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Seasonal Circles

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Seasonal Circles - Page Text Content

S: Happy Birthday Prateet

BC: "Age is just a number, in your case... a BIG one" ;)

FC: The 30th Milestone | Thinking about 'U'

1: "Our Inspirations...Our Guiding Lights"

2: Our Dearest PRATEET, So many of our friends and relatives who shared brewing hot cream coffee on the chilly 19th January evening in the SPL Estate for years told me that they would definitely attend Prateet’s marriage whether they are invited or not. Such was the attraction for the birthday. We were happy, everyone was delighted and Prateet was excited. He would preferable hover around Nana-Nani or Mummy-Papa or Archana-Munnan. Little did he know why presents were poured in. He thought people are leaving their package by mistake. He loved running on the lawns. He grew up slowly as a prince. Whenever he was happy, healthy and with ‘I don’t care what the world thinks of me’ attitude, we rejoiced. Whenever he was little unwell we all would make efforts to mitigate his illness. A joint family effect! Muskan brought fun, frolic and smile to the whole family and all around us. Now people were looking forward to two birthday parties in the year. Talking about parties, we arranged a big dinner party on your birth at Bangalore attended by Professors of Institute of Science and BHEL. The party during the marriage was attended by all of our relatives, friends and others. It really surprised us to meet all members of our big family now globally scattered. How did it happen? It was Prateet effect.. These two parties had touched your Nana and Nani immensely as they stand as big milestones in their lives. After feeling your pulse both at U.K. and Hyderabad, I knew that you are blessed with His rare gift - Intellectual solitude. You have a clear view of problems and are able to visualize the main stages on the way to your goal. Whenever I have a long talk with you on your subject of work, I slowly drag answers to my critical queries. This gives me the opportunity to learn more. My best wishes for the successful completion of your present technological project. On your thirtieth birthday, we offer our blessings No matter how difficult the future path is, God will always guide Neha and you towards your cherished goal. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. NANA and NANI

3: "Our Dearest PRATEET, 'Plant the seeds of Love in your heart, let them grow into trees of Service and shower the Sweet fruit of Ananda. Share the Ananda with all.' That is the appropriate way to celebrate the BIRTHDAY.We wish u a very very Happy Birthday.Have a great great Birthday.Since your birth till date, your life has truly been a celebration for all of us...we happily live through each moment. You grew up into a dignified, convivial, sincere,dedicated and immensely talented young boy who amazed us with his maturity and pleased us with his exceptional achievements. I see a reflection of me in you.We are very proud of you.Hamein aaj bhi tumhare janam ke samay ki sari baatein yaad aati hain.Bharat bandh ka maahaul aur bhi bahut si baatein.Aisa laga jaise tumhare swagat mein sab ruk gaye ho..khoob khush raho aur aage badhte raho yahi hum sab ka aashirwad hai.NEHA ko hamara bahut bahut aashirwad aur pyaar. Tumhare Dadi Babajee."

4: " Favourite teacher : Alola Sahab..." | " Insipiration to Walk : Thakur Sahab..." | " Sir, My name is PRATEET Verma.... (pause) aisa prateet hota hai......"

5: " Prat da Brat " | " Apne jamane ke mashahoor bowler..." | " Favourite trains @Gwalior station : taj exp in evening & Goa Exp at night..." | " Mohammad Kaif of Indian cricket team "

6: "Many things have changed over the years but you are still the same lovable son you always have been...The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more is there in life to celebrate....May this day be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love..God bless you with good health and success always...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! " Rita Taiji - Ajit Tauji

7: "So many wishes So many smiles Too many memories Too few words With one big Birthday Happy Birthday! It's your 30th birthday" -Nana & Nani | "You made us so happy by just coming into our lives with a bang... On Bharat Bandh day and With each birthday that happiness keeps growing.... We pray that this joy turns infinite ....We love you..Keep smiling always!" -Mummy & Papa (Excerpt from attached message) | "I love you...... am eagerly waiting to meet you... and the iPhone 5 ..... Happpppy 30th Birthday May your life be forever filled with joy , love and happiness" - Chunu

