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Scout's Memories

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Scout's Memories - Page Text Content

S: Scout - The Tom-Boy

FC: Scout's

1: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | My Family | Atticus~ My Dad | Calpurnia~ Housekeeper | Jem ~ My Brother

2: Scout- (Jean Louise) | ~ Tom- Boy ~

3: I'm Scout, my real name is Jean Louise, but I've always been called Scout. I live with my brother Jem which i am very close to, and my dad Atticus, but Jem and I always just call him Atticus.My family and I live in Maycomb County where every one here, knows each other.

4: Jem Finch

5: This is Jem, he's my older brother, so sometimes he thinks he can tell me what to do. Jem's real name is Jeremy. Jem's dream is to play football, because that is what he loves to do. Coach said he needs to gain 25 more pounds though. He is six years older than me, so he does remember my mother more than i do. He gets sad when he thinks of her. When he thinks of mom, he likes to go up in a tree and be my himself.

6: Atticus Finch

7: This is Atticus he is Jem and I's father. He is considered a huge lawyer in Maycomb. He is a little older than most father's that I know, but he tries his best. His hair is even turning gray. My father and i read every night no matter what. It is between the newspaper or Times magazine. Jem and I do get embarrassed when he says that he's too old to play flag football with the church. Along with Jem he does get very sad when he remembers her. I know he wants to cry, but he just doesn't.

8: Calpurnia

9: This is Calpurnia. Calpurnia is the housekeeper for our home. Cal also watches after Jem and I when Atticus is not home. She does our washing, cooks our food, and keeps us straight.When we see her, most of the time she has on a starched and crisp apron. Cal is lean and skinny, and she is nearsighted with her vision. I don't know what we would do without her.

10: Dill

11: This is Dill Harris. Dill comes and visits Jem and me every Summer.Dill is 7 years old, and very small for his age, but he sure does have a lot to talk about. He rides the train from his hometown Meridian, Mississippi to the Maycomb Junction. His Aunt Rachel goes to pick him up and he stays with her over the summer. Jem, Dill, and me try to think of ways to get Boo out of the house. I feel as if we're going to get married one day.

12: Ms. Maudie

13: Here's Ms. Maudie. She lives down the street from us Finch's. Every time we see this woman, she is in her Azalea bushes or sittin' on the porch enjoying the beautiful weather. Jem and I just love her cakes, she lets us enjoy a piece every time we're near her home. Ms.Maudie and I enjoy a lot of bonding time in the summer, when Dill and Jem won't include me in what they're doing.

14: Boo Radley

15: This is Boo Radley. Boo's real name is Aurthur though. Boo is the son of Mr. and=Mrs. Radley. Boo is someone who chooses to stay confined inside, because he is scared of Maycomb's society. Boo is supposedly believed that he stabbed his father with a pair of scissors.

16: Tom Robinson

17: This is Tom Robinson. When Tom went to court for supposedly raping" Mayella Ewell, Atticus helped him out. Tom is a Negro, so at the end of the court case he was counted as guilty. When Tom was around 12 years of age, he caught is left hand in the cotton gin. This hand is unable to be used now. His wife Helen and children have been through a lot, so Atticus tries to help them out in any way he can.

18: Bob Ewell

19: This is Bob Ewell. Bob is an excessive drinker . He also cannot keep a job.Bob charged Tom for raping his daughter. The words to describe his is just hateful and evil.

20: Aunt Alexandria

21: This is Aunt Alexandria, She is your typical Southern Belle. She holds the name Finch strongly, and loves having brunch with Maycomb's women.

22: SCHOOL :(

23: After Dill leaving from his summer vacation with Jem and I, it was time to start school. I was very excited about going to school until my teacher Miss. Caroline and I started butting heads. She made me very upset when she told me to quit reading, but reading is what me and Atticus do. I was basically born reading. she upset me again when she tried to be generous and give Walter a quarter. When I tried to explain that Walter will not take money from you, she just told me to go to the corner. When we got out for lunch, I was going to make him pay for making us get off on the wrong foot. WHen Jem pulled me away, he invited Walter over for lunch! I was getting mad again at lunch, because Walter was putting too much molasses on his food. Calpurnia was getting very mad at me, so she called me into the kitchen and tried to teach me a lesson.

24: Summer Nights

25: During the summer, Dill, Jem, and I spent many of our summer nights sleeping on cots, in the screened porch. During the summer Jem and I found two polished Indian heads from the nineteen hundred. I heard these things bring you long life and good health. We also learned what Hot Steams are.

26: Boo Radley's Note | Boo's Note | BOO!

27: Jem and Dill write Boo a note wanting him to come out and play with them. After writing the note, they attatch it to a pole, and Dill Jemwere going to slide it through Boo's window. During this process, they get caught by Atticus.

28: Trespassing on Radley Property

29: Tonight is Dill's last night so we have to do something dangerously fun! We decide to go onto the Radley's property. We we reached the back porch, Jem decides to go on to it. When he reaches the top of the porch, he sees a shadow and quickly jumps off the porch. We all ran like it was a life or death situation. During our escape Jem gets his pants caught in the fence and rips them. During this Mr. Radley makes a gun shot and scared us all to death. Thankfully we make it back to the house without getting in trouble.

