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FC: Little Anthony's Scrapbook | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: Welcome

2: Entry 1: October 29th 1928 I turn 12 years old tomorrow, I can't wait! My favorite time of the year is my birthday dinner. You see, my Nonna and Nonno came here from Palermo Italy in 1892 with my Papa.They opened The Moretti Butcher Shop down on 70 Washington Street in Brooklyn New York, so we have the best meat for my birthday dinner. My Nonno and Nonna have worked really hard to keep the shop up and running and everyone in Brooklyn goes out of their way just to get meat from our shop. Thanks to the butcher shop my family is very wealthy. My friends enjoy coming to my big house and staying for dinner. Right now most of my friends are pretty well off, money wise. All of my friend's dad's have jobs in the city and make good money. I think America is a great place to live! I am happy my grandparents came here. It is a prosperous area where everyone has work. | I love helping out in the butcher shop, but Nonno and Papa only let me sweep the floors. My two sisters, Rosalie and Sophia don't really like going to the shop, they think it is gross, so they stay home with nonna and mama. Maybe when I turn twelve I will be able to help out in the shop more! One day when I am big I am going to own The Moretti Butcher Shop, I can't wait! Anyway, the meat tomorrow is going to be so good. Maybe Nonna will roll the meat into balls so i can put them on my pasta! Or maybe we are going to have pork chops! I don't even care what we eat cause i know it will be good! I just love having my entire family together for my birthday. My family is very close and we have so much fun together. Well, I am going to go run down to the shop now to help Papa close up so he can be home for dinner! - Anthony

3: That's the Brooklyn bridge! When you head across the bridge and go to the left you'll come to my house! | That's Nonns & Nonno sitting on the front porch of our brick house on 109 Lexington Street

4: That's me on my 5th birthday! That year I got a shiny red truck from Nonna & Nonno! I still keep it in my room!

5: Entry 2: October 30, 1928 Today is the day! I am now twelve years old!I really hope I get some jacks, Mama and Pop said they might get me some new jacks! I really love playing jacks with all the neighborhood boys! Hopefully with my new set I can beat my best friend Danny, he lives in the blue house down Avian Ave.! He's the best jack player in the neighborhood! We play in the school yard at Thomas Jefferson Elementary everyday before school and I’'d love to beat him! | But if I don't get Jacks it's okay because I know that Nonna and Nonno are giving me a new baseball glove. The one thing I don't like about my birthday is that my two little sisters get presents too, so they don't feel left out. I understand that Sophia should get present cause she's only 6 but i don't think Rosalie needs one, she's ten and her birthday is next month! Oh well, when they are older maybe I'll get my own presents. Anyway, I really can't wait until tonight! | With my whole family together, Mama, Pop, Nonna, Nonno, Rosalie and Sophia. Wow it's going to be a great night! Well, i'm going to go play some baseball in the vacant lot down on Harway Ave! The boys said they would let me pitch first ‘cause it’s my birthday! I'm going to get some good use out of this 'ol glove of mine cause i'll have a new one later! Oh gee, I really couldn't be anymore excited! My family and friends are the best! - Anthony

6: That's my Mama shopping at the local farmer's market. 109 Grove Ave. 4/5/27 | To the left is a shot down Washington Avenue. The Moretti Butcher Shop is three buildings down on the right!

7: <--- That's my Papa, Uncle Vinny and Uncle Tony. They're my Mama's brother's that live in the Bronx. They stopped by for a visit and to help out! 70 Washington Street 1/9/23 | That's me and little Sophis three years ago out side of church on Christmas! She looks so young! She was only three here, she's six now!

8: Entry 3: December 24, 1929 Wow, now I am thirteen and boy have things changed. Especially the way my papa acts around us. My favorite day of the year, my birthday was one of the worst days of the year. I wasn’t able to get presents this year and a lot of my family wasn’t able to come because they didn’t have enough money for them to take a train here. My papa said that the stock market crashed, I am not really sure what that means but I know that it’s bad news. Mama and Papa said that they lost a lot of money since the banks closed down and don’t know if they can keep the butcher shop open anymore.I also heard on the news that a huge disaster had happened in the farmlands and that most of the meat and grains were destroyed. Grandpa said we had a lot of money in the stock market and that when the market crashed we lost everything and when dad went to get the money out of the bank the bank had no money left. | Papa has really been stressing out. He and Mama have been getting in a lot of fights lately. My mama always tells me and my sisters that everything is okay and that Dad is just mad that the government is doing nothing to help us. She says that even though he yells a lot now he still loves us very much and he will always be there to protect us. My Momma always knows what to say to make me and my little sisters happy. Almost everyday someone has to drop out of school so they can get a job and help their parents pay for the bills.

