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S: Norbii's Scrapbook

FC: Norbeya's Scrapbook


2: CHAPTER 1: WHO AM I? I AM.. "Let’s take some time to get to know each other. Shall we?" | My name is Norbeya Santos, but sometimes my name is Norbii or Beya. I’m lost in New Jersey with the greatest losers I have ever met. I don’t have many friends because I choose not to. It’s kind of hard for me to make friends because I can’t really trust people. I’ve only had one true best friend but she moved away in fourth grade. Since than I could never see anyone else who I can call my “best friend.” I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me, a mother who cares and a step dad too. I’m shy and a little insecure. I get distracted easily and I am very forgetful. I don’t have much to say when it comes to talking to other people. In fact I hate talking because I prefer to listen. But man when you put me in a room with people I know, you will not know where my mute button is. Lets seeI love tacos because I’m Mexican. No quesadilla no enchiladas only tacos. xD

3: Anyway I love listening to music or watching movies really late at night. So late that I leave the tv or my Ipod playing. Sometimes when I’m really bored at night, I sit on my bed and look out the window where I can see how bright the moon is. It reminds me of my favorite Spanish poem called La Luna by Jaime Sabines. I may be getting older but I want to be a kid again. Why? Growing up I never really had a childhood. I had to help my mom with everything around the house so I grew up really fast. Whenever I was free I’d spend it by playing outside in the mud with my cousin. I was a tomboy who loved to get filthy and not be afraid to get a boo-boo. But once inside I was immediately handed responsibilities. But I can’t complain. Growing up made me who I am today.

4: CHAPTER 2: IF I HAD THREE WISHES "I don't wanna wake up today, ‘cause every days the same..."

5: Ever since I could remember, I’ve wanted things to be different. I want to change things and be free from this place I’m stuck in. Maybe if I had a genie he could grant me my three wishes. Leaving California was an experience I wish I hadn’t experienced. I had my whole life there. I had my family and my friends I cared about. When my mother told me we were moving to New Jersey I couldn’t believe it. I broke down and felt as if my life was over. I remember going to my room and crying for hours till I fell asleep. I wish I didn’t leave California. I honestly think things would be better if we hadn’t moved. But come to think of it, if I hadn’t moved I probably wouldn’t have met the people I know today. So I guess it wasn’t a total disaster. I live in a tiny apartment where there is not a lot of space. I share a room with my sister and barley have any privacy. She’s constantly up in my face and in my business and it’s quite annoying. I wish my “family” lived in a huge white house where my sister and I could have our own rooms upstairs. Yea. that’d be rad. Why put quotes around the word family? I did it because I don’t count my family as an actual family. There’s my mother, me, my sister and then there is my sisters dad. My step dad. You could say I’m a little jealous of my sister for having both biological parents who care for her each and everyday. I just have a mom. A mom who cares and step dad who doesn’t. I think my mom and dad split when I was barley even born. I have no idea what he looks like or who he is. It’s kind of sad because my mother doesn’t want to talk about it. I don’t like my stepfather for various reasons and I wish I knew who father was so he could hold me like my sister’s dad holds her.

7: Chapter 3: FAVORITE THING(S) TO DO Music+Movies+Books= MY LIFE | Oh how I love music, but who doesn’t? I love how everyone says music is there life and how it makes them a better person. Well I am one of those people. Listening to music really makes me a better person. I love blasting it when I’m driving down the streets, sleeping to my ipod, cleaning, doing homework and yadayadayada. I can’t spend a day without it. I flip out if I can’t. I listen to every kind of music out thereWell everything except country music. I can’t. I just can’t get into that. Whenever I’m upset or feeling down and I can’t talk to anyone, music is my friend and it really does help me calm down and feel better. I am so lost in stereo it’s even funny. What does a Norbii do when she is bored and doesn’t want to listen to music? She puts on a movie. Preferably a horror film. If not than a comedy movie is fine. When I'm free and have nothing to do, I sit down with my sister and we have a movie night. We have turns picking movies and sitting down with our popcorn and just turn our room into our own movie theater. Books? Yes books. Books a cool. Pick one up and start reading. I love reading. My sophomore year I had a book at all times. I read throughout the periods and I even read throughout the halls to get to my next class. Each week I had a different book. Two years later and I can’t read in class anymore. I mostly read at home because I get to distracted at school. I blame my friends.

