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FC: Jean Louise Finch | Scout | By: Quinn Wilson Hour 5

1: About Me | Hello, my name is Jean Louise Finch, but you can call me scout. To start things off I’m not your average “little” girl, heck I might as well be one of the boys. I don’t wear dresses like most other girls my age; I love going out and exploring and climbing trees with my brother Jem and my friend Dill. Don’t think that I’m stupid or something, because I’ll be you I’m smarter than just about all the kids in my class. My father Atticus has been teaching me how to read and do math and other things my whole life. My teacher Miss Caroline told me that it was bad that I knew how to read, which is dumb, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’m not afraid of much either; heck I’ll fight most boys I know, even my older brother Jem. People seem to think that I’m just a trouble maker that goes off doing stupid things and that Atticus just lets us do whatever we want. Well none of that is true; Atticus doesn’t let us do whatever we want, he just gives us a little freedom. And just because we go running off doing things doesn’t mean the things we do are stupid.

2: The natural BEAUTY of southern Thailand was stunning. | let us do whatever we want, he just gives us a little freedom. And just because we go running off doing things doesn’t mean the things we do are stupid. I know what choices to make, I aint stupid, I know how to tell right from wrong. Speaking of right and wrong there seems to be a whole lot of wrong going on in this town. I’m not too young to realize all the things that happen in Maycomb, all the racism and things that just create hate. Like I said I’m not your average “little” girl, thank Atticus for that, he’s the one that raised me this way. I’m fine with the way I act, I don’t care that I’m a tomboy, I’d rather be one than being some girly girl. There still are some things that I don’t understand like what to and what not to say around people; I’m not too much of a people’s person. Because of this I can make a lot of people mad for just trying to explain things to them. I’m still trying to learn some things I don’t know yet, but I’ll understand it all someday. I can say that all the things I’ve seen in Maycomb like the racism have changed the ways I thought and saw things. I think that I’m a pretty good person, I just hope others see that I’m good too and not just a trouble maker. Same goes with Atticus, I know he’s good, just not everyone sees it or appreciates it.

3: To be honest there aren’t too many people that I care much about in my life, but there are two that I want to write about. The first important person in my life is Atticus, my father. Atticus has been there with me pretty much my whole life guiding me and helping me learn. Although he isn’t always with us, most of the time he lets Jem and I go off and do our own thing. Atticus trusts Jem and I on our own, which gives us opportunities to go out and see the world. I thank Atticus for this because I feel I’m the only kid my age that has had the chance to see the outside world. I’m also a lot smarter than most of the kids my age, even some older kids. A lot of adults tell me it’s not good that I’m so smart and that I know how to read, but I don’t pay attention to them. Atticus tells me to listen to my teachers always, even when I don’t want to. He always knows best for Jem and me, even though people criticize his parenting. I think their just jealous that he’s got kids smarter than theirs. | Important People

4: PHANG NGA BAY, PHUKET | November 7 | The other important person in my life is Dill. Dill is a lot like Jem and I, we have very large imaginations and we like to do the same sorts of things like play games and what not. Dill seems to think the same way that I do, which gives us some sort of a connection. At first sight Dill wasn’t any more than just another neighborhood kid, and we weren’t that fond of the other kids. Yet he was much different than the other kids, he didn’t act like them or think like them. He let his mind run free, which is a thing I like. I really like playing games with him, and it makes me sad whenever he has to leave. I wish he could come live with us, but that will probably never happen; but when we get old enough I’m going to marry him and we’ll live happily ever after right here in Maycomb. This always gives me hope that he’ll come back to visit us, after all he doesn’t like his life back in Mississippi all too well. He says his mom and his step-dad don’t pay enough attention to him. I don’t like that; a boy like Dill deserves a lot more attention than that. This only makes me want to grow up faster so I can grow old enough to marry. I don’t know where I would be in life if it weren’t for these two guys. Jem is also very important to me too, don’t get me wrong. I just feel that Atticus and Dill are my top two. But I’m glad I’ve got all these guys in my life, I just wouldn’t be right without them.

