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romeo and juliet thing

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FC: Romeo and Julet thing

1: The feud tells u that there pretty much forbidden to like each other and the big fight is just shows how bad it is It means to take the area of the street that is close to the wall as to avoid walking in the gutter or sewer that runs down the middle of the street In that time biting your thumb was like flipping someone off Benvolio is unlike Tybalt in the way he is loyal to Romeo yet Tybalt is the first to tattle one anyone The punishment for fighting in the streets is death, and that is ironic because to keep to peace you have to kill people

2: It bothers the prince that they are fighting because he had always told them to stop fighting and because he was worried that this was going to looks him respect My first impression of Romeo is that he’s kind of a cry baby wimp. He is acting the way he is because he is kind of a obsession stalker. Him being that way sets him up for the rest of the play because it shows him that he’s a over dramatic wimp, which is proven when as soon as he is banished he wants to kill him self

3: why do you think shakespeare chose to tell us what he did in the prolouge? I think that shakespeare told us what was going to happen in the story so that all the fighting and argueing between the two famalys would make more sence to the veiwers Summerize the setting of this story as outlined by the prolouge. The prologe says that it is in "fair Verona" and that there is two wealthy house holds that are fighting and have been for years. the kids in these famaliys are gona fall in love, and that they will die.

4: Summerize the setting of this story as outlined by the prolouge. The prologe says that it is in "fair Verona" and that there is two wealthy house holds that are fighting and have been for years. the kids in these famaliys are gona fall in love, and that they will die.

5: ACT 1 SCENE 2 1.Paris is the old guy who Juliet is being forced to marrie 2. i get the impression that he thinks she sould marie when she is older and that she sould get some say in who she marries. 3. I think she gets some say in what she does but not as much as she would like 4. he provides comic releif becuse he is wineing and complaining when he is given a letter to read and distribute and he cant read. So he finds romeo and gets him to read it to him then when he asks if he can go the sevent says " u can come as long as your not a monteque" not reliseing he is a monteque.

6: Act 1 Scene 2 Contunued 5. Romeo crashs the party becuse he is mad that he was not invited and becuse he saw that roslen was on the geust list and he wants to meet her again.

7: ACT 1 SCENE 3 1. Julet feels that she doess not really want to marrie and she doesnt ever want to marrie paris. 2.the nurse is like a second mother to juleit. i fact she seems to care for juleit more than juleits mother.

8: Act 1 Scene 5 1. Shakesspere includes the scene with the servants so that the actors can change in to other costumes and for comic relief for the common people 2. It is ironic that the whole story is that the whole story so far Romeo was living to get Rosaline and as soon as he walks in he is obsessed with Juliet 3. When Tybalt hears Romeos voice he immediately wants to kill him

9: 4. He convinces her to kiss him so quickly because she is just as impulsive as he is and he manipulates words to trick her 5. The foreshadowing in the story is when she says “my marriage is likely to be my grave” and that she dies right after her wedding

10: Act 2 Scene 1 1.Benvolio and Mercutio think romeo's in the bushes with Rosaline. 2. Romeo is acually hiding under Juliet's window trying to spy on her. 3. Romeo compares her to the stars and the Sun.

11: Act 2 Scene 2 1. Mercutio's dirty scene is right next to the love scene on the balcony to show that Romeo is the total opposite of Mercutio in how he views love. 2. The phrase means no matter what his name is he's still the same person. 3 He swears by the moon and she doesn't like that because the moon wanes and waxes and is never consistant. 4. Juleiet is the one who really proposes[

12: Act 2 Scene 3 1. Immediatly after leaving Juilet he runs to the church to ask about the wedding. 2. Frair Lawrence basiclly thinks romeo is being a horndog 3. Frair Lawrence thiks Romeos crazy for sugjesting something like that but he agrees so that romeo will leave rosseline alone

13: Act 2 scene 4 1. As a result of the party crashing tybald swears to kill romeo 2. He calls him prince of cats becuse he was a very good fighter 3. He is so crude becuse he was jelous becuse he likes romeo 4. he treats her very baddly and makes fun of her alot becuse he is a women hatter 5. they talked in a more moddern type of speach and where not poetic becuse peter is dumb 6.they desided to have it as fast as posable. 7. the mood is very angry becuse they are all fighting

14: Act 2 Scene 5 1. In this scene the nurse returns and is teasing juliet by not telling her what romeo said about the marrige 2. The nurse tortures juleit becuse she is an evil women.

15: Act 3 Scene 1 1. Tybald and Mercutio get in to a fight and Tybald kills Mercutio 2.in retaliation for Tybald killing Mercutio, Romeo fights and kills Tybald. 3. He choise to jump in between mercutio and tybald and becuse of that mercutio 4. a tragic hero has a fatal flaw 5. Romeos Fatal flaw is that he doesnt think things through 6. after there big fight benvolio tells romeo to run away after hes gone the prince shows up and sentences romeo to be banished 7. becuse after this there all unhappy and life is worse for everyone 4.

16: Act 3 Scene 2

19: Act

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