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Romeo & Juliet

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FC: Romeo & Juliet

1: 1. he tells us that their families hate each other and they were going to love each other and kill themselves. he told us these things to create forshadowing | 2. their in a town named Verona Mantua and two families hated each other. and equal in wealth, in the Renaissance ara | 3. loins: thigh area, they were refering to child birth piteous: deserving pity or pathetic strife: compatition or rivalry | Prologue Questions

2: 1.It tells us that the feud is huge and involves the whole city. | 2.To (take the wall) means to walk by the wall away from the gutter and the flying crap. | 3.Biting your thumb is similar to flipping the bird now a days. | 4.He likes the peace and is a tattle tale, Tybalt is the exact opposite he likes to fight, short tempered and secretive. | Act 1 scene 1

3: 5.The punishment for fighting is death and it is ironic because he has to kill to keep the peace. | 6. it makes the city look bad because the most powerful families are fighting and the city is falling apart it is like a miniature civil war. | 7. my first impression on Romeo is he's a wimp a stalker and shallow he is also impulsive and doesn't think things through

4: 1. Paris is an old guy who wants to marry Juliet he is rich and is a friend of the Capulets | 2. lord Capulet wanted Juliet to be happy and marry for love and she is to young | 3. Juliet does not have that much power over her life. because she can't choose who she marries | Act 1 scene 2

5: 4. Peter is high strung prone to verbal outbursts and invites Romeo to the party | 5. he read the guest list and Rosaline is going to be there so he wants to go to see her

6: 1. Juliet wants to get married but she doesn't like Paris but she doesn't hate him. | 2. The nurse cares for juliet and wants her to marry someone that she wants to. | Act 1 Scene 3

7: 1. the boys are going to crash the Capulets party | 2. Romeo had a bad dream and he thinks he is going to die | 3. Mercutio is gay when he talks about woman he trashes then and he thinks you should have a good time when you love | Act 1 Scene 4

8: 1. Shakespeare included the two servants was so the actors had time to change and for comic relief | 2. he was thinking about rosaline and then he saw juliet and started thinking about her | 3. tybalt freaks out and wants to kill him but then his uncle stops him | Act 1

9: Scene 5 | 4. romeo convinces juliet to kiss him by manipulating her and making her confused | 5. juliet foreshadowed by saying if he is married my grave is my wedding bed

10: Act 2 Scene 1 | 2. But he is actually hiding underneath Juliets window spying on her. | 3. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun and her eyes to the stars. | Act 2 Scene 1 | 1. They think that Romeo is is the bushes making out with Rosaline.

11: 4. It shows that Romeo isn't their just to get juliet in bed he's their to show his feelings to Juliet. | 7. Juliet proposes to Romeo. | 5. This line means that you can call the rose by anything and it will still smell like a rose. | 6. Romeo swore his love by the moon and Juliet didn't like that because the moon is inconsistant.

12: Act 2 Scene 3 | 1. Romeo goes and talks to Friar about marrying Juliet. | 2. Friar thinks that Romeo loves with his eyes and not with his heart. | 3. Friar thinks that Romeo's suggestion is good and agrees to help because it might stop the family's from fighting.

13: 1. Tybalt sent a threatning letter to the montague house 2. mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats because he was a figure in the medevil times 3. mercutio is a woman hater and is jelous because he is gay and likes Romeo 4. mercutio thinks that shes there to solicite Romeo | 5. the style of writing is interesting because Romeo's lines are all poetic and peter's aren't because he is not educated 6. the nurse and Romeo decided that Romeo and Juliet are going to get married that afternoon in Friar lawrences cell 7. the mood of the scene is happy because Romeo is happy that hes going to get married and Mercutio is happy that Romeo is happy | Act 2 Scene 4

14: Act 2 Scene 5 | The Nurse tortures Juliet because she wants to bug her because shes been working hard for 3 hours. | What happens in this scene is Juliet sends the nurse to go to Romeo with a message and she comes back and doesn't say the answer for a long time.