8: Respected brother Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai ek hazaron mei mera bhai hai.... today I promise that I would not fight with you and pour my heart out 1.when i was born I know you were the happiest person in the world(nani told me ... I am very lucky that I’ve got you as my brother..so caring and loving 2. ok I don’t really remember anything of my childhood just that you got scolded a lot cause of me...hehhee....and of course I remember the WWF where you used to actually give me choke slams...and how I destroyed your books and He-Man and cars...and I am not sorry for that though...I remember your maggi tooo..btw I never tasted a better maggi yet ... 3.Then you went to college...I missed you soo much ..always wanted you to be around me...I used to always look forward to meeting you...and then I realized that mum loves you more which was proved by the famous slap by mum ..best part nobody knows the reason for that slap...hehee... I had many friends like Pooja :P, Heenaa but your absence was felt alwayss...how when I had chicken pox and I was isolated from everybody ..you used to still be with me and then you got it too that also just before your exams ... I missed that security and love... 4. It became worse when you went to Leeds...I still remember how much I cried at the airport ...I wanted to hold you tight and not let go...You managed everything so well ,there, alone...you made everybody so PROUD.. 5. Ahhh and then you came back and you got into TCS.. you're smart yaar..I was the happiest person that time...and that was the time when I actually realized how much you mean to me.. 6. So you went to Hyderabad then ..I remember that you took me for shopping with your first salary..sadly I don’t fit in the jeans now but it would always be my favorite.. seriously yaar thanks to you cause I remember the Newton laws now and I can assure I will never forget it ... :D After much requests I finally visited you in Hyderabad and I had loads of fun with you....you've always been the person I look up to.. Thanks for supporting me always and being so much patient with me when I randomly got angry with you..I am really sorry for being a rebel always.. 7....and then you got married to a wonderful woman who is not only my sweet Bhabhi but also my best friend...we sincerely apologize for all the headache we've given to you cause of our never ending fights and heated discussions..and thanks for never losing your temper cause of our stupid fights...and always hoping for peace .Its only because of your belief in me that I can move forward in life against all odds and I promise that I’ll make you people proud of me and be the world famous doc :) :) Coming to Belgaum and not feeling homesick was cause I had you by my side always...I relish my Hyderabad trips..God.. not even a single day without fights...lol..I had so much fun in those six months yaar...and I miss you ppl so much .. At the end I want to say that these distances have strengthened our relationship and actually I realize your value ... just want to say that your the most important person to me ..even if we fight all the time, I know that this is love only.... I am the luckiest girl in this world to get a brother like you who has literally shared his birthdays with me , bore my stupid cribbing and crying...and always been so caring , thoughtful and protective about me.. But I cannot forget two things ...first you spread that ' zero ' story.... second mum slapped me hard yaar....she loves you more but whatever it is I love you...... am eagerly waiting to meet you... and the iPhone 5 ..... Happpppy 30th Birthday May your life be forever filled with joy , love and happiness Yours affectionately Chunu (Pinni)

9: " Dearest Prat.. bhura... kamine and so on... :D One man with so many good stuff inside..... :) [ is baari serious hai ;) ] u were the life line of our hardly working group since u kept busy everyone in playing pranks and motivated us to make new plans and ideas for the same... in the end all the ideas and stuff were used on JD which is a diff story.. :D... apne jamane ke mashahoor cricketer who has played so many memorable local 14 sinha house matches and others as well with our group with bhaisahab's BAT... Still remember our Tasty Bite Lonely treats... Sinha uncle torture jismein gaurish bhag jata tha bus tu aur main bachte the... sleeping late in the morning... u shaving very keenly finding all the beard like hairs... Thakur sahab's imitation... JD ki pitai... treats at COOKs, Chotiwala, BABA's, and that "beta sweater pehno restaurant... " bhaisahab's "RAJPUT DHABA" ...... Exams tensions and studies... when gaurish's bike was kidnapped :D.... and there are endless moments which we had lived together, laughed together, enjoyed and got tensed together... which makes our friendship so great.... while writing this iIalso remembered that i got my first internet lessons from u only... :) it was supposed to be a message i guess so before it turns out to be a book I wanna wish u a beautiful birthday with Neha this year ad forever.... make the moments special... Enjoy a lot... My wishes for u and special wishes for Neha on Ur Birthday..... Be happy always.... -Ritesh

10: "Happy B'day 'Robert'...Aaj hamari taraf se sabko TCS mein bakshish de dena...hamare yahan aisa hi hota hai :D Looking forward to see you soon..take care n God bless!" -Gaurish | "Missing the old times...& remembering you alwayswhenever I see those artificial flowers..those midnight maggis..morning eggs...panninis..crazy ghazals..even crazier housemates and that fat lady song....Pra...aaa...t....eee...t..Happy Bday PTB...BTW yeh topi aapne kahan se le" -Tushar

11: "will always support u frm behind" -Ritesh

12: "Wish you a many many happy returns of the day Mamu, Picchay dekh!!" -Vishesh | " Whenever we met, I remembered our days in college, when we had lots of fun with all of us (you, bade mamu, kasare, me, JD, Hardu, who bhai and Saini). I also remember our Goa trip in 2006 @ New Year (Ritesh, you, JD and me), which was another good time, when we roamed, talked and dined.On this cheerful day (your birthday), I wish the best of things for you. Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.I also wish on your birthday that we all could meet again with our families (lifelong exception to JD, for some never resolving issues) and spend a good time. Stay young forever." -Shekhar | "Hum Dost the, dost hain aur dost rahenge, whether you are vertically challenged or mentally challenged :) Happy B'day" -JD

