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Romeo and Juliet notes

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Notes

1: By: Erika

2: Prolauge | Some of the things that are introduced to us in the prologue are that there are two families (Romeos and Juliet’s) that have the same social status, and that there is some sort of ancient feud between them that has been causing their families to fight for centuries. It mentions that the play will be taking place in the city if Verona, and how these two feuding families each had a child and that fall in love and they make a pathetic attempt to end the feud and in the end the only solution for it is death. I think that t he reason why Shakespeare mentioned the things that he did in the prologue was to be sure that people had an idea about what was going to happen in the play and so that they were interested in watching the rest of it.

3: The setting of the story as outlined by the prologue is that the two feuding families that are both alike in social structure are continuing to fight, and are causing problems in the fair city of Verona. It also says that the only way that the parent’s feud will end because of their children’s death which tells us that it is a really big fight about something. You can tell that there are going to be characters in love, because it mentions the star crossed lovers. | three things that were confusing to me were when it says that forth rom fatal loins, when it says misadventured piteous overthrows, and also when it says our toil shall strive to mend.

4: Act one, scene one | The fight between the servants shows us that the fight between the two families has extended to people that ardent even directly related to either of the two families. So it is obviously a really big fight and it is causing harm and trouble to the people of Verona.

5: biting your thumb at someone then was the sam as flipping someone off in todays socioty | to take the wall means to take the edge of the street further away from the gutter so that you don’t end up having human waste thrown on you from the houses above.

6: Benvoilio is a very honest and peaceful Character who just wants the feuds between the two families to end he comes across as a tattle tale but really is just trying to help the people in the city. Tybalt he says that he hates peace and even the word of it he is the first one right ready to go with his sword. | Act One Scene One | The punishment that the Prince has threatened for fighting is death; it is ironic that he is threatening with this since he is trying to stop fighting and killing by the threat of death.

7: the Prince is upset about the fighting and killin in the streets of Verona is because it reflects badly upon his ability to rule his city state. | Continued | the reason why Romeo acts the way that he does is because he is a over emotional hormonal teenager who needs to acually speak to a girl before he "falls in love" with her. he is depressed because he ahs seen this girl who is not interested in him at all and he cant stop thinking about her. this tells us that when he thinks that he is in love he really goes all out. so when he meets Jliet we can tel that his relashonship with Juliet is going to be serious

8: Act 1 scene two | Paris is the older man who wants Juliet to marry him. The way that the nurse puts it is that he wants a cover for his book and Juliet seems like a god choice. | She doesn’t really have a lot of power because she seems to do just what her parents tell her to and what they want her to and she does it without arguing.

9: He provides comic relief because he is freaking out because his master handed him a letter that he can’t read because he is illiterate. He fins Romeo and he reads the letter to Peter and the Peter says that there is going to be a huge party and that everyone except for the Montague’s are welcome to attend. | Continued | Romeo decides to crash the party because he reads on the letter that Rosaline is on the guest list and Romeo would do anything to see her. And it also shows that Romeo is really superficial and will fall for any pretty girl without even talking to her.

10: Act one Scene 3 | Juliet thought that marriage wasn’t really something that she dreamed of and we kind of get the scene that she says it in a way to please her mother but maybe if the right guy came along her thoughts about this could change.

11: the nurse is an older lady whe likes to make dirty jokes, and crude comments. the has four teeth and looks kind of scragaly, she nursed Juliet since birth and had a daughter of her own aroun the same age but her daughter passed away, she is also a widow. | Continued

12: Act one scene four | He is jumpy because he had a dream that going to this party might be the reason for his death and as turned out he was right. | What are the boys about to do in this scene? They are about to crash the Capulet’s party in an attempt to cheer up Romeo and help him get over Rosaline, and perhaps meet another girl. Romeo doesn’t want to go because he says that his heart is broken and he has no need to party.

13: Continued | Mercutio is not a very serious person he doesn’t believe in dreams or true love is anything like that but he can get very serious and long winded when he is trying to get his point across, there is an underlined meaning of his speech that indicates that he is gay and might be in love with Romeo.