5: . The first event is the Tom Robinson trial; this trial really changed the way I looked at Maycomb and the people in it. My father, Atticus, sometimes mentioned how he was different than most of the people in Maycomb, but I never understood what he meant. Although now I think I’ve figured out what he was talking about. My father seems to be very friendly and tolerant around colored people, unlike most of the people in Maycomb. Most people here are very mean and nasty to colored people and call all sorts of names. Atticus is very kind around Calpurnia unlike most men are to their colored servants, and he didn’t seem to have much of a problem defending Tom Robinson. During the case a lot of people around Maycomb were very nasty to Atticus and called him things like a “nigger lover” for defending Tom. I’ve heard the stories, and I didn’t think Tom Robinson is guilty, and apparently he truly wasn’t guilty, but with the jury being all white it would be impossible for them to acquit Tom. It’s really sad, Tom gets blamed for something that he didn’t do, and he has to give his life for it. It really depressed me when they called Tom guilty and I could tell that Atticus was crushed by it, but when I heard that Tom tried to escape and was shot 17 times, that just crushed me. Even though I never knew the man it just made me so sad that I couldn’t help but cry. This event was significant in my life because it really helped me open my eyes wider and see what the Maycomb community stood for. | Events

6: Another important event that has happened in my life is when Jem and I were attacked by Bob Ewell and how Boo Radley saved us. Like I’ve said before, I would have never expected Mr. Ewell to have done this; I mean I know he disliked Atticus very much but I didn’t know he disliked him so much to attempt to murder his children. It also caught us off guard because of how dark and late it was just out of the blue. I’d never been truly attacked before, I started most of the fights that I’ve been in, and most people I fought really had the intent to badly hurt me or end my life. This event had opened my eyes completely wide open because I saw what measures some people would go to just because someone was different than them. In this case Bob Ewell was very prejudice against colored people and he covered up him beating his daughter and blamed it on a colored man, Tom Robinson.

7: One artifact that I’ve found in my life is when Jem and I found the soap carvings of us inside of the knot hole in the tree. At first Jem and I didn’t really understand why these things were even here, but then it hit me. When I realized it was Boo Radley all along putting these things in the tree. I wondered why he would put soap carvings of a boy and a girl in a tree; then I realized the figures were supposed to be Jem and I. So then it hit me that Boo Radley must have made these of us and put them in the tree for us to find them; but I wondered why he made these figures of us in the first place. I think it’s because he actually likes us or watches us when we play outside and maybe he wants to know us but he’s too afraid. There is probably lots of reason why he did this for us, but I probably won’t know them because no one’s seen him since the night he saved Jem and I. Somehow I like it better this way, it leaves me guessing and wondering, which is kinda fun. | Artifacts

8: Another important thing that I’ve found in my life is when Jem and I found the mint gum inside the knot hole in the tree. I know it doesn’t sound like much or anything special, but when I found it I really started thinking. It had me thinking because Jem and I really liked mint gum. It didn’t hit me until later that it was Boo Radley was the one putting these things in the tree hole for us. I wondered why he would do this, because I really liked mint gum; did Boo Radley secretly like us? That’s what I started to think because after finding all of the various gifts in the tree hole it had to be certain that he was doing these things for us. Why though, at first it seemed like he thought of us as annoying children who didn’t leave him alone. Why did leave these gifts secretly for us? Why didn’t he just come and give them to us? Maybe he was just too afraid; but we also learned later that he was a very shy person. The only unanswered question I have left is why did he like Jem and I so much? I mean he obviously liked us enough to leave us gifts and save our lives, but why? Maybe I shouldn’t question it and just appreciate it; it may have just been a blessing in disguise all along.

9: “There just didn't seem to be anyone or anything Atticus couldn't explain.” This was said by the older Scout narrating the story; it may not be all that long or descriptive, but I think it means a lot. This one quote from Scout explains pretty much everything she thinks about her father, Atticus. Scout is saying that Atticus could pretty much explain anyone and anything to Jem and Scout. This means they have a great knowledgeable resource they can use whenever there is anything they’re not sure about. Atticus lets the children see what his views on the world might be and what his perspective on things are. With him as a resource to Jem and Scout he can insight them on what things in the real world are like. Also the children will be a lot more knowledgeable on things and be a little more intelligent than most of kids. So this small quote pretty much sums up what Scout and Jem think about their father, and where they get most of their knowledge from. | Conclusion

10: Work Cited

11: We spent the day with elephants!




23: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." | Walt Whitman

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