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romeo juliet notes

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FC: Romeo and Juliet Notes

1: 1. In the first prologue Shake spear starts off by saying that romeo and Juliet come from egual status of wealth and he tells us how the story ends. He tells us this because it is a way of foreshadowing. | 2.There in a town named Verona and there are two familys are both equal in wealth and they hate each other. The time of this conflict was during the Renaissance. | 3. Fatal loins- That is your thigh area and it is refering to a girl having birth. Piteous- Deserving pitty or pathetic. Strife-Means to have competition or rivalry | Prologue Questions

2: 1.The fued is very big and it involves the whole city not just the two families. 2. To take the wall means to walk along the wall and away from the gutter so you don't get hit with flying poop. 3. Biting your thumb is the highest form of disgrace and it is similar to flipping the bird. | 4. Benvolio likes peace and is a tattle tale. Tybalt is the exact opposite because Tybalt likes fight and is short tempered and secretive. 5. The punishment to fighting on the street is death. This is ironic because you have to kill people to keep peace. | Act 1

3: 6. It makes the city look bad because two of the most powerful families are fighting and the city is falling apart. It is also like having a miniture civil war. 7. My first impression on romeo is he is a wimp, stalker, and shallow. He is also impulsive and he doesnt think things through. | Scene 1

4: 1.Paris is a old guy and wants to marry juliet. He is very rich and is a freind of capulet 2. Lord capulet wants juliet to be happy but he doesnt want her to marry anybody until shes 16. He also wants her to marry for love. 3. Juliet does not have that much power over her life. We can see this because she doesnt really have power over who she is going to marry. | Act 1

5: Scene 2 | 4.Peter is high strung, prone to verbal outburst and invited romeo to the party. 5. Romeo reads the guest list and Rosaline is going to be ther so he goes to see her.

6: ACT 1 | 1. Juliet just wants to get married but she wants to get married to someone she loves and she hates paris. 2. The nurse character is crude, shes old, and she wants juliet to get married as young as possible. | Scene 3 | Act 1 Scene 4 | 1. The boys are going to go and crash the capulets party. 2.Romeo had a bad dream and thinks he is going to die now. | 3. Mercutio is gay, if he talks about women he trashes them and he says you should have a good time when you love.

7: Act 1 Scene 5 | 1.Shakespeare added the scene with the servents so the actors can change and for comic relief. 2.It is ironic when romeo is going to the party thinking about Rosaline and the complete opposite happens because he see juliet. | 3.When tybalt hears romeos voice he freaks out and he just wants to kill him but capulet stops him from fighting and kicks him out. 4.Romeo gets juliet to kiss him so fast because he uses trickery and he is impulsive. 5. at the end up act 1 scene 5 juliet fore shadows by saying if he is married my grave is my wedding bed.

8: Act 2 Scene 1-2 | 1. Mercutio and benvolio think that romeo is hiding in the bushes making out with Rosaline. 2. Romeo is actually hiding underneath Juliets window spying on her and listening to her. 3.Romeo compares Juliet to the moon by saying she makes the moon jealous because she is so bright. He also compare her eyes to the stars. 4.Shakesphere put these side by side to show that romeo isn't there just to get with juliet but to show his feelings. | 5. This line means that you can call the rose by anything and it will still smell like a rose. 6.Romeo swore his love by the moon and juliet didnt like this because the moon is inconsistant. 7. JUliet is the one who purposes and juliet told Romeo to come back tommorow to talk about marriage.

9: Act 2 Scene3 | 1.After Romeo left JUliet he immeidatly went to the church and talks to Friar Lawrence and arranges the wedding. 2. Friar Lawrence thinks Romeo Loves with his eyes and not with his heart. 3.Friar larence thinksthat it is a good idea and agrees to it because they think it my stop the families from fighting.

10: Act 2 Scene 4 | 1.Tybalt sent romeo a letter to tell him that he wanted to fight because he crashed the party. 2. Mercutio calls tybalt the prince of cats because it he is good swords man better than the best. 3.Mercutio was crude about romeos night because Mercutio is gay and is jealous of Romeo. 4. Mercutio insults the nurse by calling her a fat hag because he thought she was going to use Romeo. | 5.Romeo lines are all poetic and Peters lines arent very poetic and by doing this it tells that he uneducated. 6.The Nurse and Romeo decided that Romeo and Juliet would get married that afternoon in friar lawrences cell. 7. The mood of the scene is happy because Romeo is excited and happy that Juliet and him are getting married.