14: Part of the reason why the servants are there is so that the actors have time to get ready and change into their masks and party clothes. Another reason was to provide some comic relief for the audience. | Act one Scene 4 | The ironic thing that happpend when Romeo wakled into the party was how even though this whole time all that he oculd talk about was Rosiline and then he falls in love with the firt girl he see's when he walks in the room.

15: There is some foreshadowing that Tybalt is going to get Romeo back for "crashing" the party. and also Juliet has already been talking about marrying him or dying alone. | When Tybalt hear Romeos voice he recognizes it as a Montagues and tells the serveants to fetch his sword and then Lord Capulet yells at him and tells him not to start anything, because Romeo has not done anything wrong. | the ironic thing is that he has been talking about Rosiline and then as soon as he walks into the room he falls in love with the first girl that he see's. | In order to get Juliet to kiss him Romeo plays some mind games with her and gets her a little confused and then he flatters her once he has kissed her he tells her that he has purged his sins and she doesnt want to have them so he grabs her and kisses her again. | Continued

16: Benvolio and Mercutio think that Romeo is lying with Rosoline under a medler tree and that perhaps Rosoline is lying on her back. | Act 1 Scene 1 | Romeo compares Juliet to the sun in the eastern sky and the stars in the night sky, the envious moon. and something green an un pleasent because she still has her virginity and he would like o take care of that for her.

17: Act 2 scene 2 | Romeo is acually hiding under Juliets windo saying on her and lisnting to what she is saying. and then talking to her once he lets her know that he is there.

18: Act 2 Scene 2 | It is ironic that Merctio and Benvolio are talking about "physical love" when Romeo and Juliet are having thier conversation is because while Mercutio thinks that love is all physical and thats it and that there is no need to get emotional as long as you have a good time. While Romeo and Juliet are having a converation about just loving each ither and not being ready for anything physical love. they are very commited to each other and ready to defy their families for their love. these two scenes were out side by side to show how opiste the two veiws on love are.

19: Act 2 Scene 2 Continued | Romeo swears his love by the moon and juliet doesnt like this because the moon is allways changing and she wants there love to say constant and the same. | Juliet proposes but she makes it seem like it was Romeos idea. and then Romeo plans to go and see the firer to arrange the marraige that day. | The line "that wich we call a rose by any other name would be so sweet" is meaning that Juliet doesnt care what Romeos name is as long as he is still the same person. it is compared to the rose because even if a rose was called a weed it would still smell as good.

20: Act 2 Scene 3 | Immediatly after Romeo leaves talking to Juliet he goes to the Frier to discuss being married to Juliet. and ensure that theFria keeps it a secret and is willing to perform the ceromony. | Friar Lawrence thinks that Romeos sugestion is a good thing becuase it will help in stopping the fighting in Verona and bring the two families together.

21: Frier Lawrence thinks that the idea of marrying Juliet is fine as long as he is sure that is what he wants. but the Frier is a little sceptical because of the fact that he was just "in love" with Rosoline and ready to marry here the day before. and Romeo is known for being a drama queen who is very quick to make desisions. | Act 2 Scene 3 Cont.

22: Act 2 Scene 4 | As a result of the "party crashing" Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet and Juliet is in love with Romeo. So she doest want to marry Paris any more. also Tybalat caught Romeo there and is mad and want to get revenge by fighting Romeo. | Mercutio cals Tybalt the Prince of cats and because he is a good fighter and he fights fairley and without anything underhanded or devious. | Mercutio is so crude when he is discribing Romeos night because he thinks that love is all physical and not emotional at all. he is also kind of jelous because he is in love with Romeo.

23: Act 2 Scene 4 Cont. | Mercutio treats the Nurse in a very rude and crude manner. And with very little respect. | The way that the nurse and Peter speak to each other is interesting because they dont soeak in iambic pentametre they just speak in plain sentances to show that they are of a lower intelagence | In an hour they are going to meet behind the church and the nurse if going to bring Juliet and Romeo is going to bring a ladder to sneak into Juliets room after. | The mood of this scene is pretty positive and kind of secretive and lovey dovey.