30: The Knot-Hole

31: In the past week, every-time Jem and I pass the knot-hole in the tree by the Radley's home, we find something different. I feel as if Boo is leaving us gifts. While the week went on we found twine, two bars of soap with mine and Jem's sculpture on them, two pennies, a spelling bee medal, and the best items was a pocket watch and a knife. Unfortunately, Mr. Radley put cement in the hole, because he said the tree was dying.

32: Snow, and a house BURNING

33: IT'S Snowing! On the night it snows, Atticus wakes Jem and I up very early, telling us that Ms. Maudie's house is burning. Fire trucks from all counties come help get the fire out and get as much as they can out of Maudie's home. While everyone is watching on the street, Boo slips a blanket on my shoulders. I guess I was cold.

34: Finch's Landing | Francis

35: It's Christmas time! Atticus decides to take us to Finch's Landing with his family. Francis and I start fighting. Francis started talking about Atticus, so i decide to throw him a punch. I even had to sit at the kid's table for dinner. Jem and I veiwed this Christmas a little different.

36: Tom has Rabies

37: One day Jem and I had nothing to do, so we went out exploring with our air-rifles. When we were exploring with came across Tom Johnson. We immediately go and find Cal. Cal says that we have came across a mad dog. She calls Atticus, and him and Mr. Tate arrive at the site. Atticus uses Tate's gun and shoots the dog in one shot. Atticus has the best shot in Maycomb and is called One Shot Finch, he just didn't tell me and Jem though, because he is a real gentleman.

38: Ms. Dubose's Camellia Bushes

39: I think Jem just lost control today. Especially with Ms. Dubose. On the way back from town, where Jem bought me a baton. Jem took my baton and went crazy with Ms. Dubose's Camellia bushes. That night Atticus found out, he told Jem that everyday he will have to read to her.

40: Ms. Dubose Dies

41: When Atticus recieved a phone call that Ms. Dubose died, Jem grew lonley. A gift was given to Jem, when he opened it, it was one of those stupid Camellia flowers.

42: Church with Calpurnia

43: Calpurnia took Jem and I to he church called First Purchase. Why we had to go to church with Cal is because Atticus had to go on a business trip. I even had to wear a dress to church! When we arrived to church there was one lady that did not want us there, because we were not Negroes. Her name was Lulu. Rev. Sykes very well accepted us though. Calpurnia's son Zeebo even leads the music. Rev. Sykes took up an offering during service to donate to Helen

44: Dill Ran Away

45: When I was going to crawl into bed, after a brawl with Jem, I stepped on something that felt like a snake, so i screamed! A moment later out crawls Dill. Dill had ran away from home, because he did not feel loved by his mother and new dad. So Dill stills some money and jumps on a train to Maycomb. Atticus told Miss Rachel about Dill being here and she got him some food. Dill stayed the rest of the summer.

46: There's Trouble At The Court House

47: Last night Jem, Dill, and I went searching for Atticus. Atticus told us that he was leaving, but didn't tell us where. We found him sitting outside of the courthouse reading the paper. Right about the time we were going to leave, an angry mob appears and threatens Atticus with getting Tom. We ran over to Atticus to see what was going on and I noticed Mr. Cunningham. I gave him a lecture and told him to give Walter a helllo from me.

48: Tom's Trial

49: Tom's trial was very unfair under every aspect. As Jem, Dill, and I sat in the colored section of the courthouse with Rev. Sykes. Mayella, Tate, Atticus and Tom took the stage. This case was very emotional and intense. After the case was ended Tom was considered guilty. I am very confused about the decision the judge made. All of us thought Tom won the case.

50: Tom's Death

51: When Atticus walks in the door early from lunch. He heads straight to Calpurnia. The news he told her was that Tom was dead! We were told that Tom was shot 17 times, trying to escape. The guards warned him to stop, but he kept on running, so they shot him to death.

52: Pageant Night!

53: Jem takes me to my pageant. On the way to the pageant, that dumb kid named Cecil Jacobs scared us. Before the show Cecil and I walked around playing the games. When the show started I was a ham and Cecil was a cow. When it was my time to come out on stage, I fell asleep in my costume. When the pageant was over, I was told that I ruined it. Jem and I waited for the crowed to calm down then we left. On our way home something extravagantly terrible happened.......

54: The Attack of Bob Ewell

55: On the way home from the pageant, Jem heard a noise that scared him. He thought he heard footsteps, so he told me to be quite. At first I thought it was Cecil, so I started calling him names and making fun of him, but we found no answer. It was Bob Ewell... Jem told me to run, but with that big costume on, i tripped. When I was on the ground, I heard Jem and Bob into a brawl. I got up and ran to the street so I could see, and I saw someone carrying Jem home. I seriously though Jem was dead.

56: Hello Boo... , Bob's Dead

57: I immediately arrived back at the house, and Aunt Alexandria helped me out of my costume. Atticus called Dr. Reynolds and Heck Tate. I wasn't really sure what happened. I told Officer Tate all I knew. Officer told us that Bob was lying under the oak tree with a kitchen knife in his ribs. When I found out who brought Jem home, I was in shock that it was Boo. I finally found out who made our lives such a mystery. Boo is the one who killed Bob. The news about Jem was that his arm was broken very badly.

58: As I walked Boo home

59: As I walked Boo home later that night, we both walked up to the door. Once he closed the door, I turned around and saw the world from his perspective. I thought of all the events that had happened over the years and I was in amazement. That perspective is something I will never forget.

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