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Sarah Perkins LIS 120 Final Project

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S: Ms. Perkins' 3rd Grade Clas

FC: What's All The Flutter About? The Life Cycle of a Butterfly & Moth | Sarah Perkins LIS 120 Final Project

1: Butterflies and moths have a complete life cycle.

2: This means that every butterfly or moth goes through four stages in its life.

3: Each stage is very different from the others. | The cycle of stages is called metamorphosis.

4: The egg is the first stage in the butterfly and moth life cycle. | Butterfly and moth eggs are very small and round, oval or cylindrical.

5: Many have ribs or other tiny features. | Females lay their eggs on or near the plants that will later become caterpillar food.

6: The larva hatches from the egg. Butterfly and moth larvae are usually called caterpillars.

7: Caterpillars spend most of their time eating.

8: Butterflies and moths do all of their growing when they're caterpillars, and food gives them everything they need to grow bigger and stronger.

9: A caterpillar's exoskeleton can't stretch or grow...

10: ...so the caterpillar sheds its skin, or molts, several times as it grows.

11: When a caterpillar has finished growing, it forms a pupa.

12: From the outside, the pupa looks as if it's resting.

13: But on the inside, every part of the caterpillar is changing.

14: Most of its organs and other body parts dissolve and re-form into what makes up the adult butterfly.

15: Butterfly pupae are called chrysalises. | Many moth caterpillars spin cocoons and form pupae inside them.

16: When the pupa has finished changing, it molts one last time and emerges as an adult butterfly or moth.

17: The adult emerges with its wings folded up against its body.

18: The butterfly or moth pumps blood into the wings to expand them.

19: When its wings are fully dry, they spread them and take their first flight.

20: Females lay their eggs on plants or other surfaces, and the cycle starts all over again!

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