8: CHAPTER 4: MY FIRST CRUSH "I’ve got emotion dripping out my pores and I thought I would let you know." | Okay. I think I’ve reached to the point where I have been coming clean about everything. Everything? Yes everything. I’m not to good with admitting how I feel about certain people. Like crushes. I had a few minor crushes but I lost interest very quickly. My first crush was way back in second grade. His name was Anthony and we were the best of friends. I was such a nervous wreck every time I played with him in recess. We played kickball and be on the same time every morning, recess and even sometimes after school. We didn’t hang outside of school ‘cause we weren’t aloud. It was okay though ‘cause I wouldn’t know what to do. I remember when I got sick and was hospitalized for my appendix. My principle came in with a bunch of get well cards from my classmates. When I got them I saw that Anthony’s card was the first card of the pile. He said that said that it’s not the same anymore and how I have to come back as soon as possible because the team was loosing and to feel better and yadyadayada.

9: On the other side of the card was were I blushed. There the was a big heart he drew in red and in it said that he misses me and how he wishes he could come visit me. And that is where I got my spazzing from. My mom was like “Are you okay?” and I was like yeaaaa :I

10: CHAPTER 5: PEOPLE I CAN’T FORGET "When I wake tomorrow I’ll bet that you and I will walk together again." | Mike Del Re, Devon Ray, Seth Yap, Danny Santos, Vinny Buttacavole, Gabby Sanchez, Bianca Seminario, Alicia Ferreira, Eddy Thompson, Ronald Canlas, Nathaly Menjivar, Jessica Castillo...Are by far the greatest people I have ever met. I don’t think I could forget them and how much of an impact they have made in my life. They truly are like a second family to me. Well I knew who Mike, Devon, Vinny and Danny were since middle school but only became friends with them my senior year. I met Devon through his girlfriend and I met Mike, Danny and Vinny through Devon. Danny and I have the same last name so jokingly we call each other brother and sister. He’s my favorite little brother. Devon’s definitely the tallest friend I have ever had. It’s cool ‘cause than I feel like I’m at an average height. He’s a sick photographer with sick taste in music. He may burn the food in cooking class but it’s perfectly okay with me. Than there is Mike. To be honest I was afraid to talk to him. I thought he was going to chop my head off if I even if I stared at him. But when we actually started talking I realized he wasn’t that bad. Half a year later and I can talk to him about almost anything. He cracks jokes about me being Mexican and he even found the perfect song to my liking of tacos. It’s called The Taco Song xD Oh Mike.

11: I can’t forget Vinny now can I? Nope! He definitely knows how to make me laugh. Without a daily dose of Vinny my day is not yet complete. I’ll never forget how he does that chin thing just to crack a smile out of me. Seth Yap and Ronald Canlas are my two favorite Asians. But Eddy (Confeddy) Thompson is my favorite freshman. I met Seth my senior year and I don’t plan on losing him anytime soon. He may be quiet but he’s funny and I like how he makess me smile and how he makes me blush when I’m having an off day. I met Ronald my junior year and he’s pretty chill to hang out with. So is Eddy. Eddy and I have been friends for a while and I don’t think I could ever find a friend like Eddy. He was with me in the beginning when I was having problems and he knew exactly what to say and do. Gabby Sanchez, Bianca Seminario, Alicia Ferreira Jessica Castillo and Nathaly Menjivar are the sweetest girls I adore. I met Bianca my freshman year and have been friends ever since. I can talk to her about anything and she will give me advise about my situation. I love that girl. And Alicia is so sweet. She has a heart and she truly cares a lot about the smallest things. I’ve known her since middle school. I love having just a sweet friend. Gabby and I hang out almost every other week. I go to her for help and I know she’ll me. We plan to go to London in a couple years and I hope it’s soon. She’s fun and silly and knows how to make me laugh. I adore her and I hope I’ll see her in the future. And Nathaly too. She’s only a freshman but is the cutest girl I will never forget. I already have a sister but it feels like I have two. Then there is my "caousin" Jessica. she has been with through thick and thin. i have been there for her and she was there for me. i don't know what would happen if i ever lost Jesssica. She truley is my favorite "cousin."

