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Seasons and Celebrations, by ESO 2 students

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2: NEW YEAR'S EVE AND NEW YEAR'S DAY, by Carlotta | This are the fireworks who people throw for celebrate New Year's Eve or New Year's Day

3: New Year's Eve is on 31st December. People celebrate New Year's Eve in different ways in different countries: New York,thousands of people go to Time Square. In London,they go to Trafalgar Square. In Sydney they go down near the sea. And in Edinburgh and other Scottish cities,there are house parties and street parties. New Year's Day is in 1st January. In all the world is celebrate New Year's Day. Many people stay at home and rest on this day. | The Strokes

4: The Big Ben in London is illuminated and surrounded with all the fireworks that people throw | New Year's Eve in: | In Edinburgh and other Scottish cities a lot of people go to the streets

5: People in Sydney throw fireworks near the sea | New York many people are in central park where there are concerts and fireworks

6: VALENTINE'S DAY, by Carlotta | Valentine's Day is on 14th February.People celebrate Valentine's Day in UK, the USA and many other other countries. The origins of this day is the 15th of February. This tradition started when Valentine sent cards to the girl he loved. | People sent flowers and chocolate

7: Valentine was a men who helped a soldier who wanted to marry. The emperor said that Valentine had to die. When he was in prison, he fell in love with a girl so on his last night he sent a card saying " I'm your Valentine". | And now people celebrate this day, sent cards, give flowers and chocolate to a person that they loved. | Valentine's Cake | Valentine's Roses

10: SAINT DAVID'S DAY, by Víctor | Saint David's is on 1 of March in wales. People celebrate it because he was a very important teacher and a very important person in the church in Wales. People now a days they make a many concerts around the country.

11: The Flag of Saint David's | http://youtu.be/2wrsVlc4pgA | Now you going to see a video about saint David's day.

12: SAINT PATRICK'S DAY, by Víctor | Saint Patrick's day is on 17 of March in Ireland. People celebrate it because he traveled all over Ireland, teaching and talking to people about Christianity, he also build a lot of schools there. People now a days make parades church services and festivals in Dublin - Belfast and many others Irish towns and cities.

13: Typical Had of Saint Patrick's

14: The Symbol Of Saint Patrick's | Tipical Costumes of Saint Patrick's

15: http://youtu.be/ijs-S4g4eCs | Now you going to see a video about saint Patrick's day.

16: SAINT GEORGE'S DAY, by Víctor | Saint George's day is on 23 of April in England. People celebrate it because George said that he would not stop being a Christian.The Diocletian was a very angry and dolt his soldier to torture and then kill George and he died in the year 303. People now a days not do anything especial but some train to make it more important day in the city of Salisbury, there has been a parade on Saint George day.

17: Saint George Flag | http://youtu.be/te4kCMehJ-M | Now you going to see a video about saint George's day.

18: Typical Festival of Saint George's Day

20: SAINT ANDREW'S DAY, by Dani | Saint Andrews day is on 30th of November. It is celebrated in Scotland. Saint Andrew was a fisherman from Galilee and took Christianity to Greece. Nowadays people in Scotland have parties and some parades.

21: Scottish people with the traditional musical instrument called bagpipes. Usually the Scottish people go playing and dancing around the country. | click here to watch a video :http://youtu.be/rx7v8JLn8jg

22: AUSTRALIA DAY, by Dani | Australia day is the national day of Australia, it is celebrated on 26th of January and it marks the arrival of the first fleet of British ships. Currently people celebrate it with community festivals, concerts and citizenship ceremonies, the day is celebrated in large and small communities and cities around the nation. Australia Day has become the biggest annual civic event in Australia.

23: Australian people go sailing to commemorate the arrival of the British ships. They do parades and firework displays around the country. | Australian people sailing with their ships | Loads of fireworks on the skyline of Australia | Ships near the Sidney operahouse

24: WAITANGI DAY, by Carlotta | Waitangi Day is on 6th February is celebrated in the north of New Zealand. .

25: Maori Chiefs and British people put their name on an important paper called the Treaty of Waitangi, which said that New Zealand was now a British colony. | Treaty of Waitangi | On this day people, have concerts and festivals. | Honor the Treaty

26: CANADA DAY, by Dani | Canada day is celebrated in Canada on the first of July. People remember this day because the British north America colonies became the dominion of Canada. Nowadays there are celebrations,barbecues, parades, music and fireworks. | Canadian people doing some barbecues in the Canada day

27: People celebrate it with fireworks and parades and barbecues, in this photo you can see the parliament of Canada | Click here to watch a video of Canada day: http://youtu.be/ivpShLR2aPQ

28: LENT AND EASTER, by Cristina A. | Lent: Lent is a forty days before Easter Sunday. It comes from the people, who in the past, traditionally stopped eating eggs and milk to celebrate the death of Jesus.

29: Some Christians celebrate Lent stopping eating their favorite food (sugar, chocolate,...) . Before Lent begins, they take all their eggs and milk and make pancakes.