9: . Sadly, a lot of people aren't hiring because they don't have enough money to pay for the workers. My best friend Danny happened to be one of those people. He wasn't able to find a job and his parents store was shut down because they couldn't get any food from the farmlands. My parents offered what little money they had to help them but Danny's parents didn't want my parents to be in the same position as them. He and his family are moving next week to Arizona to live with his Aunt. Danny doesn't want to go but he knows its the best choice for his family. Danny always thought of others before he thought of himself. I'm really going to miss him. | That's me and Danny back when we were little! Danny was always a little taller than me! I'm going to miss him so much!

10: Entry 4: September 3, 1930 Today was the worst day ever. My family said we had to close our butcher shop because we aren’t getting any meat from the farmlands anymore. We tried to sell the shop for some quick cash but nobody can afford to buy it. So we ended up keeping it until we would know what to do with it. My dad said if we didn't get any money in soon we could lose everything. I couldn't believe what he was saying. | It was just too hard to think about. I knew I had to do something to help my family out whatever it took.The next day I dropped out of school to help my parents pay for the bills. luckily, they need help catching fish so I was able to get a job working on the docks. It doesn't pay much and we work very long hours but it keeps food on the table and sometimes as a bonus I even get a fish to take home and we get to have that for dinner. | The ship yards, I on't know who that man is

11: Working at the Docks isn't the best thing for a fourteen year old boy to be doing but I don't want my family to have to be worrying about not having food or a place to sleep. Since I had been working there for a few weeks I was able to get my dad a job mopping up the fish guts on the dock. I started thinking we might have a chance to keep our house and not have to move somewhere else. | Working at the Docks isn't the best thing for a fourteen year old boy to be doing but I don't want my family to have to be worrying about not having food or a place to sleep. Since I had been working there for a few weeks I was able to get my dad a job mopping up the fish guts on the dock. I started thinking we might have a chance to keep our house and not have to move somewhere else. | That small, dark building is what used to be the Moretti Butcher Shop. I am very upset that we had to close it down...

12: Entry 5: May 28, 1933 Oh man I can't stand that Hoover! He makes my entire family go crazy! Mama and Papa won't stop yelling about how if things don’t shape up we are going to have to live in a “hooverville”, that's where all the homeless people are going! I don't want to be homeless and I don't think them fighting is helping anything! My poor Nonna hates all of this yelling and she’s been getting very sick lately. Thanks to Hoover my family cant even afford to help my Nonna get better! My Nonno isn't doing too well either. Him seeing Nonna in bad health isn't good for him, it makes him really upset so he goes out for the day. Nobody knows where he goes, that's the scary thing. What if something happens to him when he goes out. We would never know where to look for him and Nonna wouldn't be able to handle that type of pain. Man, I wish Hoover would do something to help us! | Ugh! There is that Hoover! I can't wait till he/ not president!!!

13: Ever since the stock market crash all he does is say that everything will get better on its own and the economy will turn back to normal. Well it's been months since the stock market crash and it's only been getting worse! I think if I was president I would be doing a better job than Hoover and would not follow a laissez fare (hands off government) and help people right away. Hopefully, we get a new president that will help us through these troublesome times. I miss being able to go to the butcher shop and I miss how my family used to be happy together! I remember when me and my family took a trip to the beach and had one of the best times of our lives. We went swimming, surfing, and had a picnic on the sand. Now all we do is fight! | That's a down town Hooverville in Brooklyn.. i really don'y want to live there!

14: That is my dear sweet Nonna. The house is not the same without her and neither is Nonno. I love you.

15: Entry 6: July 6, 1933 Yesterday was the last time I got to see my nonna. She died last night in her sleep. My dad and Nonno took her to the morgue in the morning so my little sisters didn’t have to see the body. They don’t understand that she won’t be coming back because every few minutes they ask “When is Nonna coming back, I want to play with her”. Nonno couldn’t stop crying when I saw him. He didn’t even speak a word when I asked him how he was doing. That damn Hoover! If he had helped us get our money back we would of been able to get Nonna the medical attention she needed. Instead she had to suffer for months without medical attention or anything to block some of the pain. Hoover has done nothing for my family. Some say he was one of the best president they ever saw but since the stock market crashed he has done nothing right. My mom says that we can’t even afford a proper burial for Nonna. My dad sent a letter to the major of our town to see if the government could pay for the funeral but they never sent anything back. We were forced to bury her at night in the park so no one could see us digging. Nonno didn't’ speak to anyone one then either. He said his prayers and then went out into the city. I wish I got to speak to my Nonna one last time. I would tell her how much I love her and how much we all will miss her. Every Night since she passed away I’ve started praying. I pray for my family and friends and hope they will be safe in these troublesome times. Especially for nonno, who I hope will become his old self again. Nonna Please watch over him!