11: Act 2 Scene 5- 6 | Act 5 1. In this seen Juliet sends the Nurse with a message for Romeo and when the Nurse comes back she doesnt tell Juliet the answer for a long time. 2.The Nurse tortures Juliet because she been working for a long time | Act six 1. In this scene Juliet and Romeo get married. 2. It isnt a very good wedding speech because friar is telling romeo that he is rushing his marriage and that is not good.

12: Act 3 Scene 1 | 1. Mercutio steps up and fights Tybalt for Romeo and Tybalt kills him. 2.Roemo goes and kills Tybalt in revenge for what happened to Mercutio. 3.Romeo killed Tybalt and and if he didnt he wouldnt of been exiled. 4.A tragic hero is someone who makes there own downfall. | 5.Romeos fatal flaw is impusivness. 6.After the fight between Tybalt and Romeo the prince came and exiled Romeo. 7.This is a turning point in the story because now Romeo cant see Juliet and Juliet has to marry paris and they both end up killing themselves.

13: Act 3, Scene 2 | 1. The confusion in this scene is that the nurse came in saying that he is dead. Juliet thought that Romeo was dead because she didnt know that Tybalt died. 2. Four examples of where antithesis is when she yells a damned saint, an honorable villain, beutiful tyrant,dove feathered raven. 3. Juliet feels that Romeo should die rather than being banished because he killed Tybalt. | 4. When the Nurse scolded Romeo Juliet starts defending him and she said she would rather have Romeo live over Tybalt. 5.The Nurse decided to go get Romeo and bring him to Juliet so they can spend one last night together.

14: Act 3, scene 3 | 1. The relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence is that Friar Lawrence gives him advice on what to do. 2. When Romeo has a dagger to his throat he is putting his emotions before logic. 3. Friar Lawrences suggestion is for Romeo to move to manchua and start a life there and when it blows over he can come back and marry Juliet. | 4. This scene ends with Romeo and Juliet being happy because they get to see eachother one last time because Juliet gives Romeo a ring so they have hope.

15: Act 3 Scene 4 | 1. Capulet has decide that Juliet would get married on Thursday to Paris. 2. Capulets only concern about having the wedding is that it might be to soon after Tybalts death. By having Capulet think that Juliet will do everything he says is that he does not have a good relationship with her.

16: Act 3 Scene 5 | 1. The significance about the larks and the nightgales is that the lark sings in the morning and the nightgales sing at night. 2.The foreshadowing in this scene is that when Romeo says goodbye to Juliet he says she looks like a corpse at the bottom of a grave. 3. Juliet reacts by refusing to do it and she hates the idea. | 4.Capulet reacts by saying that Juliet is luggage and saying that he wishes he never had a daughter. 5. The line that most says that he is a bad father is the one that says- Out, you gree-sickness carrion out, you baggage! You tallow-face! 6.Juliet tells the Nurse that she is going to make a confession at the church.

17: Act 4 Scene 1 | 1. Paris was at the church to arrange the wedding because he thinks Juliet is greiving to much. 2. Juliet double entendres by saying she is makeing a confession about loving someone. 3. Juliet mirrors Romeos actions by going to Friar Lawrence and sayings she going to kill herself. | 4. Juliet says she would rather burry herself in old bones than marry Paris and she would rather chain herslf to a roaring bear. 5. Friar Lawrence says that Juliet has to go to her room alone and take the vial of poison. Than she will go into a coma and everybody will think shes dead. Than Friar Lawrence and Romeo will be aiting when she wakes up.

18: Act 4 Scene 2-3 | 1.The servant man was blathering on about the cooks licking there fingers because if they didnt lick there fingers there food is no good. 2. The unexpected result of Juliet telling her father she'll marry paris is that Capulet moved the wedding a day earlier. | 1. The reasons why Juliet is unsure of taking the poison is that shes afraid she might start playing with the bones, Or she might start dancing with Tybalt. She was also scared that the poison might kill her. 2. The thing that convinces her to take the poison is that Romeo might get haunted by Tybalt.

19: Act 4 Scene 4-5 | Scene 4 1. They prepared for the wedding. Scene 5 1. Death is personified in this scene by saying that death married Juliet. 2. Lady Capulet was concerened about Juliets death and not once did she talk about her marriage. Capulet though was mad because she didnt marry Paris. | 3. Friar lawrence told them to stop shouting because it was there fault for her death because they didnt care what she wanted but now she is happy in heaven. 4. The argument between the musician was to pass time while they set up for different scenes.

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