14: "Hey bhai :) Wish you a very very happy birthdayyyy...Have fun..Aur kya likhte hai bday message mein hamein samajh nahi aata" :) -Pulkit | "My Dearest, Loving handsome dashing HERO "PRATEET" On your special day, I wish to tell you that you are the PRINCE of our world! May you always keep shining with success in your life. I wish you luck, love & strength to win it all. Receive my simple gift of love wrapped with sincerity, tied with care & sealed with blessing, to keep you happy & safe all the life long... Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Love- Mamta Chachi

15: "To the outside world, U may grow old. But not to me, bro. We know each other as we are. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember all the feuds and secrets, fun tym and joys. We live outside the touch of time. You were always the one to lean on, to count on, to tell on! Every moment spent with you is so cherish able Growing up with u was so much fun On ur special day today, I wish and pray may you get all the happiness and love and may your day be filled with loadsa joy n wonderful gifts.May our bond grow a hundred times stronger, n may you always get a loving and adorable sister like me:P :P So, wishing my dearest and d most loving brother a very happy birthday Em really fortunate and glad to have a hunk bro like u. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS! Love you broda! :) " -Rangoli | "Another year of success & glory has passed for u, and its all because of your sincere efforts & commitments. May you always achieve big things in life. We wish u a very Happy Birthday..!!" -Sanju Chacha

16: "Wish you a verry happy wala birthday Prateet :) May God bless you with a great year ahead!" -Smita | "Wishing the most entertaining & witty person of our gang a very very Happy Birthdayy!!!" -The TCS Gang

18: "A very Happy Birthday to you. May you prosper in life and achieve all success in life....Stay happy always...God Bless you!" Rajat&Sunanada,Prashant&Nidhi,Mohit&Shilpi | "Happy Bday Prateet...May sky be the limit for you in life...have a fantastic birthday." -Dehradun Mausa Mausi

19: "Hey Bro! I know you might be feeling a bit grown up, but believe me - age is a matter of feeling, not of years. (By someone unknown) Always young at heart! Enjoy your day. Dear Bhaiya ji :) Wishing an amazing day and many great things to come to u. Happy Birthday!!. Dear Chacha, Best wishes to you. Happy Birthday; Enjoy Chachi's feasts. Happy Birthday from all of us! Have a blast!!!" -Rachit Dada, Ankita Bhabhi & Aanya | "Janamdin ki bahut bahut badhai ho... jeevan mein dher saari khushiyan mile apko" -Gudiya Didi & Jijaji

20: "Dearest Prateet Having you in our family has been a real blessing.You are exceptional & special in every way.Here comes a day to celebrate, cherish & enjoy...May there be new beginnings,May your life be filled ONLY with smiles & joy..We wish from bottom of our heart whatever is beautiful,meaningful & which gives u pleasure..May all that be yours today ,tomorrow & forever. Wish this birthday to be just perfect for you.Happy Birthday to the most passionate cricketer of our family...Keep believing in yourself and move on with determination towards your dreams...sometimes the going may not be easy but will be worth it ...God Bless u! May you & Neha have a blissful,vivacious & healthy life together." - Mummy & Papa

21: "'Wish u touch new horizons of success and happiness......in this new decade of your life ......;) Happy Birthday Jiju!!!" -Nikhil | "bhappyyy bhudday....bhoww bhoww" -Shadow

23: "I am so grateful that i have you as a brother..... Happy Birthday to a wonderful brother & a good friend" - Akash | "Hey!! Prateet da.. a very Happy Birthday.. party n chocolates chaiye... hope u'll hav fun there.. enjoy it a lottttt.. luv u alot n ur two central teeth..lol.... hav a blast.. n remember me..!!!!!! byeeee..!!!" - Rashi | "Happy Birthday Prateet Da...Have a wonderful time and a fantastic life." -Rolee Sameer Advit | "Happy Birthday Prateet...Have a blast... Lots & lots of best wishes to you" -Richa Aditya Aditi