16: Entry 7: August 22, 1933 Things around here haven’t gotten any better, they’ve actually gotten a lot worse. Papa and Mama barely even speak and Nonno hasn’t said a word since the day Nonna died. I've tried many times to get him to talk to us but he won’t. Not even to my little sisters. Little Sophia is so lonely cause Mama is always trying to find some way to make money and doesn’t pay any attention to her. So Sophia just goes to school, then comes home and stays in her room and plays with her one doll. Sophia used to always be around Mama all the time but now Mama is too busy. Rosalie on the other hand is really helping hold our family together, she’s the sun shine of hope in our lives. She always tries to make us all laugh and make sure everyone is doing alright. I really love her and I’m thankful for her because I don’t know how she does it. Rosalie has had to give up spending time with her friends and sewing, which she always loved. Nonno doesn’t know what to do now that he doesn’t have butcher shop, he put his whole life into that place, now no one ever sees him. | Below is Sophia's baby doll. It makes her happy

17: Great Grandfather | I’m pretty sure that he goes out drinking because when he comes home he doesn’t smell like my Nonno he smells like liquor. I hear him sometimes with my mom after he comes back from the bar and Momma is telling him not to go anymore. She tells him that we miss his company and his grandchildren need him. I think he’s too drunk to realize what he’s doing because the next night he does the same thing. One of these days he might not come back. How would my little sisters and parents take this terrible news. We haven't’ even got the thought of Nonna being gone out of our mind. I fear for the worst of Nonno. | These are some alcohol bottles that i know Nonno drinks from

18: This is where we are going to live! It's just not fair!!

19: Great Grandparents | Entry 8: November 8, 1933 I can’t believe this is happening to us! Mama and Papa said we are moving to a hooverville because we have no other place to live. Mama says it's only temporary but with the economy being this bad we could be staying there for awhile. There is hope on the horizon though. A new election is coming up soon. Dad says this new President is going to make everything better. He promised great things that would get a lot of people back into the workforce and back into their homes. He promised to get the banks up and running again, create new jobs for people working to build rhodes, and he promised people that they would get back almost all the money that they lost in the banks. Hearing this gives me hope that one day my family will be happy again. Nonno has gotten very sick. Mama says he is going to be fine and that it is just a little cold. I know better though. Its the same sickness that Nonna came under before she died. I pray everyday that he will make it through. Something Amazing happened today. FDR sent help to some of the hoovervilles that needed attention. Nonno was able to get medical attention by some of the best doctors around because of him. Mama said Nonno has recovered very well and should be out of the hospital in the next week. I can’t wait to see him. Dad says he’s even started to speak again almost like he used to. I feel good things are going to happen in the future.

20: Entry 9: August 5, 1937 FDR has done some great things in the past few years. He has done everything he said he was going to do and more. He got most of the banks up and running again and got a lot of people jobs working on building roads, train tracks, and buildings. Dad has a temporary job working on building roads and is earning great money. He says at this rate we will be able to move back home in no time. Also he said that the drought in the farmlands has started to end and that if it stays that good he might be able to reopen the butcher shop again. That would make Nonno very happy. I was even able to get a tutor until I was enrolled back into my old school, then finished. Mom got to quit her job and is able to spend more time with little sofia now. Everything has gotten so much better in such a short period of time. The only thing that could make this better is if we were back home. Nonno has gotten extremely better. He has stopped going out late at night and has been helping rosalie with her homework when she gets home. Everybody has been so happy ever since FDR became the president. Whenever I listen to the news all I hear is good things about him and what he has done for this country. If I ever had the chance to meet him I would thank him for everything he has accomplished and done for my family. Unlike Hoover who did absolutely nothing. Specifically, FDR''s National Recovery Act really helped out my family. The government got involved and helped us bring back the butcher shop. Also, a program that helped us was the Home Owner's Loan Corp. This program helped my family get our house back by refinancing. I wish FDR had become our president sooner so no one would of had to go through all of this.

21: That's the local bank! It was closed down on market street for a long time but now it's open! Yay!!

22: Entry 10: October 6, 1941 We finally were able to move back home.The feeling of being here is overwhelming. After so long of being away from it we are back and I never want to leave it again. Dad started unpacking right away because once he was done he and nonno were going straight to the shop and start collecting inventory. Nonno seemed so happy that he was returning to the butcher shop that he couldn’t stop smiling. Rosalie and sofia went up to their rooms to start unpacking. Me and My Mom just stared at the front porch though thinking how beautiful it was to be home again. My mama even started to cry. She told me she Wasn’t but I could see the tears and I couldn’t help but cry a little too. Tomorrow I’ll be starting school again and I hope I see a lot of my friends. I haven’t seen them in so long. The last time I saw them was when I was 13 years old and now I’m 15. I wonder if anything has changed about them. As soon as I was unpacked I went for a walk down to the shop to see how my dad and nonno were doing. When I got there they had already sent an order for a few dozen pounds of meat and were cleaning up the place. They looked so happy together. If it Wasn't for FDR none of this would have been possible for my family. We could still have been living in the Hooverville if he wasn’t elected. Thankfully all of this has ended and me and my family can get back to living a happy, free life.

23: To the right is our brick house! It's good to be home! | Oh wow Look at FDR1 He really helped out my family a lot! I really appreciate this man!

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