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Seasonal Circles

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FC: Sewage Treatment

1: We reuse the same water as the water we flush down the toilet. There are many different types of bacterias in the water. We cannot drink the dirty water. Because of this, it must go through a cleaning process called sewage treatment. | What is it? Sewage treatment is the process that is used to clean the water that goes through our sewages. The same water we flush down are not clean enough to drink so it gets cleaned up in sewage treatment.

2: Secondary treatment In secondary treatment, the sewage water then enters a pool full of bacteria. The bacteria kills of some of the germs. It breaks down any human or plant waste in the water. The bacteria breaks it down and the workers collect the waste when it settles to the bottom. | How does it work? The sewage treatment has 2 stages. It stars of at the primary treatment. At this stage the sewage goes into a large tank. The solid waste sinks to the bottom. The plant workers take the waste and the water moves onto the next stage, Secondary treatment.

3: Tertiary treatment In tertiary treatment, most of the chemicals are removed from the sewage water. Some examples of things removed are phosphorus and nitrogen. The sewage treatment plant workers also use ozone, ultraviolet radiation, filters or chlorine to kill the bacteria and germs that are not killed off. This is the last and final step for the sewage treatment. Now that the water is clean the water will be returned to the lakes or oceans by the plant workers.

4: What are some impacts it has on the environment? Sewage treatment can greatly impact the environment and the people living. IF the sewage treatment plant doesn't treat it well enough and clean enough to drink it can cause disease, pollute water and cause deaths if someone drinks the water. | Short term effects Some short term effects it might have is polluting oceans,lakes and rivers. This can be a big issue because it can give harmful bacteria to people who do to oceans.lakes and rivers to swim. It can also pollute the plants and animals in the water. The water can also kill people or give cancer. The water will cause deaths if it has solid waste because human waste is toxic if it goes into the body.

5: Long-term effects Some long-term effects it has is it can kill the human race and it can affect plants. We breath air and plants produce oxygen. We also need to give water to plants. So, if the water we give to the plants are polluted it will also affect the oxygen the plant produces. We inhale the oxygen which will then spread the germs to us causing us to get sick, give cancer and disease and it can even possibly kill us. | How does sewage treatment affect people and wildlife? The bacteria in the water gives germs to marine animals. If the sewage treatment doesn't treat 100% of all the bacteria or the human and plant waste it will get into the bodies of marine animals such as fish or it can get into plants such as seaweed and coral reefs. The plant and human waste are toxic to most living things in the world. If the ocean gets the waste the marine animals all die along with the plants and human. Sewage treatment affects humans and wildlife by killing it.

6: How safe is sewage treatment? Sewage treatment is not a very safe method. It is not a safe method because it has a high chance of polluting the water. Even though there are many different steps into taking the pollutants out of the water, If the plant malfunctions it causes a disaster. An example of a disaster happening took place in 2008. A government has stated that there are too many pollutants in the water that they are forces to use more and more chemicals to treat it. THe government of some countries has also stated that some sewage treatment plants are considered as a disaster. In some cities they have to supply nearly 3 million people with safe drinking water but with the sewage plant having too much waste nearly 4000 people have non-safe drinking water.

7: What is the concern of disposing? When we dispose the waste from the sewage treatment we need to be very cautious not to let animals digest it. A concern we might be concerned about when we dispose the waste from sewage treatment is that it will cause health issues for humans or other life. We might be concerned of this because the sewage waste has all kinds of toxic pollutants and non-toxic pollutants. If the pollutant is put in the wrong spot it can possible have a high risk of having a lot of deaths. When disposing it we must not put it near animals, humans, or other wildlife. When disposing we do not want to damage or accidentally put the pollutants back into the water. IF it goes in the water it will just cause a huge mess and we will have to clean the entire ocean, river or lake again and will cause more pollutants and cost money.

8: Sewage treatment can be very helpful by cleaning our water. But did you know that if the sewage plant malfunctions it can cause many problems. For example, on April 14 2009 a sewage treatment was not functioning properly. The citizens and the mayor of the city believed that it would be only temporary and not permanent.The cause of the malfunction of the sewage treatment plant is a mystery to everyone. The city government's goal is to find out the cause of this malfunction and fix it. The water that is released from the sewage treatment plant is not clean and is not treated properly and can cause fatal deaths. | On January 14th 2009, Halifax encountered a wastewater flood. The waste water flooded the entire city and it was known the waste water was coming from the waste water treatment plant. The people know that the water was from the treatment plant because their was a power outage. During this power outage it caused the entire sewage treatment plant to shut down. The shutting down of the treatment plant caused it to release a lot of waste water into lakes oceans and the city. A lot of this water is also getting polluted into the Halifax harbor. This is one of the known causes to make the sewage treatment malfunction in April 14th 2009.

9: The mayor of Halifax, Mayor Kelly has stated that the sewage treatment plant was very complex. She is determined to find out the exact cause of this sewage treatment malfunction. She wants everyone to be patient and to find the source of the malfunction. At this point, all the taxpayers are interested in focusing on fixing this issue and to return the sewage treatment plant to its original operation. The government is making a through cleaning underway. They have cleaned the entire sewage treatment plant and some of the plant has been restored and fixed. The problem is still a large issue. The beaches on that summer will not be available to anyone. This issue has polluted all of the oceans and lakes preventing others to swim in the oceans. According to Halifax's research the sewage treatment plant would be up and running somewhere in 2010. Also, it is predicted that all the pollution this issue has caused will return to normal in 2010.

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