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Seasonal Circles

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BC: "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened." - Dr Seuss

FC: GEOMETRY SCRAPBOOK By;Caroline Clemments 2nd period Geometry December 12, 2011

1: Pg 2- real world examples Pg 3- Angles and measures Pg.4- Angles and measure Pg 5- Examples and life relation Pg. 6- Angle/ segment bisector Pg 7- Example and real life relation Pg. 8- Comp. and sup. angles Pg 9- examples Pg. 14 | -TABLE OF CONTENTS- Pg.10 Parallel line Pg. 11- examples Pg. 12 - Perpendicular Pg. 13- examples Pg. 15- angle measures Pg. 16- examples Pg. 17- pythagorean theorem Pg. 18- distance formula Pg.19- triangle Pg 20-examples

2: POINTS, LINES, PLANES | A point has no dimension. Represented by small dot. | A plane has 2 dimensions, represented by shape that looks like floor or wall. | A Line has 1 dimension continues on with no end

3: I | A real world example of the term point would be the exact location where a ceiling and two walls meet. | A real world example of a line is The lines on the road that keep going. (a dot that takes a walk) | A real world example of a plane would be something inclined, like a ramp.

4: Angles and their measures | -Angles consist of 2 rays that have the same endpoint. The measure of angles are written in units called degrees

5: ACUTE- measure between 0-90* real world example is a piece of pizza. -OBTUSE- between 90-180* example: the hands of a clock at 5:00 CONGRUENT ANGLES are 2 angles that have the same measure. | RIGHT ANGLE A right angle has a measure of 90* an example is a picture frame. A STRAIGHT ANGLE has a measure of 180* an example is the edge of a ruler.

6: SEGMENT BISECTOR-segment, ray, line, or plane that intersects segment at midpoint. | ANGLE BISECTOR Is a ray that divides an angle into two angles that are congruent.

7: A real world example of an angle bisector is the corners of a picture frame | A real world example of a segment bisector is the hands on a clock.

8: Two angles are supplementary if the sum of their measurements add up to be 180*. Each angle is the supplement of the other | Angles are complementary if the sum of it's measures add up to be 90*. Each angle is the compliment of the other

9: VERTICLE ANGLES are not adjacent and are formed by two intersecting lines | Two adjacent angles are a linear pair if their non common sides are on the same line

10: PARALLEL LINES are two planes that do not intersect. Parallel lines are like rail road tracks. | ANGLES FORMED BY A TRANSVERSAL A transversal is a line that intersects 2 or more coplanar lines at different points.

11: CORRESPONDING- occupy corresponding positions. ALTERNATE INTERIOR- lie between 2 lines on opposite transversal. ALTERNATE EXTERIOR- lie outside 2 lines of opposite transversal. SAME SIDE INTERIOR- lie between 2 lines on same side of transversal.

12: PERPENDICULAR LINES- Lines that intersect to form a right angle.. An example of a perpendicular line would be a wall., bridge, stop sign.

13: A line perpendicular to a plane is a line that intersects a plane in a point and that is perpendicular to every line in the plane that intersects it.

14: A TRIANGLE is a figure formed by 3 segments joining three non collinear points. A triangle can be classified by it's sides and by it's angles. | Angle measures are the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle that are 180*

15: Triangles can be classified by either Equilateral, Isosceles, or scalene based on angles, and congruent sides. | EQUALATERAL- has 3 congruent sides. Ex: Yield sign on highway. ISOSCELES- has at the least 2 congruent sides. A view of a pyramid would be a real life example. SCALENE- has no congruent sides

16: The Pythagorean theorem is three positive integers, a, b, and c, that satisfy the equation a2+b2=c2 Can be used in marking boundaries on ball fields, or building.

17: The distance formula gives the distance between two points in a coordinate plane.. The distance formula can be used to determine how fast you must go to get from one place to another.

18: CONGRUENT TRIANGLES are congruent if all pairs of corresponding sides are congruent.. Corresponding angles and corresponding sides are examples of corresponding parts. In order to be congruent, a triangle must have same side and shape.

19: 5 steps to prove congruency 1) List corresponding parts 2) Write congruence statement 3) Use properties of congruent triangles 4) determine whether triangles are congruent 5) determine whether angles are congruent.

20: Polygons- a plane figure that is formed by three or more segments called sides- Ex: Kangaroo signs PARALLELOGRAM- a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite sides parallel. RHOMBUS- parallelogram with four congruent sides.

21: RECTANGLE- a parallelogram with four right angles. Some picture frames are in the shape of a rectangle. SQUARE- a parallelogram with four congruent sides and four right angles. an example would be a box.

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