24: Act 2 Sence 5 | The nurse acts the way that she does and tortures Juliet because she wants to have some fun in her own sick way and make Juliet beg to know so she just goes on about random stuff to avoid telling Juliet

25: Act 2 Scene 6 | Friar Lawrences speech to Romeo and Juliet is not a very wedding like speech because Shakespear uses foreshadowing by talking about bad things that hopefully dont happen after they get married. wich is ironic considering that everything goes wrong almost as soon as they get married. | This is the seone that is leading up to Romeo and Juliets marraige. we dont see them acually getting married buut we do see what the Friar says leading up to it.

26: Act 3 Scene 1 | Tybalt and Mercutio get into a sword fight because Tybalt wants revenge on Romeo for crashing theo party. and since Romeo doesnt want to fight Tybalt because he says that he loves him. and even though tybalt doesnt know it him and Romeo are cosions. Since Romeo doesnt want to fight him Mercutiosteps in and fights Tybalt. | In reataliation to Tybalt killing Mercuctio Romeo challanges Tybalt to a fight and then kills him. | Romeos chocies lead to him down fall because if he hadnt have acually killed Tybalt then maybe the Prince wouldnt have gotton so mad at Romeo and then Tybalt would have been punished for killing Mercutio. he should have just fought him and made him scared or somthing.

27: A tragic hero is when the hero in a story is killed or beaten because of their own desisions and mistakes. | Act 3 Scene 1 cont. | Romeos fatal flaw is acting to impusivley if he had thought threw a lot of the desisions that he made instead of just doing things he probably wouldnt have had such an unfourtanate end. | After the fight between Romeo and Tybalt the Prince, Lady Capulet and a few other capulets and some people with the Prince show up. And start trying to get to the bottom of what went down. | This is the turning point in the story because if Romeo hadnt have killed Tybalt then

28: The confusion in this scene is how the nurse comes to Juliet and is yelling "he's dead, he's dead!" and she is talking about Tybalt but Juliet thinks that she is talking about Romeo. | Act 3 scene 2 | Four examples of antithisis are when Juliet calls Romeo a Beautiful Tyrant, a dove featherd raven, wolfish-ravening lamb and a honarable villian. | Juliet feels that even though Romeo had killed her cosin and that was not a good thing to do she still loves him just as much if not more than she did before.

29: Act 3 scene 2 cont | When the nurse scolds Romeo Juliet reacts by yelling at the nurse and teling her not to do that even though she was diong the same thing a minuete before. i think she feels that since she is married to Romeo she has the right to yell at him. | The nurse finally gives in to Juliet and goes off to find him at the Friars.

30: Act 3 scene 3 | The relationship between the Friar and Romeo is that they are friends and the Friar is kind of the one that Romeo runs to, to tell everything to, and the Friar give him advice. | Romeo shows that he is still impulsive and acts without thinking, when he is laying on the floor crying and threatning to kill himself, withour thinking about the effects that would have on Juliet and his family.

31: Act 3 Scene 3 cont | The Friars suggestion to make things right is for Romeo to go to Juliets room and "confort" her and then to leave the city of Verona and then go to Mantua and wait for the Friar to help settle thing down and then Romeo can come back and live with Juliet happily ever after. | The scene ends as the nurse is leaving and Romeo and the Friar are left talking and the Friar tells Romeo of his plan. (see question before).

32: Act 3 Scene 4

33: 1. What has been decided about Juliet’s fate is that she will marry Paris on Thursday whether she like it or not, because that is what her dad wants. 2. Capulet’s only concern about the date of the wedding is that it would be too close to Tybalt’s death, and he needed to make sure that there was enough time for mourning. So he decided on a small party with few people. To be sure that the family had enough time to get over Tybalt’s death. This shows that the relationship between Capulet and his daughter is distant and Capulet doesn’t really know or care about what Juliet wants. The significance of the lark and the nightingale is that the lark sings in the morning and the nightingale sings during the night. Juliet was trying to convince Romeo that it was the Nightingale singing in the morning not the lark and Romeo was telling her it was the Lark. In the end Romeo one and he left so that he didn’t get killed by the guards. The super obvious foreshadowing is when Romeo is leaving Juliet’s room and they say some things to each other that are creepy and morbid things to each other involving death. When Romeo climbs down the ladder from her balcony, Juliet tells Romeo that he looks like he’s laying dead and pale in the bottom of a tomb, and then Romeo tells her that she looks pale all well. Juliet reacts to her mother’s accusations by calmly explain to her mother that she would rather marry her “enemy” Romeo than Paris, the man her father has chosen for her. Little does her mother know that Juliet is already married to Romeo and he just left her bedroom. Capulet reacts to Juliet’s decision to not marry Paris by telling her that if she