30: Easter: Easter is a movable holiday, it's between 22 March and 25 April. It comes from the death of Jesus Crist in Jerusalem; Christians think on Easter Sunday Jesus came back to life. To celebrate Easter, people eat hot cross buns, give chocolate Easter eggs as present and women and children decorate hats with flowers.

32: SUMMER SOLSTICE, by Sonia | The summer solstice, in Britain, usually on 21th June. People celebrate the longest day of the year, which is the first day of summer. People stay up all night and then wait the sun come up.

34: FOURTH OF JULY, by Sonia | The fourth of July it's celebrated in the USA. people celebrate the independence day. Normally they celebrated this day going to the beach and throw fireworks.

35: Many people sailed from Britain to north America and started a new life there. The British king was still king of the people in the colonies, and so they had to send taxes to Britain every day. | The United States government in Philadelphia agreed to the Declaration of Independence. In 1770 British soldiers shot some of these people in Boston, and in 1773 there was a famous Boston Tea Party. A Tea ship came to Boston and there was fight about the taxes on the Tea. Three hundred and forty big boxes of tea went into the water.

36: The Boston Tea Party happened in 1773 they throw three hundred and forty big boxes of tea into the water

38: HALLOWEEN, by Mel | The first celebration is Halloween. In all the world people celebrate it on 31st October. The origins of Halloween come from the pagans who lived in Britain two thousand years ago, who celebrated their New Year on 1st November. Then the Christians came and people celebrated Hallowmas, a three-days festival between 31st October and 2nd November. 31st October was called All Hallows Eve and slowly the name changed to Halloween

39: In November, winter is near, and hundreds of years ago people thought that bad spirits, like ghosts, came in the winter. They wanted the bad spirits to go away, so they made fires outside and made jack o' lanterns. To keep the bad spirits away people also dressed like witches and ghosts. Children still do this if they go to Halloween parties. People often put up decorations for Halloween parties, and play games. Trick-or-treat it's a game who people dress like witches and ghosts, and often go in a small group, to the houses of people who live near them and when someone answers the door, the children say: ' Trick or treat?!' Then person decides. Either they give a treat or children play a trick on them

40: Pumpkin: people took a big autumn vegetable and cut off the top. They made a big hole inside the pumpkin and cut a face in the side. | witches: people in Halloween dressed like this.

41: ghosts: spirits or souls of dead loved. | bad spirits: people say that came in the winter.

42: GUY FAWKES' NIGHT, by Mel | Guy Fawkes Night is in 1605 in England. The story of Guy Fawkes Night begins in 1605. At that time James the First was King of England. But some people did not want him to be King, because they followed a different religion from James. So a group of them made a plot to kill King James and his government at the Houses of Parliament in London on 5 November 1605. Some of the plotters tried to scape, but in January 1606 Guy Fawkes and some of his friends were killed in front of the Houses of Parliament. When people heard that the plotters were dead, they celebrated with lots of fires in the streets. King James was alive and well!

43: Since that time, every year on 5 November in most parts of Britain people build a big fire outside, with all the dead leaves and old pieces of wood that they do not want. The fire is called a bonfire. Children push newspaper into old clothes to make something that looks like a man. They call it a 'guy', after Guy Fawkes, and sometimes they carry the guy around the streets to show people. They say: 'Penny for the guy', and ask people for money for fireworks. Some people have a bonfire with fireworks in their garden, but fireworks are expensive, so often people have one big party together in a park or a field. It is usually very cold in November, so they have hot food and drinks to keep warm

44: Guy Fawkes Night: is a celebration that takes place mainly in the UK on the night of November 5 to mark the failure of the attack on November 5, 1605

45: Here you will see a video of what people do after the death of Guy Fawkes http://youtu.be/q1DC2BAsXb4

46: REMEMBRANCE DAY, by Oriol | Remember Day is celebrated on 11 November in the UK

48: ANZAC DAY, by Oriol | The ANZAC Day is celebrated on 25 April in Australia and New Zeland.The origins of this celebration are a big group of soldiers from this two countries arrived in Gallipoli in Turkey and 11.000 of them died. Nowadays, people go to church.

49: The poppy is the symbol of the ANZAC day | A hat of ANZAC DAY

50: THANKSGIVING, by Alícia | Thanksgiving is fourth Thursday in November in the USA second Monday in October in Canada . In September 1620 , a group of English people called the Pilgrim Fathers Sailed from Plymouth , England across the Atlantic Ocean , on a ship called the mayflower,to north America . When they arrived they called their new home New England . The WAMPANOAG were the first people there .


52: Nowadays people eat turkey and autumn vegetables and then PUMKIN PIE as desert with their family | Turkey | Autumn vegetables | Pumkin pie


54: CHRISTMAS, by Oriol | Christmas Eve is celebrated on 24 December by all the Christians.Nowadays many people go to church at midnight. | Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December by all the Christians.The origins of these celebration are that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and people remember that.The people give presents to their family and friends

56: Boxing Day is celebrated on 26 December by all the Christians.The origins of these celebration are in the nineteenth century,when rich people gave boxes of presents to their workers.The people now enjoy,eat,drink and watch television. | BOXING DAY, by Oriol

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