24: "As you enter into 30's I wish that your heart never realizes and your brain never accepts the fact . Have fun buddy! Hope to see you soon!" -Mayank | "Janamdin bahut bahut mubarak ho aapko...sada khush rahiye,muskurate rahiye" -Hind Nagar, Lucknow (Rajkumar Tauji & Manju Taiji,Sanat Tauji & Shail Taiji, Vijay Tauji & Suman Taiji) | "A very very Happy Birthday to you!May this year bring you all that you dream about..May you always lead a happy life..Stay blessed always" -Chacha Chachi Pranjal Pranshu | "It's sad to grow old, but nice to ripen. So,if you want to look young and thin, hang around with old fat people. And just carry the love we all have in our hearts for u,even more smiles on the big day! Happy Birthday!!!" -Kanchan bhabhi & Swarit Dada | "Happy Birthday Prateet Wish you all success in life. May both of you stay happy always" -Rupali, Avikalp & Ishika | Many Happy Returns of the day Prateet. Now that you are entering into the Elite "Thirties Decade" you are younger with Wisdom and Experience. Many more doors of opportunities are for you to open and experience them with Love and Passion. One very famous and distinguished physicist commented and I quote " Fall in love with some activity and do it! Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. Explore the World. Nearly, every thing is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough. Work as hard as much as you want to on the things you like to do the best. Don't think about what you want to be, but do what you want to do. Keep up some kind of a minimum with other things so that society doesn't stop you from doing anything at all." Richard Feynman. Happy Birthday Prateet and Enjoy!! Mami, Mama, Arushri and Vidushi,

26: "On your special day, I wish you all that you desire. May God bless you with love and care. Enjoy every moment, every day of your life. Happy Birthday! And hope that India will win in Australia.... :):)" -Rishabh | "The best part of each day has been sharing it with you....You made my life MAGICAL.....You've given me everything I've always wished for - unconditional love, unlimited care, the best family, a best friend, the best of moments & the best life.To the most hardworking husband in the town...Hope you have a (SN)ROARING Birthday!!!!" -The Wife | "I can't put down in words how happy i am to watch you grow . May you seize the best of what life has to offer you with lots of love this message comes to say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU' God bless you both" with lots of love -Mausi Mausa Charu Nakul | "Dear Prateet, It's your birthday and although we can't be there, But we're sending you a special birthday wish and a little prayer: "So many wishes, So many smiles & Too many memories, Many a laughter, joy and cheer & hope lovely surprises come your way, To make it a wonderful day, New happiness that stays throughout the year, And all the things you desire & much more, Filling life with beautiful memories and joys galore” And a BIG BIG HUG HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!" Lots of Love & Blessings Molly-Diptes & Dadi-Baba | "A very happy birthday to my little beta. Hope to see both of you soon.Love from all of us" -Munan Mausi

28: My , Dear BrOther Kick off ur shoes,take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the candles,cut the cake ...(Keep once piece for me also) LOL Just Kidding As I observe your birthday now, Your cake and gifts don't matter much. These common things aren't really you, Ribbons, paper hats and such.On your B'day I wish for you Favorite people to embrace, Loving smiles and caring looks ..That earthly gifts cannot replace. (Right??? Tello Tello ) On your birthday, special one, I wish that all your dreams come true. May your day be filled with joy, Wonderful gifts and goodies, too... Love You Bro !! HAve an awsum one .Bhuuuuuuuuuuuuuhahahahah HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! "HUgsssss" with LOve "Me" ( RUCHU) :)) -Ruchika | "Wishing u a very happy B'day Bhaiya...May u have the bestest b'day this year n years to come...have a fun filled day and enjoy to the core...Jalebi zarur khana :P" -Rakshika

29: GOA TRIP 2007

30: "Happy Birthday David Have fun and always taste happiness & success in life...Birthday par Christmas manana" -Manoj Tauji Neeru Taiji | "Namaste Phuphadji/Mausadji Happpppyyy Birthdayyyyy...May you have the best one.. India aa kar zarur miliyega " -Shivansh,Samarth,Satvik,Puru, Poorvi&Meet | "Janamdin ki hardik shubhkamnayein apko....Sukh,Samridhi aur Svasthya bharpur mile apko....khub khub Ashirwaad" -Amma Tauji | "aap ke ashirwad se sub thik thak hay birthday boy ko bahut bahut badhai in shabdon ke sath Bar,Bar, Yeh Din Aaye, Bar Bar,yeh Din aaye, Tum Jiyo Hajaro Sal Yehi Dua hai meri Happy Birthday to Prateet" -Raju Chacha Alka Chachi | "On this auspicious occasion of ur birthday... We pray for u- A life that you truly deserve, a life as good as your heart, a life as bright as your smile and a life as wonderful as you are. U are always special for us... May God bless u..HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with love- Shobhit-Richa & Suhaan | "Happy Birthday..May you always get the best in life..God Bless You!" -Abudhabi Tauji -Taiji

31: "Happy Birthday...CHEERS" -Pooja Shiva Sanchi | -With love from All of us Special Thanks to Chunu Richa & Ritesh

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