15: Act 2 scene 6 | What happens in this scene is that they get married by Friar Lawrence. | It isn't a wedding type speech because Friar's saying that Romeo might be rushing things and that isn't very good before a wedding.

16: 1. Mercutio steps up and fights for Romeo and Tybalt kills him. 2. Romeo goes and kills Tybalt to avenge Mercutio. | 3. He chose to fight Tybalt but if he didn't then he wouldn't of been exiled. | 4. A tragic hero is somebody who creates his own downfall. | Act 3 Scene 1

17: 5. Romeo's fatal flaw is his impulsivness. | 6. After the fight between Romeo and Tybalt the Prince comes in and exiles Romeo. | 7. This is a turning point in the story because now Romeo is exiled and can't see Juliet so she has to get married to the Paris guy and they end up killing themselves.

18: Act 3 scene 2 | 1. The confusion in this scene is that the Nurse came in saying He's dead and Juliet thought that she meant that Romeo was dead. | 2. Four examples of antithesis are a damned saint, and honorable villain, beautiful tyrant, dove feathered raven. 3. Juliet feels that Romeo should die because he killed Tybalt 4. When the Nurse scolded Romeo Juliet started defending him saying that she would rather have Tybalt die than Romeo | 5. The Nurse decides to go get Romeo so that Juliet and Romeo can have their wedding night

19: 1. Friar gives Romeo advice and Romeo usually listens. 2. When Romeo puts a dagger in front of his throat 3. Friar says to move to Mantua and wait there until this thing blows over abd then come back. 4. It ends with them being happy Because the Nurse gives him a ring. | Act 3 Scene 3

20: 1. Juliet is getting married to Count Paris. | 2. Capulet's only concern was that it was to early after Tybalts death. This tells us that Capulet doesn't have a good relationship with his daughter. | Act 3 Scene 4

21: 1. The significance about larks and nightingales is that a lark sings at dawn and a nightingale sings at night. | 2. The forshadowing is that when they say goodbye they say that you look like a corpse at the bottom of a grave. | 3. Juliet reacts by refusing. 4. Capulet reacts by getting mad and saying that if you don't then you will never be allowed in this house again. | Act 3 Scene 5 | 5. Thursday is near; lay hand on heart, advise: An you be mine, I'll give you to be my friend; an you be not, hang, beg, starve, die in the streets, For by my soul, I'll ne'er acknowledge thee, Nor what is mine shall never do thee good. | 6. Juliet tells the Nurse that she is going to Friar's cell to make a confession but she is going to fake her death.

22: 1. Paris is at the church because he wants to talk to Friar about the wedding. | 2. Juliet uses double entendres by saying she will make a confession about loving SOMEONE. | 3. Juliet wants to kill herself instead of marring Paris and Romeo wanted to kill himself instead of being banished. | Act 4 Scene 1 | 4. Juliet would rather be buried in old bones in a grave than marry Paris. | 5. Friar's plan is when Juliet is along in her bedroom she is to take a vial that will make her pulse almost fail and make her look pale and cold. This will last for 42 hours when she wakes up Romeo and Friar will be there because Friar is going to send him a note that will explain everything.

23: 1. The servantman was talking about cooks licking their fingers because if he licks his finger means he will eat his own food. | 2. An unexpected result was that he was happy and he wanted to do it that night and get all the decorations up while his wife sleeps. | Act 4 Scene 2

24: 1. She was scared to take the potion because it could kill her it could not kill her and it could work but for too long. | Act 4 Scene 3 | 2. She imagines Romeo and that convinces her to take the potion.

25: 1. Their getting ready for the wedding. | Act 4 Scene 4

26: 1. Death is personified by saying that it married Juliet. | 2. Juliets mom is sad because it her only daughter, but her dad is mad because now he can't marry her to Paris. | 3. The Friar tells them that it was their fault because they didn't about what she wanted and you shouldn't shout because she happy now in heaven. | Act 4 Scene 5 | 4. The reason the musicians and Peter are having an argument is to pass the time.

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