalt sent Romeo a letter. | Mercutio called him Prince of Cats because he fights by the book. | Mercutio is crude when he describes Romeo's night because he is jealous.

9: Mercutio does not treat the nurse very nicely. He talks very crudely to her. | It is interesting because Shakespeare does not write in iambic pentameter. They are lowly servants and not deserving. | The nurse and Romeo decide to devise a plan for Juliet to come to the abbey for confession and then Friar Lawrence will marry them.

10: Act 2 Scene 5 1.In this scene, the Nurse tortures Juliet by not telling her if Romeo likes here or not. Juliet gets very anxious and wants to know the answer. 2.I think that the Nurse bugs Juliet because s he thinks it’s too soon. Act 2 Scene 6 3.In this scene Romeo and Juliet get married and Friar Lawrence tries to tell them to slow down and play it safe. 4.Friar Lawrence’s speech isn’t very fitting for a wedding because he is saying “hopefully nothing bad happens” and they talk about ‘love-devouring death’.

11: Act 3 Scene 1 1. Tybalt and Mercutio get into a fight and Mercutio dies. 2. Romeo goes to fight Tybalt, and kills Tybalt. 3. Romeo didn't fight Tybalt because he was happy and tried to stop the fight and Tybalt killed Mercutio which lead to his down fall. 4. Every tragic hero has a fatal flaw that they keep doing over and over until they bring about their own ruin. 5. Romeo's fatal flaw is that he doesn't think before he does things. 6. Romeo runs away, and then the Prince banishes him. 7. This scene is the turning point in the story because after this he is banned and can't be with Juliet.

12: Act 3 Scene 2 Juliet is mad that Romeo is Banishet The anthisesis are raven, wolvish, honorable villain and sweet fish. Juliet is mad at Romeo for what he had done but at onces she is forgives him. Juliet is happy that she got married. The Nurse decide to stay out the Romeo topic.

13: Act 3 Scene 3 Fair and Romeo are like brothers and Romeo always gose to the Frair for help. Once Romeo hears about him being Banished he thiks that death is better. The Fair suggests that Romeo to go to Mantua The Nurse goes to find Romeo

14: Act 3 Scene 4 1. Capulet decide that Juliet should marry Paris. 2. Capulet thinks that will Juliet agree to all of his suggestions. This shows that he is not the greatest dad and doesn't know a lot about her.

15: Act 3 Scene 5 1. The it is somthing that night tangle that sings

16: Act 4 Scene 2 If cook does not lick his fingers it means his food is gross. Lord Capulet moved the wedding night a day ahead.

17: Act 4 Scene 3 She was unsure of taking the potion because a) she thinks that the Friar might be out to kill her and it will be a poison b) when she wakes up she'll be locked in a tomb with dead people and she'll play with bones and dance with Tybalt c) or she might suffocate in there. The one thing that keeps her going is the thought of Romeo. Act 4 Scene 4 In this scene, they are getting ready for the wedding and the Nurse gets sent upstairs to get Juliet because Paris arrives.

18: Act 4 Scene 5 1. Death is personified when Capulet says "Juliet is married to death and death is my son-in-law." 2. Capulet misses Juliet more then they wanted Paris to marry Juliet. 3. The Friar tells everyone that she is maybe happy up there. 4. Peter wanted to hear the musicians and they didn't want to play. Shakespeare added this to give the actors more time to get dressed, and to give the actors time to take Juliet to the tomb.

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