12: i'll never forget these amazing people.

13: CHAPTER 6: I’M MOST PROUD OF "You’ve got every right to a beautiful life." | I don’t necessarily have anything to be proud of. But I have a someone I am though. Her name is Daisy Arzola and she's my little sister. Growing up with a little sister was not my thing. I was annoyed by her and I bullied her make her feel insecure. I only did it because I was either mad or just plain bored. I said some awful things to her and I even told her I hated her once. But I don’t regret it. I don’t regret it because it only made her stronger. Instead of being all sad and mopey, she held her head up high and fought back. She didn’t let me get to her and she would defend herself. I even hear stories about how she defends herself in school. I’m proud that she stands up for herself and how she began with me. Since then we have closer than ever. We have this special sister bond that I don’t want to share with anyone else. She may be annoying but I kinda sort of need her. She’s the only one I can truly trust and I don’t need to second think things with her. She is such a doll.


15: CHAPTER 7: I'M LEAVING "Drive all night to hold you tight, Back to California..."

16: Home. Doesn't that sound inviting. I lived in a big white house with my mother and my aunt. My friends lived around the corner and we would see each other everyday...oh how I dream to move back to California. My mother doesn't like the idea of me leaving her behind and moving so far away. I'm still going to do it anyway. I promised myself that as soon as I was older and not bounded by mothers painful chains that I was going to move back home. My mother is not happy about my decision. But I frankly don't care. I was born in California and I am going to die in California. Even though I'm attached to my mother, I can't stand the thought of living in NJ for the rest of my life. I wanna be happy and be free again. I wanna see the people I left behind. I miss the sunny warm days, how the beach use to look at night, how I use to hang out at the park from noon till midnight without any problems. I'm 19 and about to graduate high school. It would be great to pack up my stuff and leave right away. But since I'm only 19 I don't know where i would start. That is why I have decided to stay until my sister finishes High School. I want to stay because I know how High School is and she has gone through things that people won't understand. I'm willing to put my plans on hold and be there for my sister. I just need Daisy to hurry up already

17: CHAPTER 8: THE MEANING OF LIFE "Give me therapy, I'm a walking travesty" | I'm no philosopher so I don't know what the meaning of life is. But if I were a philosopher, i would say that life is what you make. Life is beautiful and you only live once. I believe that life is about making mistakes and learning by them. Sitting around and not having any excitement in life is boring. I say rebel and make a scene. Get attention the right way and not the wrong way. Live your dreams and live how you want to and make yourself happy for you and not for anyone else.

18: CHAPER 9: I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN "Promises are lonely roads, I'll follow you down like a map." | Photography glass has been my favorite class my senior year. Entering photo class has always been fun. Not only do I take pictures but I have the most random times in that class. My friends and I sit at the end of a table and just be ourselves. We talk about everything and make fun of each other most of the time. We don't mean any of it of course but we all know that. We sit there till the end of class just talking and laughing and taking pictures about anything we see or find interesting. I will never forget 3rd period class with a rad teacher and some pretty interesting,random,insane,creative,amazing friends.

20: CHAPTER 10: THIS IS WHO I WILL BE "The rest of my life is starting tonight." | Who will I be? Hmm... Since I was seven years old I wanted to be a photographer. I would walk around with my camera and take pictures of everything. I had my mind set on going to The Art Institute of California or going to Bergen Community College to get started. But as I thought about my future has another career option I was considering. COSMETOLOGY. I have been cutting my hair since I was in 6th grade. and people have told me that I do a really nice job and to consider beauty school. I thought about it and I decided to check out Empire Beauty School to see if I would like it. INDEED I loved it. I was given a tour and I fell in love with the school. I was told that if I do cosmetology I would start in July and finish/get my license in 9 months. It was tough decision because I didn't know what I wanted to do. I finally decided to put college on hold and attend Beauty school. Once I'm done with that I will be attending The Institute of California where I'll major in photography. That's who I'll be. A cosmetologist/photographer.

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