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Sean and the American Revolution

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Sean and the American Revolution - Page Text Content

BC: The End

FC: Sean and the American Revolution

1: For a young boy lining in the New York colony during the 1700s life was very hard and troublesome.There was a ton of rebellion going on, the colony was just getting settled. Also every body would always be rude and acted shrewdly, not because they were mean but they were hard times and everybody was trying to get established in the new world

3: Sean A young teenage boy, would go to school all day which was about a ten mile hike. Then he would march back to the colony and work from the remaining hours of daylight through the night. His house was filled with smelly, stinky English soliders. The worst part is in the few hours that he is at home he can't relax for a second, he's to busy waiting hand and foot on the troops, that they were unwillingly quartering in their house. Without Pay.

4: He eventually got tired of walking so far back and forth to school everyday that he dropped out. So now he would stay home all day and help better establish the colony. He mainly did work that helped put the finishing touches on the colony, Which is a lot more work then it sounds like. Especially for a fields all day by hand. he would dig rain trenches and help people carry miscalanius items back and forth. Sean would do anything that was needed or asked of him without pay of any sort

6: Sean one day begins to wonder if he pays taxes and holds troops in his in his house, why do they not have any liberty? Why don't they have more rights? Sean decides he should become more educated on this matter . HE decides to travel down to the local salon to gossip and discuss this topic that he has so many questions about. Once again Sean has a long distance to travel to the local salon , for not many things are close around his house and he is once again getting used to walking such a long distance.

7: So Sean Finally reach the local salon and is confused about half the words he hears beings slung around for he isn't half as educated as half the people in his presence. such as Federal System Galileo , Heliocentric theory and others, AS he attempts to disect these words he asks a elderly lady who looked at him like he was slow.

9: She began to explain John Locke's ideas on natural rights ans how a group of brave men may be forming a declaration to seperate them from Engalnd.

11: She said that they soon may be free from Engalnd. But if the men were caught they wouold be shot for treason. Not because of their crimes, but to be made an example . So nobody after that would be brave enough to try it again. DUH DUH DUH

12: So Sean Decides to investigate This even further and travel Far over to the Boston colony to see if he can Become more informed on this Social Contract. The old lady told him about. He picks Boston because they are the most advanced colony and also have a new shipment of supplies that he could maybe trade to help his family.

13: On his way to Boston, Sean encounters a man named Isaac Newton who had a theory of why thinds fall and aboutlaws of motion and that a certain, Scientific theory Of testing that would help him test these theorys . Sean finally reached Boston and helps two oung girls unload a Shipment for some gold

14: They answered a few questions that he asked in the conversation he learns about some key scientist like the one he met on the way to Boston.Sean finished talking to the young girls on walks over to spectate a group of protesters

16: Before sean knew it , a group of soliders rushed onto the scene and shotdown five of the protesters and the rest ran of in abig hurry. There was talk shorlty after that there would be payback for this, and anybody that is interested should report to the Boston. To partipate or spectate this event, That it may lead to the end of the taxation on tea.

17: Sean hstely hurried to the harbor. When he got there he scwormed through the crowd and saw the eventy already started

18: He saw men dress as Indians that clearly weren't tossing tea Dumping tea of the boats and into the water. The crowd Cheered load and Said that this would be the end of our unfair taxation.

19: They said taht this would be the begining of their freedom . To spread the news Sean quickily hustled home. When he exclaimes the news everyone was in shock and began to cheer. Everything settled down for a while life became esaier then suddenly news came of the dclaration of indepeadence and everyone almost cried in joy

20: Later that night there was a huge celebration in honor of their independence overall they gained their freedom and everyone lived happy ever after

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