34: Act 4 Scene 1 | Paris is at the church to convince the Friar to marry him and Juliet on Thursday. Paris tells the Friar that they he need to marry them o quickley because Juliet has been crying so much that it is unhealthy and the wedding will cheer her up | The double entendres that Juliet usues in this scene are when she says that she loes him, him menaing Romeo and not Pars. and when she tells Paris that he can not call her wife because she is not yet HIS wife. | Juliet mirrors Romeos actions by freaking out and saying that she would rather kill herself with her dager than to marry Paris. She lists many terrible and discusting things that she would rather do. she is also laying on the floor crying.

35: Juliet says that she would rather lay underground with a dead body and wrap herslef up with him, tie herself up with wild bears, or to lay beneath the ground where they put the bones and dead people stuff, kill herself, sit in a poisonious feild of snakes, and jump off towers. | Act 4 Secne 1 cont. | the Friars plan is for Juliet to go homemake sure that she is lone that night, and then take the sleeping poition thing, and then she will be put into her best clothes and laid in the Capulet tomb, then the Friar and Paris will go and sit in the tomb and wait for her to wake up, once Juliet is awake her and Romeo will run off to live in Mantua.

36: Act 4 Scene 2 | The serving man only want to eat food from the cooks who lick their fingers because that means they want to eat their food to because its so good. | Capulet moves the wedding up to Wensday instead of Thursday because he is just so hapy that Juliet wants to get married.

37: Act 4 Scene 3 | She is afaid of taking the poison incase she suffacates in the tomb, acually dies, or goes crazy | The only reason why Juiliet takes the poisin is becasue afetr she does Romeo will cme and rescue her and they will run away together.

38: Act 4 scene 4 | This sceen is all about Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse preparing for Juliets marrigae to Paris the following day.

39: Act 4 scene 5 | Death is personafied as Capulets son in law beause it came and took Juliet away from him. | They are angry about Juliets death because she died so young and without the chance to marry Paris, they were also concerned and upset about her death but not near as much as normal parents would be. | The Friar told the Capulets to stop shouting because Juliet is in a better place now, and to stop blaming death for taking her away. | The reason for the scene between Peter and the musicians is so that the actors have time to change costumes and scenes.

40: Romeo and Juliet is the name of the play and it was written by William Shakespeare. the genre of the play is a romantic tragedy. The play is about Romeo and Juleit falling madly in love even though they are just teenagers and their families have a centery long fued with each other. It has been planned for Juliet to marry another man, but instead she secretly marries Romeo. the very same day that they are married Romeo gets into a fight with Juiliets cousin and kills him, because of this he is banished from the city of Verona. Juliet is so distrought she consumes a sleeping poition to convince everynoe that she is dead so tha she can sneak of with Romeo. Romeo misses the part that she was only faking her death and he drink poison and kills himself, when Julie awakes from her sleep she is so upset and stabs a dagger into her heart. In the end the Prince tells them that is the two families could have ended their fued earlier this whole thing could have been avoided. | Summery of the play

41: The two Best and Worst things about the play | I think that the two best things about the play were when, Romeo killed Paris because he was kind of a creep and how the nurse is dirty and funny. The two worst things about the play are how some of the characters go off on random three page long rants, and how stupid and impulsive Romeo and Juliet are. | Rating of the play | i would rate this play a 3 out of 5 because it was long and boring at times but it was still funny and relativly interesting. I would recomend reding this play because i think it is one of those things that everyone should read once.

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